The Secret to Discovering Your Buddha Mind Part 3 of 5

The Secret to Discovering Your Buddha Mind Part 3 of 5

* I catch him all the time. * I did it because I’m told to do so. * I … I’m innocent. * Yes? Tex>Excuse me, but I don’t think that helps either. * Like, like reacting to your own … Master YongHua>Who says reacting? Tex>You do!!! * You’re just talking about how you gotta see how icky you are. * That’s, that’s reaction. Master YongHua>No … you say it wrong. Tex>* Yes, it is. * Yes. It’s a reaction. Master YongHua>No, no, no, you got it wrong, sir. * I said icky-a. (laughter) Tex>What the heck is that supposed to mean? (laughter) Master YongHua>It’s a private joke. * I hate icky-a, IKEA. (laughter) * I only buy used IKEA stuff, never new. Tex>Not Dharma. * This is not Dharma — talking about IKEA. Master YongHua>Now, yeah, yeah … (laughter) * I’m ruining my chance in getting icky-a (IKEA) as my commercial … commercial sponsor. (laughter) Tex>I’m talking about reacting to your faults. Tex>Just seeing … Master YongHua>Wait, wait, wait, wait … * Wait! I gotta stop you there, sir. * When you see how icky-a you are aren’t you disgusted? * It doesn’t bother you? Master YongHua>What? * And I used to have such high opinions of you. * If you see how disgusting you are. * It doesn’t bother you? Tex>If you spend your time reacting to that, I can’t see how that’s helpful. Master YongHua>Who says I’m reacting, sir? Tex>You are. Master YongHua>No, you said so. * I’m not reacting. * I’m just describing how disgusting I am. * How petty I am. * How jealous I am. Tex>Okay. Master YongHua>How icky-a I am. * It’s the fact. * Who said it’s reaction, sir? Tex>Okay. Master YongHua>Isn’t that … There’s some standards, right? * Some, some low level icky-a and high level icky-a. Tex>I don’t think reaction helps. * That was my point. Master YongHua>I got your point! * But who says it’s a reaction? * You’re assuming it’s a reaction. * It’s not a reaction. * It’s a factual thing. Tex>Okay. Master YongHua>Okay. He’d buy anything. * This guy is in such a good mood today.

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  1. This is from a live talk on the morning of a weekend day. Sat. or Sun. around 11:00 AM. It is a live stream. Description has a link.

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