The Indian Child Welfare Act does not help children | IN 60 SECONDS

The Indian Child Welfare Act does not help children | IN 60 SECONDS

The Indian Child Welfare Act turns 40
this year, but it may not live much longer. The law passed as an attempt to
ensure that American Indian kids weren’t being taken away from their families on
account of poverty or sheer bigotry. It says the preference for adoption of
Indian foster children must be given to Indians, regardless of tribe, even over
the objection of the children’s biological parents, and even if that
child has formed a years-long bond with non-Indian foster parents. It was a well intended law that now protects the interests of tribes over those of
children, creating a separate but unequal child welfare system that leaves Indian
children in foster care far longer than children of other races, and keeps
families of all races from adopting children they have loved and cared for. A
federal judge in Texas recently declared the law unconstitutional, a violation of
equal protection and federalism, and the Supreme Court will likely take it up as
a result. It’s about time. All kids deserve a loving stable home. It’s time
to stop treating Indian kids differently. Do you think American child welfare
policies are fair? Let us know in your comments. Also, let us know what other
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6 thoughts on “The Indian Child Welfare Act does not help children | IN 60 SECONDS

  1. Its a shame what this country has done to Native American's. Why can't the government mind its own business when it comes to our private lives.

  2. Thank you for discussing this. The Lexi story still haunts me. Here in Oklahoma, every time an adoption discussion takes place at our church, someone (thankfully) brings up the ICWA and some of the horror stories resulting from it.

  3. I personally do not think it's fair in many different ways. every time I get to my last step on my case plan they add something else it's like they r against not no help at all even my attorney. it's me against Cherokee icw

  4. Oh boo hoo all you whinging colonizers can piss off cuz as of 3 weeks ago the ICWA was ruled still constitutional. Not that more non native racists won't try to brainwash people and try to get in overturned just so they can add another shade to their rainbow of christian kids… Gross.

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