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  1. As it happened in the rest of the planet and in all cultures, including the Incas and Aztecs. The strong and adapted win, the weak lose.

  2. Oh, please, people!!! The Incas were the most feared warriors in the Hemisphere, conquering nation after neighboring nation. Bloody, savage and cruel, they annihilated many tribes. "There was also a religious element to warfare as the Incas saw their conquests as furthering the worship of the sun god Inti." (Cartwright, Mark. "Inca Warfare." Ancient History Encyclopedia. Ancient History Encyclopedia, 19 May 2016. Web. 31 Aug 2019. )  Oh, my God!   Imagine a civilization conquering another in the name of their God?!?!???      Grow up.

  3. The Original owners were gone long before the Spaniards got there. The Spaniards only witnessed the current occupants. Like Egypt. The Egyptians didn't build the pyrimids .

  4. truly amazing documentary. The best on the subject. Loved the narrator. And certainly appreciate this unique approach of this wonderful Historian- Researcher to the history of the mysterious Inca people. One could immediately notice the deep respect and certain reverence he has for the culture and people. I think it is his love and respect that make all the difference. THANK YOU !!!

  5. My pops neighbor was 100% Inca. We called him Inca. He loved it. He was an awsome dude he had 6 kids and a white redheaded wife. Was really family orientated man.

  6. I find this documentary slanted. Portraying the Spanish as purely evil. The Inca we’re highly advanced in some ways, but they were also ruthless. There is no mention of human sacrifices by the Inca. The Inca subdued their rivals by intimidation and human sacrifice. Much like the Aztec and Maya did. The Europeans were appalled by this, and thus did everything to stop it.

  7. The Kichwa and Canari of Ecuador were there way before the Incas.. about 10 000 years or more.. in Peru it were the Moche and Chimu Cultures and the Quechua and Aymara who were there way before the Incas.. you can see the difference in building in Cusco where monumentally huge stones were used vs I.e Ingapirca in Ecuador or Macchu Picchu.. it shows clearly that the two are separated by vast antiquity..

  8. Read Dr. Sullivan’s book 20 years ago and I still ponder over it. Does anyone know if he still does solstice expeditions? There doesn’t seem to be anything online about it.

  9. "worldwide shared code" — shades of the exploded myth that Christian revelation happened worldwide simultaneously and then got corrupted. Buh bye.

  10. I wonder why the Inca had warriors if everything was so peace full??? And also what about the wars I thought peace ment no wars like thoes evil europeans????

  11. …exactly, I have been telling people for decades that they used the astronomy to predict the next natural catastrophe.
    …the megalithic buildings r NOT temples, they r astrological observatories to monitor the stars for the next planet wide catastrophy.

  12. This made me want to cry. Europeans really did destroy everything in their paths. Whole systems of knowledge, cultures, languages, just diminished to tiny numbers. Europeans were evil.

  13. We and every person who knows real history knows why the Inca didn't stop them. But this leftest revisionist history BS. won't say it. And what do ta know another flood story from another culture imagine that. Everyone who knows Graham Hancock or Brien Forester knows why.

  14. we would not have known about them, if the Spanish not had invaded them ? what an arrogant statement. They burned the books, an viped out the population. Have you no shame?

  15. I’m from Ecuador & I can proudly say the Incan culture is not dead. In Ecuador alone there are many provinces where these cultures still stand and are being passed down to the next generation. Great documentary!

  16. The gold may be long gone and the prophecy may have come true but the spirit of one of the greatest civilizations this world has ever seen still lives. Thank you Bill for being such a great investigator and for sharing your discoveries. I consider you a contemporary of Mr Graham Hancock. Hats off to you, sir.

  17. The Genocides caused by the Spanish and Europeans can not be forgotten. Such advanced culture destroyed by senseless and unnecessary violence.

  18. Good cosmology and celestial event research, but please when making a documentary like this, mention the thousands of Aboriginal American confederation Ally with Spain and stop with the bearded man theory. Some summerians were depicted brown skin with no facial hair and there language is isolate. That means many languages created places like Sumeria, Teotihuacán, Puma Punku, Hokia ect. Ect.. "Ameriancentric"….

  19. 11:52 Would calling the Incas "indians" be the correct term? Was the narrator just using a term in which the Spanish would have used, or was this just an error? Maybe I'm just overthinking this…

  20. Spanish thieves were not interested in making Incas believe the Bible.The Bible was only good excuse to kill people. Believe or die. Everything that belongs to you now is mine.They just destroy the culture and plundered the treasure.

  21. I watched for about 20 minutes and thought it was fairly interesting but stopped because I was constantly interrupted by ads… Oh yes, probably that old quest for gold…

  22. Invasions!! de Cristobal Colon and his immigrants they were not Conquistadores they way the Europeans portray! I don't think we Original American thought this people were gods because the way this poor people show up in rags and very dirty, it took months to cleans his body's. the reason they find easy to poses the gold and the rest of our richness was by kill us in the most sinister ways. Is been almost 600 hundreds years of  laid and misleading about our Continent America. You the indian not us our name is Aborigines' not Indians, nomanas not immigrant's.

  23. La "violencia ideológica", la despiadada estrategia con la que los incas sometieron a otros pueblos ESTE ES EL TITULO DE LAS BBC NEWS MUNDO del artuculo publicado el 1 septiembre 2019 . Título que no coincide en absoluto con el contenido cientifico que llevaron a cabo los antropologos;
    "El fuerte de los incas fue su diplomacia, resalta el arqueólogo, era la principal manera en que el régimen imperial se relacionaba con los grupos locales a medida que expandía su territorio. En esa región no hay duda de que se ejerció la diplomacia a través de rituales y repartición de bebidas y alimentos.
    En pleno siglo XXI quierten seguir escribiendo nuestra histoir, perdon QUIEREN SEGUIR DISFRAZANDO NUESTRA HISTORIA . Saben muy bien que sin identidad nos dominan mejor. Para colocar titulos con EPITETOS primero haytq eu tener autoridad moral, señores

  24. documentaries have this way of making us feel so very awful for the horrific things that were done in the past..
    and by we, i mean all people regardless of their lineage or where they're from
    people do such terrible things.. and it seems like the most terrible things leave the biggest scars..
    the good things tend to get washed away over time. meh.

  25. Really indebted with your efforts of decoding the Enkas…And also about how Church vanished their vast knowledge treasure and people spreading"7 days Creation" called such a knowledgeable people Barbarians….funny the superstitious named the knowledgeable as barbarian .

  26. theses folks didn't base there whole lives on fables and or made up stories the ancients were much smarter than us god bless these people !!!

  27. I guess some people did not watched the entire documentary. Some badly written propaganda about the beliefs of Incas in there. Specially on how they were "stupid" and let themselves be destroyed. This chapter of our Southamerican history has much more to it than just "we were naive and they were just following what they believed". Unfortunately, as it seems, even some of the people who had ancestors in that episode believe this badly written pile of conjectures they call "history".

  28. This documentary was very interesting. I have learned about the culture ideas i never knew. When Mr. Sullivan said that he is from Massachusetts. I wondered where? Educated at UMASS perhaps? He looks and talks like old as antique sage. The pic of the Moon over the mountain made me think of how there is enormous crater at the south pole of the Moon where the gravity has pulled a large pocket of metal and electromagnetic energy. I have seen a video of black spots of dust over Pluto, taken by the Hubble telescope. I did not know what caused the Inca civilization to gradually decline until you explained the astrological events in the Milky Way in 650 and 1400. Thank you very much for making this video.

  29. The only way to know for sure how life was under the Incas, or the Spanish, would be to own a time machine. All the comments below are pure speculation dressed up as knowledge. Why ignorant people feel the urge to pretend they know something that they can't possibly know is a mystery to me. Perhaps their egos won't allow them to admit the truth….that they don't know.

  30. I'm from India 🇮🇳 , we should say British were looks like saints in front of these Catholic fanatics. They were Only interested in trade and commerce.

  31. I like how they mention that they're peaceful for ending a super long civil war. That's not being peaceful lol, peace is when you don't fight a civil war in the first place!

  32. Just my opinion but the Spanish, in the 1500s 1600s committed genocide on a scale that would make Hitlers Nazis look like a walk in the park. That aside, i think that the Spanish began the inquisition i believe in part to atone for this genocide. But just my opinion.

  33. Every Great Civilization (Egypt, Incas) destroyed by Muslim, Chirst, Jews by the Name of God n Allah. Still today they Can't find how it was built nd they think they r the Great Modren Civilization. Shame on us….

  34. Feel so sorry for the Inca . Also grateful as I am part of 1 of the only civilization that isn't Christian or Islamic. The Christians are trying still to destroy us calling to "save them " . I pray they never succeed. India will never be yours. Western religions. I will not convert even if it means my death.i choose to die pagan.

  35. Thank you Bill for taking the time and study the inca . No one felt this kind of study is important. You will forever be remembered for this work.

  36. Bill Sullivan's theories are a bunch of supersticious nonsense which cherry picks certain oral traditions and myths. There are many reasons why the mighty Inca empire fell into the hands of a bunch of Spaniards. A raging civil war amongst various claimants for the vacant throne, diseases which unfortunately had already started to spread amongst the indigenous population, the lofty god-like position of the Inca emperor, which made their society very vulnerable, grave erors of judgement of the last emperor Atahualpa, and a good deal of plain dumb luck are amongst the reasons why the Spaniards were able to conquer the Inca empire. Also neighboring tribes allied with them against the Incas who were considered to be their oppressors. The area was by no means a peaceful and unified realm.
    The theories which are promoted in this documentary are nothing more than new-age flavored theories which may have emerged after the Inca empire had fallen, because people understandably tried to make sense of what had happened to their society. But there are contemporary indigenous witnesses whose voices have been recorded and who explain what had happened in a much more rational way. And it's also not true at all that the Incas just accepted what had happened because they believed that they were doomed by astronomy.
    There was a long and tenacious resistance and the Inca learned pretty quickly that the Spaniards were vulnerable, too, and how they could hurt them effectively. They even captured horses and learned how to use them. It was a fierce struggle over many decades. I think it's uninformed racism (although unintentional) to suggest that the Inca were so supersticious that they believed their downfall was inevitable. There were remaining Inca leaders who managed to hold out in their hidden city Vilcabamba which wasn't in the high Andes but much lower near the Amazon rainforest. It's a fascinating story which deserves to be told. The fall of the Inca empire wasn't inevitable at all, and history could have taken a very different direction, if only Atahualpa had decided to attack and capture the Spaniards when they first met. Atahualpa didn't think at all that his empire was doomed. He just couldn't imagine that someone would be bold enough to attack his god-like persona if he only showed a strong and superior demeanor. He had already figured out that the Spaniards and their strange large animals were neither gods nor immortal. But there are no ifs and buts in history. IMO astronomy and astrology had nothing to do with the eventual outcome.

  37. Commenters demonizing the Spanish for conquering a culture that practiced human and child sacrifice is upside-down. There is an old saying that predicts that when the cycle of time is near to reset (errr….something like that), people will become so bad that they will call evil good and good they will call evil. DANG! It seems that prediction was true!

  38. Ancient people's witnessed a sky much different and active to our own today, witnessing a reconfiguring of the solar system or the gods. A few lightbulbs would couldn't have stopped what was seen.

  39. 13:00 that's very explicit colonization. interesting bit… the Pleiades over sun may solstice thing, and then foxs tail in winter… 34:00 you got the jupiter and saturn conjunction… 650 AD

  40. They're still here, the remainder of their ancestor, and like them continue to hold the modern waves of invasion. From north to south the indigenous peoples of the Americas today are but a minute fraction of what they were in pre columbian time.

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  42. not gold alone …but lust for fresh flesh………..yes that which is more irresistible than just a piece of a shiny metal but it is then that.. that metal is loved too by the flesh….even by the helpless as trade was prevalent to decide life and death.

  43. I met Dr. Sullivan back in 2004 in Las Vegas Nevada,
    "Holy Blood Holy Grail" he asked me to read.
    California has a "few interesting metals" that the "cosmos"…
    I now find GOLD.
    I would like to meet Dr. Sullivan again, I hear things you are going to want to "decipher" due to the gold I pan.
    Sincerely Tom Weidler in Las Vegas Nevada.

  44. Those watching this. Fp you view as that was amazing an interesting. I wonder if that is how god sees it. Also there myths od God's an such. Of how we where made an such. You dont ask your self. A 1000 years from now or more. They will say that about us. Maybe there was a people full of greed killing each other. Till one day they nuked one another an the fee that ehere left started all over agian

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