The Golf Club 2 – Ty Webb Cash Builder Round 2

The Golf Club 2 – Ty Webb Cash Builder Round 2

Apologies about the poor sound quality. It seems that shareplay is affecting my commentary quality. This evening. I’m going to copy on with a Pi Webcast folder which is a an online event and the hackers part of a society and the Hawkish part of a society by the way you guys as Getting stronger by the day and as a great society to be a part off as great guys at in there And I’m delighted with the Feedback. We’re getting about it so I am currently top of the leaderboard this a lay evening dice there is a lot of guys yet to play this whole Am I I’m 14-under I show a very good first, right? and I do feel I can matcha or maybe go better. That’s rain depending on the conditions of the course and I’ve played of eight six seven range today, and so I’m really really on A on form at the moment swing and well Hopefully I can continue that over with s rained here Which is the second and final ranked the hackers Paradise will always only be to range bar major events which will be for So apologies for the wooden screen to your guys, but there’s not much again dearest it’s live video So while here we are 14 mile-per-hour ones into my face? This will be quite difficult if this one’s Gonna Be like this for the entire, right? So we start off with a fairly decent drive There’s a good legs house just So as you can see guys. I’m only had not 273 Yards So the advantage at a distance for the two clubs where this one’s gonna be taken right out the window. I’m just checking the greens Yeah, normal fast just what to make sure I? Do feel this is a great course guys the reason I picked this as the first few courses on The Hikers paradise of ain’t something quite challenging courses this course here You can eat up you can really shoot little scores you get rewarded for playing good shots So I’m gonna hit the 9-iron here, and just take a tiny bit of loft off there And I still don’t know if I’m gonna make it it’s a good swing again not Now I’m gonna be way sure. I’m not even gonna be on the greeting My chip, and I was really improved though lately guys as you’ve seen in the previous rang those of you who watched it So let’s see if we can get as close this kind of range my tip is use the flagstick try and hit the flagstick Go, just like that. Oh, it didn’t start though a ball hit the flagstick and did not stop So it’s gonna be a big five yeah five feet just breaking slightly to the right This is from my pirate pup. I just wanna. Thank all my subscribers all the new For the one you’re currently giving me on Youtube guys it’s so much appreciate And if used the likes of comments, I can’t frank you all enough, and I my channel has growing daily I am a getting closer to my 1000 subscriber target, so thank you very much to everyone for it I really appreciate that makes all the time and frp. And if it is these videos worth it So 17 mile-Per-hour went and my face here again and this power 3 It’s good after me to 6-iron. I’m gonna have to take loft off add a bit extra distance. Yeah Once again, it’s a really good swing Or I’m Gonna be just long just Gonna be long Probably gonna be able 12 feet from there from the cup 12 feet bong on I’m getting good at this estimations guys so a 12-foot putt slightly then he’ll break into the left As a cowards pot carriage pot so it’s going to be another par feeling disaster two feet top and for par so two holes only lower part I Do feel the one in score – this guy’s probably will be every fairy 31 under I do feel the one the guy, whoever is Gonna win it is Gonna. Have to shoot so I knight on a 14 mile-Per-hour when Kinda and My favor year it is probably gonna kali my ball a bit. It’s kind of more to the left all the way I’m shooting here How push start laughter wee bit, but it should be fine And I’ll tell you what up When’s actually not gave me as much xor distance as I anticipated only? 314 yards I would troll the average with no one there, but 306 307 yards So this is the first to the par 5s guys there as a huge amount of par fives in this course I think it’s five I Can’t easily hit listen to so let’s hit the hybrid my go-to club looks up my balls in the air here by the way That’s a really really good shot guys. You’re not gonna. See I stay or short They’re not already using a keyboard and this could be good. Oh look at the speed dogs picked up Why why I? Thought I was gonna be even better water walls, but it’s gave me a but an eagle opportunity easier to claim the pups I need to drain guys if I’m gonna have these kind of ones against me today the fart turns that really good It’s looking good. It’s looking good in its end, so I do get an ego on the Par-5 that takes me a 2-under for the right and I’m 16 under for the event which will put me in a second place so let’s see I Wonder if I could hit this car path here guys and if it would bounce beyond neguin I’ll give her a goal The worst that can happen as I’m Gonna rush short pitch shot very good shot again Not way short it probably won’t hit the car Papa. It’s not Gonna head it with there For the rasta teeth I would have hoped so it’s gonna be a pitch shot 58 Yards Slightly Uphill Just gonna take better off – off of this and have that feel hopefully it should be close Why that’s so short? By playing the glitched or their group no guys I be in place and see on Youtube that he played I Can walk Tom and I are just totally glitched Off trip another one and so guys I’ve continued this run a chip shots who needs a putter When you can just chip shorts in off the green like that, so the birdie and Eagle train continues So I say we want a whole five the wonders of my face again this time, so I’m gonna have this it’s Gonna be in My favor and then other times not once again very good drive But you there one being on my face. I am just struggling again at the 290 300 yards distance Once again a one that’s strongly Gonna be against me here So I’m probably gonna have to jot down a club again and go at a 9-iron here because I feel that pitching wedge walnut each I’m not going to touch this or up your fast slowness. Oh, it’s going to go right Yeah, it’s short and right Actually, not a bad shot. Oh Probably over 18 feet is it 15 feet For my birdie now these are the playing the pots that do you feel? I’m gonna have to drain a day you guys Do the the 1 conditions it’s gonna be hard for me to get zero down and I’ve messed out one of her oh No, it’s snuck in So y-you guys this birdie tale continues unbelievable And not walk with me Joint top is it No 18 under. I take the lead solo for under 40 around 18 under for the event And this time is a 9 mile per hour wind on my face slightly to the right also Pitching Wedge is definitely the club Once again, is that really really straight swing guys Or was decent it’s decent. It’s a little bit short perez decent. I’ve gave myself a birdie opportunity For in fear break and just to the left quite aggressively or left actually Doesn’t look like his turn, and that’s not the ball didn’t really turn until after the hole just Gonna be a top and part So the birdie and Eagle train stops for the meantime guys unfortunately So this is the second little part of fives Eagle the previous one the first one let’s see we can get an eagle opportunity here the wonders of my face again And that is on another three swing guys I’m really swinging well at the moment and this is what I see everyone guys Persevere with the two clubs because it really has improved me as a player It really improves your swing So 10 mile-Per-hour wonder my face, so I confidently feel I can hit this Yeah, that’s deadly straight. I Feel a bit of a fraud here guys, but I can assure you I’m no cheat and this could go on this could go in So I do have another eagle putt That’s two or three deadly deadly straight shots. I’ll play this right guys. So we do have an eagle opportunity. This is certainly makeable This would put me six under at 20 under for the event Turn I’ve drained it. So I am absolutely on fire. That’s right guys despite the wind 20 under I moved to so holy I think I’ll be through the barker. That’s what driver-wise it gave me their six way to my hand does that tell me son Yeah, I’ll be way along with the driver. I was come down at a fee with Hopefully the city with is the club with the wind And once again guys. It’s deadly deadly state as possible all this can be nice this could be nice I’m once again as an ego opportunity I Can assure you guys are no no cheap I? wouldn’t be a my footage up in Youtube or a live stream on YouTube if I was Needs to turn. It’s not our eyes has just turned a bit more and more anticipated right there at the end So hopefully I can get this birdie So I get the birdie quite disappointed. I don’t get it ego. Hopefully that doesn’t come back and bite me sorry, I’m really flying through this now you guys and now I do have once again or wind advantage so kinda as even it’s a Lie This should be another Monster drive, and we’ll play it clean yeah, and there’s a swing back to normal but one thing that me my admins are very vigilant about guys as We will watch the fuel 18 holes of guys report hawkers because as you see now. I think I played three Continuously state shots as possible But if you’re playing short takeoff anthony hole everybody riding with perfect perfect Tampa that’s when it does get a bit a suspicious But there’s three our shooters are merely there. I’ve certainly seen them certainly more consistent This could be nice as well. You know gone bait now bait move or and it’s actually rule embark towards a halt So it’s gonna be about seven fewer for birdie Six fewer this is to get a birdie 3 and going again And it’s there It is there But like I said guys this course is here to be cop and I’m sure when the big guns in or the tournament They will be caught in this course up, so I I’m trying to get out there And yeah good lead to get these guys chasing it I don’t know if I some advantage sometimes up an affair knowing what I have to get to win something Maybe pushed on but left for the ones dumb. Yeah, when’s done me a favor there pull me back, right? right into the standard of Fairway So 263 yards this is another Par-5 guys like I say this is power 5 number fiddy. I think Off your slow or not. I’m not yeah. It’s going right four days right four days So that’s probably gonna. Leave me a chip or a picture. I’m not sure what we’ve got here 31 yards I might have to go with a dreaded flop so here you know If I can find it Nice loft this way up. We are planing the rough Oh some nice shot, and it should give me a birdie opportunity gia for I’ll be honest afore I messed up, so he just 300 on the age I did play that or a bit but bit too much peace So we are 9-under for the rank guys 2200 for the event I? Will have the watch who you had an Si? Driver an ied you the wind Hopefully, it’s Gonna leave me a short pitch not really left yet Not ball as tired the tire and laughs that could be in the rough nope So I don’t see no I’ve not each the green so it’s just gonna be a short chip Shawn thankfully. I didn’t reach a green 19 yards I do feel I can just touch this up One touch of loft on my chip shot, and I can feel Ii hit this and it she drawn down awards a pen Can I judge the break-up needs to start turning left is turning right? Good shot. Though it should be another birdie so guys I’m going to be close to matching my 14-under. I was hoping the back to that now. I know the course a bit more So hole 12 is on our Par 3 Well this wonder my face it might just make it a lot wee bit more difficult to judge Yeah, so I am had an eye, but it just taking a bit lost off of it are than a better distance onto it That’s a great swing right right probably just trickle of 890 past So I’ve got an 8 foot putt for Birdie just but he came to the left Yes, and I tell you what guys my pattern has been exceptional today exceptional I’ve Not missed a putt what I would have said really I should have got bar. Maybe two there eagle the second Eagle opportunity I had on the Par 4 And all fairness it wasn’t the easiest of putts. Oh Was I gonna hold the Fairway? As as I’m way that’s a huge driver watch the peel or not Despite playing into the cross when we’ve had that 307 yards so 118 yards left Good strike the wonders star to take me right more and why I’d hope though yeah So I didn’t allow you enough for the wonder guys So this is going to be About 23 or 17 feet as you can see guys. It’s very makable these greens are very very lenient Superb Like I say very very lenient greens guys. There’s not much challenges, and these getting’s at all So I am absolutely cutting this course up. I’m 12 under My first range school to 14-under. I feel I can’t march at night. This is the fourth Hole at a par. 5. This is a really shorter one an idea of wind advantage year, so it’s trying to fly this corner of the Fairway or I’ve pushed out really left really left Sugar oh, I got a nice kick that I tell you I was a beautiful kit so maybe 2030 Yards Given is above me Yeah, I did feel it’s a one iron Do you feel as clubs bar on actually this could be nice if this binds is on up? this could be good this could be really good, so Once again, I think on every Par-5 I’ve had an eagle opportunity here guys So this would pick me to 14-under for the rind if I could get a zeile 15 feet slightly up to Ollie What the hell does when four feet four feet? Darlings kiddo so despite an awful ego attack guys. I’ve got no idea what happened there and I managed sixto come out without one birdie so 13 under for the round 27 under for the event And once again. I’m gonna be allowed to hit the driver Should we get? Slightly left. It should be good. The one should take me back around the house hopefully, I want a flat surface of the fairway it looks like I arm and this should just be a short pit shot under the Green Guy’s 70 yards Down 50 feet 69 yards that’s playing so I’m gonna have to loft up this a pitching wedge Hopefully, this is a club Gone gone, gone, and I was a very good shot from there. It’s probably like seven feet from the cup for my birdie opportunity as This would take me to 14 under for the round Boom I’m now level with my previous rating score That was my aim guys. I will be honest. That was my aid Last we want the short Par-4 were the one behind me. I should get as close again Never make an Sr. We know. I’ll never make over it up bunker. What about that’s part Mmm. No, so I’m gonna have to do what we did the previous round. Go up the right-hand side Let the one take me back, right? Should be fine yeah Sonarak Great drive It should be another just a picture of a do remember at all. It’s quite a tough getting this one Yeah, I don’t know guys. This is a pitch shot the right shot here what I do feel. I’m gonna hit there Like I executed that the last time guys. I’m good for at this time I would no I won’t hit the rough year hence what I have to go bit loft off. Hopefully it gives me a good biomes ah It’s not bad though. It’s not bad mania Shoe day Should have just played my lob Wedge feel there and stared at the picture But I tell you what there’s a very makable part 17 fear Go on again yeah, and oh, I just didn’t turn at the end, and I’ve peed on about five feet past four feet simple top and part And there we go. I’m going to remain 14-under. Thank whole seventeen as a par three of Rico Yes So once again guys as my go to club which is a for hybrid Once again, it’s a great swing great straight arm. Could be a bit short here to be honest yeah, I am near enough pen haidle So I do have another birdie opportunity Albeit a longer pot 20c breaking to the left Stay up stay up. Then. I just didn’t read that one and well at all so I’ve got one hole The 18th which of things are par for to a beat my previous range score of 14 under feel or not There’ll be two rounds of four. You know. I may even bogey. You never know the wonders of my favor here. It’ll go, so Hopefully I can get a huge drive right here Get my cell as shortest approach show as possible And as good as good. I did think maybe it was gonna find the left-hand side of the Fairway But the wind has did me rain very nicely indeed 315 yards So that as claim. They’re just gonna leave me a pitching wedge here, and I’m just gonna walk this off a tiny bit guys I’ll put a fast perfect on it ah It’s gonna be way short on its went on I was hoping it was gonna hold off thinking even for the chip shot So or 28 footer for Birdie don’t help this is quite a tough putt Needs to start planning needs to start turn, and I just did not turn so guys I’ve got a fire pot here to get to rains of 14 under I do feel that we’ll be beat like I say I do feel the winning score will be fairly Fairly 1-under and Good luck to everyone who has no enter this and is going to be playing it today tomorrow or the next day you do have Four days well you’ll have three days life to play at us. So not well peeping you dre out there guys Eleven shots clear at the top of the Leaderboard Thanks to everyone. Who’s gonna watch this and I’ll see you all in the next video guys take care

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  1. -14, Again, "Jesus"!!!!. ( You do realise now I have to get at least -20 this round to stand ANY chance of winning. Ha ha ha). All my shots for the last TWO days, no matter what I do, are coming up SLOW. So resigned to the fact, HB Studios are screwing people with unfair swing and wind mechanics. People are also saying, it can depend on the time of day, you are playing, suggesting HB studios, really need to buy another Server, coz the one they've got stinks and is not capable of handling the vast number of players at the same time.
    Nice score though, and NOT suggesting any unfair advantage at all, for this or any other round, but until people can play the game, based upon their skill and not dictated by the shit server, there will NEVER be a fair playing field. RANT over!!!

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