The Necessity of Proclaiming the Good News

The Necessity of Proclaiming the Good News

– [Kevin DeYoung] Jesus’ ministry and
mission tells us something about preaching. Think about it. Of all the message that Jesus could have
employed to conduct himself in his earthly ministry, he chose this method,
to announce, to speak, to preach. And you remember what they said about him
at the Sermon on the Mount? They marveled when he was done. Why? Because Jesus spoke as one
who told such great stories. They marveled because he was so funny. They marveled because of his dizzying
intellect or his great compassion. No, they marveled because unlike the
scribes, he spoke as one who had authority. He preached. The parables of the kingdom so often are
about this strange miracle of preaching. The farmer sows his seed,
and then he goes to sleep, and he wakes up, and he knows not how,
and there’s a harvest. Why? Because it is not based upon the ingenuity
and ultimately the intellect of the farmer but the germinating power
inherent in the seed. Great movements of God have always been
sparked by great preaching about God. We must not, in an effort to do all manner
of good things that we are commanded as Christians to do,
lose sight of what uniquely makes Christian mission and ministry Christian,
the announcements of good news, the proclamation of Jesus Christ,
son of man and son of God, who died for sinners according to the
scriptures, was raised again and is coming again to judge the living and the dead. Preach Christ.

3 thoughts on “The Necessity of Proclaiming the Good News

  1. The truth is, we know almost nothing about Jesus. People continue to act as if the Bible is a reliable text–it is not. There is nothing necessary about any of this. It is harmful and religion is ripping this country apart with its divisiveness. If you are a Christian in America, you likely think that this is a good thing. the Bible even speaks positively about ripping families apart–why not a nation?

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