100 thoughts on “The Instagram Page Of An Indicted Rudy Giuliani Associate | All In | MSNBC

  1. Does not matter
    Every Repub will vote for him and billionaires will keep him… they are making too much money. But if the stories make us happy so be it…..

  2. Rudy will forever be the meme for how embrace the evil of a self destructive cult and to fall from grace. It is practically biblical.

  3. Trump: Russia? Oligarch? mob money? No Collusion No Obstruction. I take selfies with everyone. It was just a selfie, no idea what they were talking about. Fake news. Ask my lawyer if he still works for me, Giuliani, a great mayor and good guy (ha ha ha). It was all made up by the democrats, shifty Schiff has been hounding me for 3 years.

  4. Trump is literally a mob boss, he always puts others in harm's way to ensure he can't be directly involved. Al Capone worked this way and they only got him on tax evasion in the end. I wonder why Trump is guarding his taxes so vehemently?

  5. Oh wow, so chump you don't know these 2 criminals oooh, you lying POS. A BUNCH OF F……. MAFIAS RUNNING TGE COUNTRY. DE-SATAN MUST BE INVESTIGATED

  6. I see something totally different. I see Putin trying to keep Trump and his Family at arm length. If you remember Rudy was with these guy shortly before they were picked up trying to flee the country. How did they know to run,and how did the Fed know to post them…..

  7. Rudy, Trmp etal ARE TRAITORS . Let's bring back public hangings .
    Media: What constitutes being a Traitor? And how could Trump and h is crumpets be considered traitors.

  8. Lev and Oleg the best thugs on the Trump Pay for Play Machine. These fine people only available at shoddy gaudy Trump properties, the White House, and federal detention facilities.

  9. let me see if i'm getting this right, lev parnas is a member of russian organized crime? and he runs a business that gave julliani 500K? and the name of lev parnas's business is FRAUD GUARENTEE? am i reading this right? or am i in the twilight zone…………again?

  10. Perhaps Rudy Jewels had a love affair with Lev the Butcher? 🤔

    I see no other way to explain it. They certainly behaved like honorable businessmen, right? 😂

  11. Remember when Trump (illegally) used the "Look at this photograph" song to smear Biden. Oh Karma, every time it make me laugh.

  12. Do you know who Maurice DuBois and Kristine Johnson are? The new Donny & Marie, no, they are journalists. How do you know and how can you tell? They dye their hair stupid…

  13. Awsome work investigating from the young Journalist Shelb Holiday. Those People save the USA. They should be considered heroes not enemies.

  14. It's like 2016 all over again. No collusion, no obstruction etc etc – I appreciate that it might look like it but that's just coincidental; honestly!!

  15. One of the Johnson impeachment charges was”disgrace of the office”. I think Trump qualifies for this with over 12,000 fact checked lies and his many criminal associates.

  16. What's up with these Russian dudes hanging with Trump people?
    They just gotta be the conduit for Putin money to the White house gang that can't shoot straight.

  17. Wtf, Trump's & his band of fcking senior citizen clown's corruption was right out in the OPEN!!! It's fcking beautiful 👏👏👏😂😆😂👍

  18. Yeah, when Trump picks henchmen, intelligence is obviously NOT a job qualification. What kind of criminal keeps a record of all his exploits on Instagram?

  19. Ron Desantis returning the $50K he got from Lev Parnas to make it look like he has integrity is laughable. He's like a little boy who stole a cookie from the cookie jar and gets caught as he's taking a bite into it and then surreptitiously tries to put it back in the jar while his mom is watching.

  20. A Tale of Two Schreks, Rasputin Giuliani and the Trump Crime Family! "A gripping narrative about EVIL in high places."

  21. Great video by Shelby Holliday @ WSJ website. Shelby will be on the right side of history in helping expose corruption at the highest levels.

  22. Were any CRIMES committed when they went to those places? Were any humans trafficked by them or their associates? GOP+NRA+KKK=KGB

  23. I'm so glad these two were given time to style their hair and put on lipstick, and compose their faces before the mugshots

  24. Lev and Igor are just another two of tramp´s many money launderer – there will not be any return on their investments in tramp´s scam when he goes to jail – remember Bernie Madoff?!

  25. President Trump does and says things that would have gotten a Clinton President tarred, feathered and ridden out of town on a rail, why are Trump et al not held to the same high standards? Why is Trump extended a permanent "do-over"?

  26. After all of the cover ups are uncovered, I expect we'll find that a majority of Trump supporters did not actually exist and that they were virtual creations of crooks like these indicted criminals who likely also tampered with voting ballots using implanted agents. Many republicans that are now in the Senate and the House likely utilized the criminal voting tampering schemes cooked up by these criminals and carried out in collaboration with Putin. That explains why they seem to not break rank with Trump despite what lies Trump puts forth. It may be that Putin and his syndicate of crime have decided to sacrifice Trump in the near future and that we will see those on team Putin break rank with Trump as they try install the next Putin pawn while keeping as many Putin Senators in play like McConnell.

  27. Be interesting to find out who's paying for Rudy's trips since our deficit is so high maybe he's whining and dining and all these luxurious trips on the taxpayer in America.

  28. Stop it already, this Administration is beyond ridicules. You talking about the gang that can't shot straight. The stable genius is an unstable criminal. It's numerous people in this Admin that are corrupt, that's why you can't get any cooperation.

  29. Parnas and Fruman are henchmen for Bratva ( US branch of East European mob Malina/Odessa Group, based in Crimea ) . Donald John trump is the Capo, the 'boss' of Bratva . trump took over when former boss Oleg Balagula fled the US from prosecution in a multi-billion $$$ tax fraud, home heating oil / diesel fuel scheme. Bratva immediately set up new HQ in trump Tower, one floor below trump Org. executive suites .

  30. Zionist Evangelical criminal Enterprise 😂 the new revised Machiavellian edition of the Gospel of Jesus Christ,the word of lies, corruption and betrayal, ordained by God no forbidden


    "The First Congress used its constitutional power of declaring the punishment for treason by establishing the penalty of death"
    TREASON: "Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, adheres to their enemies, giving them aid"

  33. It's not just trump who violates campaign laws by excepting foreign aid. Numerous Republicans are also guilty. That is the real reason Republicans do not think his actions are bad enough to warrant impeachment. To them it is "business as usual."

  34. Haven't heard anything from Giuliani lately. Is he in hiding? If he screws up and ends up where Epstein did, he's gone. These pictures also show a lot of Trump being very friendly with them.

  35. Behold, "the Deep State" has been staring you in the face the whole time GOP.

    Idiots, cameras and social media for the win.

    When this is all over, we need to update the constitution and laws bigly. Major reforms are in order. We do not need to go through this again.

  36. Trump, “I hired the best crooks, pathological liars and corrupt people from all over the world, “Perfect people”

    Believe me

  37. There is now an irrefutable line from Trump to the Russian mafia! Trump-Rudy-Lev & Igor-Firtash (under house arrest in Vienna/ Manaforts buddy)-Putin

  38. You show this to Trump asslickers supporters and they always will find a excuse.. Trump dumb supporters will always support Papa Trump not matter what

  39. Where did their money originate? They'll be suicided before they testify. Any plea bargaining has Putin's shadow over it. Ask Manafort or Flynn. Or Trump.

  40. @MSNBC one of the photos – I think identified as being in Paris-has a woman in it that looks exactly like Trumps first wife—Ivana Trump. Was that indeed Ivana Trump or just a woman who looked astonishingly like her ? 😳

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