The Great Hack | Official Trailer | Netflix

Who has seen
an advertisement that has convinced you
that your microphone is listening
to your conversations? All of your interactions, your credit card swipes, web searches, locations, likes, they’re all collected
in real time into a trillion-dollar-a-year
industry. The real game-changer
was Cambridge Analytica. They’ve worked
for the Trump campaign and for the Brexit campaign. They started using
information warfare. Cambridge Analytica claimed to have
5,000 data points on every American voter. I started tracking down all these Cambridge Analytica
ex-employees. Someone else
you should be calling to the committee
is Brittany Kaiser. Brittany Kaiser, once a key player
inside Cambridge Analytica, casting herself
as a whistle-blower. The reason why Google
and Facebook are the most powerful
companies in the world is because last year,
data surpassed oil in value. It is the most valuable asset
on Earth. We targeted those whose minds
we thought we could change, until they saw the world
the way we wanted them to. I do know
that their targeting tool was considered a weapon. There is a possibility that the American public
have been experimented on. This is becoming
a criminal matter. When people see
the extent of the surveillance, I think they’re going
to be shocked. -And I still fear for your life.
-Yeah. With the powerful people
involved. But I can’t keep quiet
just because it’ll make -powerful people mad.
-I know. Data rights should be considered
just fundamental rights. This is about the integrity
of our democracy. These platforms which were
created to connect us have now been weaponized. It’s impossible to know
what is what. Because nothing is
what it seems.

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