The Lost Civilization of the Sun – A MISSING LINK IN OUR PAST

The Lost Civilization of the Sun – A MISSING LINK IN OUR PAST

Throughout human existence we’ve always sought to understand our past. In the quest for our origins we’ve had to journey far beyond recorded history, which represents a mere heartbeat of human existence, into oral histories, artifacts, ancient sites and sacred texts. This search for the origins of civilization has been attempted by many researchers throughout time, and even by civilizations that have now vanished themselves. Even the oldest civilizations by mainstream accounts, like those of the Egyptians and Assyrians, attempted many thousands of years ago to understand where their own civilizations had come from. In the process people have found records, lost others and even deliberately destroyed them. However, bringing together the pieces of evidence remaining today, a story of civilization begins to emerge, a story that tells us that our own civilization is built upon a foundation of knowledge inherited from other civilizations now lost. The most famous of these is Atlantis which Plato, the Greek philosopher, wrote of as being an island Empire that was destroyed by a natural disaster around 9,600 BC, a date that coincides with the end of the last ice age. However, there is, I believe, another lost civilization that lies even closer within our reach, which was global in its influence and is equally as enigmatic. It was both the inheritor of knowledge from lost civilizations like Atlantis and Hyperborea, and also the predecessor to known civilization over the last 5,000 years. I call this civilization, “The Lost Civilization of the Sun.” (music) The predominant characteristic of this civilization was its religion, which was the Religion of the Sun, as this is what it ultimately centered around and carried with it from a much earlier time. Its supreme deity was a spiritual Sun as a source of light and divinity. The Lost Civilization of the Sun essentially existed from the end of the last ice age, surviving up until the last few hundred years in scattered remnants in some of the most remote parts of the world. But let us go back to where many of the world’s most ancient legends begin, the time of the great flood. It is a great flood recorded in many legends which likely corresponds to the drastic rise in sea levels that occurred around the end of the last ice age. During this time of global calamity myths describe how many people had survived by hiding in caves and in the ground, and lived a basic existence having lost the knowledge of marriage, building, writing and agriculture, those things which we would consider to be some of the basics of civilization. And then… the great ones appear. The seven sages and great teachers of humanity recorded in ancient Egyptian, Mesopotamian and Vedic histories and even in the legends of Easter Island. They are said to have set out by boat after their homeland flooded to reseed civilization in different parts of the world. In Egypt these great civilizers and wisdom bringers included Thoth, Horus, the seven sages and Osiris. In Mesopotamia they were known as the seven Apkallu. In the Vedas the first man Manu was accompanied by seven Rishis. In South and Central America the wisdom bringer was variously called Viracocha, Kukulkan and Quetzalcoatl. To the Norse it was Odin and in other cultures they were known by many different names. These great teachers not only spread the knowledge of civilization throughout different parts of the world, but also the practice of the Religion of the Sun. Throughout the world great temples and megaliths such as standing stones and pyramids were built, all aligned to the Sun and stars where they served as sacred places, and those under the guidance of these sages came to refer to themselves as, “the Children of the Sun”. Legends also recall that only a small few could understand the deeper, esoteric aspect of the Religion of the Sun, while most were given simple myths and celebrations. Thus a division was set up between the esoteric aspect of the religion and the exoteric, with the esoteric knowledge being preserved in temples and mystery schools, to protect it from the profane. Ancient Tibetan texts reveal that the now lost city of Shamballa was inhabited by sages and Rishi’s of the Religion of the Sun. Thomas Paine, one of the founding fathers of the United States, wrote that Freemasonry was derived from this once global Religion of the Sun. However, over time these esoteric schools eventually dissipated, were destroyed or infiltrated. Legends also record that the wisdom bringers established outposts, wherever they reseeded civilization, leaving functioning societies behind them. These would form the basis for the emergence of much later civilizations like that of dynastic Egypt, Sumer, the Indus Valley, the Maya and Inca. They established solar kingdoms and placed rulers over them, continuing a tradition of solar theocracy, or divine kingship that had existed for tens of thousands of years before the flood, when leaders were chosen from among enlightened ones and were guided by wise counsels of gurus and sages. Histories state that the legendary Hyperboreans had a solar theocracy and priesthood. Manu, the man who is said to have survived the Great Flood in the Vedas, went on to found a solar dynasty at the legendary ancient of city of Ayodhya at the foot of the Himalayas. Osiris was said to have established Ramur as king over Egypt, founding its solar theocracy after the flood. These outposts formed a global culture centered around the Religion of the Sun. With the growth and further spread of this culture the same symbols, languages, measurements and religious teachings spread also. This is one of the reasons why the symbol of the swastika and pyramids, megaliths and cities with the same precise astronomical alignments are found so prevalently throughout the world. Often the dating of these sites has been based on the evidence of surrounding settlements, yet some of them have been continuously inhabited over many thousands of years, with invading cultures often repurposing, renovating or simply building over the top of them. Examples of this include pyramids in Central America that have been built over at least five times, and the Great Sphinx of Egypt, which has been renovated at different times possibly over a span of more than 10,000 years, right up until the present day. This means that many sites have been wrongly dated and are actually far older than supposed. Many of the most ancient sacred texts and myths have preserved aspects of this religion, like those of the Vedas and Egyptian pyramid texts, which is why they often share similarities particularly in their veneration of the Spiritual Sun. Some of the contents of the Rig Veda, which is one of the oldest texts in the world, are dated to at least 6,000 BC and record the spread of a seafaring people called the Aryans, who it appeared carried the knowledge of both Atlantis and Hyperborea, and who took the solar religion with them across the earth by both land and sea, after a great flood. They are described as “Children of the Sun” whose people and kings were said to be descended from the Sun God. This form of solar theocracy is evident as being practiced in many of the outposts of the lost Civilization of the Sun, perhaps most recently in the Canary Islands by the Guanche, whose cultures survived right up until the 15th century when they were finally conquered by the Spanish. And there is ample evidence that Indo-European peoples did spread to distant parts of the world from around the region of the Black Sea, into Egypt and parts Africa, into Europe and across Asia, across to North, Central and South America and throughout a number of islands. The Indo-European language spread with them, branching out into many derivatives that together make up the most widely spoken family of languages in the world and includes Sanskrit, the language of the Vedas. This global culture had exceptional navigational and astronomical capabilities. In some parts of the world they were known as “the Surveyors”. They aligned ancient sites across countries and oceans and built them to encode numerous astronomical observations. For example the ancient side of Arkaim in Russia, Stonehenge in England and Goseck circle in Germany all lie on the same latitude in which unique solstice and full moon positions occur. This global culture is associated with building the ancient sites of Easter Island, Machu Picchu, Tiwanaku, the Nazca Lines, Chaco Canyon, Great Zimbabwe, Newgrange and many many others. They may have also renovated much older ancient sites built in the times before the great flood, which are now covered in multiple layers of reconstruction. It’s also possible that many more of their sites may still be completely buried and unknown. For example the ancient site of Gobekli Tepe in Turkey, which is a huge cluster of megalithic temples dated to 9,600 BC, was only discovered in 1994 and has caused mainstream archaeology to completely rethink the scale and capabilities of ancient civilization at that time. However, eventually this great global civilization collapsed. The Vedas record huge wars fought by splintered kingdoms against one another in India. In Egypt ancient records tell of a fall into dark practices and the persecution, driving out and murder of its keepers of wisdom. Tibetan texts recalled the attempted forced conversion of practitioners of the Religion of the Sun to Buddhism. Local legends recalled the massacre of the Indo-European inhabitants of Easter Island, New Zealand and North America by invading peoples, such as the massacre the Anasazi people in the United States. Likewise evidence reveals the same thing occurred in at least Central and South America where for example thousands of Indo-European mummies found in the desert at the Nazca Lines reveal who the original builders were likely to have been, before they were invaded and driven out by the culture known as, “the Decapitators”. Indo-European peoples who fled Nazca may possibly have become known as the Chachapoya, who built a giant fortress city high up in the Andes in order to survive, before most died due to the diseases brought by the invading Spanish. Some succumbed to natural disasters like the Minoans of Crete. Mongol, Muslim, and Turcic invasions changed the cultural landscape across Central Asia and the Middle East. The old pagan religions in Europe, some of which had retained aspects of the Religion of the Sun, were forcibly replaced with Catholic and Orthodox Christianity. In many cases the destruction of the remnants of this global culture have happened in fairly recent history. For example, all but a few of the original megalithic builders and Indo-European inhabitants of Easter Island were genocided out in around 1762. However, some of the survivors of these people still recall their family history, like the Ngāti Hotu tribe of New Zealand, who are of Indo-Iranian descent and experienced similar events there. Unfortunately their destruction even continues in parts of the Middle East today, with the persecution of remaining spiritual minorities like the Yazidis. However remnants of the Religion and Civilization of the Sun remain preserved in different traditions that have broken off into many branches, like that of the Druids, the pagans of Europe and Scandinavia, the Slavs, Avestans and Hindus and in secret mystery schools. It’s important to note though, that not every ancient culture, civilization, religion or tradition is connected to this lost civilization as many other practices and beliefs existed concurrently in many different parts of the world. The lost Civilization of the Sun however was a dominant influence. Over the last few thousand years many civilizations have periodically attempted to revive the ancient Religion of the Sun, as it had been taught to their ancestors long ago, like the Inca, Aztec and Maya. One such famous attempt was made by the Pharaoh Akhenaten in Egypt around 1,300 BC. However, ultimately people were lacking the spiritual level required to do so. Today, there are those who have a sense of wishing to reconnect with these former ages. Somehow many of us realize that we have lost our way and that there were times of greater spirituality in the past, as for now it seems that even though technology has increased exponentially, we are in the winter of human civilization, as spiritual wisdom has drastically declined and the real foundations of civilizations, its true values and principles have eroded away. And despite all the searching the existence of this lost Civilization of the Sun, which form the foundation of our current post-glacial and post-deluge world, is hardly known. The place it occupies appears almost like a vacuum in history. In some cases of records and evidence have been lost, in others they have been deliberately suppressed. Although unknown to most, the Lost Civilization of the Sun and the Religion of the Sun it carried, is the richest source of ancient wisdom and mythology in the world. Its influence upon our civilization cannot be understated. It was part of a divine plan, unfolded long ago by the seers tasked with overlooking humanity in order to help fulfill the purpose of human life here on earth. Yet even though its days of former glory have vanished so far back in time as to have entered the realm of myth, the incredible efforts made by so many brave men and women to leave messages for future generations, such as we, were not all in vain and the actual practice of the Religion of the Sun is possible again today.

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  2. I'm pro pagan I follow the old ways secrets past down from the beginning alt means our planet came from the sun an put out not to far will ice over not too close it will burn but just in they right distance to have thriving life the sun has always been an will away be where solar/ soul comes from. al means all lant means land is means ice means all land ice altlantis then Atlantis 50 million 10 thousand ago planet tilted over 23 degrees pole shift salt vapourized an we had the first ice age before that we had banana/papaya on all land an we we're all brown with brown eyes lack of sun light the most oldest family on the planet turned white over millions of year's 10 thousand years ago they came out after the flood ended your presentation is Great iv have knowledge of our creator the first humans an the first language with the oldest mythology

  3. The only people who still follow the seven sage are VEDIC Indus civilization.others lost it followed demonic culture and destroyed by own people caused ignorance and stupidity.

  4. The verloren civilisatie… ??? NederEngels? Dutchgels??? What A Crappy translation..!!! Lost Civilisation for English.. and translated to Dutch it is Verloren Beschaving…

  5. Beautifully put together! ☆ Thank you for this well documented and arranged outlook of our past. It is my hope that we all come together in acknowledgement that we are all one tribe under the sun.

  6. This time I forced myself to watch the whole story and I wonder which University teaches that. The only comment I'd have is O M G.

  7. The old Slavic beliefs were that we and our gods come from the very north and follow the vertical alignment to the sun, whereas other equatorial people's are influenced by the horizontal alignment to the moon, which is only a reflection of the sun, and therefore a distortion. It is interesting then to note there are ancient oral traditions preserved in some places that speak of the time before the moon. My interpretation of this ancient symbology (namely the swastika and similar crosses) are symbols of the north pole, and the earth's magnetic field.

  8. I have just finished reading your book – The Ancient Religion of the Sun. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, in particular the depth of research as well as the topic itself – what an amazing journey I had reading about humanity's history!

    I can't wait for the next book 🙂

  9. Who destroyed what?it's always the same people who destroy everything that isn't they can continue with lies

  10. All life is a result of the sun.The ancients understood this and for them the Sol or Sun is alive..It stands to reason that if the sun is creating the life and the consciousness then it must be both itself.Can it be any other way???

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  13. The founding fathers of America is not Europeans so please stop this misinformation also the complexion of the people you’re depicting is more modern and not reflective of the true descriptions of the ancient times.

  14. Subbed. You are a beautiful soul and a gorgeous woman!!!
    I love your free spirit that allows you to wear the swastika symbol as it was envisioned.

  15. I wouldn't attribute the nascar lines to them.
    They seem to me to be from a time of loss. Primitive. Charting only the stars on the ground for several hundred years WAITING.
    No self impulse.
    In south America is said to have been a further extinction event ca 500 a.d. of a mega volcano. That time may be the fall of the Maya and the Inka from then on trying to preserve and AWAIT THE RETURN OF THE GODS!!!
    This also why the european conquistadors they saw as these returning gods.

  16. Basically very good, Ms. Sawel, but Akhenaton and Nefertiti, founders of the Amarna Revolution, were not the carriers of the Sun cult, other than in the sense that they worshipped a Ra-only religion and eschewed the rich complexity of the Egyptian pantheon. They ruthlessly persecuted the polytheist and whole phrases from their temple walls appear in the OT. They were, if anything, precursors of the Abrahamic religions. As to the “wisdom teachers of Atlantis” attempt to tie every culture together as coming from an Atlantan diaspora, you state that Odin is the God spreading culture after the deluge. This is incorrect. The Rigsthula states that it was Rig (Heimdall, known, unlike Hollowwood’s African version as “Haiti As” (the Whitest of the Aesir)) who is the spreader of culture, just as in its Hindi equivalent, in the Rig Veda, likewise, it is not Brahma, the High God, who seeds this knowledge. Also, nowhere in Norse Theology is it stated that He is one of “seven rishis” or came by boat from a sunken once-great civilization. Actually, if you want to do your homework, rather than repeat the 19th Century’s huckster, Blavatsky, I would refer you to The Atlantis of the North by Juergen Spannuth. The sunken land (Atland in the Old Frisian) was in the North Sea, and this is why the Greeks called these peoples, the “Hyperboreans,” or People of the North Wind. Another source, a surviving account of the Frisian peoples from 2250BCE to 250CE is Thet Oera Linda Bok, the best translation of which was by Dr. Franklin Pierce of the Library of Congress. Homework, then speak.

  17. Sawel, In reading Oera Linda Bok, the only non-truncated edition (translated by Pierce), yes, there was an Atland, or “low land”, roughly etymologically equivalent to the M.D. “polder,” that was lost. The Atlantis myth is a composite. Many land masses have subsided, as we know from Yona Guni, the sunken city a mile below water off coast of Cuba, and the sunken former coastal temple complex W of Mumbai. This is a global phenomena, not a tale of one specific event or location.

  18. Keep in mind the possibility you are wrong. There may be other possible origins for the language you are talking about. History is longer than we think, the original "Aryan" culture could have stemmed from black Africans, or from the aboriginals, or other indigenous peoples Nordic tribes came into contact with and assimilated (Just some other possibilities).

  19. I no longer have a worldview of a lost civilization that disappeared 12 thousand years ago without a trace. The last advanced civilization is said to have been destroyed by a cataclysm, but not 12000 years ago, but much more recently. After it’s destruction there were survivors left over. These survivors ended up scattering around the world, and connecting with the primitive tribes that existed on earth during that time. The survivors taught the primitive tribes the knowledge that they brought over with them from Atlantis/ Hyperborea. This shows up in the legends of various ethnic cultures around the world. Almost all cultures around the world have old legends about mysterious tall, fair-skinned people who came and taught them knowledge and taught them how to build their cities and establish social order. The natives everywhere considered the mysterious, tall, caucasian visitors to be godlike, and chosen them as their rulers. The natives loved and respected the survivors, because the fair-skinned survivors were good and friendly to the natives. Many reject this truth, because they have a knee-jerk reaction to this information. They automatically associate the ancient tall, caucasian survivors with Europeans who went to colonize and destroy all indigenous people, but what they don’t know is that the very same oppression, genocide and slavery that happened to African and Native American people had also been done to the indigenous people of Russia & Europe. So by the time we see Europeans colonizing and oppressing other cultures, by this time the Europeans themselves have already been put through genocide, famine, plagues & other diseases, and completely reformed and Christianized. Before the Africans, or the Native Americans started experiencing their genocide and oppression, the indigenous people of Europe & Russia have been going through it for centuries. I noticed that Akhenaten was mentioned towards the end. According to the research of Michael Tsarion, Akhenaten was a negative figure. Akhenaten was known as a heretic king; he worshiped only the Egyptian god Aten, perhaps becoming history’s first monotheist, and he apparently attempted (unsuccessfully) to impose this monotheism on Egyptian religion more broadly. In fact many connect Akhenaten to Moses. After Akhenaten and all of his followers & supporters were exiled from Egypt, Akhenaten’s daughter princess Scotia and her husband king Milesius took an army to Ireland, and some say it was them who ran out the Tuatha De Danann. They were the last wave of invaders into Ireland, the Milesian wave. And supposedly Scotland was even named after Egyptian princess Scotia. Her grave can still be found in Ireland. Monotheistic religions such as Christianity & Islam were introduced to the world by sword & fire. It was used for control purposes, and it helped to separate ethnic groups from their native spiritual heritage, and their indigenous roots. Im not talking about the deeper, esoteric knowledge encoded within Christianity, which is mainly a distorted form of sun worship. I’m talking about exoteric Christianity & Islam being used a as tool, as a weapon to dominate, take over

  20. Tragic, though beautiful video.

    All is not eroded away.

    The time for a resurgence will come and all that is good and wise and balanced will storm back into conciousness and the light shine brighter than ever.

  21. Great work! You have connected many of the dots that I have connected in my life. What you are missing is that what connects all of these ancient civilizations are white people, or Aryans. As time has gone by, it has proven that Hitler and the Nazis were correct! Jews and their three Abrahamic religions that THEY created are behind all of the destruction of the white Aryan race and our great cultures. Even Christianity is nothing but Zoroastrianism and Sumerian texts re written with the JEWS as the "chosen people of God", when in fact, the JEWS worship Satan and have reversed the natural order with Marxism, Communism, Anarchism, Atheism, Feminism, Homoism, and Materialism also known as "Scientism". All pushed by the JEWS that have knowing subverted the world into the Satanic playground it is today. They became Satan worshippers after 1666, watch this

    And today, these kabbalist JEWS control the world through their cult called "Chabad Lubavitchers" and they control Trump, Putin, and most world leaders!

  22. White Aryan mummies wearing Tartan clothes were found in China, along with their over 100 pyramids that were created in China alone.  
    White Aryan mummies in South America  
    Tall white people created American culture 

    White Aryans in New Zealand and Australia

    White Aryans created Great Zimbabwe and the Egyptian pyramids.

  23. I find the subject interesting. But something people have to consider is the how small the total human population was in 10-12 thousand years ago. The total human population just a thousand years ago was roughly 250 million people. 70k years ago there was a bottleneck with perhaps only 1k-10k humans alive on planet Earth. So, 10-12 thousand years ago, we're talking a very small human population. Not enough to have a global civilizations.

  24. Very, very interesting. The past few years I, too, have been attracted by the sun. At various fractal levels. Starting from our body. Where I believe our belly/core is our true sun and/because center. — it's the very "concrete/tangible" physical balancing that led me to that path: as in unicycling and one wheeling.
    I have also been extra-ordinarily interested by the work of Graham Hancock and others about our ancient past, ancient civilisations etc. (Mayaz, Aztecs, Atlantis,….) I felt there was/is a strong connection with those other domains that were drawing my attention. 
    I also knew ancient civilisations had way more attention for the Sun than our society has today. But now you are helping me to connect yet another dot in my "framework". The sun connects through the ancients and through religion. The latter had been another focus of my attention lately..
    It does sound like I'll have to check out your book. Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom! 🙏🏼🌻🌞

  25. This is what I've been telling everyone that will listen. I've been chasing answers all my life. Once you get past Mesopotamia and gobekli tepe it's all predeluvial. Aryan they knew what I've learned and tried to preserve it after. It here peices are all around us seems you've gotten the hang of it. Whats your sources?? I'll tell you mine all jokes aside sometimes my information is garbled. I think you could answer some questions

  26. Just found. You’re an absolute Gem 💎
    Fantastic research, insights and presentation.
    Thank you 🙏🏽
    M🦋W 🌪👁

  27. Mam those 7 sages from all the civilizations history they are from Tamil Nadu we call em Siddhars they speak tamil language which is oldest language in the world, they brought the knowledge to other parts of the world when our land sank into the sea by a cataclysmic flood and one more thing this rig veda every little words took from Tamil culture and sanskrit created by using Tamil language now Sanskrit and rig veda are only known to outsiders if it comes to India and no Tamil cuz they are the survivors of the flood and they hold the secret to ancient civilization called atlantis, the Tamil people are the ones that built pyramids in Egypt, mayan and in Indonesia and Angkor wat, they are experts in sea travelling , expert astronomers, expert builders, expert in everything from healing human bodies to doing surgeries in ancient times itself, please keep it in mind that rig veda, Sanskrit are perpetrators of India, they are covering the real hidden truth of ancient civilization

  28. And no indo Europeans lived at eastern island lol they are the real thief's in hiding the truth, oh great and do you know the yazidi are Tamil descendants from ancient Tamil land they worship peacock and our Lord murugan

  29. The "great ones" where the phonecians? They where said to travel the world with great big ships. Invented phonetics and cursed us with their word spelling. Could it be? Also I had been searching for what that sun symbol ment. Very interesting Information. Thanks for sharing

  30. I often catch myself saying: "Everything was better before". My grandmother was always angry at me, because she experienced that "before" I was referring to. And she insisted, that it was a rather hard time and that she was nearly forced to marry and that she'd run away from it, trying to find a better future for her in a different part of Germany.
    I loved speaking to my grandparents. But I also feel that this weird quote – this "it was better before" – is rather a memory, a recall of a time long ago. Something within me knows that we – as humanity – had better times. I feel misplaced in time. My heart is that of a self-sufficient farmer in the old days, or that of a wanderer, a hunter in the untouched woodlands.
    I am one of these weirdos who likes wearing linen tunics – but I am surrounded by smartphone addicted, VR-blinded, robot-loving kids who think of themselves as the blessed children of the future.

  31. Makes no sense… you said they hid in caves and underground and THEN set out on boat after their homeland flooded… wouldn’t the caves and underground have flooded too?

  32. If one would do some real research, you would first ask yourself :
    Why is it that these people teachings every time get wiped out?
    And if it got wiped out, who did that?
    And what is the reason behind this total destruction until nothing stands but skeletons that makes you wonder who has such power?
    And who were those people bringing knowledge?
    If they were preaching the sun as a god why didn't it save them from so many destructions, why did their knowledge fail to save them, I guess we know the saying, fool me once shame on you but fool me twice shame on me. But these guyes had it like several times and they could do nada about it. Do you think their preachings are the ones to follow?
    Just by asking those questions you will quickly realize that these guyes are weird, and their knowledge reeks of deception. Beware that you don't need a book or man sayings and fantasy to gain knowledge as knowledge is before you, use that brain of yours for once. Ask critical questions, never lie to yourself! And never believe, as to believe is for fools, you either know or you don't know!

  33. People of the sun were the AFRICAN people , PEOPLE OF THE SUN ARE DARK SKINNED PEOPLE!!! Fact !!! There was no civilisation that comes from the ice , it begins with the black person so stop with this nonesense !!! DARK PEOPLE , BLACK BLACK BLACK !!! Where the fuck are your senses ?? Without the sun there would be no people , black !!!

  34. " Through an Action, a Man becomes a Hero.

    Through Death, a Hero becomes Legend.

    Through Time, a Legend becomes Myth.

    Through hearing a Myth, a Man takes an Action…"

    Mythology is an ancient record of our past.

    Look to indigenous peoples history and you will find fact verifyable with archeological objects.

  35. Malachi 3:6—"For I AM the Lord, I change not; therefore, ye sons of Jacobs are not consumed."
    7"Return unto me, and I will return unto you, saith the Lord of hosts."
    4:2—"But unto you that fear my name(=I AM) shall the Sun of righteousness arise with healing in his wings; and ye shall go forth, and grow up as calves of the stall."

  36. I think they are or are connected to the Pelasgian who are known for megalithic buildings. Dunno if they were speaking with an some Indo-European tongue, or some lost language.

  37. The Tuath(a) Dé Danann (Irish: [t̪ˠuəhə dʲeː d̪ˠan̪ˠən̪ˠ], meaning "the folk of the goddess Danu"), also known by the earlier name Tuath Dé ("tribe of the gods"), are a supernatural race in Irish History.
    Pharaohs made trips to the west lands to visit the green fertile lands of their ancestors.

  38. Being a freemason, and studying where it has come from, I'd come to the same basic conclusion about the people of the sun and our place as freemasons in that tale. As I understand it, Freemasonry is the remnant religion from the days of Atlantis known as the followers of the Law of One. The reason for the secrecy was so the wisdom teachings could survive the inordinate amount time it was going to take from the fall, to the reemergence in to a time of knowledge and understanding which we are still just moving in to today. With luck, we will make it through this time, and not fall back in to the times of barbarism and ignorance that held sway for so many centuries after the fall.

  39. With all due respect there's nothing wise about civilization..

    They keep self destructing and destroying the environments filling the world that we have with toxic wastes its looking far from wise right now and I'm seeing signs of our civilizations demise.

    I definitely believe in the sun as I've attained insights and wisdom from it oddly enough.

    Previously a cynical seeker

    The truth is in the light.

  40. The reason behind the down fall of civilizations is that they fail to recognize the evil of logic.

    Because logical thinking is not of the light it questions it..

    Logic cannot cope with emotion and it sends people deranged and lost in themselves.

    What is considered as logical and rational is making money and solving problems that don't exist then solving the problems that the solutions to the problem never existed causes..

    Epidemic disease only threatens mankind because of the civilizations it lives in.
    Like a lot of its associated problems.

    People lost faith because mankind insists that civilization is the right way.

    But it's not it fails and rises and fails again and rises again.

    The definition of insanity is to repeat the same thing over and expect different results

  41. The sumerians gods enlil and enki was in connection with the mayan god the kukulcan and the inka god the Viracoca even with the olmecs all from them have used those ancient handbags ,which probably was a advanced compiuter, they have star ships and personal flying devices, carved ancient wings was like our modern jett pack i am prety sure i could have right they was pioners from another worlds .Even the ancient sankrits was aliens too the proofs was find in the temple from hoysaleswara ,there exsist a carved stone which show the arival from first star travelers ,they all have the same space suits like our modern astronauts ,even they have in them own back the air tank ,i have seen this evidence of phenomenal travel video channel of youtube. another good proof was find in the ancient temple gobekli tepe , there was find a carved stone which show our entire solar system ,even all the moons from jupiter and saturn , even a carved from dinos together with humans and three carved handbags.Who made all this carved ,have vaste knowledge about the astrology , for sure they was not some primitive cavermans , who made the gobekli tepe was aliens , i have no doubt, sorry for my writte !

  42. In Slovenia, where I came from, they found "sun table" where our ancestors worship sun…
    And I know for cave in Germany where sun shines through "window" on oltar..

  43. Anti “white” bigotry and political correctness won’t allow for pre flood history to be researched and taught. Certain facts get in the way of the narrative that the ruling class pushes on the people in order for them to consolidate their power. Full globalization to the point where a few people control a one world government and all the different people of earth are mixed together and their individual histories are erased. They just want consumer worker bees living on bare sustainable minimum.

  44. if you don't profit from your book, why not make it available in PDF form? or just make videos detailing the spiritual practices described in it if there are any.

  45. At 10:11: "eventually this great global civilisation collapsed".
    They did, as they all do, because the creators an upholder of those civilisations decided to perish. And the global idea is ludicrous.
    I see a pattern re-enacting itself today.

  46. I can’t wait to read your book! My German Grandparents used to tell me similar stories. After Hitler it was taboo to talk in a positive way about German people. They had books written in German they would get out and translate to me as a child.

  47. Wow! You actually materialize, embody, bring to visual life through an undiscovered gift, being blessed with the ability to orate with unprecedented layman's words, so angelically told so all may know the truth of all things pertaining to our entire existence… You, Ma'am, are what we in the civilized world call- Angels; messengers of the truth in the most simplest way for all to understand, full of humility and grace, loaded with the most painstaking research and undeniable evidence. And an Angel you are.
    Thank you so much! I have no doubt that in the eyes of all the Gods, your husband and you have a place set aside in whatever kingdom of some heaven awaits you both. True bringers of light. Thank you!

  48. (L)Aesir
    Laesir is the Old Norse term for the Ljachar, a people near the Vistula in Poland"

    "Slavic word ispolin, spolin ("giant")"

  49. The three abrahamic "faiths" are symptoms of Kali-Yuga and are doing their part in the degeneration of human consciousness.

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