The Stone Age Tribe on a Banned Island You Can’t Visit

The Stone Age Tribe on a Banned Island You Can’t Visit

This video was made possible by audible get a free audiobook from Slash real life floor so this island here is North Sentinel island, and you’re not allowed to visit it There’s a few reasons why but first it’s important to know that North Sentinel island is part of the greater Andaman Islands which are in The middle of the Bay of Bengal of roughly 1300 kilometers away from India and three hundred kilometers away from Myanmar except for this tiny bit here the rest of the islands are governed by India and if that includes North Sentinel island right here the people who inhabit the island are known as the Sentinelese and even though their Island is technically a part of India They’ve probably never even heard of India or anywhere else for that matter you see the Sentinelese are one of the very last remaining groups of people on earth that have remained virtually untouched and uncontacted from modern civilization They live a hunter-gatherer lifestyle surviving from fishing hunting and gathering Plants similar to how all of our ancestors lived tens of thousands of years ago in the Paleolithic era if the real world was like a game of Civilization 5 then the Sentinelese would not have even discovered agriculture yet Which is the very first tech that you research in the game? They also have still not discovered a way of producing fire So they’ve been pretty isolated from the rest of human history and culture for untold Thousands of years the strange thing about this society though is how close it exists to the modern world the island is only? 50 kilometres away from Port Blair a modern city home to over 100,000 people with an international airport a major naval base used by the Indian Navy and the seat of government for the Andaman and Nicobar Islands territory the way this situation came to be is rather interesting The first known contact between the Sentinelese and the outside world wasn’t until the year 1867 in that year an Indian merchant ship crashed on a reef near the island the crew escaped to the beach and were attacked by The locals who were seeing the first other humans in their entire civilizations history They survived one another passing ship rescued them and periodic contacts were made by the British until 1887 from then on nobody from the outside world managed to make contact with them again until in 1970 when the Indian government sent a group of anthropologists who spotted them on the beach tragedy struck in 1974 when a National Geographic team went to the Island to shoot a documentary and got attacked by volleys of arrows as their boat got too near the beach the director was struck by An arrow in his thigh and the crew retreated afterwards in 1981 a ship wrecked itself on the north side of the island which can still be seen there today on Google Maps they radioed for Urgent help after they spotted the Sentinelese building boats on the beach armed with javelins and arrows But help didn’t come for two weeks Eventually they were all rescued by helicopter and the first actual peaceful contact between them and the outside world finally occurred in 1991 with a group of Indian anthropologists But the Indian government decided to stop any further expeditions to the island in 1997 out of fear of introducing diseases that the Sentinelese would have no immunities against like what happened in a few other places around the world previously to this and Just because the risk of getting attacked by them was considered too great They survived the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004 after Helle Kapur sent to check up on them was warned away by a warrior with a bow and ultimate tragedy struck in the year 2006 when two fishermen who were illegally fishing in the waters near the island Fell asleep and had their boat drifted just a little too close to the beach Sentinelese archers killed the men and when a helicopter came to recover their bodies It was also attacked by a volley of arrows and driven away in the aftermath of these incidents the Indian government has banned all Travel to the island and declared a three mile Exclusion zone around it which is enforced by their Navy that is the reason why you’ll probably never get to set foot on this island And even if you could you probably wouldn’t even want to the latest Indian census of the island tried to estimate their population and calculated it to be around 40, but other estimates place the true population somewhere between 50 and 400 people whatever the number the last people from the outside world that visited the island was in 2006 and neither lived to talk about it But imagine what the perspective of these Islanders must be like when that ship crashed on the island back in 1981 it may have accidentally kick-started the Iron Age for their Civilization as they have been observed to be Scavenging the wreckage for iron that they now use in their arrow tips to them their island is their universe and the outside world is As far away as the Stars and space our to our Civilization we are there aliens with incomprehensible Technology and languages and we have much to learn from how they’ve reacted to us so far We can’t say for certain when or if contact with the Sentinelese will occur again But what I can’t say for certain is how to get a free audio book you head over to slash Real life lor as I’m sure you’ve heard before audible is a leading provider of audiobooks and other spoken word entertainment They have thousands of great titles and there are some Audiobooks that you can only find on audible like artemus a heist story on the moon written by Andy weir the author of the Martian Which I strongly recommend you listen to before it’s inevitably made into a movie. 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100 thoughts on “The Stone Age Tribe on a Banned Island You Can’t Visit

  1. Why do I have the impression that if we did a plan to capture this little island it would be more dangerous then D-Day

  2. What if we are the sentinal island of the universe. Some alien superpower made boundaries around us making it illegal for aliens to come see us so thats why no alien ever comes here. And their youtube comments are making fun of us for trying to plan missile attacks to invading ufos just like sentinalise ppl shoot arrows at helis

  3. What if the sentineles were destroyed couple of decades ago and india just put an underground military bunker there and the sentineles are paid actors?

  4. It's strange how no one has ever set foot on the island but yet the white man knows so much about them. More white washed history.

  5. I am a Sentinelese and I am offended by the way this video has introduced us. We are peace loving people and welcome our guests with honour. I, on behalf of all our citizens, would like to invite you to our beautiful island to experience the beaches. Please pay a visit. 😇😇.

    PS: Just don't bring a Bible.

  6. Yeah let’s bring African person to island and the person to dress like them so those people can make houses 🏠 and cities for sentinel population to increase as it will be THe small maldives

  7. I wonder if It wasn’t part of India and it was further away would it be in international waters or would own its waters

  8. "It may have accidentally kickstarted the iron age for their civilization." That's hilarious but so interesting.

  9. How would they kill you if you wore a steel armored coat of arms and an armored helmet like something out of Gladiator? 🤔😅

  10. One thing that surprises me is that they have not tried to explore beyond their island yet. That curious spirit and desire for adventure seem to be universal human traits, so I'm surprised they have not ventured out in their boats just to see what's out there. Maybe in another couple of hundred years they'll work up the nerve!

  11. What if this really is a Minecraft survival server accidentally left open and when people join they use arrows then then the people recieve their death message or leave and are under NDA (Non disclosure agreement) with Mojang to not discuss their experience in IRL Minecraft, bit of a stretch, I THINK NOT!

  12. Sentilenese people are just like my granny. Gives no fuck to new stuff, never tries to understand anything, wonders nothing. Doesn't care about learning.

    Didn't these people just think HMMMM YOU KNOW WE CAN' BE THE ONLY HOOMANS.

    I'm just mocking my granny AAAAAAA LMFAO

  13. Human: Forgets iPhone X on Sentinelese island
    Sentinelese: Jeez these human-aliens dont even have headphone jacks
    Imma keep my Wiko phone and watch a documentary on netflix about human-aliens

  14. Imagine if a guy showed his kids "you see those islands over there, some say aliens live there, more technologically advanced than anybody could imagine, but who knows. It's probably fake"

  15. A missionary snuck on the island to try and convert them to Christianity and got killed. Honestly don’t feel bad, he deserved to die
    This tribe is living prehistorically, did this guy was really that arrogant that he thought he can convert this tribe to Christianity and modernize these people to life as we know it?
    What an arrogant fuck tard smfh

  16. I am an Indian and I'll tell you a fact, during British rule if any Indian person violated against British or did any crime they used to be prisoned near that island and they get to be killed by local tribals

  17. The metal that they get from the ship can eventually run out. The Indian Navy is protecting a group of people that would be ready to kill them. It would be nice to put that effort in helping harmless people that are starving to death.

  18. Why are there humans on this earth given the right to kill other humans!!?? This whole tribe thing needs to be stopped right now. ITS A FUCKING USLAND FOR FUCK SAKE. No one on this planet should be exempt from murder and these fuckin pricks are livin the life of Riley with their arrows. Indian government is fucked up putting that parrimetere around that island.

  19. So the ugly indians banned the island because the natives killed outsiders but these indians killed thousands of muslims, sikhs & Christians yet they are open to the world 🙄🙄

  20. Got to love human beings… The first contact they ever make with other humans and they immediately attack them…. Surprised no one has shot any of them with a gun while they’re getting shot at with arrows…

  21. They are clearly using hacks or a modded game. How did they research archery when they haven't even unlocked agriculture yet?

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