THEY WANT YOU TO BE POOR – The Speech That Broke The Internet!

THEY WANT YOU TO BE POOR – The Speech That Broke The Internet!

From the 1750s to 1950s, we enter the
Industrial Age, Industrial Revolution. Something happens. Something happened.
This is the first time in history, there are people who were born poor, could be rich. First time in history, people who were born poor with no land but they created
something that made them rich. In the Industrial Age machines equals wealth do
more and more of the hard work thousands of years in the Industrial Age and now
we’re transitioning Industrial Age all the farmers who were peasants farmers
they have a little shack to live in right that’s how it works the industry
the industrial tycoons and they say to the farmers hey instead of working every
day seven days a week 14 15 16 hours every day come work in my factory
you only work five days a week only 9:00 to 5:00
you can take the weekends more than that if you do that you come don’t work in
the farms come work in my factory by the time you get to 65 I would take care of
you now think about it if you were a farmer working all your life under the
Sun seven days a week someone comes along make you this offer what would you
say say sign me up let’s do it sign me up and then your life is about to change
forever and back then Rockefeller Carnegie Henry
Ford JP Morgan they became the richest people in the world because they created
machines to make mass production possible and what happens is this in the
first time in history a new class of people was born that’s the middle class
for the first time in history now people have extra time they have extra income
because before working every day nothing to do now they’ve got weekends and
they’ve got to do something with that extra time extra income so maybe they’ll
go away little bit take a little vacation so now not two classes you have
what the poor you have the middle class and then you have the rich another thing
that was born a new revolutionary concept was born and that is called
retirement retirement was born out of the Industrial Age I’m gonna work at
this job 95 for 40 years if it’s good I’m gonna retire that’s the concept from
the Industrial Age and what happens is this you go home and you talk to your
family so imagine Joe working in a factory right one day the manager comes
to Joe and say hey Joe you are doing a very good job in the
factory doing things you’re productive he’s what we gonna do the manager tells
Joe why don’t I send you back to school get some education if you do that you
come back I’m gonna give you a great choice like
yeah of course you would Joe working in a factory manager comes to say get some
couple years education I’m gonna give you a pay raise so you don’t need to
work in the factory I know you gonna Incept work in the factory
you’re gonna manage the people work in the factory so Joe comes home sitting
down with the kids hey kids you know the boss comes to me today and he said if I
go to school for a couple years and then I go back there I don’t need to work in
the dirty factory anymore I’m gonna get a raise we’re gonna make more money
until tells all the kids kids if you don’t walk one to work in the factory
like I did what do you need to do you got to go to school the children are
quiet cry oh baby you got to get good grades so don’t need to like what can i
factor like your dad did these boys are spiking the kids like okay dad I get it
I’m mature go to school okay good grades it’s working it’s now managing the
people who works the machines couple years later the manager goes to Joe Hey
Joe you doing such a phenomenal job tell you what why don’t you go back to school
for two more years get an MBA then you don’t even need to manage the people who
manage the machine you’ll manage the people who manage the people who manage
the machine and I’m gonna pay your stub on what you’re making like it’s always
like what is he gonna say sign me up I went back to school for two more years
graduated now I have that piece of paper now Joe’s making twice as much managing
the people who manage the people who manage his machine and Joe goes back and
sits down with the kids at the inner table again you know what not you don’t just go to
school for four years go to school for six years you don’t even need to manage
the people who manage a machine you can skip that shit just go right up to
middle management you can skip all of that does that sound familiar that’s
where the concept was born from the Industrial Age at a time the key to
success in the Industrial Age was traditional education if you don’t have
a good job you won’t succeed and a really good job it’s you’re running the
people who are running the people who are running machines that’s a very good
job you work forty years five days a week we tired they take care of you does
that work for most people anymore most people struggle financially but it down
because they’re trying to create wealth with an idea that was created from the
Industrial Age in the 1950s we’re in the 21st century from the nine
your family is feeding your idea they’re giving you the formula for success from
1950s and you wonder why they struggle and they think let me if one job is not
enough if the formula doesn’t work what do I do I get a say if that is not
enough I get a third jobs not only they don’t get ahead they get behind they get
left behind you

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  2. We're barely scratching the surface with the internet. So much potential. Looking forward sooooooooon to being rich and building generational wealth.

  3. What an amazing wonderful time. Thank you Sifu for everything you are doing for the world and for you us your student. You are the best Sifu. I'm so so grateful to be one of your student.

  4. You can say what you say about him, but he spoke the TRUTH ON THIS VIDEO. Welfare is a hand out and 401k is borrowed hand out of your own money . The working person is a prostitute to the system.

  5. That's Very Funny …
    I wan't to be a Enterpreniur and want to listed my name as a multibillioniare …
    But my father says ,"no ,you don't need to be a multibillioniare ,just get good marks in my upcoming 12 th Grade and get ready for medical course , You have to do job ,A fucking good paying job ".

    Nothing to Say …

  6. Things school DOES NOT teach you:
    – How to sell
    – How To think
    – How to negotiate
    – How to handle failure
    – How to maximize the use of your time
    – How to invest your money
    – How to make an impact
    – How to start a business
    – How to communicate well
    – How to be a good partner
    – How to read financial Statement
    – How to handle money
    – The principles of success
    – The importance of Travel

  7. Pope Francisc is asking all the governments and the powerful people now to unite in May 2020 for a new education era. It will happen? Yes? Is education now a nonsense in most of the fields? I believe Yes. But I wonder also what's behind all of that??!!! Where this world is marching to??

  8. I go to high school and I really hate school because it doesn't make sense to people around me say that my attitude is going to leave me in the streets..the same people complain when I watch more videos about business and growth and even listen to audio books about business…they say I'm giving school less attention and business more attention..when I tell them I want to invest In my passion,it's like I insulted them or said something offensive…they tell me the rich people get lucky for them to be rich and they can go bankrupt and all sorts of bad things to discourage me just so I could get a 9-5…I let them be,now I know what's best for me and I'm waiting for a chance to prove to them that this doesn't work with luck and going to school and getting a job isn't a wise decision,but rather doing what you love for wealth is the best thing

  9. The whole truth in 7:23 minutes.
    As you once said perfectly, "there is no school or university that teaches you how to make money, only teach you how to become a good employee.

  10. World moved to 180 deg. …Those days whole day work was just for to eat and 9-5 job creates value with free time..Now 9-5 job is just for to eat and whole day working on self creates value with more free time..Its ok to not understand by all so we working on ourself can create standard among those people..

  11. Like Jeff Bezos once said " If you never take risk, you will live an unsuccessful and unproductive life!" It's sad but true! The majority of society live that path and will never acquire wealth and die with regrets.

  12. Traditional education is obsolete concept in modern society. ECTS points are not working any more or whatever is equivalent in States. It worked in 50's. Not today.

  13. We have government school designed to dumb you down and become a trained sheep. It's indoctrination and not education

  14. Think about this. The people who first created the education system didn’t go to school, and the people who added to the education systems didn’t learn that knowledge or skill in their school and so on and so on. Yet all our society cares about is going to collage and getting a $20,000+ piece of paper to say that you learned something, never mind if you did. Maybe I didn’t go to school but I know 10X more about that a thing then someone who went to school to learn it. Who is more likely to get the job? They guy with the paper. Yet someone else doesn’t go to school and discovers something new and he becomes famous or rich and the thing he discovered gets added to the education system for people to learn which people have to pay to get that paper to say they learned that thing. Make sense. Ha.

  15. Would like to see more talk about how to successfully manage money (ie. Investing instead of spending and never spend more than you earn and tax benefits) for no matter how much you earn, if you don't learn how to manage money, you will always be broke.

  16. Education is the problem. Educated doesn't mean smart. Who decides what to teach at schools? I guess it's the governments. So why do they want people to remain dumb? Who makes sure the governments do whatever they are told to do? The one who controls the money supply. And who is that? 😉
    The problem is always in majority being under the full mind control. The education system along with the entertainment does a very good job.

  17. Very good video. I taught my daughter at age 3 to say when asked, "What do we do with money?" Her response is "We save money and invest money." When she was 6 I taught her what an asset and liability are according to Rich Dad: "Asset puts money in my pocket, and a liability takes money out of my pocket." She is learning as she gets older and can handle more concepts. She is excited to see her own personal investment account that now that she is 8 she is making $25 of income per month from her investments. Keep teaching those who want to learn, and they will take the information and run. Sadly yes the rest will get left behind, but we can leave the trail for them to follow!

  18. The idea you can build your life off of a 9-5 job is an idea back from the 1950's. I am laser focused on my high income skill. My name is Andrew and I am a High Ticket Closer!

  19. Following your passion would still be in support of your agenda of them keeping you poor if your passion doesn't provide value to world!

  20. I believe that the human experience in the industry may reach the stage of layoffs or direct human communication and will employ those who could not keep up in this great development to create new ideas through education!

  21. Joe was " climbing the corporate ladder" but what Joe never reliezed he could have ran his own business and own the ladder

  22. Right now ı am at university but ı do not think we have to a degree to get a quality life and to make big moneys. Guys ıf ı try to get good marks, ı must do all bulshits that university want from me to do and these what ı suppossed to do are totally waste of time

  23. The best eye opener videos for 9 to 5 corporate zombies! Loved every moment, loved speech and loved animation.. great

  24. All due respect Sifu, the factory owners did not say "Come work for me in my factory 5 days a week 9-5", that luxury was hard fought for by the Labour movement and took years, blood sweat and toil….

  25. What I hate about school is all the other useless classes I need to take that has absolutely nothing with my career

  26. get a degree – sink in debt – then get a job you hate that doesn't even pay bills – then suffer and cry – this is what school gives you.

  27. Amazing how no matter how often people see that the “traditional” work will not get them rich they still do it thy need to chance just as the Industrial Age changed people

  28. Everybody should know this without a fucking video. People who had not realized that on their own, wont ever make it beyond working class.

  29. Exactly Sifu Dan, this kind of awareness/education is what my generation really needs. Thank you so much for sharing, ur'e indeed a rear gem and a blessing and treasure to humanity.

  30. Master Dan Lok, thanks a lot for your effort to see we the younger generation rise financially. I'm going to make you proud sir

  31. I think the unfortunate part is that some people that watch this or already know this, still stay in the system and continue to do the same thing expecting a different result for their life… I'm one of Dan Lok's students and I'm forever grateful that I broke out of that mindset and now using my high income skill that I learnt from him. Dan I'll forever be grateful for the impact you continue to have on my life. Thank you.

    For those that know deep down what their TRUTH looks like, what their REALITY looks like and they know they need to change, I encourage you to do the high income skill quiz at the end of the video.

    Success leaves clues…

  32. Thanks so much for the awesome video Dan 🔥 This will definitely help me Grow my Business and Become Wealthy!! Keep it up! 💯💯🙌

  33. ..what can you do to locate people of purpose.. .. that we are not doing already that is missing that should be here today..

  34. What I'd like to tell you is not that you'r wrong but how mislead you are in seeing half of the story alone, and not how lazy the vast amount of people are. From how they manage their life, to drugs, to actually being lazy and not bothering to much with work, with thousands of Facebook hours instead of refining their studies, having more kids than they can financially provide for, not managing their finances for a coherent future , people that have been smoking for decades but they never invested in some course that would give a skill and bring them more money … I can go on and on, I've been doing all kinds of jobs from cleaning on construction sites, warehouse and currently doing certain computer things which I can not mention of . In no way I am saying you are wrong , what I am saying is that this is also a part of the reality, not only what you have presented in the video . What I can tell you that if you plan you life right, if you manage yourself and your income, later into the future you can make graduation steps , most of the people don't even bother but they keep complaining and that's why I don't care about this "rich men vs poor" . We are very lucky rich men exist because they manage their wealth wisely, if we were to rely on the "poor people" who are usually bitches we would waste our wealth and end up starving. Can you comprehend that 99% + of the people are like this ?

  35. Dan, that's a fascinating video, just like your book. You should consider visiting Bangladesh & Turkey someday. Cheers!

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