100 thoughts on “The SECRET to Super Human STRENGTH

  1. I want to start practicing doing muscle ups and I want to buy a resistant band from the shop but idk which one to buy. I’m a beginner

  2. I'm 59 years old and I really like these videos. I'm trying to get back in shape and these tips really help me. I'm hoping to get into better shape by summer. Thanks for making these videos public. Kevin.

  3. What to do when you've been overweight half your life, have lost the weight, had an accident, put on double, and got injured the first time you went back to gym because the trainers don't know what the hell they're doing? Watch Chris Heria videos and make plans.

  4. If I have 5 screws in my elbow can I do that exercise? XD Years ago I broke it but I can exercise. But now that I see that exercise. I wonder if I could do it 🙂

  5. Center of gravity,….. lmaooo let's sit for a cesond on how stupid that sounds and how we won't be using that phrase anymore knowing nasa is as fake as Santa…it's center of.MASS because your mass is heavier than the AIR it will fall.. 5th grade science here sheep let's finally wakeup.. buy a p900 camera.. we aren't on a spinning ball lol

  6. working my way back from a traditional pushup position to a pushup at the middle of my body, how many unbroken pushups at each position would you recommend being able to do before progressing to the next?

  7. When Chuck Norris gets into pushup position the Earth feels his glare and just backs up so he won't push too hard. Just saying… How to be strong is to lift light objects… Like the Earth since you're so intimidating to it.

  8. Well hey.. I tried registering on the app its showing some kind of a error.. Tried multiple usernames still not working.. Little help?

  9. How can you help somebody with a disability without 345 and six that are herniated in the back. These exercises at the moment would kill me I wouldn’t be able to walk for over a week. I know I have to start out and I want to start out slowly you’re used to probably just getting up and going but I’m 69 with the problems on my back I need double knee replacement and double shoulder replacement I don’t want to do the surgery I want to get better with doing exercise so how can you help me can you answer that question thank you. Are used to do the Royal Canadian Air Force exercises those are very strenuous I did them over 30 years ago. I’m out of shape I need to get back in shape so like I said how can you help me because I do have these herniated disc’s in my back.

  10. Outstanding – great vids, great presentation – just what I've been after for some considerable time. Perfect compliment to my Silat/Thai/Kali training and teaching. Grateful, I am!!

  11. I added this video in Watch later and now I'm finally trying to practice those exercices, it's working as he explained it. Thanks for the advice.

  12. Can't stand guys who talk with their hands constantly clasped to make their guns the constant 'look at me' gesture – don't even need to comment on the neck tattoo (good luck with that next job interview)

  13. As you lower your arms, what muscles are you working (versus a standard pushup)? And should you do both, or are they comparable?

  14. Yes, Chris I've seen your totaliness but my question to you is; when ongoing these exercises am I suppose to tight my breath or keep breathing normally?

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