16 thoughts on “The Origins of Maya Civilization: New Insights from Ceibal

  1. @ 1:07:00 – Probable error in subtitles: Jade found in Jalapa (Guatemala, spelled with a "J" – not to be confused with Xalapa, Veracruz).

  2. You poor suckers, the mayans are one of the oldest tribes on the planet.
    There Codexes have history over 76,000 years old when the crossing happen
    and the creation story starts over again from that date!
    The problem here is the mayan were the ancestors of the atlantians.
    76,000 years ago when the crossing happen, this created the astroid belt and
    asteroids and meators have been hitting earth at a rapid pace starting 76,000 years ago.
    76,000 years ago the Atlantians lived part time in antartica!
    If course there were asteroids that hit the earth before 76,000 years ago
    So much more to tell so little time!!!!!

  3. Kaminaljuyu in Guatemala is even older than the lowland Maya of the Peten, they have been dated to 2,000BC, So I don't understand this video of the beginnings of the Maya, and there is a lot of evidence that there was a culture of people older than that of the Olmec of San Lorenzo, mexico, which is located in Monte Alto, Guatemala that have been given the date of 1,800BC, which at the moment archaeologist are just calling them Pre-Olmec.

  4. Why would she assume the Olmec heads weighing 3 tons would be shlepped?
    Why not assume the stone was there and the carvers went to the stone and it became a focal point for a village around it.
    These are people at least 3 centuries before Christ were advanced enough to reason out, it would be easier to build a settlement around the rock found than to move the rock!
    After all, if they can figure out the steps involved in producing chocolate from a scrubby, ugly seed, containing white pulp they certainly had enough sense to carve on the spot, a marking post for a tribe.

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  6. Taking heads, just because you can dig in the dirt doesn't make you a specialist on Mayan Cosmovision artifacts.

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