The Town Official Trailer #1 – (2010) HD

The Town Official Trailer #1 – (2010) HD

– Ms. Keesey, I would like to start with your abduction. – Four men made me open the safe. They took me as a hostage. – Were you able to see anything at all through the blindfold? – No. – When someone endures an experience like this, there are often residual effects. (gasp) – You okay? – Just having a bad week. – I like to have a good cry at the nail salon. (laughter) – Why don’t you let me buy you a drink? – There are over 300 bank robberies in Boston every year. Most of these professionals live in a one square mile neighbourhood called Charleston. – So do your parents still live here? – My mother moved away and my father… he don’t get out much. I’m thinking about making a change. – “Making a change”, either you got heat or you don’t. – You used to hang out with Doug MacRay a little bit, huh? – How do you know Dougie? – I work for the FBI. – I’m putting this whole town in my rear view. – You grew up right here! Same rules that I did. – I hear you got a sweet new girlfriend? – Secrets with this one. – If I think anything might happen to her, I’m gonna kill both of you. – Are you in love with me? – Yes. – She’s the one person that could use the FEDs. – She didn’t see anything, get that in your head! – This is the “not screwing around crew,” so find me something that looks like a print, cause this “not screwing around” thing is about to go both ways. – I wanna go with you! – I’m leaving with somebody else. – If we get jammed up, we’re holding court on the street. – Go! Go! – I just want you to know that you’re going to die in Federal Prison. – I’ll see you again, this side or the other.

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  1. "Remember who clip your nuts for ya" best line from Ben Affleck. I still can't believe this movie is directed, written and produced by Ben Affleck. What a guy he is. All of his movies are superb badass.. The Accountant, Live by Night, Argo and Gone Baby Gone. Real thriller gems!

  2. Ben Affleck really made a masterpiece with this film. The story and acting are exceptional

  3. Just found out that there's an ultimate collector's edition on Blu-ray with a better picture quality than the other versions for $14 at Walmart. I might actually pick this movie up. Watched it a long time ago and thought the movie was incredible.

  4. I have actually never seen this movie lol i always thought it was ascary movie about somw eveil diease cuz it says ' THE Town' but now i gotta buy it lol

  5. I read bits of a few comments on here, but did'nt pay attention to the trailer on purpose. the comments was enough for me to watch it. Cheers people. Brilliant movie.

  6. That nun is CLICK-BAIT! I wanted to see a trailer about a habit-wearing cult in a creepy town! DANG!

  7. Vous devriez utiliser une allumette plutôt qu'un zippo à chaque fois que vous brûlez une voiture! Pensez à la planète nom de Dieu! Merci!

  8. I did tell my ex when we were dating that we might see each other because she’s joining or did join the feds

  9. for anyone wanting to watch this 2019 close this trailer down right now it only spoils most of the movie and is such a horrible trailer for such a amazing movie. GO WATCH IT TRUST ME

  10. ‘Were you able to see anything at all through the blindfold?’ 😂😂 If she could see anything – it wouldn’t be a blindfold….

  11. Bad acting…everyone mummbles…crap scripted..after 20 minutes I started laughing and watched it as some kind of parody. It is so bad!!

  12. I used to like this movie back then when it was still fresh, and i was still at my early 20’s.
    I never saw it though from beginning to end as it’s the kind of the movies you watch occasionally on TV when it’s brought up.
    Well, since now it’s on netflix, I gave it a go.
    I can see why as a youngster I found this attractive, it has much more class then the average action movies, but even so, don’t come to this one with high expectations… it is still pretty cheap on logics, characters, script and dialogues, and all the scenes that did touch me back then were just like ‘meh’ now…
    Wouldn’t recommend this to anyone who is not already in fond with the regular action movies (like I was back then).

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