THE MYSTERY OF GÖBEKLI TEPE – Graham Hancock on London Real

THE MYSTERY OF GÖBEKLI TEPE – Graham Hancock on London Real

Of all the work, I’ve [done] over the last quarter of a century The reason I felt I had to do it. I mentioned [Gobekli]. Tepe [we] talked at the beginning of this discussion about Plato’s Atlantis story, and how he said that Atlantis went down Eleven thousand six hundred years ago Nine thousand years before the time of [so] [long] that’s eleven thousand six hundred years ago in our time That’s the date of the foundation of Gobekli tepe It’s very set very clear absolutely founded eleven thousand six hundred years ago. Exactly the date that plato gives for the ending of Atlantis and and [Gobekli] tepe Doesn’t fit it. Just comes out [of] nowhere out of nowhere We understand a site like stonehenge makes perfect sense it’s about Four-and-A-Half thousand [years] old start henge [we] know that it was centered in [a] agricultural community which? Generated surpluses those surpluses allowed labor to be freed you could Fund people to become astronomers or architects or engineers they need to be producing all the time so we can understand the social and economic Context in which a huge megalithic site like stonehenge emerged Go to [Gobekli] tepe you’re seven thousand years earlier The entire area prior [to] the appearance of Gobekli. Tepe is inhabited only by hunter-Gatherers There’s no agriculture whatsoever They haven’t built anything ever and then suddenly without any background or any preparation Appears this huge megalithic site which is incredibly sophisticated turns out because a large part [of] it’s still under the ground seen with ground-Penetrating radar that the whole site is actually 50 times bigger than Stonehenge and seven thousand Years older, so How do we account for this did a group of hunter-Gatherers [in] turkey wake up one morning? magically inspired That they suddenly knew how to cut and quarry stone move blocks weighing in some cases up [to] 50 tons Create gigantic stone circles in an area with [no] water Involving bringing a labor force and organizing that labor force and feeding and watering them to create the world’s first Perfectly North-South aligned building which involves accurate astronomy to do all of that and at the same time to invent Agriculture because at the same moment that [gobekli] tepe pops up suddenly agriculture appears in that same region of turkey It’s obvious to me that that wasn’t a group of hunter-Gatherers who woke up one morning suddenly equipped with the skills What we’re looking at the transfer of technology? This was the survivors of a lost civilization they already knew how to create megaliths they already knew how to do agriculture They settled amongst The hunter-Gatherer people who they may have reached out to before they settled amongst them and they created this project, and this [project] was to restart Their civilization it didn’t quite work, but they got somewhere they created this huge site they invented agriculture We are all the descendants of that all of the agriculture in the world today began around [Gobekli] Tepe Eleven thousand six hundred years ago It’s an extraordinarily employed moment are these Aliens are they know they’re human human a human being but came from this and transferred technology over to this other space. Yes First of all it’s important to understand that the Earth changes that took place between twelve thousand eight hundred and Eleven thousand six [hundred] Years ago were utTerly cataclysmic Beyond all imagining The science is now in [its] very clear We had an interaction with the fragments of a very large comet a giant comet Which originally may have been as much as a hundred miles in diameter. It was drawn into the inner solar [system] about 20,000 years ago these things come from very far away, they come from a place called the oort Cloud which is almost Light year away. It’s so far away it’s so far [away] a huge sphere of trillions of comets in the very outer solar system, but Disturbances gravitational disturbances can send comets out of those safe orbit swinging in towards the inner solar system it happens from time to time and the evidence now is that we Got one of those a big one about a hundred miles in diameter [about] 20,000 years ago it entered an orbit that crosses the orbit of the Earth and For the next eight thousand years nothing bad happened They missed each other [but] twelve thousand eight hundred years ago at least eight fragments of that comment And we know comets break into fragments [many] of your audience are young but those who were around in 1994 Will Remember Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 which hit jupiter with spectacular effect it broke up into 20 fragments each One of those fragments hitting jupiter was equivalent to more than the entire nuclear arsenal of the Earth going off at once Something similar happened to the Earth Twelve thousand eight hundred years ago At least eight pieces of this large comet some of them up to a mile in diameter Hit the Earth the primary impacts were on the [North] [American] ice cap there were impacts on The Northern European ice cap and the Furthest east that we’ve documented in caps Impact is actually syria 50 million Square [kilometres] of the Earth’s surface was devastated by this compact a comet impact sea levels Rose Rapidly and the Earth’s climate Plunged into a dreadful deep freeze that lasted 1,200 years This event was of a scale of a magnitude that is quite capable of having wiped out almost all traces of a former civilization and that’s why I think again about what plato had to say and I think also about [our] civilization

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  1. I could listen to graham speak in perpetuity . He is spectacularly articulate and obviously has a curious and questioning mind, and I have to admit, that I am surprised that he is so maligned by “the establishment” archiolggsts and historians when his questions and statements are so reasonable. Am I missing something?

  2. Why on a Google search and I've done it a few times over a few years. the oldest buildings come out as Malta, It states nine thousand years. Gobekli tepe it there it's was not discovered yesterday. looks like a building to me and its older why is it not acknowledged unless you go searching for it specifically. I remember years ago it was gonna change history when it proved twelve thousand years old. The the experts were in knots because of agriculture having to come first and it being too old for farming. It must have built by hunter gatherers. Why is it taking so long to stop giving out misinformation.
    I like what I heard mr Hancock says about archaeologists, and it's true how can you call something a science when you can't test your theory. At best its guess work and sticking to this tired narrative about how ancient peoples were idiots who didnt even have tools it's just stupid to anyone with half a brain. People making programmes giving lists on all the incredible ancient building's around the world and ending every sentence with it must have been aliens.
    The only problem with this man is that he opens your mind so much that its impossible to watch anything with expert archaeologist explanations. "They cut the huge blocks of granite by setting a fire and throwing on vinegar to crack the stone" no, no they really didnt. Not that I needed Graham Hancock to tell me that. I've cut granite before and a diamond struggles it's very very hard there is no way that you could cut granite into perfect shapes without some proper cutting tools. I wish they would just admit that they don't know. Why is it so hard to just admit that there is no known explanation even the accepted theory's only throw out more questions than they answer.

  3. You get the impression that main stream history wishes that gobegli tepi had never been found . It throws the entire history of our planet into the air

  4. Hello I am an American gypsy no not traveler the real gypsies the ones that came from Egypt that were Jews then. until we went to the desert for 40 years which is a whole different story. We helped build the pyramids as our history tells us. it has been written down and handed down thousands and thousands of years. that Egypt was built buy the remaining survivors of Atlantis the atlanteans. They were tall very tall the last survivors of them that would go to Egypt and build the Great Egyptian Empire was exactly them the survivors of Atlantis. also from what we know is that they Were a lot more high-tech than what we are now. so what you know now is old it is not new it is very old find Atlantis and you will find out when the pyramids were built and by who.

  5. I can't help but feel modern religion cause us to not ask questions about the world before 2000 years ago.

  6. Now it is known in educated secrit societies that the pyramids actually were where the Egyptians made early moonshine.

  7. Graham and a guy named Randall Carlson were guests together on Joe Rogan's podcast. Very interesting!
    Randall Carlson has a mini 3 part lecture called "The Great Pyramid decoded" it's ABSOLUTELY mindblowing.

    Between Graham, Randall, and Robert Shoch you'll learn more watching a single hour from each than you ever did if you went to a public high school.

  8. Truth shall "make you free" as is said now as in antiquity, that is why those who dismiss Graham Hancock have become prisoners of their own bullshit.

  9. Jews claim that the area at gobeklitepe is part of “greater Israel”, which is why Israel supports kurdish terrorgroups trying to destabilize the area.There r also rumours that zionists together with french or british occupation forces tried to destroy and/or bury any signs of Göbeklitepe in 1918-1920 before the occupiers were defeated.

  10. Graham is the most well spoken and respectable popular entity that challenges the history we're taught.
    Unfortunately, the most popular sources go buckwild and it's always aliens.
    Why tf is it ALWAYS aliens with most people? It's almost a conspiracy theory within itself to make anyone that challenges long held history diatribe look like a silly loon accrediting anything outside of the standard to aliens.
    That's why Graham is and has always been so valuable. An eloquent speaker, an intellect, a person that uses science and empirical evidence to validate his theories. Thank goodness for him.

  11. I cant believe that I am hearing suck nonsense from Graham, what does he mean "they invented agriculture"? We have evidence of agriculture from 35,000 years ago, grains ground, roasted and made into baked goods but on a small scale, why a small scale? because there was an ice age and unstable climate. They didn't invent farming, it was when the climate stabilized some 9500 years ago did farmers begin to plant large scale farms, same with raising domesticated animals. Dont you all remember the ice age and how vast it was, they say the last ice age was the biggest in a cycle of ice ages for the past 2.5 million years, we are living in the best interglacial period with the most stable climate since.

  12. I'm throwing another stone in the pond. Genetic scientists traced the origin of blue eyes to same time, same area. Mutation is supposed to happen in one single family which lived in Asia Minor/Anatolia 10.000 y BC. F-reaking Gobekli Tepe, agriculture, astronomy, architecture, stonemasonery, new tools, new religion AND new genetic features are supposed to appear all at once in one place coming from NOWHERE, out of the blue. Just like that! Baaam! They are feeding us SOME serious shit with official explanations….

  13. GT was contaminated by the very backfill used to bury it, as that can
    contain carbonates from many thousands of years before – in the form of
    charcoal for example, which was found in the plaster sample (considered
    the one and only piece of useable c14 evidence as all other samples were
    from the backfill itself). However – this plaster contained loam, which
    is not only very porous, so could have soaked up carbon from the soil,
    and the charcoal trace found in the plaster could also have been mixed
    into the plaster at the time, though itself have already have been
    several thousands of years old, if for example it came from a clay layer
    deep down and had been preserved. The charcoal trace could have been
    from a forest fire, or even a manmade fire from way before GT was ever
    constructed. Just saying…it's quite a thin bit of evidence to hinge
    the whole dating of the site on – GHancock states on his website that the
    problem you have with c14 dating – is that 'it dates the organic
    artefact which has been found; it does not conclusively date the site
    that surrounds the artefact.' He suggests that a site also "needs to be
    put into a cultural and historical perspective' and that just relying on
    a c14 reading is 'dangerous'. There is academic evidence that suggests that
    the c14 dates are null and void. Maybe time for some fresh testing.

  14. He keeps saying 'we' like he is a part of the scientific community, he isn't…hes a wowser with no qualifications outside of sociology and he panders to those poor stupid individuals with paranoid conspiracy mentality


  16. Göbleki Tepe is a mystery with all the stonework and all. But using seeds of sweet grass had some longer history. Even the australian aboriginees did that for millenias, even carried around some tools for that. Millstones f.e.. And the people in the levante did that at least hundreds of years before Göbleki Tepe. That was found at older rest stops of the then half nomadic people. Moving from camp to camp following seasons.

  17. I've been to Gobekli Tepe and Graham Hancock is totally exaggerating when he talks about gigantic megalithic pillars. When I arrived at the site I was totally underwhelmed by the size of it all; it’s small and there is no sign of any advanced technology being employed, in fact the opposite applies. It all looks very primitive compared to Egyptian or Greek ancient cultures; everything looks like it’s been carved using stone implements. Certainly not a place of habitation but somewhere people from the greater surrounding area paid some sort of religious pilgrimage too.

  18. With all due respect, Turky is only 100-110 years old. It is not even so called anatolia, a term created about 50 years ago. That teritory has been called Armenian highland and those people who created it are ancestors of armenians.

  19. Gobekli Tepe is a Hindu Temple
    It is mentioned in RigVeda, Shatapata Brahmana and VymanikaShastra
    The original name of that place is 'Gopalaka Tapasya' meaning the place were Lord Krishna underwent his penance

  20. A Catastrophe hit North America that killed all the Megafauna and either killed or drove away all of the humans and was not populated again until five thousand B.C.

  21. Watch the Full Episode on London Real for FREE only at

  22. I remember in an earlier documentary that Graham Hancock purported the date 10.500BC quite a bit. Now I thought this old cizivilization he is talking about was thriving around that time. And also Göbekli Tepe is from this time. Now, he mentions the asteroid fragments and cataclysms, having taken place 20.000 BC (am i right?) . That means, this old civilization had to be older than 20.000BC. When I look at the extraordinarily beatufiul, anatomically correct and artistic cave paintings of Chauvet I see that human intelligence and brain capacity was already fully developed some 30.000BC-40.000BC. What we were lacking were just inventions and discoveries of materials we needed for these inventions. Sooo…I'm wondering where G. Hancock is pointing at. That this highly sophisticated old people he is talking about lived far earlier than 20.000BC, absolutely no architectural or other traces of their culture left? I'm a bit confused. Or maybe I have to- re-watch. Or someone enlightens me, thx.

  23. Lot of scientists are telling us the same story of the big destruction of the drias era but…WHY. This is still not recognized by the international community, ?’ I mean governments, historians, and what about the mass media ?

  24. London Real : 9,100 years ago, this massive comet came in at a 45 degree angle and struck what is Canada, creating Hudson Bay. Look at Hudson Bay from outer space. Hudson Bay is an impact crater. The comet struck at an angle, causing the Earth to spin a few thousand miles on its axis. People have found mammoths in Siberia, frozen. They died standing up, and had undigested flowering plants in their bellies. There are no flowering plants in this region of Siberia. It's too cold. People have found frozen in ancient ice in Antarctica, plants. There are no plants in Antarctica. It's too cold. The Earth's crust spun around when that comet struck. In the history of man, that's like last year.

  25. 1:54 imagining that they even had the capability to make enough rope to move the stones is incredible

    so, so many advance skills were necessary before building that

  26. What I have always liked about Graham is he always looks at the bigger picture,and no crap about aliens, just human beings.

  27. They tried and failed to reestablish a FULL COPY their civilization in it's FULL-SET form in GÖBEKLI TEPE because of one reason not mention here. They did not institute of full knowledge dispersion and technical skills impartation and mandatory practicing of such technical skills and knowledge and forgot to institute a traditional practice AS A REQUIREMENT AND AS A LAW of spreading their knowledge and skills further as the indefinite of their new students who were once hunters-gatherers and that of their children and their grandchildren and so forth and so on. And second the survivors dispersed themselves which lessens the chances of recreating an exact copy of their own civilization because the more they are concentrated in one place then the more interaction and the more organized their society would be in recreating the specialized division of technical expertise and manpower and they should have waited at least 2 to 3 generations until they are sure that their grandchildren and great-grandchildren can really maintain such a resurrected society and made sure to make as many copies of all records for perpetuity of their civilization's resurrected posterity INDEFINITELY. Then start the process of making more copies of their civilization among the surrounding new communities of 3rd and 4th generation community technicians and farmers until an exact copy of the central city is recreated many tens of dozens of times over. And they must keep on doing it again and again.

  28. I have been following Graham Hancock's career for over 20 years and have found him to be completely genuine, sincere, sensible, credible, and eloquent. He was much maligned and criticized in the early years and to some extend still is, but I've noticed many of his earlier critics have gone silent too embarrassed or too cowardly to admit being wrong while many of what he proposed are being proven with every new discovery. I think he is one of the most courageous man of our times.

  29. Graham is missing a bit of history here, there were structures, there was agriculture, people had settled in the area permanently a few thousand years before. Not directly on that site but nearby.

  30. Most megalithic construction seems to be more than 12,000 years old. Incas to Egypt. Look how the mighty Romans built the temple of Jupiter in Lebanon… on top of stone age mans 1200 tonne blocks?

  31. There are such places for teaching around the world.  Look closely at Gobekli Tepe and you will find a goanna carved in rock to describe the T-shape of Aquarius!  So look at Australia and you will find this sort of teaching facility in caves (such as you will find in France or Spain).  We are entering a time of destruction right now just as we faced half a Precession ago.  Good luck.

  32. Now that is new facts of archeaology and history and it makes perfect sense that the misplaced people of the contenant were the creators of Gobekli Tepei and they transfered agracoulture from that far back so that rewrites history instantly and makes Atlantis even more believable. Egypt hides the evidence behind Atlantis and untill Sahed Hawasi corrupt ego lieng ass goes away we wont be allowed to escavate everything. The real experts at least. He is an evil ambishious thorn of humanity to narrate what happened and wants Egypt to claim as much as possible to profit from this messed up story they created.

  33. Is he sure? A comet? To me it seems this cataclysm hes describing is the exact same thing that happened in the days of Noah. A total global flood where it rained for forty days and the GREAT FOUNTAINS of the deep broke open releasing a GREAT amount of super critical water. Much more explosive then even he describes about the comet peices. Didnt the ark also come to rest on the mountain of Ararat, and isn't that in turkey? Check out Walter Brown's theory of plate tectonics, it's an amazing insight. But know this people the earth was at one time covered completely with this super critical water which us a super dissolver which is the reason the oceans are salty to this day. And the proof of a complete global flood is the layer of chalk that's found throughout the globe. Dig down and you will find it in its various forms. Some call it limestone.

  34. Graham, they must have buried gobleki tepi to protect it from destruction! That means they knew something terrible was coming! And they must have known in advance to have enough time to bury it! And they probably planned to return after it was over! What was coming? And how did they know it was coming? And why did they never return? That’s what I’d like to know!

  35. yes,but where is the detritus of these comets,or are we talking only about the flooding of the
    Euxine from the Northern Baltic from the melting ice gathered there?

  36. I have always thought that gobleki tepe was a zoo it’s quite a distance from any homesteads and seems to pay homage to all sorts of animals that aren’t native to the area…much like our zoos today. Just a thought I.i maybe be way off but what would the ruins of the San Diego zoo look like in 10,000 years from now what would be left possibly only the art

  37. What this site tells us is that humans were always intelligent. It's not like we acquired our intelligence, as evolutionists say. No matter how far back you look, you are always going to see humans in an intelligent structured matter. You never see these, "primitive species" in the archeological fossil records. What you do see is, suddenly out of nowhere, humans were already creating structures and societies. This, in my opinion, is clear evidence that we, humans, were sent down by god on this Earth, with our knowledge in tact and we, right away, were directed to construct societies and civilizations. This is clear evidence that we just didn't evolve from apes, yet we are special.

  38. This World is a Turkic Tribe Zone and it was Always and be Forever a Turkic World!!!! Proto Europian DNA is TURKIC All Pyramids are TURKIC over 75% of the World Civilization are Descented to the TYRcs or TYRANs the Direcrly Descentends of MU or ATLANTIS are the ALTAIC TURKS and her Symbols are the "T"AURUS or ÖKÜZ and her ALLMIGHTY FATHER is ÖKÜZ HAN or OGHUZ KHAN -TÜRKMENISTAN and TÜRKISTAN …..THE WHITE PYRAMIDE for Example is a ALTAIC PYRAMIDS WHICH IS MORE THAN 45.000 YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!

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