The Reality of Puppy Mills

The Reality of Puppy Mills

you’re talking about dirty cages, wire floors, rusty you’re talking about food that is
contaminated water filled with algae sometimes dogs that
are emaciated it’s a horrible horrible
existence for man’s best friend this is the life of a puppy mill dog Melanie Kahn with the Humane Society of the United States says many puppy mills have hundreds some even thousands of dogs they never get to have human interaction like most of the
dogs that we own ourselves, it’s a horribly sad experience for these dogs Which leads with severe physical and emotional problems dog
scared of anything including grass because they’ve
never seen it before we see horrible physical conditions
problems with the paw pads from being on those wire floors for their whole lives eye problems, ear problems, it just goes on and on with an estimated 10,000 puppy mills in the United States the industry rakes in hundreds of millions of dollars a year its a profit-driven industry so there’s very little incentive for these puppy mill operators to stop producing dogs at this alarming rate even more alarming the number of people
who own puppy mill dogs but don’t even realize it Many consumers unknowingly purchase puppy mill dogs at pet stores and online without knowing where the dogs came from
when you do make the decision to purchase a dog in a
pet store what you’re doing is supplying the puppy mill industry you are
condemning that puppies mother and father breeding in a puppy mill to those horrible conditions for their
entire lives but you can help put a stop to puppy mills don’t buy a dog at a pet store don’t buy a dog online If you do want to get a dog look at a shelter first or a rescue and if you don’t find the dog your dreams there make sure
you’re going to a good responsible breeder no civilized society
should ever allow dogs to be raised in these kinds of conditions this absolutely has to stop

100 thoughts on “The Reality of Puppy Mills

  1. This place is literally CRUEL if they are tgere then why won't they feed them bathe them and give them a better cage?! Wtf

  2. And America thinks its getting progress, but looking at these conditions, I start to think, "We aren't making any progress,". Not trying to diss my country out or something, but problems like these can be solved, but spoiled people don't give any attention to this.

  3. These dogs are insanely abused I don't know how they still survive in these conditions, I know I wouldn't survive for 5 minutes.

  4. This is the root of all evils. Shelters (bless them) are doomed to carry on forever if puppy mills aren't stopped – it's like putting a band aid on a festering wound.. There have to be many other ways to make money than to earn it out of cruelty and exploitation.

  5. This needs to be illegalized and stopped. It makes me sad to watch those poor dogs suffering like that, and most of them looked scared or hopeful when the camera goes by them. Poor babies.

  6. Hoomans are doing this ain't Humans, heartbreaking bullshit ever and legal in the US unbelievable, is nobody seeing the problem all over the world 😭😭😭🌍

  7. One day I'm gonna break into one of these and set all of these dogs free! I'll live with all these poor dogs and train them to get revenge on these horrible owners!

  8. I wanna be rich just so I can get a giant ranch with huge space for the doggos to run, big barn filled with pillows and beds, and all the toys they want. That's the only reason I wanna be rich.

  9. The baby puppy that's born is usually in good condition. This is a property of pregnancy that the baby will usually take more nutrients to its growth than the mother. Notice in the shots of the video where babies are being breastfed by the mother dogs, that the babies look healthy. If the puppy mill people make money on the puppies, which come out freshly minted like recycled paper being used to make fresh paper, then you just need to keep the scrap, recycled paper (in this case the mother dogs) barely sufficable so that the business floats.

    They breed the mothers all day round, so much that they can't even walk/ turn. They sometimes even get hernias from being bred so often and for so long. Of course, biology prioritizes the baby over the mother (just by a little bit) so the babies usually come out fine- again this is all the companies need to sell.

  10. Honestly I really wanna adopt all of the dogs from puppy mills. But I just don’t want to give money to them. I just found out my dog was from one and she is the sweetest dog. She is very healthy and she is a lab


  12. ALL animals are just like us they shouldnt be treated bad they sleep, eat, play, do their buisness, take a bath , walk, run , and many things that we do. SO PLZ TRY TO HELP!πŸ˜₯😒😭

  13. Stop puppy mills, stop! Poor creatures! I'm feeling so sad viewing this video, poor dogs! Poor, poor dogs…. Stop puppy mills.

  14. I feel bad for these puppies. Greedy breeders doing this just for money. You see now, "money is the root of all evil".

  15. I am surprised these sick people don’t captured or use female wolves, coyotes or strays to nurse these puppies.

  16. lol If they are in street their health will be better than that it's not a prison its the hell of the hell !!!

  17. It is very good of putting this out here and spreading awareness of puppy mills, but THIS IS WHAT OUR ENGLISH TEACHER INSISTS IN US LEARNING.

  18. this makes me so mad. being ignorant is supposed to be happy. these dogs don’t deserve this. all good boys & girls should live long and healthy lives. :^(

  19. my english bulldog was a rescue from a puppy mill, adopted at a humane society. best dog a guy could have.

  20. Stop breeding stop buying puppies get one from a shelter and little by little we will stop puppy mills

  21. Wow .. I'm heartbroken. I bought my puppy for over 3k at the Petland puppy store to realize they get those puppies from the mills … wheres the government from this?

  22. I live in a small town (not in the USA, tho) and people rescue dogs from the street and adopt. <3
    Sometimes we buy dogs, but only from people who, for example, has a female dog and made her meet with a male dog of her breed so the owner could sell/give the puppies.
    It's so sad that these places exist, even worse that a conscious human owns it. It makes me so depressed.

  23. To people saying that dogs need to be treated right, i agree, but so do other animals. Chickens cows pigs, dogs, etc, are all equal and we should fight for equality for all of them.

  24. Omg I was just about to buy a dog from a dog store to!!! I really appreciate that you guys put this video on YouTube which made me think twice about buying a dog. Now hopefully if I see the dog that I really wanted at a shelter I would be more than glad to adopt it. Thank you😁

  25. DISGUSTING! How can this continue in this day and age. Stop buying these poor souls! Do not support commercial dog stores. Go to a rescue or SPCA to rescue one of these poor animals. I wish I could do the rescue job, but I want to do harm to the heartless breeders and that won't help the situation. Bless all these animals and let them be rescued soon God.

  26. I got my first dog at the humane society she was blind in one eye because her previous owner and my other dog I also got it from the same place and he has a lot of problems lid bones are messed up from his previous 2 owners he has Been in the shelter 2 times and he is really sweet and I don’t know how people can do that to a dog and I would never buy a dog from anywhere except a shelter or someone I know and if I could stop stuff like puppy mills I would

  27. If i had my way the owners of this puppy dog hell would be made to stay in a cage laying down in shit and forced to drink foul water and nasty food

  28. Im sorry I completely get what there doing is unethical but wouldn’t you want people to buy these puppies and get them out of this situation, damn just looking at this make me want to buy them all

  29. 😰🀧😭😭😀😭😀😀😭😀😀πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί

  30. These poor puppies!! At least theres no such thing in australia….


  31. I got all 3 of my dogs from my family members. They didnt buy them I bought them after their dog had given birth

  32. C’mon, let’s take some girls, put them in a little and dirty room, without good food, contaminated water, with no light, safety, medical care, social life and force then to do baby’s, and then put them on sell. And when the girls can’t do any baby’s, let’s throw them away. What a good idea don’t you think? But let’s do this with the owners of the puppy mills :v

  33. Have ya'll seen what Amish dog breeders do to their dogs? I have a good Amish friend and when i visit, I see she owns this bulldog she ties up behind her house, and neglects it. I once went and met her and she was so desperate for attention and her whole purpose is to breed with other male dogs then have her puppies put in this little cages out back for English buyers. My Amish friend does this because they don't really believe animals have feelings like humans
    It sickens me this is how people treat these amazing animals

  34. Poor things. There was this dog that we found abandoned, without an owner. She was covered in mange and fleas, and her tummy and genitalia were all messed up. She was skinny and missing most of her teeth. She was clearly in bad shape, and we could never fully get her to recover before she died. Looking back, I think there's a good chance she may have been a mother from a nearby puppy mill abandoned, maybe because she was too old.

  35. im crying because us humans can do so much damage we dont deserve these beautiful creatures but there more than just animals their family im goning to visit this website and donate

  36. I HATE PUPPY MILLS if i owned a puppy mill i would make sure i have a mansion and make sure they are safe and in their comfort zone i wouldn't force male dogs to breed and i'll let them figure it out on their own,i'll feed them and even take care of their puppys to and do all the things that will keep the dogs and puppys HEALTHY πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–Always love Animals

  37. My grandparents got a puppy rescued from a puppy mill, they named her Suzie
    Suzie the poor thing had never seen grass before, and I can't imagine all of her babies being torn away from her
    The bulk of her life was spent in that horrid place, bless her little heart <3

  38. Please try to save every animal possible. Puppy mills should be illegal! I am doing a english essay on the horrors of puppy mills and why you should adopt not shop. #getridofpuppymills

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