The Lost Ancient Humans of Antarctica

The Lost Ancient Humans of Antarctica

According to mainstream history, the
human story is quite simple. The first humans originated in Africa. Some
migrated north and settle in Europe and others trekked east through the deserts
over the mountains of Asia across the Bering Strait and down into the Americas.
This is a neat clean linear path to teach in schools, but what happens when
we find evidence that doesn’t fit the mainstream puzzle? With new discoveries
in genetic testing we are finding that the human story is a complex tangled web.
The presentation you are about to witness is from the original Gaia series,
ancient civilizations. This episode will examine the Paracas people of Peru, the
Denisovan Giants of Siberia and the possibility of an advanced ancient
civilization on Antarctica. Who were these ancient beings? Why did they vanish?
and what can they tell us about our own existence? sit back and enjoy this
fascinating presentation. in 2014 dr. Neil Ross and a team of
scientists from the University of Bristol’s glaciology Center published
their discovery of a valley the size of the Grand Canyon in West Antarctica
despite being covered beneath several kilometers of ice the depression was so
vast that it could be seen from space some theorists were quick to conclude
that before the great Ice Age Antarctica like the six other continents was likely
to have been home to ancient civilizations dr. ross eloquently
summarized that the implications of his research served merely to demonstrate
how much we still have to discover about our planet
but could it be possible that there are ruins perhaps ruins even older than
gobekli tepe to be discovered deep beneath the glaciers one of the
consequences of global warming is that the ice on the poles has receded
tremendously including Antarctica and the the thickness of the ice as it is
reduced allows greater visibility from earth penetrating radar so we can see
what’s underneath the ice one of the surprises is that the satellite images
are sending back now would appear to be large-scale complex archaeological sites
so they’re they’re not small hunting villages and pit houses
these look like advanced technological civilizations that we’re seeing
underneath the ice one of the reasons this is a problem for historians is
because the ice sheet and in Antarctica originated most recently we’ve had
multiple ice sheets the most recent about 20,000 years ago and that opens
the door to the question who was here 20,000 years ago to build complex
archaeological structures on the continent of Antarctica and what role
does that play in the history in the mythology that’s almost Universal of
ancient civilizations it may be what we now see is the six cradles of
civilization very soon we’ll expand to at least seven
and possibly more you get reports occasionally of structures being found
they’re merging out of the ice Antarctica just recently there was one
which took my attention to do with what was described as almost like an inn
banged like a hill fault that was found and
that struck my attention has been different to all the other stories and
this raises my hopes that these settlements did actually exist
I think this matter should be looked into more the only problem is can we
interest archaeologists to spend good money to go to Antarctica to investigate
these sites I think it’s possible that as the ice starts to melt in Antarctica
which it is doing more and more that it will reveal structures and if this is
the case those structures have probably been buried in the ice for tens of
thousands of years so these are gonna be very very ancient indeed and they could
easily be their product of hybrid descendants could it really be true that
there was once an unknown civilization of ancient beings in Antarctica in 1929
a map was discovered inside Istanbul’s to copy palace depicting
antarctica before it was covered with ice archaeologists have been able to
carbon date the maps creation back to a Turkish Admiral and cartographer named
Perry Reiss who plotted it in 1513 this age was hundreds of years before the
continent was discovered by modern man rhesus map has both conventional and
alternative scholars flummoxed where did he gathered his knowledge if
the landmass depicted is indeed Antarctica is it possible that our true
origins date back to a prehistoric seafaring civilization while mainstream
scientists are resistant to get behind these findings no other explanation for
the mysteries this map presents have been offered but with global warming
exposing new topography under the glaciers harder evidence may be just
around the corner we are about to hear from official
sources that architecture has been located in Antarctica that will confirm
that there was in fact intelligently built ruins down there and that would be
a world-changing thing of significance this Atlantean legend has an incredible
amount of provable data behind it and if we do get the disclosure that we’re
being promised this is going to become an open public acknowledged thing that
there are in fact stone monuments under the ice in Antarctica that are very
ancient if that happens everything that we thought we knew about human history
has to be rewritten and we’re now dealing with ancient civilizations far
predating those which we now acknowledge to be true most academics believe that
all Native American people no matter where you find them that all of their
ancestors came across the Bering Land Bridge and that they all only had four
genotypes a B C and D anybody who’s a pure blooded Indian or native person in
the Americas their whole haplogroup or genetics are a B C or D but we’ve tested
three of these so far and they are not a B C or D they show ancestry either from
Europe or the Middle East or the Middle East people who moved to Europe so that
completely blows the theory that there was only one way to get to the Americas
in pre-columbian times it means that people were sailing the oceans thousands
of years ago and they knew where they were going and they had the capability
of navigation to be able to circumnavigate the planet long before
the Vikings we’ve been taught so little in school about the history of humanity
and academics have a tendency to not talk to indigenous people about their
own history they think they made their stories up about where their ancestors
came from in 2011 geochemist Stacy Lowry found
evidence that America and Antarctica were once joined before a billion years
of continental drift sent them in different directions since then more
geologists have come forward with tests showing that the composition of magnetic
isotopes in rocks taken from Antarctica’s coastland
were indistinguishable from samples of rocks in a rift that runs through the
Great Lakes of Michigan the two rock samples are reportedly the exact same
age and have identical chemical properties if Antarctica was once
connected to the Americas then is it also possible that the same pre-adamite
species once populated both more than 55 thousand years ago Brian Forester brings
us back to the DNA of ancient humans and what it might reveal the ancestry of these people could be
incredibly complicated initial DNA results indicated that at least part of
their bloodline is not Native American whatsoever so we’re looking at the
possibility that part of their ancestry is from the Middle East which means they
did not cross the Bering Land Bridge like all other Native Americans
ancestors supposedly did and that would be a major historical discovery I’ve
been studying these these people for about eight to ten years it seems that
only the nobility of the practice culture of the coast of Peru had
elongated skulls and the preservation in that area is almost perfect so we do
have examples of the skulls with hair and the hair is always red and its
genetic red it’s not the result of bleaching or sore the Sun or something
like that and so red hair originates in the Middle East in Iraq Iran and
Afghanistan so if they had red hair they likely had light-colored skin as well
possibly as green or blue eyes all three of those characteristics are not typical
of Native American people so that could very well indicate that those ancestors
sailed from the Middle East to the coast of Peru in 1928 in a desert on the
baracus peninsula on the south coast of Peru archaeologists Julio Telo unearthed
a graveyard filled with the remains of corpses with the largest elongated
skulls found anywhere in the world some were dated back as far as 3,000
years this discovery shocked scientific
communities because it challenged what had been recorded in Peruvian and human
history Telos discovery has since become known
as the peruca skulls and even more astoundingly
since 1928 other elongated skulls have been found the oldest elongated skulls
in the world have been discovered in Iraq in one specific cave and the
initial DNA testing that we’ve been able to do indicates that these people had
haplogroups which are either from northern Europe or from the Middle East
what exactly they are will require rigorous scientific examination we were
able to do DNA testing of a baby that died at 18 months and had strawberry
blonde hair which is not Native American and the analysis that was done indicated
that it had segments of DNA that do not match anything known to be human and we
also know that all ancestors of Native Americans all of their ancestors are
believed to across the bering land bridge from south or from eastern asia
so nobody from the Middle East or from Europe would walk across all of Asia in
order to cross into North America these ancient people had seafaring skills they
knew how to build boats and they knew how to sail thousands of years before
the Vikings or Columbus or anyone like that so it’s quite likely that they
migrated by sea through the Indian Ocean and then across the Pacific skeptics have long dismissed the
validity of the remains found with elongated skulls as being scientific
proof of pre-adamite s– they claim that these skulls are artificial an objection
made even more complicated by the fact that there have been tribes who
practiced cranial deformation on infants when it comes to the discovery of
elongated heads a lot of the mainstream scientists might shrug it off and say
well this is an indication of binding they believe that humans bound their
skulls to make themselves look like they had these massive heads which doesn’t
quite make sense unless you actually did have some kind of gods who had those
heads and you were trying to imitate those heads the cranial deformation is
where a newborn child’s head is bound usually with something like leather or
possibly wood on the front and back wrapped it with some kind of textile so
by 3 years old the child’s skull is completely bone and
then therefore throughout their life they maintain that design it was done in
order to differentiate physically the nobility from the common class but you
can distinguish between cranial deformation and what I’m talking about
you see the obvious flattening of the front and back of the skull with cranial
deformation I’ve studied this subject about elongated skulls for about eight
years and as I said they did exist on all six inhabited continents but almost
all of them are the example of cranial deformation which is changing the shape
of the skull however in the case of the practice we have the largest elongated
skulls ever found on the planet and that makes the practice culture very
specifically interesting we’ve even found babies skeletons where the skull
is elongated there was one recently I saw of a probably three-month-old
and its head was twice the size of normal so it’s not just that the shape
is different the volume is different and medical experts have looked at these and
they said you can change the shape of a baby’s head because it’s very soft to
begin with but you can’t increase the volume so that by itself is telling us
we’re looking at a genetic variation in 2013 russian photographer georg
Isidora discovered a colossal megalith in a remote wilderness area in siberia
during an expedition in the foothills of mount Shaurya near Altai Sidora came
upon a great wall of granite blocks what made his discovery unusual was that
these gargantuan stones had flat surfaces right angles and sharp corners
reminiscent of cyclopean masonry the thing is that nature does not happen to
see straight angles all blocks are built like in a brick wall
all of them have straight angles like a castle there are thousands of clues that
say this formation is built by a form of intelligence the beauty and precision of
this 130-foot structure has left archaeologists with no explanation for
how such an arrangement could have formed naturally geologists have
estimated that the largest blocks of granite had mount Shaurya weigh three to
four thousand tons before this the pregnant woman stone of Baalbek weighing
1,500 tons was the largest single stone used in an ancient site you have these beautiful little walls
our perfect straight lines of perfect right angles you have these massive
blocks of granite that looked like this someone’s taken a big diamond drill and
sword them right down the middle on granite ethical effort the Russian
scientists that went there they discover some things which cannot be explained by
nature which are these beautiful round plumbers term hot surfaces where they’ve
taken a drill and they form a perfect depression and they also have these
perfect tunnels and these doorways they’re simply very deliberately put
there so maybe what we’re doing here is taking an entire Mountain has been
completely shaped by human hands the megalithic structure discovered in all
time mountains near the denis have been cave hearkens really to structures like
Baalbek and Lebanon these cyclopean megalithic structures that are hundreds
of tons and weight stones so large that even our best equipment today can could
not possibly even come close to lifting them and that they were using a type of
science and mathematical understanding that just wasn’t available to our
ancient ancestors if Georg a sidorov’s discovery is real
could it be evidence that remote Siberia was once home to an advanced
civilization near this discovery of the megalithic wall scientists believe they
have found bones from a new species could these places be linked in 2008
archaeologists made world headlines when they unearthed a Paleolithic finger bone
from a juvenile female estimated to be 41 thousand years old further DNA
analysis indicated the finger was from a previously unknown and extinct homonym
subspecies these previously unknown ancestors were christened with the name
Denisovan the Denisovans are probably the most
exciting discovery in the origins of humanity for decades I mean that
arguably even in the last hundred years because we’re talking about previously
unknown let’s say human population who are different than the Neanderthals
they’re different to anatomical modern humans the Denisovans occupied large
areas of central southern and eastern asia for anything up to two hundred
thousand years they’ve told us for instance
that many modern day human populations in the eastern part of the raishin
continent have the DNA that which has been inherited from the Denisovans in a
similar manner to how the people of the Western Eurasian continent have DNA
within them of the Neanderthals they were of extreme size not just broad but
of extreme Heights perhaps even as much as seven feet tall but the DNA from
these fossil remains have told us so much it has archaeologists coming up in
rashes because suddenly we have here another human species that completely
forgotten but who was this forgotten species and how could their destiny on
the planet be linked with ours firstly we know that a further tooth
that was found in the Denisova cave but they didn’t really know too much about
it there’s now been confirmed to be that of a the niece of a woman
it’s about 125,000 years old and this confirms that the Denisovans were in
this area for much longer period than had initially been suggested but that’s
many many generations that means that they were incredibly developed
population you go back before 200,000 years and and in many areas at that time
our species was coexisting with other human species who who were human enough
for us to interbreed with them for example the Neanderthals
for example the recently discovered Denisovans both of these human species
who are not anatomically modern humans have left traces in our anatomically
modern human DNA we have to ask if we’re talking of records going back hundreds
of thousands of years is it possible that these other human species reached a
high level of development during their tenure of life on earth is it is it
possible that they were advanced in some way artifacts found in recent
archeological digs at the cave suggest that the Denisovans were not only large
of highly intelligent some scientists like Jack Kerry believed they had the
ability to create sophisticated technology
the denis simmons had to be much more advanced than what they’re being
credited with i say that because of the discovery of a piece of jewelry that
they found in the original denisa van cave that dated 40,000 years ago it was
made of a green polished rock and anthropologists believe that this
jewellery was only worn on very special occasions that indicates a culture it
indicates art it indicates a higher understanding of reality these aren’t
people that were simply clubbing animals to death and using their furs
these were people that were literally constructing jewelry that’s something a
lot of anthropologists are uneasy with because it shows a depth of
understanding and and beauty and their culture that really shouldn’t have
existed with such ancient hominids the alcohol just kept digging a bit more as
they tend to do and they found that when they got to a layer that’s about 380,000
years they found tools there they found a needle they found certain artifacts
looks like bracelets and other ornaments and they also found the ring which has
been beautifully shaped out of rock it has been obviously machine and polished
beautiful bound needles have been found in the dennis of a cave
suggesting that the Denisovans wore tailored clothing
host DNA has also been found inside the cave itself suggesting that the
Denisovans not only hunted horses but probably domesticated them and may even
have ridden horses and this is probably tens of thousands of years before it was
even thought possible that you could ride horses something that was
considered conventionally to only have occurred in Bronze Age times and yet
here we have papal forty to fifty thousand years ago who were riding
horses domesticated them catching them the siberian fossil remains found in
Altai have challenged scientists to re-examine the transformation of human
DNA there’s been a explosion of new information in this field partly thanks
to new genetic sequencing techniques and deep analysis of DNA and it’s clear that
the story of the evolution of anatomically modern humans is much more
complicated the DNA breakthrough is we now know that our anatomically modern
human ancestors interbred with Neanderthals so we’re a mixture of
Neanderthals and the creature that became anatomically modern humans and
then adding further complication to the picture Denisovan DNA is also found in
the anatomically modern human genome trace elements in some areas quite large
amounts in others the Denisovans passed to us various genes which have been
important in our own development for instance in the Tibetan Plateau the
Sherpas and the indigenous peoples their their ability to be able to spend long
periods in extremely high altitudes comes from a gene which was inherited we
now know from the Denisovans there were other genes as well to do with their
appearance our intellect our consciousness were also first developed
through this idea of this hybridization there are many modern populations around
the world that have high levels of Denisovan DNA
within their genes we’re talking about India Southeast Asia Java Australia
Melanesia Micronesia various Native American people’s in Canada in Mexico
also in the the northern part of South America have all got Denisovan DNA these
are all the descendants of the Denisovans
if Denisovans roamed the earth for thousands of years crossbreeding with
other sapiens it could explain how traces of their DNA have been found
thousands of miles from Siberia in North America it is almost certain that the
Denisovans and their hybrid descendants ended up coming in to the Americas
indeed it’s now been found that in several different Native American
peoples Denisovan DNA exists and this proves that they were the Giants of
Legends and that they are responsible for the human skeletons the oversized
human skeletons that are found in mound complexes all over North America I think
we’re just at the beginning of the process of unraveling the mystery of
what all of this means it’s almost heretical to say so in context of modern
anthropology but I think we’re going to have to revisit the Out of Africa model
it may be that the evolution that led to anatomically modern humans didn’t take
place entirely in Africa we’re looking at actually a very
complicated picture that ultimately results in us no Denisovans live today
no Neanderthals live today we are the sole survivors of that intermingling of
slightly different and sometimes very different-looking but genetically close
human species how will this discovery shape our future
what other discoveries will come out within the next few years that will push
our understanding of humanity when we go back in time and we look at the
evolution of species on earth we have all these different time periods that we
can examine but it’s very difficult for us as a species to see the whole picture
it’s like a bunch of puzzle pieces that we’re still trying to put together and
as the puzzle comes together we start to solve more and more about our origins
and where we come from and and we’re constantly in this evolutionary process
trying to put something in front of ourselves that makes sense but it’s so
multi-dimensional it’s hard to see perhaps archaeologists and scientists
have just scratched the surface in the lineage of human DNA and where it might
be going it might not be so obvious to us because we live in a very day to day
basis in a very short period of time but I do believe that we adapt as a species
and I think that that adaptation is happening right as we speak right now we
have climate change that’s upon us how humans going to look 50 100 a thousand
years from now I bet they will look much different I think it’s all relative but
there was a time when the Neanderthals were relative the earth there’s a time
when fifteen-foot people were relative to the earth and the time for Homo
sapiens also came along mainstream archeology would not go any further than
the lair of about a thousand BC because you might just find something that would
completely upend the entire notion of where we come from and who we really are
and how old we really are I think it’s a much more complicated story than we’ve
imagined and I must say the advances in DNA and in genetic work are incredibly
important in in solving this problem we’re now having to consider the
possibility there were multiple human-like species that that existed on
the planet we’re the only ones that are left as far as we know our evolutionary
process within our minds is what now needs to catch up this is why we’re
trying to put all the pieces of the puzzle back together so that we can
understand what our origins are and really where we need to go we’re not
there yet but we’re close if we are just beginning to understand our origins on
this planet what will we discover next and how will
that change the course of humanity does our evolution depend on the
consciousness of this planet will the past unlock our hidden code of
potentiality and will we be able to survive as a species here on earth and
throughout the Stars if we look all around us we see patterns patterns in
nature reflected on ancient monuments codes in ancient languages stories
depicted about our past and who might have influenced it who are we and where
did we come from these are the primordial questions we try to answer in
this series but the answer is still out there
carved in stone buried below the surface and right before our eyes we hope you enjoyed this insightful
presentation from Gaia after school subscribers can join Gaia and watch two
complete seasons of ancient civilizations absolutely free just click
the link in the description but act fast this offer is only available for a
limited time you

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    "after skool". Yeah, right. More like "after konscience".

    "You can fool some people sometimes, but you can't fool all the people all the time." – Aristotle

  32. Jesus Christ is our lord and saviour and our only way to heaven never forget that! The governments and rulers of this world know the truth they just keep it from us for their benefit and so they can stay rich and in control. I might sound crazy but before you comment something hateful go and look up bohemian grove exposed on YouTube. Watch subliminal messages in tv and music. How do you think simpsons predict all these future events out of no where? Open your eyes and see the truth in front of you.

    God bless

  33. So let me get this straight, humans originated in Africa but didn’t bother with standing upright until that went somewhere else?

  34. Red hair, green eyes? You forgot to mention the giant legends that go along with the rest of the story. The same happened everywhere, even Australia. All corners of the world speak of:
    Red haired
    Green eyes
    Light skinned
    Giant stature
    The remaining populations in these areas having this bizarre mystery of rhesus negative blood type, red hair and green eyes.
    Investigate it yourself. It's never been easier to follow a curiosity.

  35. You might want to watch or read Lloyd Pye's Everything You Know Is Wrong:

  36. GLOBAL warming is Fake.. the globe can filter anything its designed that way. If anything its getting colder. The more heat we put out the colder it will become. GLOBAL WARMING = ELITE BILLION DOLLAR SCAM.

  37. Why do i have a feeling ur the one tht worked with bright insight on his new video coming out this monday. Im soooo pumped for it. He said its a game changer.

  38. 21:00min, why is this guy calling himself a Human, or them Human, everybody needs to start calling everything & everbody what it is, & what they are, not calling everything & everybody "Human".
    …You all watched too many talking animals cartoons, you call everything "Human", when they & you are not "Human", you're right, there is more mixed in, & then that in not Human, it is homoBeasts & HuHomoBeasts.
    Humans are Homo-mammalion-species.

    But many are not, they are homo-reptilite, homoSerpent, homoCapensis, homoSapien, NONE OF THESE ARE "Human". They mixed with Humans, but they are not Human, & neither are their mixes, Human, neither.

  39. Omg. It's pathetic that someone would go through the hassle of making a video like this in order to decieve the gullible. If anything they were lying about were true, we would have heard it from a reputable source.

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