The Hardest Part of Volunteering at The Humane Society’s Cat Shelter

The Hardest Part of Volunteering at The Humane Society’s Cat Shelter

I did not film anything the first night
I volunteered at the Humane Society I was so overwhelmed I had to learn so
much and of course most of all I had to learn how to overcome my emotions but
today I would like to take you to volunteer with me tonight and I want to
show you how wonderful it is how rewarding it is and actually there is
not that so much hard about volunteering for those kitties in need so what’s up Angie
you’re gonna do the dishes with me are you doing the dishes with me okay it’s a
real great thing to see that some of the cages got new tenants in I heard that a
lot of kitties got adoped since my last visit and that made my heart sing
so what do I do there of course I do have to clean litter boxes but trust
me with two shifts of volunteers doing it twice daily it’s not that bad
look at the beautiful family that arrived thank God to those people who
threw those cats but they threw them right at the gate
but these kitties will survive the same as this little boy who was dying but the
nourishing and caring staff at the Humane Society and volunteers nursed
him back to health and now he is even starting to play and the best thing
about it he’s going to foster home with his tiny sister here’s your brother yeah
you are going in foster home together he’ll be fine look at that he’s gonna
live good care of him hey stop crying baby and every time I put them back I make sure I give them a new toy sugar loves her little fish on the
string it will be unfair of me to say that it’s
all fine and dandy and it’s not that hard because there’s one really hard
part about volunteering the hardest part is goodnight guys
you gotta get some sleep good night good night good night Music

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  1. hello my dear friend glad to see you volunteer so show your love for these beautiful cats they need our help glad to hear that some got adopted hope they survive my heart out for them so many beautiful kittens and cats here how sweet you are blessings to you 😍👍

  2. Awesome !! They are all so adorable and I am glad that they do get homes. So sweet. So nice of you to volunteer.

  3. This is beautiful. They love there toys what I do is I pray a hedge of protection around them and I pray a blessing over are fur babies that they will be safe prayer of love always gets answered it works as you hold each cat pray a blessing over them I took care of two lil dogs for a month while the owner who was temporary homeless was waiting for housing both dogs were un trained and scared I took care of them and prayed over them and they began to get fat 🤣 and happy they were so sweet Prayer works

  4. Hello Nine's Catudio and I just wanted to inform you that I can't be joining or volunteering at a shelter till I'm 16 since I am under the age limit BUT I will be going to humane society camp. Humane society camp is a Camp that occurs on the weekends or in summer for Humane society helping out at the shelter. I have told you this before I think, but I'll get more detailed into it. I have a friend that went there and she said that you can either work with the cats, dogs, reptiles, or rodents. I'll choose cats of course! Helping includes, playing feeding, AND training. I'm so excited to go this summer!

  5. Nice job Holly glad to see your new friends. I hope your interview went well. Thanks for sharing your job with us. I am going to either foster or work with one of our local shelters. I thought about doing some with the shelter first to learn the ropes. We do have a newborn kitten nursery at out local shelter. So you bottle feed the babies every 2 hrs. Sometimes there as many as 30-40 kittens. It is a big city and the weather is nice so all year new kittens.

  6. Zdravo draga Holly!Da,sada i ja sve razumem!Ti si najveća nada za ove divne mačke u skloništu!Da,najteže je kad odlaziš od njih i kada se svetla ugase!Znaš da u Srbiji,nema skloništa za mačke,mi volontiramo na ulici.Sve moje ljubimce našla sam na ulici.Neki su rođeni na ulici,a neki su izbačeni na ulicu.Moji roditelji su sve mačke i pse našli ispred svojih vrata.Imaju oko 11 mačaka i 12-13 pasa.To je težak život.Na žalost ni za osnovnu veterinarsku negu nemaju smanjenje cene kod veterinara.Moju majku veterinari gledaju kao ženu koja je sakupljač mačaka i pasa!Žalosno😢Ovde nema kazni za ljude koji su ih ostavili ispred vrata mojih roditelja.Ja i moj suprug uzimamo mačke i pse sa ulice,oporavimo ih i nađemo im novi dom.Sa poštovanjem,Vesna

  7. Holly that is so good to see the cats getting the care they need. I wish you happy thoughts in your continued volunteering.

  8. こんにちは✨


  9. O M G ' how heart warming and so very special to be able to go and and Volunteer and enjoy being with each and everyone of them all so beautiful and sweet each one with a story of their own if they could talk you would hear many adventures and many yes hardships as well the younger kitty's would talk a mile a minute while the older ones would sit back get comfortable and tell stories that will make you laugh and cry and sit with stars in your eyes in wonderment like a grandma / grandpa telling their life stories to their grand kids yes indeed if only they could talk like us we would be amazed ' these are special kittys and they all deserve their own Forever Home full of love to feel safe secured and so loved in to have their very own human parents new toys and bed and great foods just to be held and comforted and petted it means the world to these and ALL cats around the world Please Open your arms ' Open your your Hearts ' Open your lives' ' then Open your Doors to your Forever Home for a kitty Today look into their eyes they are begging for love and care they are dumped abandoned sick hurt some strays off the streets some even get brought in abused its truly a Rewarding job to work with them we are proud of you Holly great job give them all big hugs kisses for me Yes Indeed Save A Stray Today !! letting you know i am going in the Hospital Monday they are Amputating my big toe off i have a severe infection that has now entered the bone its bad Not looking forward to this i am a nervous wreck ' but my foot is the reason i haven't been online x o x o it was Cellulitis then the toe got Gangrene in it and its been down hill every since God Bless you Nine Sky Junior and Papa Cat we love you all x o

  10. Hi! It's Laurel & Auto!
    I LOVE YOU MY FRIEND! I was crying happy & sad for the good work you did… I am sooo touched. I am with you my sister! I will continue to save, feed, and help as many animals that God brings my way. THUMB'S ALL THE WAY UP👍👍
    I put your video on my
    "BEAUTIFUL TOUCHING MUST SEE VIDEO'S PLAYLIST! Awesome work! God bless you and your babies more and more each day!
    Love Laurel💇💖💕 Auto😽 & the babies

  11. Best video ever! I always think shelter's would break my heart, but you showed the kitties' powerful heart. It reminded me of working with foster kids. Underneath the pain, they are such great kids, curious, hopeful, alive. You are the greatest! And ditto to everything stimpy1ful said!

  12. I have rescued 2 kitties from the wild.
    They are my babies.
    I recently lost my mom and I battled a life threatening illness. My kitties helped me stay grounded and gave me a reason to live. I cant imagine life with out a kitty or two.
    God bless you In life's endeavors!

  13. It's so awesome that you're doing this. The kitties will be getting a person that loves and wants nothing but good things for them. Just think of how many cats lives you will influence and perhaps even save?
    I'd have a hard time not bringing them all home!

  14. Thank you Holly for showing us the shelter and all these beautiful little souls that just want to be loved. The first time I ever stepped foot in a shelter, I walked out in tears. Going in still pulls hard at my heart strings. That's why I always adopt/rescue my babies. Hugs and kitty kisses!! ❤💙💛💚💜

  15. Oh wow! This is super inspiring! So heartwarming but also sad. I'm a mix of emotions right now. All I know is that you are doing a wonderful thing for the precious kitties. All deserve a great life and a loving home 💞💞💞

  16. Oh Holly you are such a sweet angel… I know it's so hard to go… but you will go to see this kitties again and they will remember you… you can give them a little sun in their lives… hugs for you and this sweeties from Tina ❤🐾🐾

  17. I'm not sure I could leave without taking a few home with me. But it would be so hard to choose, I might end up taking them all…
    High Paw !! 🔝🐾🐾❕

  18. Volunteering with cats is very rewarding, especially when you can see them going to foster homes, or better yet, being adopted! 💕

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