The Inner Earth ‘IF’ Reptilians Inhabit Hollow Earth?

The Inner Earth ‘IF’ Reptilians Inhabit Hollow Earth?

hollow earth theory is fascinating. The idea that vast underground caverns with
complete ecosystems and according to some a flipped version of the cosmos are said to
exist at the center of the planet. We looked at these ideas in the video ‘hollow
earth’ a few months back. So if the earth is hollow who or what could
be living down there, is it full of Nazis riding around on dinosaurs or is the home
to little green men, dwarves gnomes or some other mystical creature? In an interesting article found on,
the ideas of what lives in the deepest recesses of our planet were laid out. Welcome to if……………………………….. The article begins by saying that Mufons director
of abduction research John carpenter has found credible evidence from over 200 witnesses
telling how they have been abducted by our old friends the reptilians. These cold-blooded Extraterrestrials have
shown themselves too many but one strange fact is that most of these interactions are
missing a rather important element for a close encounter with an alien. The spacecraft! This has lead Carpenter and other to the conclusion
that these reptoids that most believe to be alien to the planet are in fact and may always
have been living here on our planet. There is the idea that these creatures evolved
on this planet some 60 million years ago maybe they are the intelligent species that arose
from dinosaurs? This long history on the planet is reflected
in many cultural beliefs with cultures ranging from the Sumerians to the Greeks refereeing
to “serpent god” or serpentine monster in many of their myths and legends, could
the reptilians be the seed that these stories grew out of? The serpent figure is an important even in
today’s world with it appearing on the symbol for medical care institutions, this spiral
snake image has been found in petroglyphs and other illustrations dating back to ancient
Egypt but also found in places ranging from Britain to New Mexico. Some of the largest snake or serpent images
being found amongst the Nazca lines along with the other famous large pictures carved
into the ground of the area. And we mustn’t forget the nagas of Hindu
and Buddhist faiths a creature we have mentioned a few times in previous videos. These snakes are also found in the history
of isolated cultures, the Australian aboriginal peoples’ talk of the serpent being waging
war around the area of Ayers rock the gauges in the wall be evidence left from this conflict. If they had weapons technology capable of
doing such damage at a time when humans were barely out of the Stone Age, they would certainly
boast a level of technological sophistication we would envy today. One idea says that the reptoids did have space
going craft and left the planet at one point this was until they ran into other extraterrestrial
groups and were driven back to the planet. On their return finding that another alien
group had taken over the Nordics a group we discussed in the alien species video linked
above The reptilians were displeased about this
takeover especially after failing at their interstellar travel plans and now losing what
they considered their planet. War ensued and this war is what is written
about in the books of old most notably the Mahabharata. Anyone with a passing interest in the idea
of ancient aliens or ancient advanced civilizations know the stories of the flying Vimanas, the
epic legends of great battles with tales of fantastical weapons and destruction on a massive
scale. The flood myths that are also found in the
majority of cultures around the planet also come from this time. Another reoccurring theme is that after the
battles the serpent gods always loose and are then banished to a subterranean world
for the rest of time. Religions morph these figures over the centuries
that followed rename them demons and such like. To quote the bible REVELATION CHAPTER 12,
vs. 7-9 “And there was war in heaven: Michael and
his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon fought and his angels, and prevailed
not; neither was their place found any more in heaven. And the great dragon was cast out, that old
serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out
into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.” This underground world is a common idea that
is not bound by location or culture, many legends
With many religious teachings saying this banishment comes with the stipulation that
if these beings wish to continue living on the planet they must not interfere with the
development of humanity. These stories of the war between these ancients
species read like the pages of any good sci-fi epic. Humanity stuck between warring factions and
groups worshipping both sides as deities. It is no wonder as a species why we are so
aggressive when it seems civilization itself was formed from the conflict of these beings. How could it not be? We were born into violence, and since that
time religious differences have been a major cause for most of history’s most barbaric
acts. Evidence of The worship and forming of religions
around these first inhabitants of the earth can be found in many places to this very day. Artifacts have been found knowledge passed
down from cultures in South America, India and Egypt. The commonality of pyramid type structures
at all these ancient sites, the knowledge of engineering required to construct such
marvels given by the reptilians. The advanced technologies that we mentioned
being used to cut and manipulate massive stones and to manipulate them in ways we struggle
to understand today. Figurines of reptoid shaped idols can be found
across cultures all with almost identical stories attached. Another darker practice across these cultures
is ‘blood’ from the human sacrifices carried out by the Aztecs and Mayans to bloodletting
ceremonies in the cultures across the globe, it would seem that these reptoids have a taste
for the red stuff. The article goes on to talk about the ancient
practices of these cultures and speculates that these gods/reptilians were feeding on
mankind. Mentioning gods like Huitzilopochtli the Aztec
god of war. A half human half snake-like being with huge
fangs would dine on the bodies of those slain in battle. This god is the same form as the Nagas of
eastern religions. In another video I reported how US troops
based in Vietnam came across beings like this whilst on patrol in the jungles, Check the
link above it is a very interesting sighting. The post then goes on to give few witness
reports of run-ins with these beings they make for an interesting read. The last being an interview with one of these
creatures. The god, demon, alien or cryptid whatever
name you think is suited talks about the ability they have to hide their appearance. This works like a mental projection the image
of a man or woman being beamed into the minds of those that look upon them. These powers of mind control would seem to
be very dangerous but the creature goes on to say that they have been forbidden from
doing harm to humans but this was not always the case. This raises the question, that may be in the
past before the wars and when they were worshipped, was this from humanities free will or was
a case of mass mind control. The other gods/aliens freeing us from this
enslavement when they banished this reptilian race to the underworld? What do you think, is this all a bunch of
tall tales, Myths, and legends where fantasy and reality entwine or could there be some
truth to it? The likes of David Ike would certainly say
it true and that these creatures are evil and still seek to reclaim the planet as their
own. This is an interesting read and I recommend
that you take a look at the blog A link to the full article can be found in
the description. Let me know your thoughts in the comment below.

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  1. The center of the earth, is it home to all sorts of strange creatures, ETs or something else?
    Let me know what you guys think is in the center of our planet.
    Don't forget to check out the Facebook page and the blog
    Thanks for all your support, catch you in the comments below.

  2. Can you remember the show from the 70's called Project UFO? If so, could you please regularly provide videos like that with special effects that are just as good and that focus only on UFO's?
    Take care and God bless.

  3. Awesome video sir. Can u do a video on the conspiracy theory that the Royal family kiddnap and use children for blood sacrifice.

  4. Sorry does not compute in my world view. However I realise that there are some who believe this and they are fully entitled to that view. 🤗

  5. Well… On second thought…. There is no interior, only a lower layer of ocean which houses the whale species and the deep sea creatures that are beyond our ability to comprehend. Reptilians are tame and lame! Creatures of the darkest depths of the sea are unimaginable! Or are they? 🐙🦐🦑

  6. It will be no surprise if they do or any type of Alien race…
    I also think they have a base in the Moon, too..
    Awesome video.. Thanks for sharing..💛

  7. Nope…nothing to be seen down here, keep moving…you can't prove that reptilians AREN'T there, but nobody has been to the center of the planet that we know about to prove otherwise, so just accept that there's nothing there except magma and rock, because a school of thought that's only been around for a few hundred years or so, and has never been there to say otherwise, says so!

    Seriously though…as a people who have prided ourselves with being able to escape the confines of our own world, even if just temporarily, and with all of the technological advances we've made over the centuries, why hasn't anyone actually attempted to make the sci-fi fantasy speculation surrounding a journey to the center of the earth become reality too? Or to explore the depths of the Mariana Trench, and whatever unknowns lurk beneath that "bottomless" cavern? Afraid of what – or maybe who – they might find? It makes one wonder, doesn't it?

  8. I was almost killed by a horse yesterday!
    Thankfully a nice lady rescued me just in time.
    I might not be here today if she hadn't come out of the supermarket and unplugged the damn thing!

  9. Reptillian Demons in hell with an exit hole for UFO's in Antarctica. The Nazis found em first, then the yanks made a deal. Jesus will defeat all of Satans losers soon.

  10. look there's a lot of thing wrong in this video , not trying to be rude or an ass but it contains a lot of disinformation ,
    reptelians came from draco star system not ours ..
    they came here to take over earth and humanity and ultimately destroy the planet
    they are no longer here on the planet and are not allowed to stay here but they are trapped in our solar system and they will be dealth with when the solar flash occurs ..
    they messed up with our genetics and not just them a lot of other bad aliens to keep us enslaved. but now its all over for them
    countless good et's and other beings are helping us free from all these things and we are going into the golden age and there is nothing to fear ..

  11. Omg i swear if Hollow Earth is real i want to go there i have enough on earth. Im so tired and im single want to married with a Alien Woman <3.

  12. All his-story is a lie…
    It's the winners story hence… history=his-story.
    Look at the words you speak.
    We live on a level plane. Not a spinning rock. The underworld isn't what you been lead to beLIEve

  13. Forget about reptilians and germans inhabiting hollow earth, there is no evidence of it. Evidence shows eskimo people came from hollow earth instead. Read Marshall B. Gardner's book Chapter XV. The amount of evidence collected by Marshall B. Gardner from multiple sources polar explorers, astronomers, scientists, etc. will blow your mind. Birds and animals also have been observed multiple times traveling far north and disappearing seeking warm place. Read from Chapter IV.

  14. PROBE The Subterranean DEPTHS Of Planet Earth…

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