Coming from the distant planet Theta
Kappa 86, the siblings Chan and Chaia vowed to protect their adoptive land by
using their interplanetary powers in the fight against crime They are the Hyper Powerful Twins! Downtown Megalopolisville, something shady is about to happen… Look, Chan, it’s General Puppet! Let’s get him, Chaia! But not if it depends on these twin brothers, who when they touch their Apple watches together transform into the Hyper Powerful Twins! I wish to transform into a bucket with water inside Am I the water in the bucket or is the
bucket my skin and the water my blood or am I the water inside the bucket? Is the
bucket in my head? What am I? I wish to transform into…. What goes with a bucket of water? I don’t know, maybe a gorilla to throw the bucket at him! If I turn into a gorilla, wouldn’t it make more sense to just beat him up with my gorilla
strength? I mean, isn’t that better than just getting him wet? So turn into an eagle and take me there! Just hurry because I’m kind of here like water in a bucket made of myself… it’s a very bizarre situation when you think about it… it’s the bucket my skin? Is the water my vital organs? and where’s my brain? In
the water you’re going to spill or is it in the bucket What if I was a tiger… I could carry you in my mouth You know what, I’m gonna wait for you to decide and then I can transform Holy fuck! What what the hell happened to you?? Oh my god my god!! I…I…I…I evaporated! SHIT! Oh shit! ! How would i know you would evaporate? Because I turned into water!! It’s a fucking physics phenomena And what happens to whatever evaporated of you now that you’re back to human form? Oh my god…. oh god, no! Is it raining myself? I thought you’d only make me slip on a
puddle or something like that Is that me? Oh this is the darkest and
most disgusting thing I’ve ever been through Oh Lord make it stop!! And just like that,the hyper put Oh god is that a finger in the general puppet’s mouth?? it doesn’t look like a finger…oh no… oh no it’s a finger! oh my god…

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