The War on Bitcoin Part I: A Cashless Society

The War on Bitcoin Part I: A Cashless Society

The War on Bitcoin Part I: A Cashless Society “They who can give up essential liberty
to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty not safety.” Wise words from Benjamin Franklin over 200
years ago that shows that even then that he understood exchanging one’s privacy for
convenience was only a win for those who seek to take away your liberty. A popular rap song in the nineties exclaimed
“It’s all about the Benjamins”. And Benjamin Franklin has become a representative
of cash as it is his face that is on the $100 dollar bill. So the fact that many business and countries
are trying to rid themselves of cash is an ironic twist based on Benjamin Franklin’s
quote. Because giving up cash while it may seem very
convenient, means that you will be earning convenience while giving up your liberties. We see this every day in the form of people
allowing things to come inside their home like Alexa or even your iPhones that secretly
record you and seek to understand every about the way that you live, move, & relate to others. And no, this is not a giant psychological
study in order to better understand the human psyche for the benefit and well being of mankind. This is for corporations to be able to try
to understand your habits so they can make more money off of you and ultimately control
aspects of your life. Ok, so I know what you are thinking. This is a cryptocurrency channel. Why would I be advocating that the removal
cash is a bad thing? The answer to this is simple. While Bitcoin is digital, it operates in a
similar way to cash. This is why the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi
Nakamoto entitled his Bitcoin Whitepaper: Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System. Bitcoin is able to be transferred from peer
to peer without the need for a “trusted” third party. I put “trusted” in quotes because while
the third party involved in transactions does guarantee the transactions are valid, they
should certainly not be trusted on a macro level. These third parties are companies like PayPal,
Visa, Mastercard, American Express, & of course Big Banks. These are the very companies and industries
that are trying to take away your liberties. Financial institutions do not like cash because
it operates outside of the control of these companies. Sound familiar? That’s because Bitcoin also operates outside
of these controls. This means that a War on Cash is also a War
on Bitcoin. The fact is that cash transactions are dwindling. Online & mobile transactions are even increasing
while traditional brick & mortar cash transactions are greatly dwindling. Governments & corporations want you to fall
victim to a herd mentality and believe that cash is an outdated system that will one day
be only an artifact in museums. Bitcoin serves as the perfect successor to
physical cash. It’s digital, can be transacted using a
mobile phone, & is convenient. However, those who seek to control your life
will not tell you this. This is because they are not only looking
to abolish the use of cash, but they are trying to destroy the very idea of cash. This extends to both physical and digital
cash. They would like to sell you on the idea of
a Utopian future where there is no crime & no black market. Imagine if there were no cash and every transaction
made was completely traceable. This would mean that drug cartels, terrorists,
sex & human traffickers, & other criminals would be forced to work out some type of barter
system in order to continue their crimes. Ultimately no one could put cash in a bank
in a cashless society so they would have to find other means of trade. To believe that they would not find a way
to do this is the very definition of naive. As long as there is a desire for drugs, weapons,
and sex these forces will continue to operate in the shadows. One of the ways they will do this is through
hacking. If every dollar in the world was digital instead
of physical, the rate of cyber crime would go through the roof. So let’s think about this. Governments tell you they want all money to
be traceable in order to stop criminals. But any rational person knows that you cannot
stop criminals from operating. They just find more innovative ways of doing
business. For evidence, just look at the war on drugs
in America. On top of traditional crime, if all money
were stored digitally, then the cyber crime problem would get worse. So this is obviously not about stopping crime
and making us all safer. That is the propaganda that governments will
use to push forward the cashless society narrative. So what does a cashless society mean for our
future? While the narrative of a Utopian world with
no crime sounds great, it’s much more likely we would head toward the very opposite…
a Dystopian world marked by a totalitarian world government in which every aspect of
every person’s life is controlled and watched by the government through surveillance. Corporations and the governments become one
in the same as only the very elite in society will have wealth. And have no doubt, if we continue down this
road of ever increasing surveillance and tracking, that IS the future we will have. I’m reminded of a poem written by German
Lutheran pastor Martin Niemoller following the Nazi’s rise to power in the early 1900s. It says: First they came for the socialists, and I
did not speak out— Because I was not a socialist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and
I did not speak out—     Because I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not
speak out—     Because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me—and there was no one
left to speak for me. This poem points out the slow and gradual
compromises that the intellectuals and clergy of Germany allowed as they watched their society
take a very dark turn toward totalitarianism. It does not happen overnight. We are allowing our governments to take away
our individual liberties one by one. Before we know it, we will be encapsulated
on all sides like a bird in a cage. Future generations will look back at this
generation as the hinge that allowed the door to control and totalitarianism to swing wide
open. Just walk down the street of a large city
and observe how many police officers, security cameras, and other forms of surveillance that
you see. I promise you that if you really stop and
take a look, you will realize there are many more people watching you than you think. We are heading toward George Orwell’s vision
for the world in his book 1984. Many countries are already pushing for cashless
societies. In America, Mercedes Benz Stadium, home to
the Atlanta Falcons, became the first stadium in major sports to move to a cashless fan
experience. Cashless retail stores are popping up left
and right in the name of convenience and avoiding employee theft. In Australia, Citibank got rid of cash because
only 4% of its transactions were cash. Shortly after, the Australian government started
flirting with the idea of removing the Australian $100 dollar bill because it would reduce crime. In Belgium, you cannot buy real estate using
cash… or make any purchase with cash over 3000 euros. Sweden was the first European country to use
banknotes as cash. And it is on track to be the first to remove
them and become a completely cashless society. However, the world leader in the push to become
cashless is none other than communist China. It is certainly not a coincidence that the
world’s largest Communist country would push toward becoming cashless. In a communist system, only those at the very
top are wealthy. There is no need for cash as citizens only
receive what the government allows them to have. As history shows, they only receive scraps. China is also one of the leaders in surveillance. It is rare to see police officers in China
because you are virtually never out of sight from one of the government’s security cameras. China does not want any citizen to do anything
that it cannot track. China is creating its own cryptocurrency called
CBDC. This will be a currency ran partially on blockchain
that could allow China to become the world’s currency leader. However, I will personally guarantee that
when this cryptocurrency is in use, the government of China will be able to track every single
transaction because they will control the currency. We are starting to see more governments discuss
the use of a government blockchain in order to move to a digital currency that they can
control. Germany is also discussing creating their
own digital currency. But do not be confused. These government blockchains are not aligned
with the ideals of cryptocurrency. They will not be decentralized and governments
will use them to control rather than citizens using cryptocurrency to avoid being controlled. We must fight back against our government
& these corporations who seek to control us. We do this by using Bitcoin. Bitcoin is not just digital cash. It is an idea. It is a movement. And it cannot be stopped as long as the will
of the people is to maintain a level of personal privacy. This extends beyond just our monetary transactions,
but to every aspect of our lives. Submitting to a cashless society moves us
one step closer to giving up our rights. I for one will not go quietly into the night. Will you? I hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, please smash the like button & subscribe
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  1. Good video essay. Lots of great examples to emphasize your points. I think some of it is because cash is inefficient and expensive ( has to be printed with equipment and physically maintained / stored). Cashless saves costs and is world wide. Yes there is a privacy piece but I think that comes from businesses trying to better target their customers more so than big brother government actions.
    Very good video looking forward to to part 2

  2. It’s a clear view this is the future..and its awsome..hope I’m here to see them crooks fall hard..nice video bro👌

  3. Great video. Just look how banks look at depositors who try to deposit or withdraw 10 k or more – they treat you like a criminal yet don't bat a eye if you take out a loan of 50 k or more for a vehicle as long as you pay it off monthly. What a flipping joke has been brainwashed into society.

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  10. This is your best video yet. So glad to see you giving the warnings. We are being pushed into the cashless, surveillance society. China already has the "personal merit or demerit" system. Guess who's helping them get there – our own Google and more.

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