The Most Chilling Stories From Abandoned Civilizations

The Most Chilling Stories From Abandoned Civilizations

Human history is brimming with creepy tales
of abandoned and lost civilizations that still haunt us, and even some of the most ardent
of skeptics would be hard-pressed to explain away some of these bizarre phenomena. From ghosts to mass disappearances to legends
of celestial rage, here are a few stories of human disappearance that are sure to send
some shivers down your spine. There’ve been many civilizations to vanish without a trace throughout history, but the
story of the Lost Colony of Roanoke is definitely one of the strangest. The American settlement in what is now North
Carolina was home to about 100 people in 1587 when Governor John White took off to England
in search of supplies. White’s return was delayed due both to harsh
travel conditions and the Anglo-Spanish War. So, when he finally did reach his former homestead
in 1590, he was surprised to find the entire place had been emptied with no sign of struggle. Only a wood carving with the word “CROATOAN”
offered any a clue as to where they’d gone. White thought the missing people — which
included his daughter and baby granddaughter — may have relocated to the Croatoan Island,
as it was just 50 miles away. However, weather conditions prevented him
from searching for them, and a later search revealed none of them were there. White returned to England, never knowing the
fate of his family. Some theorists believe they may have been
absorbed into a local Native American tribe called the Croatans, and later archaeological
findings at Hatteras Island supported that assumption. However, their survival is still not known
for certain, and remains such a mystery that it inspired an entire season of American Horror
Story. “Ungrateful wretches.” The spiritual city of Nan Madol in Micronesia is the only ancient civilization built entirely
on coral reefs. The site’s construction, which consists of
giant stones, is such a mystery that archaeologists have yet to explain how its settlers managed
to lug such giant materials across the sea to build it. In fact, efforts to recreate a raft of the
sizable basalt logs with which it was made have sunk … literally. Local legends say that a pair of sorcerer
brothers used magic to fly the pillars in and create their new ritual hub. Even today, the neighboring community which
“owns” the long-deserted area — the Pohnpeians — considers it sacred and says spirits are
the only present rulers of the abandoned island. According to them, any brave nighttime explorers
will either perish or go insane. Poseidon’s wrath has been attributed to many disasters in ancient lore. “How is that we’ve become so vulnerable to
these nothings?” But none were quite as devastating as the
373 BC demolishment of Helike, Greece. The city’s population was completely wiped
out by an earthquake and tsunami that submerged the entire place, shortly after “immense columns
of flames” supposedly appeared in the city. The ancients attributed the catastrophic destruction
to the Greek god’s rage over the Helike people refusing to give their statue of Poseidon
to Ionians in Asia. That very same statue, the philosopher Eratosthenes
would later write, was spotted standing under the sea, and created a hazard for fishermen
using nets in the area. Helike’s horrifying history may have even
inspired Plato’s story of the Lost City of Atlantis, which suffered a similar fate in
his account. “They sent a great cataclysm and banished
us here. All I can remember is the sky going dark and
people shouting and running.” The lost city of Helike was the stuff of legends
for ages, until it was ultimately re-discovered by archaeologists in 2001. Said to be India’s most haunted place, the empty city of Bhangarh is not officially open
to nighttime visitation because, as legend has it, anyone who stays the night in the
abandoned city will not make it through to morning. That may sound like some plot of an eerie
horror flick, but for locals, the ghosts that torment the place are very real. According to one piece of lore, the village
— built in 1573 and eventually abandoned in 1783 — was cursed by a holy man whose
view was obstructed by the height of the city’s palace, which he’d warned its constructors
not to do. Others believe it was a lovestruck wizard
who condemned the city after his plot to cast a love spell on its princess was foiled. In either case, extreme paranormal activity
— from the sound of phantom screams to strange smells — has been reported at the site,
and people remain wary of testing out that suggestion that nobody go exploring after
sunset. The disappearance of the sophisticated Mayan
civilization is one of the world’s most vexing mysteries, so explorers are constantly searching
for clues as to what exactly happened. In the process of discovering details about
the Mayans’ lives, there’ve been some creepy findings about their demises, too. In 2014, explorers entered a fabled Mexican
sinkhole (after asking permission from the gods, of course) and discovered a vat of human
remains. Scientists posited that perhaps they were
8th century plague victims who were thrown down there, but local legends would have it
that they were grabbed by the horse-headed serpent that villagers still fear. It’s not the only site that’s said to be riddled
with otherworldly activity. The Xunantunich ruins in Belize are also believed
to be haunted by a stone woman in a white dress, with glowing red eyes. The name of the location itself is a Mayan
translation of the words “stone woman,” so you know they take their hauntings seriously. In 2016, a tomb containing human remains was
discovered within the structure … but it was of a man’s body. Even so, locals believe the female spirit
that’s been sighted there may have been a woman sacrificed at its ancient altar; the
reason she’s always seen descending the stairs is she would’ve been sacrificed at the top
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  2. Mayans didn't disappear. Their civilization collapsed, because of the near-constant warfare between cities, overpopulation, as well as political upheavals against the ruling class. They abandoned their large cities (usually moving to more well-defended hill forts), but they didn't disappear. They survived as minor players in the region, while the Aztecs took over much of their old territory and trade routes. There are still plenty of Mayans even today. LOL

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  4. Great video! And congratulations on your narration, which is nice and clear, well pronounced—and at last, someone who knows how to use the correct tenses of "phenomenon" and "phenomena." I'm glad I subscribed. Like, Like, Like!

  5. Can't listen. You need to speak calmly, instead of using that 'urgency' tone. For those of us who quit MSM years ago, it assaults the senses.

  6. Just send in Scooby Doo and the crew, they'll solve all these hauntings.

    Also the next civlisation to die out is ours, as we enter a new glaciation. Same thing happened to the Myans, Vikings, Egyptians.

  7. Great video except half of these aren't mysteries. Real archaeology is way more interesting than this paranormal bullshit

  8. With the people of Roanoke how come no one has thought that the Indians raided their colony and said walk into the ocean.

  9. Mayans and Aztecs still exist. I am of mayan blood. The reason there is not that much known about my ancestors is because fricking spanish preists came through and destroyed most of the ocdexes.

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