Hello, commissioner Oh, hello, Crow… What is the case? Oh yeah, hmm… actually there is no case right now But you are here, on the roof… I’m smoking! Well, since I’m already here… you did notice your crow sign is not on, right? Yes of course, but it could be some arson or…okay, what is the problem Commissioner? There is no problem, Crow What do you mean there’s no problem? It’s been like two months since my last case Because you haven’t solved a real case in a year and I’ve been giving you cases for a year now Do you understand how hard it is to justify to my staff that you’re taking the work of a police investigator? Wow wow wow…I haven’t solved any real case? I take the cases the police usually can’t afford to take Oh yeah, like what? Let’s see…what cases do you have there right now? There’s a serial killer murdering several people with a machine gun in the projects You see? Typical police case… next! There’s some guy blowing up buildings downtown.. He uses hand grenades as weapons and likes to set things on fire I would never take that away from the officers of Megalopolisville What else you got? There’s a guy dressed as a poodle stealing wallets in the area Bingo! There we go! That’s a case I can take How is this a case the police cannot afford to take?? Afford emotionally, who do you think is more prepared to face this guy? The Urban Crow or sergeant Williams? Sergeant Williams! Who spent four years preparing for it in the Academy! Who is a cop! Do you remember what you did to that guy that used to walk around in diapers in the park? Oh you mean Milord Big Baby? That’s not even his name! You made that up! He lost 12 teeth, Crow! And he was only in his underwear in a park on drugs and drooling I don’t think I follow… Can you maybe not look for cases that are related to people with mental problems? The last guy you beat up was a ventriloquist… Yes, but the puppet was actually a mobster He has a tiny machine gun and a
scar on his face…on the on the puppets face I mean Crow, for the love of God this little mobster had a guy’s hand shoved up his ass Well, someone had to send him back to the asylum… You understand that this is a mental asylum, right? who do you think you are Crow? Charles Bronson’s nurse? Half of them
can’t even hold their poop in their buttholes Imagine robbing a bank Well, you could have told me that before I spent two hundred and thirty thousand dollars on this outfit Can you really picture me walking into somebody’s office at 4 o’clock p.m. to arrest someone for tax evasion? Commissioner, there’s a guy with a white fuzzy costume and pink bows on his head outside the police station He’s pissing on your car and licking everyone who tries to catch him Joe and Stephen have already gone home Well, well, well this looks like another job for the Urban Crow, doesn’t it?


  1. Nunca pensei que diria isso mas, eu prefiro a versão dublada em PTBR é bem mais engraçado e tem vozes de peso, não tô dizendo que essas vozes são ruins só que dublado é mais engraçado na minha opinião..
    Very good vídeo though hehe

  2. Can we have a popularity poll? I would like to see which heroes are the favourites among the fans of the channel. Go, Ginger Panther!

  3. Só Eu não gosto de assistir aos vídeos dublados da sociedade da virtude para não receber spoilers do que vem por aí,mas acaba não resistindo?

  4. Funny commentary, but I have to admit to preferring the police deal with those other two while Crow deals with the purse snatching furry.

  5. I guess crow only chases after things that catch his eye… Get it? Like a crow? Because he likes attractive small things and…

  6. Someone has to keep the city safe from digelberries. PoodleMan must have them in spades, with all those curls.

  7. or Sargent Willians? damn we need a series on Sargent Willians and his partner as a starsky and hutch parody would be hilarious x-D

  8. A hero is someone who sacrifices themselves for the common good and does whatever it takes to save and protect people

  9. foda q ngm ressalta q isso eh um canal BR, aí os gringos acham q isso eh feito por eles, e não por nós! isso eh um canal BR q posta primeiro vídeos em inglês e dps em português BR, n dá pra ser assim!

  10. Urban Crow is such a good guy, not wanting the police to risk life and limb fighting The Poodle Man. We don't deserve such a brave, kind soul.

  11. Hey, so… I just watched an episode of that old show “super duper sumos” and well… don’t expect a relevant comment, I’m still processing that shit.

  12. Great video. For a follow-up, maybe do one about a "villain" who's shock when the police go full-on tactical on him when he blows up a building instead of just letting a goofball dressed in rubber chase him down? I'd watch that.

  13. Both Crow and the commissioner are responsible for Crow's year long drought. The commissioner shouldn't look at it as takeing case from hard working cops, but as asking the public for help. Oddly dressed public. As for Crow he needs to find a city with a more corrupt police force. That's usually the excuse used for another dark avenger being able to do more about crime alone, then the combined effort of the police force.

  14. Urban Crow should still probably fix his cowl so he can actually, y'know, turn his head. Probably has a heck of a time with people attacking him from behind… or from his left… or from his right… possibly even from above…

  15. Crow is actaully right, the trained police officers use their skill at real cases while non significant crimes are taken by crow xd

  16. for the next urban crow parody we should see urban crow's true identity sleeping on his job because he is always awake at night.

  17. damn .. the crow , now batman seems dumb , bats aren't really scary or strike fear they don't attack ppl they don't even prefer to be around ppl , crows are really smart, and can be resourceful ehh more fits batman more .. should have been crow ,

  18. I just realized how impractical is to use a giant search light placed on a tall building roof to summon a masked vigilante. In a clear night the light cannot be reflected by clouds, so the vigilante symbol would be invisible. Furthermore I imagine that a vigilante doesn't spend the entire night watching in the general direction of his summoning search light, that would be moronic. So when the commisioner turn on the light he have to wait for the vigilante to actually see it, drive across the city to reach the building, enter the building dressed like a drag queen hoping that no one stops him and take the elevator to reach the roof top. In the mean time whatever emergency was about to became a disaster is probably just blown up…

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