The Society Cast Recaps Season 1 | *Lots of Spoilers* | Netflix

The Society Cast Recaps Season 1 | *Lots of Spoilers* | Netflix

– I’m Natasha.
– And I’m Jacques. – I’m Sean.
– And I’m Gideon. – [Alex] Kathryn Newton
– [Kathryn] Alex Fitzalan – We’re gonna tell you
everything that happened in Season One of our show, “The Society”. (ominous music) – “The Society” Season
One starts out in a small, quiet New England town
full of rich people. So you know something
bad’s about to happen. – Right off the bat we meet
the real main antagonist of the show, the Smell, which is
exactly what it sounds like. – Umm – Two teens, Kelly and Harry,
are innocently making out like they’ve never seen a horror movie before. – They are reprimanded by
their classmate Cassandra, who Harry clearly does not like. – Student body president
isn’t enough for you, now you’re hall monitor too, Cassandra? – Cassandra and Harry are in a school play performing a bit of the foreshadowing in the form of everyone’s
favorite AP English read, WS Gilberts’ “Rosencrantz
and Guildenstern”. – Not a flicker of doubt. – Back to the story! – Harry and Kelly catch
Harry’s mom arguing with a creepy guy in her office,
but Harry’s mom brushes it off because she’s rushing
to get to a meeting with the rest of the town’s
government where they are all concerned about the darn smell. – ‘Cause it’s stinky! – There’s no reason to
suspect that this stink poses any health hazard. – Quick rundown of our characters: – Cassandra, my sister, the
golden child of the school and her family. – Harry, the popular,
unbelievably handsome rich kid who hates Cassandra. – Kelly is Harry’s girlfriend
who has the most badass character arc of the season
where she goes from like a mousy girlfriend of the rich, hot kid… – To a strong as fuck,
let me teach myself how to deliver a baby, empowered female. – It’s a girl. – Allie, a very minor character,
Cassandra’s younger sister who can’t keep up with her
older sis and is in love with her B-F-F Will. – Will, who has a bad home
life and maybe likes Kelly? – We also briefly meet Grizz,
the poetic jock that you can immediately tell has layers to him. – Sam is deaf student who has
a very mean brother, Campbell. – Sam’s best friend is Becca. She’s sassy and we are here for it! – Helena, Hello! is the moral compass of
the class and loves Jesus almost as much as she
loves her boyfriend Luke. – And guns. There’s also the standoffish
Elle, who Campbell has taken a liking to, and it’s uncomfortable. – It’s pretty awkward. – Why did you pick me? – All teens, 16 and up, are
going on a class trip to the Smoky Mountains, which again,
sounds like the start of a horror movie but no one seems
(laughing) worried about it! – While being bused up to the
Smoky’s, every single teen on the bus falls asleep, and
when they wake up, all the adults and kids under the
age of 16 are missing! Their cells phones don’t have data. All text messages are green,
and there’s no internet! – Well, the kids do what
the kids do best, party! (lively music) – School’s out forever, bitch, right? (laughs)
Wrong! – Things take a turn when
they try to leave town only to find out every way out is now
surrounded by dense forest. But hey, what’s more
fun than thinking about existential dread? – Deadly snake bites,
looting, fighting, partying, you know, everyday anarchy
stuff, it’s pretty good. – Until someone dies, and
someone definitely does. – Well now that the shit’s
hit the fan the group quickly realizes they need
to learn how to live and somehow create order amongst
a bunch of hormonal teens. – Cassandra steps up to the task. – You want chaos? Fucking shoot me. – Unfortunately the jocks
don’t see it that way, but Cassandra, being
the smart badass she is, convinces their girlfriends
to be on her side, and those boys aren’t gonna
get what they want unless the girls get what they want. – There’s no I in team, right? – Sam and Campbell find out
that some of the parents in town including theirs and
Cassandra’s and Allie’s, were involved in some failed
deal to remove the smell. – Campbell threatens Sam to
be quiet about it because the lack of communication
definitely does not lead to conflict whatsoever. – All the while, Cassandra
literally is building a new society, get it, from the
ground up by rationing food, taking the inventory of
resources, setting up a police force in the form
of jocks known as The God. – And deciding everyone
is going to share houses, something the rich kids
aren’t happy about. – To keep spirits up,
they decided to have prom! (energetic music)
(wailing) – Now usually at a prom someone
gains telekinetic abilities and murders everyone, but at
this prom only one person dies. It’s Cassandra by way of
a mysterious gunslinger. (clicking tongue) – Becca announces she’s pregnant. – Don’t even think about
askin’ her who da daddy is. – Things quickly fall
back into anarchy with even more people getting gun happy. – Drop the gun, I’m serious!
– Please put the gun down! – Campbell gets even weirder with Elle. (growling) – Allie becomes the de facto leader effectively ruining her life. – I’m taking over the responsibility
of keeping us all safe. – Did you think it was just
going to be a fun teen romp, instead of a metaphor for
socialism that also exposes the dark parts of humanity? So sorry. – Fucking noted. – Allie’s first order of
business? Ban all guns. – Confiscating all guns. – Which truly works in
TV shows and reality! – Australia will tell ya that. – Everyone teams up to search
for Cassandra’s killer, and Sam confesses that
Campbell is a psychopath. – I just know he’s the monster. – The Allie squad gets
word from suspect number 2. Harry is now hooked on
drugs, thanks to Campbell. – That some kid named
Dewey shot Cassandra. – Dewey’s also a cuckoo misogynist. – But Allie still decides to have a trial. – Remember mock court in school? This is just like that,
except your classmates can sentence you to death. – Dewey is found guilty,
but says that Harry gave him the idea and Campbell helped him do it. Campbell is arrested and
Allie has to decide if she can sentence her cousin to death. – Who literally maybe
killed the dog and tried to drown his girlfriend! (gurgling) – Allie lets Campbell
go, which can’t be good. – It’s not.
– It’s not good. – Allie and two of the guards
shoot Dewey in a gun roulette so that no one has to feel
guilty about being the one to shoot him. – Oof.
– I just, I can’t. (gun bang) – Thanks to Allie, things
are going really well. Which means things are
about to get fucked. – Helena and Luke decide to get married. – Grizz comes out of the closet to Sam. – And we’re introduced to the
cutest, most innocent couple that must be protected at all costs. – Harry is deeply depressed
and still hooked on drugs, thanks to Campbell. – I don’t care. – They deduce that they’re
in some sort of parallel universe or alternate dimension. – This earth isn’t our own. – Did we mention this show is sci-fi? – Elle accidentally
poisons half of the town on Thanksgiving with a pumpkin pie when she was just trying to kill Campbell. – She’s trying to kill Campbell! – Just normal teen stuff. – We get it.
– Nothin’s wrong. – Allie decides to hold a
mayoral election as an act of good faith. – But of course that little
scamp Campbell has something up his sleeve by nominating
Cassandra’s main rival, Harry. – While all this is happening,
Grizz and a search party discover new, farmable
land through the woods. – Might actually be able to survive. – Becca has her baby and
she names it Eden, get it? Things are lookin’ up, right? – The election does not go as
expected with Allie and her entire group is beaten, arrested,
and the future of Newham totally uncertain. – These are people who betrayed us. – And hold on to your
butts for the cliffhanger that will make you rip your hair out. The last shot is of a sign
with the names of the residents of Newham hanging as their
parents read “Peter Pan” to younger kids of Westham. – What? – What? – Weird! – Now you’re all up to speed. – Thanks for watching!

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  1. I really hope Grizz is bi because I’m tryna find some action after I fell in love with him then he turned out to be gay and my dreams were crushed

  2. okay this might be weird but whenever theres a scene after a sam and becca or sam and somone else scene my ears are somehow shocked because of the fact that they're no longer speaking in asl or whispering and i dont like it sams soft voice sooths me for some reason and i like watching him and becca sign its pretty weird that i noticed this bout myself but yeah essentially sam is a god along with grizz

  3. We hope Grizz becomes a main character. If you like The Society as much as we do, you might enjoy our new SCIENCE FICTION web series THE COMPUTER LAB. We welcome new subs!

  4. Isn't the whole way the show starts just a copy of hamlin pied piper.

    The weird smell=the rats

    The mayor gets someone to get rid of it but doesn't pay=the town's people don't pay the pied popper

    The bus driver=pied pipper because he ends up taking the teens into the weird dimension like the pied pipper

    All the teens disappear= the kids get led awayk

    Even the town name west ham is like hamlin it's was located west and has ham in it.

    Or am I just trippin

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