The Outer Worlds – Official Launch Trailer

The Outer Worlds – Official Launch Trailer

[XBOX SOUND] Look who it is! The stranger that came
out of nowhere and now, has everyone talking. Some people want you to be a savior, a shiny beacon of hope. Those people clearly haven’t met you yet. Here we go! Who do you think you are? Hero Villain Colonist, brawler Addict, assassin Engineer, rebel, trader, liar, sniper… Moon Man? So, what can I get you?
Some soap? Everyone loves soap. “Dripping with personality” “A jolly, colourful sci-fi space romp” “All the best hallmarks of an Obsidian RPG” Remember, no matter what happens out there it will all be your fault. Good luck! [XBOX SOUND]

100 thoughts on “The Outer Worlds – Official Launch Trailer

  1. So has some little bio shock looking hud.some humor like borderlands but more dark and that gameplay feel from Vegas.
    Just take my money

  2. It's like the best mash-up of Mass Effect's character/exploration mechanics and Bioshock's/Fallout's aesthetic and rpg mechanics. Well done Obsidian, already want more.

  3. insert shameful plug I uploaded my first Playthrough on this today, can I get some feedback aside from my voice putting you to sleep.

  4. If u haven't gotten it yet and you're still on the fence, just buy it, it's amazing. Clearly this was made by people who enjoy their work

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