The “UNION OF ALLIED SYSTEMS” No Man’s Sky Civilization Trailer

The “UNION OF ALLIED SYSTEMS” No Man’s Sky Civilization Trailer

Welcome, to the Union of Allied Systems. The UAS is a No Man’s Sky Player Civilization
spanning 4 regions in space and bleeding out into the outer regions. We have twin Capitals with Londinium located
in the White Sun system of the Puikun Spur also known as UAS1 and Sihnon located in the
Bai Hu System of the Dohumadid Nebula, also known as UAS2. Londinium is the Political capital, a beautiful
Autumn Azure planet, it may look lush, but it is most certainly exotic and void of the
standard lush bounty, full of flora and life, it never storms and is an exceptionally rare
planet that is peaceful on all difficulties. The White Sun system in which it resides is
a High economy system, in which only Londinium can be found. The local populace love their Futuristic Gothic
European style of architecture, politically and in many other ways, it is the Mind of
the UAS. Sihnon is the Cultural Capital, an equally
stunning Planet in very different ways, A true lush with Red grass, purple trees and
golden oceans, thriving with life of Flora and Fauna, never storming and as with Londinium
is an incredibly rare planet that is Peaceful on all difficulties. The Bai Hu system where Sihnon can be found
is a High Economy system home to 5 planets and a Moon. The first of course being Sihnon but also
housing a Dessert Rocky world called Bellerophon, a hot Incandescent world called Ariel, a deep
red Acrid world with hefty life called Liann Jiun and a Rotting world, Rubicon with it’s
Stormy yet truly beautiful Overgrown moon, Osiris. Sihnon is the true Heart of the Union of Allied
Systems, it’s beauty is matched only by it’s wealth. A primarily East Asian culture gives birth
to outstanding temples and shrines as well as ornate technological buildings. Captial Buildings are under construction and
so far only PC Normal mode is complete on Londinium. This Huge imposing tower is our first step
to claiming our tiny pocket of space sporting a take on futuristic gothic with a more vibrant
than usual flair. On PS4 Normal mode a truly nostalgic callback
to my early days in the Galactic Hub, the return of Frosta Rico, built by Darklord Xelrick
with plenty of help from Jon Hall, is a wonder to behold. Slight changes required by current game mechanics
have been made while keeping a huge focus on detail, it means a lot to me personally
and is definitely a noteworthy landmark in UAS Space. A little trivia, the near 200 glass used to
build the Capital building on PC Normal Londinium is actually the glass from the Original Frosta
Rico. A huge 32 Circuit Board farm has already been
constructed on Londinium PS4 Survival and Permadeath mode by the Mighty Sword to help
incoming traveller both make some Units and help seed their own farms. Depots for individual crop types will be underway
very soon on all platforms and difficulties. The Union of Allied Systems is approximately
1 max hyperdrive jump from the Galactic Hub, allowing the UAS and the Galactic Hub to mutually
benefit from each other discoveries as well as those of the other surrounding Civilizations. We are present on all Platforms and all difficulties
with a focus on Survival and Permadeath to provide safe Harbour for those in the harshest
of worlds. We do have a naming convention, near identical
to that of the Galactic Hub, it can be explained via this graphic on screen now which is also
linked in the description. This small addition to your system naming
allows the name of the system to also contain the full address of that system in only 6-8
characters, we ask that you use this Naming Convention within UAS space to aid everyone
as a whole in navigating the space. It starts with opening square brackets then
U A S, you then put the number of the region you are in as displayed on the graphic, Puikun
Spur being one, Dohumadid Nebula being 2 and so on, then a dash followed by the system
index. The system index can be found on a Signal
Booster placed on any planet within the system being named, it is the last of the 4 galactic
Coordinates segments and does not require any 0’s on the left, they are just padding
to make it a 4 number segment, but keep the 0’s on the right. Finish it off by closing the square brackets,
leave a single space and you have 33-35 characters left to name the system whatever you please. If you have any questions regarding any of
this at all, please don’t hesitate to ask down below, more stuff will be coming, and
we have an active council for all matters UAS. On screen now are the details for Londinium,
Sihnon & Frosta Rico, these addresses as well as import codes to quickly add to your Galactic
Calculator library can be found in the description for your convenience. I can’t wait to see everyone in Union space
and really looking forward to what you discover and build.

35 thoughts on “The “UNION OF ALLIED SYSTEMS” No Man’s Sky Civilization Trailer

  1. Can a city be built in No Man's Sky?
    The size of say…100 farms?

    Or even better,is it possible to do a
    No Man's Sky version of Corruscant:

    Not that I am expecting it even if it can be done.💩

  2. Is it (the UAS) visible in the Galactic Atlas? If it's close to the G.Hub I then suppose it's in the gamma quadrant right? BTW, Xaine, can you clear me the question of whether bases are visible in different game modes now (or is it still like pre-Next)?? I suppose bases are still only visible in the platf. (Pc, Ps4, Xb) they were built… Cheers!

  3. i hope people actually stick the naming convention. in the hub ive run into quite a few that have been not named with hub tags. when i was doing the "visit undiscovered systems" thing for the community event i ran into them often and it bugged me cause i thought i was finding new places only to warp there and find it had been discovered already.

  4. I dropped in and made a small temp base on both Londinium and Sihnon in pc normal mode, just enough to be uploaded. Im away for nearly 2 weeks soon but when im back i will start building something a little more substantial, and explore the region a bit more, see if i can find something worth sharing, a gmb, diplo or such.

  5. I am a casual NMS gamer, But i will love to be a part of this and to learn more. Where do i begin to join your lovely community?

  6. How do Get here from New Lennon in the hub? I have no clue where it is on the galactic map.

  7. I was just in sihnon on ps4 survival and sword's farm is, well, a bit useless right now. unpowered and the doors are missing so there's no way in. I just thought that you should know since it was meant to help travelers.

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