The Painful Truth of Welfare | ALifeLearned

The Painful Truth of Welfare | ALifeLearned

hey Becca here and today on a life
learned i really want to clear up a misconception about these memes I’ve
been seeing about government assistance and particularly this particular meme
stating things about how it’s not the rich supporting the government
assistance program but rather those in the working class which is very true but
then it goes on to say that those on government assistance earn more than
those who are working and I really want to discuss that with everyone today Ideas are merely as useful as what we do with them An idea can escape! Ideas are bulletproof! So this meme here
basically indicates that those who are supporting the government assistance
program aren’t those with the tons of money but
the middle class the ones who are working the hardest and that is very
true but it then goes on to express that somehow those on government assistance
are earning more than the working class and this is where I want to clear up the
misconception because there’s a lot of really kind good-hearted people who are
posting this mean to their social network because they’re genuinely angry
about this idea. They think that there’s all kinds of people just sitting on
there but doing nothing and earning more money than them while they go out and
work their butts off and that’s not a fair thing to think so i really want you
guys to understand that that’s not true that is not what’s happening! I was born
and raised in ontario so that’s the only place I can really speak of in regard to
their welfare system but in regard to that I can definitely say that it does
not provide more than those who work every day. I’ve been on and off the
system throughout my life. I was a child on the system because my mother use the
system to support herself and our family and then when I tried to get away from
her because of abuse situations i ended up using the welfare system to help me
finish getting through school and then after that I got off it for a while and
I was working and going to school but then I came to find myself physically
and mentally ill and once again back on the system. I’ve only ever been trying to
heal so that I can get back to work and contributing but the poverty that’s
created by the welfare system has been making that incredibly difficult and
this is the case for many people but the main thing I really want to show you
guys is the numbers the fact that those who are working 70 hour weeks here in
Ontario, even at minimum wage, are earning way more than anything that’s provided on the
assistance that we get. So just doing a little bit of math you can see that the
minimum wage right now is $11 multiply that by 70 hours before taxes you’ve got
over seven hundred dollars. Now that’s just in one week by the way one week of
hours not a month in one month one full month a single person at maximum can
only receive 656 dollars when they’re on Ontario Works which is the welfare
system in ontario. Now put into perspective the costs of living with
that 656 dollars they actually will only provide 375 for your rental so if your
rent happens to be anything under 375 the amount that you get is thus less
than the full amount of 656 and in a lot of people’s cases you can’t find living
places that are less than 375. I actually pay for 455 for all of my living expenses
which only leaves me with what about a hundred and seventy dollars every month
to cover all of my living expenses that’s all of my food all of my
toiletries anything if I ever have any clothes that i need to buy anything at
all that’s all I get every month and on top
of all this all extra expenses that you experience when you’re on welfare are
not helped with. They’re a reimbursement system so you have to initially somehow
find the money for this extra expense and then once you have a receipt then
you provide that to them and they will provide you the reimbursement back for
your money but when you only have a hundred and seventy dollars or maybe two
hundred dollars to work with for all of your living expenses every month how are you supposed to find this extra
money for expenses that you don’t expect which happens in life! I was looking up
things like should to get a fire detector or now they’ve mandated carbon
monoxide detectors – you can’t actually get them to help you pay for that you
have to go find the money to pay for it yourself and then they will reimburse
that money for you and I’ve heard many people make the argument that well okay
maybe a single person doesn’t earn that much but when you have a family they
give you tons money on welfare. No they don’t! If you
have a child they give you a $63 more if the child’s under-17 and if the child is
over 18 basically a dependent adult then they’ll give you a hundred and eleven
dollars more that’s it and that’s not very much for a
single person to live off of in terms of food and overall living expenses. So back
to the initial numbers I’m basically stating that those on welfare get
basically as much as those on minimum wage are capable of getting in 70 hours
in one week. One week! Now this issue expands out into the fact that we have a
lot of employment issues a lot of people can’t get 70 hours a week and so they
obviously can’t make that seven hundred dollars a week. That was actually
something I was facing right before I had to go on to Ontario Works was having
a really hard time getting hours in my crappy kitchen part-time job in order to
pay my bills. But that’s honestly another video about employment issues and about
how pretty much all the systems within the government are structured poorly and
basically need to be completely revamped I’ll get into that for another video but
the main point I want you guys to understand is that I know you have good
hearts in you and you don’t mean to be inconsiderate in posting these means
about government assistance because I know they annoy you but the point is
they’re wrong they are pointing the finger in the wrong direction It’s right the rich aren’t the ones
supporting the welfare system and you know what, why aren’t they!? They’re the
ones with the extra! The middle class they’re getting by okay but they don’t
necessarily have extra. Why are they being the ones that are made to support
the system? It doesn’t make sense! it’s basically a ridiculous scenario of
three people trying to eat a bunch of french fries one person gets the french
fries at the bottom of the bag – the person on welfare – another person gets themselves a
nice little box to themselves – the middle-class working-class and then
someone gets 20 boxes for themselves that would be the one percent – the rich –
Why is everyone getting so upset at the guy eating the fries at the bottom of
the bag? are you actually going to eat them? I
mean we’re talking about money yes of course you’re actually going to want to
spend it but that’s not what I’m talking about. On the grand scheme of things
you’re pointing the finger in the wrong direction. Those on welfare don’t want to
be on welfare the majority of people on welfare are not these welfare queens
that you see where they say that they earned so much money and you see them on
these pleather couches beside fur coats that is totally set up! That’s not real! anyone who was an actual assistance
recipients who is trying to get by in life trust me they don’t want to be on
welfare it’s that or the streets and it’s even been acknowledged that welfare
in some cases isn’t better than the streets. This video here will tell you
all about how they’re perfectly aware of how messed up the welfare system is. How
it basically explains exactly what I’m trying to say in this video and that is
that the government is demonizing people for the simple crime of hardship for the
simple crime of being poor and they’re not allowing them opportunities to get
out of that poverty. They’re doing them to constant endless poverty with the way
the system perpetuates mental health issues and does not address the actual
help that is needed. So to all those who have gotten really upset thinking about
all of those welfare bums that aren’t doing anything and are just sitting on
there butt, earning way more money than you – I promise you they are the absolute
minority and they aren’t earning more money than you! If there are any welfare
bums, they have psychological issues they’re not just bums they have a lot of
things that they need to work on and they appear lazy because no one is
helping them; And above all anyone on the welfare system is most definitely going
without and starving in some slight way relative to someone who is earning a
working wage. So please point your anger in the right direction! Get mad at the one
percent for being so goddamn greedy and stop hating the poor for suffering
because trust me if we could stop suffering we would I swear! anyways I hope you learned a few things
from my video and please feel free to comment below about your experiences
with the welfare system in canada or in whatever country or in. I know a lot of
them are pretty messed up and there’s a lot of people suffering so feel free to
share your story below and please join me again next week where I try again to
share a little something I’ve learned in life

100 thoughts on “The Painful Truth of Welfare | ALifeLearned

  1. Welfare/cash assistance in many states in the US have benefits of only ~$230 a month for a parent and child. It's completely ridiculous. :/

  2. Ontario works doesn't work. The whole system is broken, plain and simple. What tax payers don't know is; what would you rather do, have someone sit at home and give them lets say $650 or have them go some where and pay $650 + an additional $200 or more a month ?
    Ontario Works is gauging the tax payer more then when those on welfare sat at home. Social workers are nothing but the lowest people in the Government and since they are that low they love to treat the ones they are out to help worse then those them-self. Realistically, how can the government think anyone especially someone near or past their 60's to land work, it's unrealistic.
    The system is broken, plain and simple their only pretending it's working.
    Prey to God and ask him for help he is your only savior; otherwise you'll feel hopeless and the governments need hopeless to keep the system running.
    Canada unemployment is realistically above 10%; if those out of college which is another broken system the education system; can't land a Job what are those on Ontario works meant to believe, I'll tell you; hopelessness.

  3. wah wah wah.

    Your mom was on welfare, and now you are. Do us all a favor and don't have children.

    You shouldn't blame anyone but yourself, take some responsibility and get your shit together. if Ontario doesn't have the jobs, move. You seem smart enough but have been conditioned to blame others for YOUR shortcomings. Your poor condition is not caused by rich people or the middle class, it's of your own making. Your lack of accepting responsibility is what makes you dependent.

  4. I'm an American that has been through homelessness after being well employed and just made bad financial decisions. I'm not complaining about that. I worked my butt off and now have a successful business that employes others and I provide for my household, even though I'm paying inordinant taxes. In my community there are are lazy people that exploit hard-working people. There is nothing wrong with them!!! people can do stuff. We work to exist!!! I also have a paralyzed leg due to an accident, but it doesn't stop me from working 90 hours week!! Good grief.

  5. The problems are lots of these people are felons and uneducated. No marketable job skills whatsoever. They have to get job skills from somewhere. Man, if you have a violent criminal history plus you don't know how to do shit, your in big freaking trouble. This girl is pretty, she should use that. Get a sugar daddy little Missy and stop whining.

  6. It is suck i never took that shit but last year i became disable n homeless because of my health illness i walk whit a walker if i go far if local i use a cane i got neurapaty on both feet n both hand bulge diss in the back n neck my condition got worst . so for now im I'm staying in my house until i get fix my problem i got a case for my ssdi but that take time so i ipply for snap program because i need to eat because im diabetes all my save is gone in one year 1 half whit out working they make it deficul for people that had work and become disable n homeless because of my health problem is suck i had to go true a lot of shit now my ssdi send me a latter saying that my case is pending now the Snap program is going to gonesh some al all the money they send me i only got like 5 months WHIT it im I'm so sick ABOUT it going true a lot of shit so fuck them is time to hustle

  7. You failed to mention the fact that the welfare office recruits people to stand outside with a clipboard and ask them if they want to sign up for benefits. Most people do not realize that without the poor, these individuals that work at the welfare office would be unemployed.


  9. Hi is it true that you keep the first $200 you earn without them deducting it off your benefits? And then anything after the $200, they take 50% of what you earn from what they pay out in benefits? Is this true as of 2017? If so, thats better

  10. Most ODSP workers are a bunch of lazy do nothings.They have a job off our backs.I am furious with ODSP & their lack of incompetence.The fraud department needs to be cleaned out as they do nothing to people who are scamming the Government.I know of a person and (there are many) who are scamming the Government for over 13 years. Actually her & her husband Rose and Scott Duff Waterloo Ontario.She lives with her husband has never separated or been living apart from him. Also, she has never worked a day in her life.He is on his way to owning a !6 wheeler, He also has a business with housing.They had a trailer in South Hampton she took the car one night drove it into a tree. where I am going with this is they live where the bus does not run so ODSP paid a huge amount of money for her to travel to the clinic 7 days a week in a TAXI..She is on methadone, for what she claims is for pain because she opted to have surgery on her back because she set herself up to slip in a supermarket she faked that the slip hurt her LIES she is overweight and because of her lifestyle had back problems before she "DID NOT FALL" only because she saw the vegetables being sprayed she saw the opportunity for her fake slip. she did sue them but did not get the million dollars she was scamming for. That is why she had the surgery a million dollars plus was at stake I was with her the day she went to see the surgeon he said she was fine really didn't need the surgery she went ballistic demanding she needed that surgery, I believe he did the surgery. because of easy money & no risk for anything happening plus to shut her up.She called the money she gets from ODSP her pocket change.She has been reported year after year she does not pay any rent, nothing except for 400.00 dollars Guess purses 240.00 dollar bottles of perfume & 230.00 dollar is her spending money also she laughs at people who like myself have to live off that money.I have been working since I got a social insurance card,& for a while 18 hours a day until I collapsed I do have serious back trouble my DR won't touch I would have to sign a document because of the possibility of it going wrong & ending up in a wheelchair If I had the money my surgeon said probably going to the states for surgery is possible. I have had 2 hip replacements done. My back is just pain management now.I know this all sounds so out there I am just so frustrated, I do get CPP & Odsp, my rent alone is 800.00 dollars a month.I have sent letters to the Government begging them to increase rental amounts I got nothing back.I got A flyer in my mailbox couple of weeks ago from Mary Thorn she is running in my area for PC government I spoke with her about her causes what she is concerned about like huge hydro costs, human trafficking & the Fentanyl issue & will be able to try to fix the ODSP corruption I told her what I am telling you here I am going to meet her & have a coffee she seems legit.Mary has a friend who has MS & is in the same boat as myself & others She was gobsmacked when I told her about the ODSP scam & them doing nothing or just not caring.This has to stop I will not give up I am starting here as my voice has fallen on deaf ears. The problem I am having as well with reporting MRS ROSEMARY DUFF is my family said they would disown me.It's not much of a family but all I have right now.Wish we could talk more, Maybe together we can fight for change, Starting with the high cost of rentals and the slap in the face amount allotted out to people like you me & others who depend & need CPP & ODSP.Sorry for this very long letter to you but I have to get this out of me as I feel like spontaneous combustion could happen to me.Sincerely just me.(Also please excuse any spelling mistakes as I am typing fast and teary eyes.)

  11. I have the solution. Call 1-800- dial a cry!!! I am lower middle class and sick of working 75 hrs a week to help you!!!! You get a job and work 75 hrs. a week and take care of yourself!! And when u look at how much has been garnished for welfare people , then we'll see how you fuckin feel!!!! Just saying .

  12. From everyone I know on welfare, none of them need to be. I know a guy that just racked up a massive debt on his power bill and didn't give a crap, and when I asked why he wasn't even concerned he said because welfare would pay it for him. Another girl kept trying to bum money off me, so I tried to help her land a job. When I went to check back in with her about it, she told me she can't work because she'll lose her welfare, and that she might be getting her kids back so the money will start looking better. Both of these people are collecting money under the table and always have enough to party. Not only this, but people are opting for govt assistance like it's a career choice. I've literally had someone tell me they couldn't work because they have kids. Also, the only people I ever hear saying they can't find jobs, are those on welfare. Everyone else always seems to find something…. how can a foreigner on a student visa land a job, and you can't? Ridiculous.

  13. Keep getting the word out. There's a lot of manipulation done by media and the rich to keep the middle class focused on the wrong things.

  14. Since you are speaking of your experience from Canada, and I am from the United States, this may not be exactly the case for both of us. Saying that, I must say I found you were video and explanation incorrect. The average income in the United States and I assume in Canada for working-class individuals is taxed at a very heavy rate, cannot look at that gross income as the bases. Those on welfare are text at a greatly reduced rate, and in many cases not taxed on income at all including the money that they make under the table which some estimates for the United States have been as high as one trillion dollars a year. Either way, the welfare state disincentivizes work by penalizing those with reduced benefits that make over the poverty level. And effect they are trapped and the average single mom with two kids in the United States gain as a benefit of around $63,000 a year. How many single moms with two kids can earn $63,000 a year in a pure working environment?

  15. I work and I get paid, people who are on welfare don't work and they get my money, so yes they get more money in a round about way, besides the Welfare system has tentacles, yes, food stamps, free housing, money, etc ,etc, it is not the welfare check they get the welfare people also get other fun things 😀 so yes technically me as a worker depends on my labor the Welfare people basically lives off every workers dime…..

  16. Welfare check by itself no cannot match a paycheck, but people on Welfare also use Food Stamps, Free housing, etc etc,,, so technically they are making more for doing NOTHING ….

  17. In most large cities they don't even try to prosecute welfare fraud under $100,000. Why because there is so much welfare fraud.

  18. exactly john terry thank you this country is a generation of lazy fucks and crybabys….shut the fuck up people and get a job because us hardworking taxpayers are tired of paying for your worthless lives…if u don't want to work fine then don't expect us to pay for your worthless ass its as simple as that

  19. The rich pays the most taxes. The more you make the more you are taxed. This what politicians don’t want you to know so they can get votes.

  20. To work in system that you were brought up to believe in as fair and normal but in the end when you have put so much into it and need a little help from it just to get back on your feet yet are denied or demeaned for it. So, how does that make you feel?

  21. Simple..YOU DON'T WORK YOU DON'T EAT. Fuck off with your friggin dependancy.
    P.S. Your local fire department gives away all kinds of detectors talk to them. Majority of welfare fucks have been on it for generations. Your Liberal Democrat politicians love to keep you that way because you can't bite the hand that feeds you. Welfare is an Democrat invention and it remains their main tool. Maybe you should learn THAT life fact.

  22. People who complain the loudest about welfare recipients are the people that have been fortunate enough to never need it. They have misconceptions fed by the media that being on welfare means you are just lazy. In some cases there are people taking advantage and getting a free ride and that creates the stigma. Unfortunately the people who cheat the system also make it increasingly difficult for the people who truly need help.
    I started working and paying taxes at 13 working hard labor intensive jobs. I have paid into the system and now that I actually need help I can not get any. I haven't been able to work, much less function since 2009 but I kept trying. I got turned down for a ton of jobs I applied for because I could no longer meet the physical requirements.
    Too many people don't get this one simple fact: Not being able to work SUCKS. When you get so used to having a job and then can no longer work it really sucks. To make things worse, having a judge deny a disability claim because he thinks you are "too young" to have a debilitating condition only adds insult to injury.
    Most people who think someone is lying about being disabled have never done an honest hard days work and certainly have not done it full time for over 20 years. There is only so much injury a body can take before it breaks.

  23. People on government assistance do have more disposable income than people who work. Most of their bills are either paid for or are greatly reduced. A lot of them drive fancy cars and have fancy gadgets.

  24. I thought I would add a little tip in here. Do you know that most fire stations will give you a smoke detector. They don't ask you how much money you make either all I ask is how many bedrooms. That's kind of a little-known piece of information. Now they do sometimes run out.

  25. Your so lucky you have that much after bills my situation is not that good I have 20-25$ left and I get 17$ in food stamps I have 2 kids also I need help and I agree with you

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  29. US Welfare will only help if you are a woman with children. Single and no kids? Nope. Trust me, I tried when times were tough and was told a big fat NO! Not even for some food to get me by – I just wanted help for a few months! They said they’d help if I were pregnant or had a child.

  30. If a person is on ODSP don't they get a break on rent costs..or is that welfare as I hear of people only having to pay a couple hundred bucks a month towards their rent either in an apartment building or townhouse…just asking…thanks for any info you can help me with.

  31. Lol I'm sorry but wtf…a video about memes and welfare? If memes are effecting your life to the point you need to make a video then your focus is a little off course and welfare isn't the problem. Don't get butt hurt over things online. And if your able to make videos and have "internet to post them then Mabey your money isn't going in the right place.futher more you got experience with editing and computer work ? C'mon

  32. Really 70 hours a week? Ok. In St. Louis. A single mother gets 800 for a section 8 rental, paid daycare (1100.00) usd a month, 450 a month in food stamps, free college and class money, free phone, utility assistance. So yes. They make more than a 40 hour a week person NOT on it

  33. In alberta AISH pays 1800 a month. Our minimum wage is 13.50. I make 1300$ after netting 1700$ but 400$ goes to tax. You fail to mention taxes in earnings and i work 40 hrs i still earn less. AISH pays about 17$ an hour FT and i make less with my FT job. I have friends on aish who can work akd have in the past but are paid more on the dole than minimum wage

  34. Hey, just watched. I since your sincerity and how much you have struggled in your face and eyes. Except for the use of "G-damned" in the video, I agree with you 100%. This is a video that needed making. I thought of doing a similar one, but knew I'd get so much backlash, and that I would not be strong enough to handle that. "Get a job!" Is the average response to any financial pressures I've disclosed over the last five years. I'm tired of the shaming of the poor. I've been on both sides of money.

    My Kentucky county begins applying work requirements come this Sunday. I'm a 48 year old ABAWD, since both my kids are now over 18. I don't have a significant enough disability for an exemption. I'm divorced. I live in a small town, but don't have family or social connections, here or elsewhere. So I'm scared. I'm signing up for all things Volunteer that I think I might can do.

    The nearest career counselor are in Somerset, which is over an hour away.

  35. who the f is working 70hour weeks constantly or at all? WHO? what job? me thinky your mathy is offy …. plus everything is backwards in my experience fk the system

  36. The funny thing about the 70 hours is that half of those hours could have gone to someone on welfare. Now 2 people have jobs paying into the welfare fund, but not having to draw on it. Its greed. Middle class are their own worst enemy. Thats why they are leaving states in droves. They dont want to be taxed more on the greed hours they don't need to work.

    Thrown in the fact that the middle class is the married couples class, I find it odd that a working class refuses to pay for their privilege.

  37. What a crock of shit.
    The 1% dont owe the poor anymore than you and I. They work and earn their money just like everyone else and can spend it as they like.

  38. imagine a world where adults actually take care of themselves and their families and work for a living instead of being lazy turds and stealing from us hard working taxpayers that are actually trying to do something with our lives imagine a world like that folks

  39. >I have been trying very hard to heal from my mental health issue, so as to get back to work

    Man… my MH issue is so severe I am terrified of broadcasting my face via camera on the internet, or having my photo taken by family… so knowing you can be on OW makes me feel a little more comfortable about the idea of trying it out for a while, if only to get the tools to get off.

  40. People always think it shouldn't be their problem to support people with health conditions and disabilities. They don't see how everyone in society is connected and interdependent.

  41. People just think the poor and weak are getting in the way of them achieving greatness. They don't realize they themselves could end up in need of the same support.

  42. You forgot that workers pay taxes and they WORK. Welfare does not pay taxes and they are not physically or mentally exhausting themselves hence not working. If your not working due to no availability or mental issues then ok, other than that you do not have my sympathy.

  43. I can relate. I want to work so I can support my child and myself because $750 doesn’t really give enough that I’m not constantly worrying am I going to have enough food is he going to have diapers, which he hasn’t had In fact the only reason I’ve gotten this far in the month is because my healthcare worker actually bought him some diapers. But those are running out now too. I don’t get food stamps, I don’t get any sort of other assistance besides Medicaid. And honestly I’m completely frustrated because everyone’s like will you live far out and it’s going to cost you more in transportation and daycare and you’re not gonna have even what you get in a month.

  44. Let’s do the math. “People who work 2 jobs make much more than I do on welfare.” Glad I chose the former than the later. I also had emotional issues and pain syndromes but ate beans and rice, shopped at Good Will, rarely had a weekend off for 2 years. It was HARD, I delayed having a family but the hard work paid off. Just keep grinding folks…Western civilization is a merit based society, you will get recognized and pull yourself out.

  45. The 1% are the ones who created the employment for the 99% to survive . The 99% pay their dues for not being able to think out of the box and continue to exist as slaves because they are trained to follow instructions and cannot carve a path for themselves and dread failure. No point in getting angry at the 1%. They create and support governments, they create employment and some of them practice philanthropy which the 99% can only dream of.
    On the other hand I agree, living on such low benefits is incredibly tough and those Canadian winters are bone chilling

  46. there is people living receiving 1200 dollars a month in housing plus medicaid foodstamps free phone and in some places bikes to ride you socialist fuck

  47. Don't u get free health care u think u r only one poor here usa we have so many homeless hungrey it's sad we have families living with children living in tents we r richest country in world itsa

  48. Stop living off goverment get off your ass get job get t we o jobs u r young get what u want yourself stop crying do something about it yes we see plenty welfare queens abusers have free housing food utilities wear name brands have nice cars they get everything free then th e y get free medical sell thier pills food stamps we r seniors we get no hand outs everything we have we earned

  49. I have spent time watching and looking at the welfare system here in the US… we have mostly illegal, blacks, and Hispanics that use the system the most. In fact they have great cloths, a smart phone, and a lot more than anything that I can afford. You apparently don'[t know how to work the system but others do. When my wife needed some help, they told her to get knocked up and then she will get help. It is a lot easier to get welfare and pother assistance if you are black or Hispanic. Last year, I saw an article where some Hispanic guy passed away from gang related violence, he was making $10,000.00 a month using the system. There are also those that have been on have been on welfare for generations… yes there are many welfare queens, that is real and they are to lazy to be off of welfare. We don't need socialism, it is not up to the government to provide for people nor is it the governments job to take you our of poverty. You have the same opportunities as I do… instead of complaining, get a job. Oh I forgot the liberals forced all the goods jobs out of the country. Quit blaming everybody else for your lack of making good decisions. Don't make everybody else pay for your stupidity… I was poor and I worked hard to make a life, I didn't blame others for my situation, I did something about it. So quit whining about the government and other people owing you … if that is what you believe then stay in Canada or go to Venezuela where socialism is failing big time. This is a Republic not a democracy, it is about self responsibility not being a freaking nanny state. welfare needs to be turned back over to the churches and communities and not the government… My labor is for me to decide what I will do with it, not the taxes of a liberal government through wealth distribution. Now if you really want to understand the truth on the subject then watch the video from American Renascence called Welfare: Who are you supporting
    I don't mind short term help on a limited scale for people in great need. but the libertard concept of putting everybody on welfare and taking away all the jobs because of dysfunctional liberal policies is for the birds… I'll pass.

  50. wtf is wrong with this c u next tues… spoiled rich parents never worked a day in her life yet so many opinions here's one go f yourself

  51. 656$ that much in 1 month what? wow that's insane wtf fucking lazy bums on jobs getting 6564 for sitting around and do nothing a guy has to work 70 hours a week for that money and yet a welfare person gets that much 656$ a month for doing fuck all WOW!

  52. fucking 700$ per month doing nothing ! what? what? 700$ a month wow like 700$ i have to work full time and thats where my money goes to to for tax support lazy bumbs on wel fare

  53. lol the 1% worked hard to creat a business creat jobs for people. and you people on wel fare want a hand out for doing nothing why should the 1% pay for the lazy people with no jobs and no desire get off welfare every time you speak to some one on wel fare there response is no i don't want to get a job because if i get a job i don't get my welfare check

  54. God hates welfare!!! "If a man doesn't work, neither should he eat," and "the churches should take care of the widows and orphans." Scriptures. Welfare is socialism and ALL socialist nations FAIL! Also welfare has caused most of the problems we have in the U.S.

  55. Interesting how you have all the time to make 100 videos on your welfare paid for computer but no time to find a job.

  56. I'm all for helping the poor but I do believe we need to help them regain their independents rather than just keep giving them money. Some people just abouse the system

  57. I am more concerned about where she will spend eternity. There is no need for that kind of language because you are angry

  58. I can speak from experience welfare is no joke.a single person gets 595mth.$40 extra per child/mth.How can someone live off that?People make it seem like anyone on wefare is "livin it up". They struggle daily in every aspect of life and rarely have the means to get ahead.daycare costs are absurd ($800+ a mth per child).Unless you have some serious credentials the system is hard to break free from.

  59. Wah wah wah wah fuck lady stop crying!!!! Good lord if you got paid for bitching and complaining you would be a fucking millionaire!!!

  60. Good video👍🏼Some able bodied people depend on welfare money and at the same time doing under the table jobs to make more money. That’s cheating the government. While the hard working people are paying taxes to support the people under welfare..Wow

  61. I said once and I'll say it again, Canada sucks. Socialism fails everytime. Here in the US people who have low income jobs get assistance when they have kids plus they get back all of the taxes they paid and receive extra money called earned income credit. I know people who have kids on purpose just for that extra money. They pay a few thousand a year in taxes but get 2 or 3 times more than they put in. It's all corrupt. Every dollar tax payers are forced to pay for the ghetto queens the government takes their huge cut to pay for the losers who work in the welfare office to have a nice big income, gold plated heathcare insurance, and a pension so all that's left is a few pennies to give to the ones who need it. The people on welfare aren't the problem it's the a-holes handing out the money who are the real leeches. When Trump shut the government down and 800,000 non-essential government employees were told to stay home or work for free but got paid anyway. No one noticed a change meaning that those gov employees get paid to do nothing. We should get rid of them and make them get a real job that helps the economy. We don't need those people now that computers automatically put money on a welfare card. Get rid of all of those over weight old Lesbians who get paid too much for doing nothing. Women destroyed our economy because they only do service jobs that don't contribute to the GNP. Blue collar jobs are what pay the bills and keep the country growing. Libtards can't comprehend that.

  62. It totally sucks being on welfare. I've work for over ten years before I made the mistake and quit my job a year and a half ago without a plan B. I have sent out thousands of job applications, only 4 interviews and no job yet. Welfare became my last option and had to apply for it last summer and it's HELL ON EARTH!! I want to get off food stamps and welfare ASAP!! What sucks even more, my entire family are millionaires living off my Dad's inheritance. I was left off the will and disowned by my my entire family and I'm the only one with a College degree. In Accounting!!.

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