The Most Sexually Repressed Culture in the World

The Most Sexually Repressed Culture in the World

This book is from I went to college and took Human Sexuality. I’ll flip through the pages here. Pages, pages, pages, highlights! This is the most interesting thing I’ve learned in Human Sexuality. It’s that my experience is not everyone’s experience And furthermore this doesn’t make me good and them bad or vice versa. Now this may seem obvious. Like yeah Dr. Doe, duh. We’re all different. Diversity. We get it. I’m gonna bet you don’t though unless you’ve come across a similar page in a similar book. Your comprehension of diversity is like, meh. Like me before the book and the class and more experience I didn’t realize that sexuality extended this way and this way Over here is Inis Beag, what anthropologists consider the most sexually repressed culture in the world. I call it Inis Beag because this is the name researchers gave it to protect the culture’s anonymity To give you some geographical context, Inis Beag is a small island off the Western Connemara Coast of Ireland In this general area The closest speculations are Inishnee near Roundstone here Or Inisheer one of the Aran Islands here I understand I’m probably not pronouncing these words correctly Moving on Cultural anthropologist John C. Messenger studied the small island community for many years and observed most notably how taboo sexuality is there Taboo: prohibited or restricted by social custom Before I describe in detail what this entails I want to explain why I use the past tense They believed this or they did this Messenger’s research while very extensive was completed in the 50’s and 60’s A lot of things can change in this amount of time Technology, fashion, politics Inis Beag circa 1966 was a rural community of 350 people primarily of fishing-farming lifestyle Their beliefs around sex? That it’s dangerous and unhealthy. Many people wished to not participate in sex at all But marriage arranged by parents deemed it a duty So dutiful sex happened between married adults and in some relationships, strictly for procreation This was in the man on top position during which partners wore smocks to cover as much of their bodies as possible While trying to finish as soon as possible Foreplay was limited to light kissing and groping of the buttocks No heavy petting No oral sex They probably did have anal sex but unintentionally as a result of anatomical ignorance Masturbation was taboo Exploration of bodies, their own or others’- taboo Sex talk- taboo If people were sexually expressive in public they were severely punished Dogs licking their genitals were beaten People of Inis Beag grew up without language, permission, or education to understand their natural experiences of sexuality and as a result experiences like menstruation, childbirth, and menopause were terrifying Imagine you’re bleeding You don’t know why you’re bleeding, but blood or something is definitely coming from a place that you don’t know about because you don’t touch it and you don’t discuss it Imagine pregnancy and childbirth Imagine parenting an infant that needs physical affection which you are unaccustomed to give Because being physically intimate is discouraged What we know of as typical menopause symptoms Hot flashes, cramps, night sweats, hair loss, irregular sleep, weight, and menstruation They equated with disease For this reason some Inis Beag women climbed into bed at 40 and stayed there till death I don’t assume that these are the customs or way of life living for people living there now I’d love to visit and report back on the present sexuality of this rural community What I do know is that this is not a representation of my culture This is not my experience of sexuality Learning about other cultures even learning about another person helps me remember that my sexuality is not the sexuality There are people and places along the spectrum who experience sexuality differently than me To keep perspective I just need to stay curious If you want to keep learning about sexual diversity including an upcoming video about the most sexually liberated culture in the world Don’t forget to hit that subscribe button, follow us, and support us on Patreon

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  1. I knew someone at work and l am going back to 1976!! She said her daughter got a period at a school ran by nuns, they wouldn't let her get a sanitary towel or clean knickers from the nurse she had to stand all day!! And her mother just flung knickers in bin when she got home . I don't know if she told the nuns off or took her daughter out of the school!!. Noone not even nuns should be that strict!

  2. Okay, but the culture there is not simply “different.” It’s downright harmful and unnatural and should not be condoned.

  3. The person in Ineas Beag who has the most sexual rebellion to Ineas Beag and the person in Mangaia who has the most sexual rebellion to Mangaia should fuck.

  4. I would think we here in the US are one of the most sexually repressed culture. Seems nowadays, if it isn't gay, it's taboo

  5. You're unwilling to say that some cultures are objectively better/healthier than others. You're allowed to. Some might even call it a moral duty.

  6. Why am I not surprised to discover that the most sexually repressed culture in the world is, or at least was, a town in the west of Ireland? I wouldn't mind betting they are/were VERY traditional Catholics, too… 😉

  7. Sexual Suppression? ….. Hmm.. let me guess:
    The Amish?
    The Puritans?

    Both: Hold my goat liver.

    lol just kidding hahaha XD

    "Inis Beag" "off the coast of Ireland" 
    Me: …. The Irish?? No… Not the Irish… Not the Irish… Ham… Really? Huh… So the Irish bested the Amish and Puritans? Huh…. I didn't know that… 
    1:34 "deemed it a duty" ……. Woah woah woah…. sex only for duty?

    Me: Making Love ONLY for the sake of duty??? …That's idealogically…. Unappealing to put it nicely. 
    Call me Greek or Roman if you like but… that's sad…

    But seriously, thanks for the educational video. I learned something new.

  8. This sounds like my pre teen and teenage years. My Catholic mother made my siblings and I do ashamed of sex and our bodies that when we had sex education in 5th grade I finally learned that sex was required for pregnancy and I cried. I literally went home and asked my older sister if it was true! Haha
    Then when I started my period I was terrified to tell my mom and when I finally got the courage to do so, she threw a maxi pad in my face and yelled,
    “Stick this in your UNDERWEAR!”
    Talk about traumatic

  9. I'm irish…inis beag is pronounced "eenesh be- ugh – gu"…. literally means small idland. I can also confirm that even modern Ireland is relatively sexually repressed compared to other European countries, though not as bad as puritanical Bible belt zones in America.

  10. Yes, we Irish are repressed and riddled with guilt about anything and everything. HOWEVER! We have Guinness and whiskey – and that's why there are a LOT of Irish worldwide. Tiocfaidh ár lá 🙂

  11. Why not change the title to something more honest: The most sexually repressed culture in the White Christian Western Hemisphere. What a joke.

  12. The Quiverfull movement is pretty sexually repressed too; sex is not discussed, birth control is not practiced, relationships only happen through “courting” which is dating with the intent of finding out if this is the one God has for you; they believe there is someone out there for everyone that God has for them as their soulmate, and they are supposed to pray for and think about that person long before they even know who they are. Courting may be broken, but engagement and marriage may not. The man must ask the woman’s father’s permission to start courting as well as propose to her; all outings between the courting or engaged couple must be supervised, all phone calls must be public, and texts must be forwarded to both sets of parents. The couple may not kiss or give frontal hugs until marriage (in addition to not having sex until then), hold hands or say “I love you” until engagement, and may only give each other a brief side hug once courting. The woman’s father is the authority before marriage, and her husband after marriage. Once married, couples are encouraged to get pregnant as soon as possible after the wedding and have as many children as possible (“Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, and the fruit of the womb are his reward. Like arrows in the hands of a warrior, so too are children of one’s youth. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them.” -Psalm 127:3-5). Wives must be completely submissive to their husbands (“Wives, submit to your husbands as to the LORD”, Ephesians 5:22) and must be “joyfully available” to have sex with him when he wants it, and must be enthusiastic about it no matter her mood. This last point is textbook marital rape.

  13. No matter how more open about sex than ever before, Americans are taught to never discuss sex. Esp with a minor, the opposite sex and in public like work, school and place of worship. Sex is seen as natural and normal, but not everyone agrees it is a open topic or appropriate subject.

  14. A tyrant has authority without responsibility.
    A slave has responsibility without authority.
    Today marriage, as redefined by the female democratic majority and family court system, makes the man a slave to a tyrant wife, who can divorce him at will, stealing his children, his wealth, and his pride.

    All women want to have sex with high status bad bad boys and get innocent men to pay for the consequences(abortions, kids ect.). That's why women, no matter how meritocratic, should never vote.

    Show me a man who takes by force what he wants from women and I'll show you 100 women who vote to take by force what they want from men. Show me a grave created by patriarchy and Ill show you an entire graveyard created by feminism/communism.
    "Any society that negates the role of the father in the voluntarily marriage contract from decent civilization building men and replaces it with a involuntary centralized welfare state will not remain civilized for long."

  15. I get the idea that these cultures like Inisheer are just run by tightwads that see children as a huge burden. Oh no! another mouth to feed. Same thing happens here to the unwed mothers. Oh my God I'll have to pay child support! The fact is they are dead and don't realize it.

  16. ‘Diversity” and “good idea” are not synonyms, as the post-modernist liberal left would want us all to believe.

  17. Remember when people were sexually inhibited and created a golden age? Now it’s drag queen hour at your child’s library… progress.

  18. Mmm total numbers and dangerousness. See Pakistan for acid attacks, afghan, iran etc for stonings, beatings sanctionned by sharia. Oh and massive clitoredtorimies in africa.

  19. As an Irish person I can say that it has gotten a lot better in terms of sexuality in Ireland and most likely in most cases the Catholic Church was very corrupt back then and has oppressed anything that is to be deemed of sexual nature, this island especially would have no education as when most of the country has started to get more education this island had been isolated dew to poor resources in getting to the island and ignorance

  20. Inis Beg sounds like the US in some ways, thanks in part to the out of control media starting mass panics to the point where legislation is passed to combat manufactured threats BBC and scare parents and grandparents into ruining their teenage/young adult offsprings lives.

  21. I bet the rate of single motherhood is way down as well as abortion rates. You can also assume the amount of welfare collected from the government by inhabitants is probably very low too. You could probably say they're the normal ones and everyone else have brainwashed into a degraded society.

  22. Quite interesting and informative, though I couldn’t finish it in one take. I required three, due to the persistent yelling. Raising the voice volume when making a core/pivotal point works… yelling all the time is just distracting.

  23. TLDW: an island or two a little west of Ireland’s mainland. Less of a different culture than a failure to be cultured.

  24. u might have studied as much as u want but …. no. it's not due to region or something, it's due to "ROLE" … people in the church are, otherwise they wouldn't have gone as far as being PEDOS. ( not all of them )

  25. Western culture is the most sexually repressed. In western culture people are expected to delay having sex until years after puberty begins. It goes against nature. As soon as people begin puberty that is when nature says people are ready to have sex.

  26. Well, to start, during war the missed action at home seemed to be abroad. The basic "need" that's has claimed ally to many. It started as a synical prelude to the generation that needs self control. You know, the ones that didn't get to pride the time. The scene from natural after the scene of creation is a big split. A book tells the reasons and price of every life that came to be due to system. As it were, not just beast of a field. To answer total question, one would have to first realize both areas of truth, and falseness. Not wanting, or thinking that it could be a different way shows how a mind can be varied. " quoted from a book, jesus said if you have looked at a woman as with desire, the sin is in you" not exact, …but the idea that along the creation way, opposed to feeling as interactive as people tend to, the written concern about "angels" that want to mix within people to have sex is more about what connects in a lifetime. Further, to talk openly about the long worked aspect of sexuality, creation became all but non existant. Religion that wanted to learn what is meant by a connection is furthered by s hence to make I'll those similar troubles. It's my take on realizing the depth and card some offer about men that go through the course of how batural is explained. Too, if believed it is all natural, it explains mental one mental aspect. The fight of need for proof of sorts certainly is part game.
    Otherwise, had it not done damage somewhere, it wouldn't be held by history. Men are said to know this more than women. So, right the topic needs understanding. Including the alternate source of correctness.

  27. Some East Asian countries are very repressed too. I had no idea how much until I cam in contact with that culture. Like everyone has sex with prostitutes but on paper that's illegal, even porn might be illegal even though everyone is doing that too. And even both the male and female parter in a marriage might have affairs or see sex workers because they have no ability to discuss their sexual needs with their marriage partner….and the average man on the street has no idea women have sexual needs too. People might be having sex with prostitutes because in that culture only professionals actually understand sex and how to make it good. I'm Australian and we are pretty upfront so understanding not being able to have a clear conversation about sex and negotiate these things is hard for me to comprehend.

  28. LOL, try living in South America. Boy Catholicism really fucked people over here. All public sexual latin bravado with their dancing, won’t fucking do oral sex on a woman in the bedroom.

  29. The nuns at my school growing up wore these big rings. They symbolized their marriage to Jesus. They would turn them around on their fingers and wrap you in the head with the heavy metal digging into your scalp. We gave them names like "Bull dog' or worse. They were the unsexiest women I ever met. Just being around them would shrink the Willy. One or two were nice but overall not a good experience.

  30. Most sexual repressed culture is Arabic cultural in the world with a cult religious obsessed doctrines in modern times.

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  32. She talks Tooo Fast for us british….. 🙁 *The Most sexually repressed place in the world is Hull,UK – Where I live!!…. 🙁

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