The Sticking Point | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church

The Sticking Point | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church

Come on everybody feels comfortable just lift your hands everybody who doesn’t feel comfortable lift your hands King of Kings Lord of lords Jesus is your name we bless you honor. You respect you admire you and adore you But really we want you to know that we need you we know that For the things that we encounter as human beings that we cannot understand on the level of our existence we need divinity Would you direct the paths of each of the precious people that you assemble together today See I know that we think we decided to come to church but really you brought us to this place Something that you want to remind us of something that you want to show us something that you want to reveal and whatever it is clear out the debris of disappointment that has accumulated in our souls this week a place for your glory and your presence to dwell we are your temple and We reverence you And we worship you and we Praise you in Jesus name and the whole church said together. Amen. Amen Come on let’s show the Lord that he’s important to us Well look at the person next to you and tell them I love you so much Tell them I love you. Come on. Tell them. I love you Like Homer loves donuts on The Simpsons Come on tell them I love you like Kanye loves Kanye Tell them you’re my number one with the lemonade tell them right now See if they’re saved how many of you are saved delivered on your way to heaven glad about it God is so faithful. We want to welcome all of our campuses. Let’s do that right now Ballantyne. Let’s welcome all of our locations all over the Charlotte area, Asheville, North Carolina, Greenville, South Carolina Toronto Canada, Melbourne, Florida Come on, let’s thank God for Raleigh, Morrisville. Amen Should we see who’s watching on our EFAM our extended family around the world There’s always many different cities in states and nations watching somebody pull it up for me Go ahead and pull it up on the Elevation Church YouTube Make sure you go on the Elevation Church one because it’ll have the most viewers You go over to elevation worship. It’s not as popular So good are you gonna get that on that new song? You never lost a battle are you gonna get that on Friday make sure you get that stream that That’s gonna be so good you can just get it stuck in your head all the time now how many you’ll have that song stuck in your head you we didn’t sing it today, but which seems like a strategic misfire that we’re releasing at Friday, and we didn’t sing it today, but Anyway, it’s a good song to get stuck in your head But I promise you your wife would rather hear Tiffany and Chris sing it than you. You can’t sing So download it stream it and play it let the professionals do it You could sing along tell me where you’re watching from on the comments of YouTube Oakland, California, Wisconsin,
Seattle, Nigeria Rockwall, North Carolina You ever been to Rockwell. Have you heard of it? I hadn’t neither Indiana Charlotte Supposed to be a church You better have the flu and measles the mumps the shingles or something Uganda Atlanta Chicago Pennsylvania Brazil Baltimore it’s so fast it’s scrolling so fast Guatemala Dominican Indonesia ask somebody. Where did you come from? And what are you cooking for lunch? Can I come over ask them that real quick? And then welcome all of our EFAM around the world Let’s give out. Let’s give out seventeen hugs on our way down to our seat. Can we do that? Are you ready for the word of God come on, let’s thank God for the worship team The reason I said that I don’t know how else to transition them off the stage Awkwardly, you can be seated. I’ll talk to you about something today that came up in a creative team meeting. I was asked the question about Songwriting and sermon writing which one do I enjoy more? To which I responded. It depends on what part of the process you catch me during because there are certain times where a sermon idea will come to me and I will feel enlightened and spiritual and confident Can’t wait to preach it get me a new 9-volt battery in my microphone and Gather the people. I have something to say from heaven then five minutes later I look at the same idea and it just seems so ridiculous and Simple and basic and I basically tell y’all everything I know every week. I’m just waiting on you to actually do it one time And i’m just kidding you’re great you’re growing I know your disciple but It’s like the process of creativity It has certain points in it when I was talking about it I called it the sticking points and as I talked about that creatively I want to speak about it today That’s the title of my message is called the sticking point because everything that you love in life is going to have a part of the process that you don’t like and a part that is going to tempt you to quit and It doesn’t mean you don’t love it I don’t know when we started thinking that we have to love everything or liked everything all the time You know, I quit my job because I wasn’t feeling it. Well, were you feeling indoor plumbing go back to work? Pay your bills you don’t have to love everything all the time, you know Because everything that you love is going to have a part. I called it a sticking point It’s gonna have a part or parts That you don’t prefer Okay, I can’t tell if you’re with me yet let me take this a level deeper every person that you love Look straight ahead It’s gonna have some parts that You don’t prefer I’m gonna say it that way. It’s gentler than saying that you don’t like or that you want to change Not me. I love everything about him you’re dating. It’s been two weeks I can tell Because every person and and there’s a parable about this Jesus said that the kingdom of heaven is like a man who found a treasure and was excited and So he liked the treasure so much that he sold everything and bought the field that the treasure was in So if you want the treasure, you’ve got to buy the field this isn’t going good We want the treasure not the dirt that comes around it We want the treasure or the blessings or sometimes we want those those joyful moments But even if you love your marriage There will be some times Where you just what I control the TV Without any voting, you know, even if you love your kids There will be times where you will secretly Google adoption agencies to see I’ve never actually done that for the record. I’d get hate mail but everything you love even preaching there’s times when when I’m preaching that I feel the spirit and then there’s times where I look at the wrong person in the room and I feel another spirit The spirit of stress the spirit of Even even people will walk out sometimes while you’re preaching and I called it while I was talking to them the sticking point it’s the moment where you start to doubt what you were so secure in it’s It’s the moment where your mood doesn’t match your mission, but you’ve got to push through anyway Because you’ve got something important to do It’s the moment where oh, I didn’t know that about you when I said I do well you did and now you do The sticking point for scriptural example, I Thought of no better passage than the classic Exodus where God led his people out of Egypt through the Red Sea Did you notice what I said? In my set up through the Red Sea? Not over it on a boat but through it on foot you are going through something right now You are at a sticking point. I Don’t know if it is a state of mind because sometimes we are stuck not in our situation but in our state of mind Even recently Holly pulled up a picture from a few years ago when we were flying home from Seattle and We got stuck in Chicago overnight on layover We were laughing because we were in such a bad mood we were just remembering how How late it was It was probably 10 o’clock at night. But let’s make it 2:00 in the morning just for dramatic effect on the story creative
license but it was late in our bags were checked and we had no clean underwear and We checked into this horrible hotel that American Airlines had put on and we were stuck in Chicago and we were laughing about that We weren’t laughing when it happened We were laughing looking at when it happened, you know two or three years ago And I remember that when we got stuck in Chicago. Well, why were we stuck in Chicago? technically American Airlines, but if you take it apart a little bit more The the the city of Chicago is a city that we like We have visited there by choice before When I preached for Steve Muncie and Jay Mac, we stayed over two extra days Just so we could shop and watch the Cubs We had a good time too. We ate deep-dish pizza, this was in my early 30s when I could do it and just plank a little bit and they would fall right off but We did some we had marital enrichment in the hotel room on that trip. That was a good trip So there’s nothing wrong with Chicago It wasn’t it wasn’t Chicago wasn’t like it was Des Moines. I Love y’all so much you’re so triggered My aunts from there. When’s the last time you went to see her, huh huh huh It wasn’t it wasn’t the situation that we were stuck in the reason we called it stuck is Because it wasn’t on our schedule You better get to the text Furtick Exodus chapter 14 Verse 10 the Israelites are leaving Egypt, right God heard their cry They were stuck as slaves for four centuries Serving Pharaoh who had taken away their building materials increasing their requirements while reducing their resources, so They’re stuck and God hears them and God breaks through and God uses Moses to lead them out because there comes a period where God sees you stuck and Realizes that you cannot get yourself out of the situation So he said I’ve heard the cries of my people and I have come down to visit them and when he chose Moses to do it he knew all about Moses brokenness and he knew all about Moses reluctance and he led them out and he Compelled Pharaoh to let them go not the first time not the second time But after ten plagues of negotiation, you know sticking point is a negotiation term They talk about it in business. Well, we almost had the deal done But then the asking price was a sticking point because they wouldn’t let me finance it over five years they wanted me to pay it off in three or Or they wanted me to leave the septic tank and I wanted to dig it out and take it with me We hit a sticking point. You know, you hit a sticking point in your faith you hit a sticking point in a relationship you hit a sticking point in your life and you’ve come as far as you can come and then God comes down and he Sees you struggling and he does for you what you cannot do for you and then don’t shout You come to something that wasn’t on your schedule Exodus 14 verse 10 when Pharaoh drew near wait, what’s Pharaoh doing in the picture? I thought we were done with him. No Okay, can I preach on half of a verse Y’all got anything to do after this or should we just look Complete the sentence if you grew up in church complete the sentence where God guides He provides true let me add to it Where God doesn’t guide he still provides because he’s so good Have you ever had God bless you when you were going backwards and doing the wrong stuff There’s angels in this section over here Have you ever Elijah in the Bible? He was running from Jezebel in the wrong direction from his assignment He laid down and wanted to die Even though he had seen God do great things and the angel made him a cake He was going away from his assignment and God fed him with an angel food cake now Don’t look at me Like the reason that you always ate is because you were always good some of you know that you didn’t deserve it You didn’t earn it. You didn’t pray enough to get it. You didn’t quote Philippians You didn’t always take the right turn or follow the North Star But God tracked you down under a broom tree and bless you anyway Some people who were blessed anyway to shout just 10 seconds just shout because he said you even as you fled from him So where God guides he provides but even where God doesn’t God he’ll still take care of you because you’re his And then I wanted to add one more see if you could put this on Pinterest, okay Because they’re leaving Egyptl here comes Pharaoh their enemy behind them They hear clickety clack clickety clack clickety clack. That’s Pharaoh’s Lamborghinis These are fast chariots because they’re here Pharaoh’s best and they’re being chased down on their way out And so they turn around and see something that they can’t go back to Look forward and see something that they can’t get over Now they got to go through it Because where God guides No, not that one this one where God guides Pharaoh follows And so in negotiation terms, they’ve reached a sticking point because here’s a little business tactic Okay, I’m gonna do a seminar on negotiating right now I’m not going to charge you It’s not $49. You can just listen If someone is Holding on to something in a negotiation. That means it’s valuable if They don’t let it go easy That means it has great worth I don’t know who I’m preaching to but the devil hasn’t been letting you go easy You’ve been trying to shake this for a long time and and the reason maybe the reason if the devil is real and if destiny is a fact and not just a concept or a fantasy Maybe the reason that it’s been so difficult for it to let you go is because what you carry is Of such great Value I believe this in my core Some of you are at a sticking point right now and Pharaoh wont let you go easy cause once you get through this There is great glory If you’re ever if you’re ever negotiating with someone and they’re like, oh, yeah, I’ll throw it in it’s nothing Yeah, you can have that too. It’s nothing But if they ever pull it back you know every time you try to get out of depression and Addiction and you try to stop with the pills and you try to stop with the porn and you try to stop with the This is a sticking point for some of you you’ve been flushing it but then you buy it again And then you’ve been deleting it, but then you put it back and then you’ve been walking away from it But then you feel drawn to it and I wanted to tell you that when you get stuck That means you’re on the verge of something Significant God has his hand on your life That’s the first half of the first verse in Pharaoh’s near where God guides Pharaoh follows The proof of God’s activity in your life will often be the increase of resistance And Behold the Egyptians were marching after them and they fear greatly. Yeah, I bet they did This is not stuck in Chicago This is not this is not we’re gonna have to catch the 6:35 a.m. Flight out Central Standard Time. This is pulses pounding panic triggered by the trauma of a lifetime of bondage and so they’re standing there and This is one thing that happens. They start arguing with Moses. Look it says verse 11 They said to Moses because there are no graves in Egypt that you’ve taken us to die in the wilderness What have you done to us and bringing us out of Egypt? So now they’re fighting the one who’s helping them Parents, don’t worry about it they’ll thank you one day Maybe if you don’t kill them Is this not what we said to you in Egypt verse 12 well leave us alone that we may serve the Egyptians I never heard him say that all they were doing before they got out was praying to get out Well, let’s all admit okay when you get stuck you get stupid I’m not saying you are stupid but for me some of the dumbest decisions I made Was cause I got sick of being stuck so i’m a just there’s something Sick of this, you know when you hit send oh no Unsend unsend unsend unsend I meant the unsend button But When you get stuck Elijah came in our room the other night, this is Friday night, and we were both asleep. We were We were off-duty on parenting and for the night and Our office hours are you know? 7:00 a.m. To 5:00 p.m. And it’s off-duty and He comes in the room laughing and we were both asleep And he’s like you not gonna believe this he’s laughing And he had gym shorts mesh elevation youth champion gym shorts hanging from his braces He said get it off get it off and I was going to right but I said first, let me get a video Real quick, I’m a show you this Listen Break oh, yes look Cause I Wish you would look at your neighbor and tell them when you get stuck You get stupid Maybe don’t date anybody for six months until you heal from the last heartbreak because when you get I’m in Exodus 14 When you get stuck you reach for stuff You reach for the stuff that you flushed when you get stuck when you get lonely when you get hungry when you get tired when you get stuck, ah Now I got the whole thing hanging out my mouth. Ah Now I got a rainbow vacuum cleaner. Ah now, I got a timeshare when you get stuck I didn’t do it cause I didn’t love God I did it because I was stuck And when you hit the sticking point everybody’s like come on rejoice I can’t I’m stuck Stuck in a memory, you’re been stuck in a memory I’m stuck in a pattern I’m stuck in a generational thing that started before I ever came to the planet. I’m just stuck. I Get stuck preparing these sermons. Thisit’s horrible I’m not playing now. I know I’ve been showing you you know, like illegal footage of my children and everything in church Orthodontist is gonna kill me Monday he’s a great orthodontist – doctor, uh Dr. Hole y’all should look him up. He’s great. He’s got to fix that tomorrow We’re gonna have some business for him, but when I get to prepare these sermons, I Get stuck and it’s horrible because the sticking point it makes me want to just like give up on everything I’ve worked on Please don’t think that I’m preaching to you about preaching That’s too meta I’m preaching to you about preaching because that’s where I get stuck and I think you might get stuck sometimes too. I Mean when when I go to prepare It’ll just be moments where None of it makes sense For everybody that’s like 40 and older Like when you had antennas On the TV and you you could see the station But not fully Because you’re watching your neighbor’s HBO before you got saved before BC It’s under the blood now But It’ll scramble and I won’t even know ever start. I’ll be like, I don’t know what to say I’m preaching about Moses coming through the Red Sea and already preached about that before and you know They already know they got through the Red Sea. So this will alert won’t be interesting So maybe I should started with Abraham because as Abraham Isaac Jacob and then Joseph went to Egypt We never meant to get trapped in Egypt. We went there to get food But sometimes you get trapped where you went to get food and sometimes place where you go to survive this place where you get stuck May be stuck there, but I already preached to have a couple weeks ago in the probably will remember that they come every week They don’t ever miss That’s how about the burning bush cause went through the burning bush and they was burning up But it wasn’t burn up it just burn it women burn up and maybe that’s like I said sometimes in the presence comes and our passion stays alive even though Would go through stuff and we burn what we don’t burn up in the proof of your presence is the fact that we’re on fire But we stay on fire. Even though we go through all kinds hell I’ll have to do that I’ll tell about the bricks and the straw you know, there’s very good to be talked about Holly you sometimes you have all the mud but you don’t have the straw and so you gotta go get your own straw and you didn’t have a dad so you try to be a dad and you don’t have what you need to be what you’re trying to be in the devil use that as condemnation try to keep you stuck enslave as your own and then after that man, I’m like, oh my god I need a nap and I would just feel like I don’t know where to preach this sermon on Sunday And I’m stuck and I get so stuck out I don’t want to say anything How y’all doing praise the Lord And I figure you get stuck too Even if you don’t preach sermons, I figure you go You’re not gonna have this meeting at the kids school I’m gonna go down there and talk to the principal because I don’ think principal was being fair to my kid But I’m gonna teach my kids sometimes if people aren’t fair life something. I let me go through things Maybe name a learner that I figured you get stuck sometimes I figure if you get stuck to sometimes it’s a sticking point and This is not the first time that you’ve been stuck andk This is not the first time Moses was stuck. And that’s the good thing about it if he did it before I Just want to keep you breathing today cause I know you’ve been stuck if he did it before See we get stuck not always at the external circumstance Sometimes we get stuck in ourselves Sometimes stuck is a state of mind Chicago is a nice city, but you are supposed to be in Chicago Sometimes we get stuck not in where we are but where we were supposed to be in our plan for our life And so I’m stuck not necessarily in what it is But in what I thought it was going to be I get stuck in supposed to you have been stuck in supposed to my kids were supposed to be valedictorians I was supposed to be married still I was supposed to it could be very painful I would I was supposed to by now My retirement went out in 08′, I was supposed to be ready to quit working by now I was supposed to be married my roommate got married and she’s crazy and I’m good person and I’m a Christian girl and I sing in the choir an Elevation Ballantyne and I’m supposed to be married Some of us are stuck in what we think we were supposed to be And get stuck Didn’t get stuck in a season Every time in fall I start to feel a little drained from the ministry of the year and Then depression can come in because it’s the same Same Same Same Same Same and then Everybody else in the church is feeling the same way And then I got a preach to y’all So like, you know, I grew up in a low country of South Carolina You don’t know where I’m going with this yet, hang on They used to take their trucks out on Friday night and get stuck on purpose called it muddin But I found out something now you don’t get stuck in anything shallow If you feel stuck that means you’re in the deep stuff Maybe God is doing something deep in your life When you feel stuck Maybe when you feel stuck you’re building strength I mean, that’s the only way you really build strength right is to get to that sticking point to get to that point Where you can’t push through? I know you lift weights all the time P Wag how much you bench press Ha ha 535 All right 535 I’m making this up. I didn’t hear what he really said, but he’s big and you know He’s in there. I used to have this spotter in high school I didn’t bench press 535 but he would stand over me and the moment I started to struggle He would just lift the whole weight off of me. I Thought well, man That’s not a good spotter That’s not a good God To never let you have any weight That’s not a good God to never let you have any challenge how would he grow your faith No, see a good spotter your on rep 11, right? 5:35 rep 11. Ah And I’m just a little stuck and God is standing over your life I need you to know this and he sees where you’re stuck that Sticking point and he says I’m not gonna take it off of you. I’m gonna give you a lift Have you ever had God be your spotter? I declare the god of angel armies is Standing over your life And if you feel stuck he will do what you cannot do he is your strength He knows how to get me past the point where I’m stuck but now watch this you may not like this The first thinking point that Moses encountered was not Pharaoh The first sticking point that Moses encountered and maybe the greatest one is that he tried to negotiate with God And he got stuck He got stuck at the burning bush before he got stuck at the Red Sea Gods like I chose you Now he’s already stuck tending sheep for his father-in-law Jethro He’d been doing that 40 years cause he got mad at somebody and killed him because when you get stuck you get stupid and so now he’s doing something’s Doing something. That’s the consequence of his decision and then the Lord speaks to me is like I Chose you go to Pharaoh and tell him let my people go With the hand motions you go to Bible School fair affair. Okay, and so Moses is stuck. He’s like Give me chapter four verse one his four verse one. He said this because you might be stuck in yourselfxodus He said but behold they will not believe me, but you hadn’t even talked to them yet or Listen to my voice for they will say they will say the Lord did not appear to you know There’s two things about this that are wrong one is on other people and two. It’s about a future event. You can’t control either So he stuck and He stuck for good reason it’s because he knows himself He knows Moses You know you and to negotiate with God is usually like now I better not try that So I’m stuck in Myself and he’s already isn’t this crazy. He’s telling himself a story of what’s gonna happen You’ve been stuck in a story of what’s going to happen Wake up in the middle of the night. Sometimes just like ah I’m in a king-size bed Everything’s good Get the most beautiful woman in the world sleeping next to me. I’m screaming I’m stuck in a story of what might happen tomorrow or what has happened before You ever been stuck in a story Have you ever been stuck in yourself? Have you ever been stuck in a story about yourself I Mean rejection is painful, but Moses takes it to a new level This is not rejection. He rejects himself before anybody else has the chance to This is like advanced level region this is projection Huh? Why are you gonna try it’s a story of my life. Everything always goes wrong And I mean, I see this I don’t want to do a dating seminar We already did a negotiation seminar when you asked her out on a date like I know you don’t want to Have some confidence to it man walk up to her like hey, I didn’t know if you wanted to go Tuesday or Wednesday Come on I’m helping you name your kid Larry that’s my legal first name but Moses is like I Can’t do this. I know me. I don’t have it. I can’t do it he’s stuck in a story about himself now the Bigger story does not revolve around you Remember that When when we get stuck in ourselves, we miss the whole point that God is doing something that is bigger than you It’s bigger than what’s wrong with you. It’s bigger than what you didn’t do It’s bigger than the time you wasted and is certainly bigger than the opinions of others So God makes this kind of like pep talk. He’s like What is that in your hand? What is that in your hand? Which this wouldn’t make me feel any better if I’ve got to lead a whole nation and tell the most powerful man in the world Let my people go. Oh Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yeah, it’s like what is that in your hand and Moses says give me the verse a Staff the ESV calls it a staff But technically it’s a stick For every sticking point in your life God has given you a stick And you’ve got one right now In order for Moses to see what that instrument could be He had to release it and throw it down on the ground when he released it on the ground it became a snake until You surrender it you will never see what it could be I’m a preach this thing I’m going home in a minute But let me tell you something right now If you will release it, if you will put it before God if you will say here’s my intellect Here’s my will here’s my understanding. Here’s my ability. You will watch it transform It will transform it became a snake to become a sign because Moses needed to know this is really God Because he was stuck in himself and when you need to get out of yourself You have to release what God has given you so he can show you what it can become But then he had to he had to do something crazy He had to do something that I would never do he had to do something that you only do if you really love nature He he had to pick up the snake Because when he first released it and it became a snake he ran from it because he was smart Not because he didn’t have faith but because he had intelligence But then God called him to reach for what he had been running from I Promise you I feel the Holy Spirit so strong right now And when he did it it turned back into a stick a Stick is something small But it would be that same stick I Need you to know this because you’ve never been through this challenge before You’ve never been 24 before you never been 61 before You never been a wife before you never been a mom before I’ve never been a dad before this is my first rodeo You never been through this before this wasn’t on my schedule and I don’t feel like I’m what I’m supposed to be for what I’m up against Can I tell you what God told Moses by the power of the Holy Spirit That when you stand in front of those red seas in your life God took him back and Showed him the same stick The same stick that God had changed into a snake and back into a stick That same stick and he told him in Exodus 14 verse 16. I want you to take your stick and point it at what you’re going through I Want you to take your stick and I want you to point it at what you can’t get over I Want you to take your stick keep the verse up cause this is right from the Bible and raise your staff I know it’s small. It always feels small. I Know that some of you are visited by the perpetual spirit of never enough, but it becomes enough when you stretch it It becomes enough when you use it. It becomes enough. This is the miracle of faith Why because God Changes things say it God Changes things that’s what he does God Changes things he turns morning to dancing he changes things He gives beauty for ashes he changes things He turns shame into glory He turns crosses into empty tombs He turns graves into gardens He turns bones into armies He turns seas into highways and if you will stretch what he gave you over what you’re going through you’re gonna get through this I declare it I Decree it God said it that settles it back up pharaoh I know it feels small and I know for many your energy has been diminished by what you’ve gone through and I know some of you feel too young and some feel too old and some feel too in between and some feel shut up and Trust your stuff Don’t do something stupid like give up and quit just because you feel tired I Felt tired from the 9:30 and I came out and preached this one and I had to get in a freezing cold shower To wake up Cause you need this word So I grabbed my stick and preached it Because I can’t stop doing what I’m called to do just because I’m tired But you will have to trust that it is enough Not that God is enough but that what he gave you is enough for where he put you this is a sticking point And if you sit there and try to negotiate with God you will miss it saddest thing in the world is that Moses never even went into the Promised Land He got stuck He hit he hit a rock with his staff the same staff that he raised over the sea and the waters parted and they got Through he took that staff Because he he was tired of the people and he struck the rock twice And God said now you you can’t go in because you don’t trust me enough Everything you love will have a part of the process that you will not like including following Jesus Did Jesus love the father Then why did he ask in the garden of gethsemane if there’s any other way I don’t want to do it because everything that you love Will have a part that you don’t like I’m so sick of my generation thinking that we always have to feel happy to move forward Sometimes we can do it because we love God enough and we love people enough and we’re called and because we have a staff I got a stick I gotta stick it out. I got a persevere. I have a purpose I have a reason I have a calling and no you can’t have me back there. pharaoh Come too far to get stuck here Some of you came from broken homes and broken families and and busted Situations and God would not bring you out here to drown you He’s dealing with your enemies stretch your stick and trust your stuff and go forward And Stand there It’s a small thing and if you trust him enough To stretch the small thing over the bigger thing. I don’t know what that is for you I’m going slow because I need you to imagine And I need you to see yourself on the other side of this What it’s gonna be like when you’re helping somebody else and All the hell that you went through isn’t wasted, but it’s invested It’s the dumbest thing, but I just saw a picture like Popeye or something of you just getting strong in your spirit cause you pushing past the sticking point now you got a spotter and God is not gonna let it fall on you But you got to imagine, okay okay, I Will rejoice again. I Will sing again Okay. Okay. My children are gonna be free because I fought for this. Okay, okay But but you will have to commit you You will have to you will have to walk through it and That means you have to walk through something that feels like it could collapse on you at any time This story goes that he stretched the staff he trusted God and God made a don’t you love this an Interstate highway through the sea who else can do that Who else can turn a sea into a highway a stick into snake it took only God can do it So The ability to walk through something that God is holding up for you You can’t stick your right foot in in your right foot out. You can’t hokey-pokey through the Red Sea It’s gonna mean saying that God I’m gonna see this through Must stay in this uncomfortable place I Would rather stay stuck and have you deal with what you need to deal with I would rather stay stuck and see your purpose for my life fulfill Because when you’re standing in front of something you’ve never seen before hold on to what you know You got a stick You got a stick and When it happens this week when you hit the sticking point if it’s a mood or if it’s a I don’t want to say this, but if it’s a mother-in-law or Or or if there’s something real deep and dark that we can’t talk about out loud When you hit it Use your stick small trust imagine commit and know that spells stick small trust God it doesn’t feel like much but it’s enough trust imagine commit and know father as Your word has gone forth today. I have experienced such a joy of Seeing these people receive this personal word and on the other side of the camera watching through a screen Somewhere is someone who needed this message and sitting in this room is someone who is at a sticking point and What they do next will determine So much About whether they stay stuck or move forward Everyone’s standing at all of our locations. No one leaving. Thank you lord glory to your name Thank you, Jesus Blessed be your name Holy is your name Worthy is your name worthy Is your name Worthy is your name When they got through to the other side y’all they started singing But sometimes you got to sing on the wrong side Worthy is your name Sometimes you’ve got to sing when you feel pain and you’ve got to offer God the sacrifice of praise and I wish there were about a thousand people of Elevation Ballantyne higher and a few hundred at Blakeney and a few hundred at Gaston that would just lift your hands and begin to worship God Begin to thank him that he turns seas into highways Begin to thank him that he turns morning to thank him that he still winds and waves And the things that only he can do and the glory only he deserves his name is great his word is true and it will come to pass you turn graves into gardens you turn bones into armies how many believe that come on sing it like you believe it every location Thank you for watching the Elevation Church YouTube channel Don’t stop here join the EFAM our online extended family and join us live every Sunday Subscribe to this channel, so you don’t miss a single video or live stream and share this with a friend You can also support the ministry by clicking the give Now button to help us continue to reach people around the world for Jesus Christ Thank you again for watching god bless you

100 thoughts on “The Sticking Point | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church

  1. I watch your messages often. Since I was a kid me and my friend dreamed to go to your church! we finally got to experience that this summer! I needed this message and I am so thankful that God knows what we need when we need it! thank you for your obedience! 🙏🏼

  2. Hi Pastor Furtick! I’m a Filipino teacher, working here in China. Your sermon has blessed me for almost 2 years now listening to YouTube. Thank you! God bless your Church!

  3. I'm in a relationship on again off again. I was thinking about leaving. I don't know if this message is saying leave or stay. He did say when you are stuck, you get stupid and reach out to stuff you flushed. It also says stick it out. So what is it?

  4. If you want to give everything you have to the thing that you love, you have to be willing to give everything you have to the thing you don't

  5. I'm bros Emmanuel and l know this one will impress you as u continue confronting the good spirits for Christ till we see each other live Love you❤✌

  6. I’ve been watching for a few years now and pastor Stevens sermons has pulled me out a lot of “sticky” places. I love this church, I believe in what they’re doing, and I love the pastor. I finally made my way to elevation for the first time for the “I caught a thought sermon”. I’m from the coast of Mississippi and I’ve been working on the east coast of New Hampshire so I thought I have to drive to Virginia so why not go a few extra hours and visit elevation. Before-hand I had debated going because of the drive, I thought what if pastor Steven isn’t there, or what if they knew I haven’t been to church in a while, and other thoughts that kept me swaying away from the idea. a lot of thoughts… But I caught one thought, -I thought what if I went to elevation church and something great happened? What if I go? What if God had a word for me? I decided to go no matter who would be there or who was preaching or whatever anyone thought didn’t matter. Arriving to elevation felt so surreal. I mean I’ve been watching this guy on YouTube for two years and I didn’t know what to expect. Everyone was welcoming, I felt so loved just being there, and I learned a lot during the sermon. They said a prayer at the end to welcome Christ as your savior and I said it too, I cried my eyes out, it was almost like I felt a renewing of my faith, like a recommitment of my life to Christ; it was a moment of surrender. A stranger had noticed and jumped over like three chairs just to hug me and it was a feeling of being broken but loved at the same time. I went there believing something great would happen and it did. It was exactly what I needed to hear and experience. Definitely a moment in time I’ll never forget. I was hoping to meet Steven but I didn’t get the chance to but I did leave with more than I deserved. I can’t wait to go back and I kinda want to move there because of the church. Steven aka Larry thanks for your dedication and perseverance; more over I thank God for working though you and your ministry. You’re like a big brother to me and I’m sure to many more. Every time I get on YouTube there’s always a video from your channel and it’s exactly what I need to hear when I need to hear it. Thanks again, keep up the great work, and God bless!!!!

  7. God Changes Things … thank YOU LORD JESUS for replenishing us and for giving us the strength to move forward IN YOU

  8. I'm "unstuck" finally at 50 ! I was "stuck", struggling for many years!!! Always thought I could fix it matter what it was. I struggled trying to fix everything and EVERYONE. Finally I surrendered all to my GOD. All My trust is in GOD now .not man. Hes been there with me through it all , never forsaken me and is always by my side!" Praise God " thank you Lord!🙂

  9. I have absolutely no words for how God speaks to us when we need it most , thank you God for blessing Pastor Steven Furtick to deliver such a profound life – changing message . I struggle with addiction & this was for me #STICKINGPOINT
    All Glory , Honor & Praise to God our father & Christ our King
    In Jesus Name we will all be set free when we use our S.T.I.C.K(s) !!!!!!!!!!

  10. Praise the Lord good evening family in Christ I know everything has a season as the Lord says in his word and one of the chapters honestly I can’t pronounce it laugh out loud my season is with this wonderful pastor number one I enjoyed very much the young you think Christ Jesus I guess me a spark of seeing them shine in Christ Jesus serving him singing to him specially dancer friend Pastor Steven is real is humorous just like GOD IS…

  11. The best part of this pastor is every Tyrone has such a strong meaning to his actions how we express is when he’s preaching his laughter he makes it fun Very BUT very realistic because God is very much real please enjoy him and thank you God bless you Pastor and family

  12. Pleeeease put spanish subtitles!!!! The spanish version (audio) doesn’t feel the same😪….i like it better with his own voice

  13. Stepping out in faith burns but looking forward to the stretching that'll bring growth and strength🏋️‍♂️🏋️

  14. Pastor Steven Furtick thank you for your dedication and hard work. I listen to all your messages and working on APPLYING IT TO MY LIFE!:) which is the hard part…

  15. Well Pastor Steven, you didn't half speak to me through his Spirit, through this. I'm at Bible school, working full time single parent of two, my kids have grabbed the Autistic bull by the horns, Neurological disorder bull by the horns (one child), 6 months of seizures and now my other girl is fighting stage 2 cancer and she's on a rest before radiotherapy… there is so much to genuinely 'worry' about to do with radiotherapy for a two area affected whole system. I am aiming my staff at these things and commanding them still and away – Praise God. You have spoken truth into my very being. I Praise God for your Ministry. I am in Surrey, in the United Kingdom, and God spoke this message to me today.

  16. Fellow believers, is this really the primary reason this story was included in Matthew's account? Are we actually to believe that the writer of this gospel, one of the twelve closest disciples of the Son of God, intended for people to draw life lessons from the temptation of Jesus, an even of truly cosmic proportions? Or could there have been something more important for his audience to grasp?

    Jesus was tempted in every way that we are (Satan's approach here parallels that of Gen. 3), yet without sin. Matthew writes to demonstrate that Jesus is the long awaited Messiah, which this story supports. Jesus not only resists the temptations of the devil but shows that he will obey God to the letter, following his will all the way to the cross. This is the beginning of the gospel, something that is woefully absent in this video.

  17. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, dear pastor Steven Furtick, that you let Our Lord speak this message through you! I am one of your e-fams’ members from Switzerland who needed this Word of God so badly at this point in my life. I am so very grateful. You made my day. May God bless you, pastor, your wife Holly, your kids and your church!

  18. Thank you Heavenly Father, for Steven to share the word. To feel your presence through YouTube so I can just imagine in person how amazing it is. I pray for you Steven to continue to share the word of God. I’ll be forever thankful for you and how amazing he is working in you. ♥️

  19. Here in Uganda. Whenever i miss watching live on Sundays, i rush back to youtube on monday mornings…when my boss is not watching. Much love for you Pastor Steven and the whole Elevation family.

  20. I love you Pastor Steven and I pray for you daily….I am addicted to you! You rock and genuine and make learning the word of God and applying it in everyday living seem easier and easier because the Lord works in and through that you may impart grace to the hearers. Thank you and may God continue to work in and through you for HIS glory.

  21. Such a great word!!!!! I needed this…but the song at the end I have been trying to find…something about those words brings fire to my soul…what is it called?

  22. I don't like the dig at Kanye 👎I don't think he'd appreciate it. I definitely didn't, all just to get a laugh out of the crowd. COME ON NOW. LOVE IS KIND and Our God Is Able. Why Not Kanye?????? I feel you should apologize to him and his family. Gutted. I was such a big fan.

  23. Hearing this after Needers and Feeders, plus the prophetic word delivered today through Neil Vermillion, GOD i hear you and I'm so grateful you know me, thank you GOD for making me over Phil 2:13

  24. What is the name of the song at the end? you turned seas into highways, you turned bones into armies, shame into glory, your the only one that can

    Found it… graves into gardens

  25. Ive been feeling like this year has been rough … money hasnt been great … me and my child cant seem to stay unsick and the cherry on top was my laundry room catching on fire at 3am … about 3 weeks ago … and I refuse to let my faith bend … I love Jesus even when it seems its raining rocks … I can get past anything with him by my side ♥️ amen !

  26. Love this message!!! Sometimes God USES those sticking points to make us stronger, because we must lean and trust in him! ❤️

  27. God bless you pastor, you've been God's voice to me, your teachings have helped transformed me into a superhuman "I can now do anything through Christ that strengthens me". Thank you, God has through you brought light into my life. I'm from Nigeria.

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