THIS IS FINE!! | Civilization 6 – Part 3

THIS IS FINE!! | Civilization 6 – Part 3

Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier and welcome back to Civilization 6. Now we got two people; two “friends” here. We’ve got Victoria of the English empire and then we’ve got Harald Hardrada of the Norwegian empire Who I’m gonna desperately try not to make fun of, but I know I’m gonna fail So we gotta see which one of these is gonna be our friend Because I see in the agendas here, he’s got an agenda as the last viking king, and then one hidden agenda, and I don’t know if that’s good. The sun never sets; so the English want to conquer all. But me, I don’t like the English – No I love the English. So there’s two more people to meet; we’re going to find them And I’m going to make the best nation possible. The best nation they ever did see And we almost got our campus ready, which is about goddamn time Because we’ve been waiting FOREVER! Can we do it now? Do we have it? Do we have it? There it is. Okay so that’s good… We got the scientific capital of the world here and hopefully that’s gonna help us get more stuff done. But, before we do that we need… we need (eeu ah..) I would like that but we don’t have time for that because I need to make another city. We gotta have it! But maybe I could just buy one..? NOPE! I don’t have enough gold, So screw that, we’re gonna build one! I mean do we really need another city? I mean, probably… but. Do we really need another city? I mean, probably… but. Do we REALLY need another city..!? Oooo! What is that? *gasp* Oh! Cool! We can just research science. I dunno why that’s gonna benefit anybody… When has science ever helped the world?! We don’t need to worry about that. That’s not our problem. Let’s just get more cities. Alright! *Mark sounds* Go! Oh hey! *Weird accent* “I have traders yous tra- I have sent you traders with gifts of rune stones. They are powerful– the stones, not the traders. “Your delegation is most welcome.” Sorry for mocking you *Weird accent* “Excellent!” Oh boy It’s getting worse, it’s not even getting close to what it should be. And it shouldn’t be anything! [Game] “We have an envoy at our disposal” Yeah! [Game] “We can use the envoy to gain favor with the city states” Yeah! [Game] Becoming friendly with a city-state neighbor can be greatly beneficial to our civilization Yeah! Let’s do that I already know of Lisbon, let’s do that. I wanna Lisbon it up, how do I Lisbon? Can I Lisbaan? Lisbon! Lisbon! Lisbon!!!! C’moooooon, Lisbon! How do I send an envoy? I don’t know how to do it. AH! There we go, I’m sending an envoy. Yes. Confirm. Do it, do it. Hell yeah. Yeah forget sending envoys to Hardivargan, and Victoria. We don’t need any of that. We got our own. And we got our own problems here. [Game] My liege, we are beginning to attract the attention [Game] -of the Great People of the world. Really? [Game] Of course, there are other leaders vying for their attention too. Oh?? [Game] Don’t re-invent the wheel. Hey! Hey guys! [Game] Just re-align it. Guys! Great people of the world! We got the wheel! America has the wheel! America was number one. First at making wheel, maybe, I dunno. Well we’re the best at it. It’s made of stone. And it’s square. It’s even better. I’m gonna get uhhhh, astrology. I believe there is something else in astrology that we need. Oh there’s another camp? Jeezums. Get over there. [Game] Under the- Oh. [Game] -White Cliff’s battlemented crown, hushed to a depth of more than a Sabbath peace. Ahh. It’s beautiful! Why do they get that and not me? Or did I discover it? Discovering a natural wonder. [Game] I don’t believe in Astrology, i’m a Sagittarius and we’re skeptical. Ha, that’s very funny. But also why didn’t they discover it, considering they’re very next to it. Oh well. I wo- I won’t mind. I’ll just take the benefits of it. Who is this anyway-(weird accent) Oh! Is yoo, alright goodbayh. [Game] All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players Hell yeah, we got drama and poetry. Because if there is one thing that Teddy is, it’s dramatic…and poetic? I don’t know. I think I don’t know a thing about Teddy Roosevelt at all. I think- I think maybe, I think maybe Markiplier is just bullshitting his way through this. I think maybe he’s just pretending to know things and then rambling about it, and hope that no one actually, checks up on his bullshit! Goddamn it, fuck these guys, the horsemen. Do I have barbarians? Oh no I do not You better not ransack my shit, because I’m really tired of.. having my shit ransacked. Specifically, I don’t like- Hello! *foreign language* (adorableness) You say I have a great mind? I say you have a great beard! It’s WONderful~ It’s an honor to meet you~ Come to Brazil, do you know how to dance Samba? -No! -It doesn’t matter, you’ll enjoy the carnival regardless. (adorably) Yes I will! Please! I need friends so badly! Alright we’ll sample that hospitality Hell yeah! Hell yeah! I wish this guy wasn’t exploring all that way. Can you explore over there? Just go to the ends of the earth. Will you receive our diplomatic da- sure come on down excellent i’ll crush you eventually so don’t worry about it habada boop boop boopadoop ~ Ow!… ~one of these days these barbarians are going to learn something about not dying what does that mean? major defeat?! WHY?! Why?! Are we at a tactical disadvantage?? that’s no good… RUN AWAYYY into the woods!! Oh jeez! COME ON!! Stop being such a little baby. Okay get back home, ya baby. –Right so we got workers here finally –ha hah ha They just pop in a boat- that’s awesome Yeah! fishing boats hell yeah– **GASP* CRAFT?? CRAAFT! –we’re gonna have craft… ok so we’re going to have craft down there –oh Hello!! open borders??! I don’t –you’re not even in the same place as me! Why would you want open b–alright, fine! if it makes us happier! Ha! hmm ok thanks Victoria *kiss noise* i thought that said you have been most kind and attractive -okay well you know, Teddy is a handsome man–oh — *character talks* ok thanks is that a euphemism?? Ha! Alright! goodbye!! thank you?? maybe?? Oh jeez -hey! hey! Whoa who are these guys?? Who are these guys?? oh it was a mistake to attack Washington wasn’t it?! oh we took 49 damage well… that’s alright. you guys fortify until healed… if they do that again they’re really dumb. Oh hit the farm first and then get the craft oh hell yes … –OH! there’s only so much to discover and I’m afraid I can’t abide by anyone who sets out ahead of my own explorers. – okay… that’s tough shit, Victoria Teddy’s got to explore !! Whoa what we whah whoa wait whoa! HEY! what did i do?!?! what did I do?? what? I… I was nice to you! What did I do?? You…you complimented my N– or did you compliment your own Navy?? I don’t like this “Faced with the threat of invasion, people are ready to come up with innovative defenses!” okay… but I don’t feel like that was at all necessary because why the hell did they attack us??? I do not know. Right so we need to find another city up by the *weird noises* so they’re still in a cabin up there so we’re going to need a little –right we’re gonna need to just… you know, hold our horses a little bit because we can’t leave the city because we’re kinda stuck so I need to make spearmen– ooh –or I can make a heavy chariot! I like that!! oh I love a heavy chariot oh heck yeah! they build a farm… do you create an escort for me –that’s awesome!!! yeah!! creative escort formation!! cool! nice! ok you– what did you just build? *gasp* he built the granary good for you! looks like we’re finally getting our heads out of our asses!! what are you doing? you- you just sleep for a bit, I– i’ll wake you when it’s ready! don’t worry! Just fortify until healed. [GAME]: natural history of this archipelago is very remarkable. It seemed to be a little world within itself. Mark: i am an explorational wonder..~! oh! I don’t know what benefit that did but yay!… DISTRICT PILLAGE?? NOO!! MY CAMPUS?!? OH COME ONN!! god damn it these fucking barbarians! just fucking kill em!!! oh you gotta do something so just hit em! because these stupid a-holes keep– ugh They keep pillaging!! they pillaged my campus!! I needed that!!! Oh, get the craft, make me feel better get the craft ohhh my god damn bullshit… why I’m gonna try this I don’t know if he’ll kill you can you just fall over and die though?? you god damn it! why aren’t you dead?!? You’ve got like no health AH!! it’s going to ass. i gotta –ugh, do I have enough gold to like- Oh, they –OH they both teamed up against me!! Pedro help!! I didn’t know they both came up against me! This is just turning to shit why is because I bet I bet Victoria told Harold that I was a dick and they all teamed up against me and they’re all a bunch of assholes my whole everything in Washington is pillaged i don’t know i haven’t fixed that right fine then if you want to be that way I’m gonna be this way I’m going to freaking by a heavy chariot we’re gonna kick you in the dick! i’m gonna kick you in the dick we’re gonna kick you in your god damned if I’ll go get my craft fucking get some graft finally I got the crap i’ve been craving for Jeezums so this assholes over here but I got heavy Zoroastrianism where did you go?? you can’t run from my heavy Jerry you can’t exactly run from my of each area but i won’t like it her work on it for you don’t run away and you hold still die just die good job you dead okay now I’m gonna kill these Scouts be Scouts have been here forever and I haven’t taken care of them it’s time to clean house here because holy shit, haven’t been doing that kill him kill him excuse me did I run over your face with my chariot I’m so sorry that didn’t do nearly enough damage i need to buy another not a gold course I am choose a pant- wahh…. a pantheon? ooooh This would be useful considering i have two minds but i’m all about them fertility rights hell yeah, hell yeah oh wait – what is this..? naw i’m all about the fertility rights oh hell yeah oh hell yeah goddamn it my city is just in Ashes… Pedro! buddy Pedro help please please help i need… it’s not even an option I got to be friendly imma send a delegation we politely refuse your delegation wow you you showed me the wonders of Brazil I have no friends I have no friends I might as well kill this guy is that now oh well it’s ok i have no right let’s go kill some more people oh hi hello because every day on tap sure about the true confidential under a bargain tone monkey mia smiles for yourself Jochen can have some meat to actually talk about ok i’ll rule my land so long as you don’t try to rule my land as well because you seem to be ruling a lot of lands as well as burgundy and I’m going to meet you will you be my friend let’s be friends because I’ve got a lot of enemies right now have a delegation your envelope arrived and I welcome them personally our Empire could benefit of diplomacy my last name is fish box on German – you like me? yeah okay the clear surprised were can you be nice to me not war ok send a delegate to ok screw you find who needs orders settler alright fine over there is not going well for me hello we set a diplomatic envoy to you treat them as you would treat me the Duke of Swabia king of Burgundy king of Germany king of the Romans king of Italy and holy Roman emperor… Okay…you are very egotistical but i like that. Delegation more most welcome my chariot you go over here mysticism finalists to mysticism yeah and we got another chariot hooray we’re gonna beat the shit out of everybody you wait there you wait there Bubba you wait there baby boom because i need 20 it’s repairing it doesn’t ok that’s at least good it repairs itself oh no wait i need to repair it god damn it yeah final repaired cheese’s cheese’s oh hello open borders of course maybe I should have accepted open borders for the victoria ok vonderful indeed are you gonna be my friend now can i send you a delegation delegation oh come on don’t be so stingy. Be cool man cool about the odd friends with Frederick Barbarossa he’s my friend okay nevermind nevermind ok no friends okay we’re not friends I just shouted that from the rooftops for no reason but okay guess we’re just not friends that’s how it goes everybody has progressed from classical era to the medieval era wow i am i’m lagging behind then one man’s magic yeah the man’s engineering yeah we got engineering it’s about damn time took me a long time but I finally got it can I get this major defeat oh don’t tell me chariots are bad against that uh haha i suck so much dick oh god and the worst oh no what have I done their Spearman of course are good against horses on my cities are in ruin and I’ve done horrible things can you change your production pleased to shift all of that towards like us beer man we’ve done bad haven’t we we’ve done very bad about what are you doing Haho huh what are you gonna do now oh you have no city to fortify yourself it’s still very bad for me to attack you live what he gonna do now huh this was a bad idea wasn’t it ok it’s a bad idea alright so you Baltimore you’re basically screwed so why not make a builder instead of doing something that can actually protect you don’t know oh god oh no no no my porch area my poor guy oh he didn’t do so good i mean he did better on the defensive than he did on the offensive so I guess that’s good you just fortify their can you uh you go attack that guy root beer and then leave Baltimore defenseless yeah that’s that’s what I should have done what i was doing is I was opening up so I could buy like a warrior then I got him and he’s defending the city oh I’m spending all my gold because I’m an idiot yeah yeah immediate yeah oh shit haha oh come on the whole chariot istics bloated oh no well kill these douchebags pesky good job Baltimore yes sure did it you did it and I’m proud of you you did it good I can’t wait to see what you’re gonna do again also i forgot i’m at war Germany denounced the evil deeds of Norway ya go germany go alright that’s my buddy Germany don’t mind as I kill this poor defenseless Scout he deserved it he was an a-hole oh hello I will destroy my enemies and if you continue to help them I will destroy you as well I help no buddy I was helping I only help you good buddy frederick i love you so he’s unfriendly with Pedro but Peter was a dick to me anyway so you know I i don’t i don’t wanna – oh no he’s unfriendly with me oh no bueno okay i want to be friend with this make him happy if i denounced Pedro Pedro rejected me so fuck you Pedro! this situation is going to get worse before it gets any better oh really or you upset about that Pedro I’m sorry well what a dick to do good Frederick Frederick to tell you good detective who you do good Frederick did you good good idea now Joe these guys who make peace I’d like to make peace yep that possible we make peace make this deal more to go make peace cannot accept this deal well okay how about you give me gold and we make peace that’s a good option or dobson are fine goodbye but I’m gonna laugh when it’s Gandhi behind-the-scenes been manipulating all this son-of-a-bitchery ok just explore kill anybody you see blah blah blah ok we got another chariot which is not exactly what we needed but ok we need more builders who mushy this completes the superintendent these guests make this video is that Nina so Haley’s at home ok did you just come here to brag dude because honestly i don’t care i denounced you, you’re a douche although the Norwegian fella did say something similar before he tricked me I’d better go nuclear right now who envoy I’m gonna max out Lisbon because I need money which means that I need other stuff to manage it just sucks i’m not where i want to be because i was set back so much by freaking barbarians and then everyone wants to kill me only Frederick’s my friend and Frederick’s an asshole! everyone knows that one more asshole is Gandhi back oh that doesn’t look good is that England stuff maybe you should kill them what are you doin? what are you doing there? you wanna fight? Habooskie I don’t get you take that England that we we we shot a few arrows at you and you you hurt real bad yeah that’s right oh yeah we’ll get you again have to take that England the yeah we don’t like you you declared war on us now declare war on the ocean yeah you better run away alright you want some you want some you want him and you’re gonna get some yeah that’s right *Mark sounds* yeah that’s what you get you can’t beat my ships what you brought me my ships very easily because my ships are doing exactly look but anyway you know the principle of the thing I build her can you fix these tricked-up improvements while Jesus was at him hit him hard nice about you get promoted um no comments thanks hell yeah hit him hit him hard ok go over there fix that improvement no shit i should just put one down there wasn’t anything i’m an idiot who natural philosophy would be great yes please yes please okay build the quarry oh good finally the past year man I’m just beating the shit out of this one thing here all its despair bit Oh No England what are you gonna do was at Carthage oh shit is that Carthage’s fingers ah damn it out did I screw up bad oh no I didn’t mean to hit Carthage Carthage is just an innocent city-state what I was trying to beat up England I’m a bad man oh well whatever point you blink and hitting there with your angle and hit them hit them hard yeah England, you like that? i don’t think you do Teddy Roosevelt don’t take no shit from nobody um, where they go they run away like little babies yes they did out how we that didn’t hurt at all it hurt almost exactly none ok nevermind then we’re gonna keep carrying on my nose sorry Carthage you stay cool Carthage your cool Carthage you I build up brand landation and we got silk now, right? does that mean we have cells that better mean we have sickly little if we don’t have silk I’m gonna be very pissed ow oh ow no it hurts so badly doesn’t need to die okay yeah it’s starting to get hopeless I’m gonna have them get out there a bendable out how you got one of my ships will rebuild it when we fortify and he’ll I don’t know if they can do that but I well whatever are we don’t have enough damage going on there so just get back home somehow look all that craft look at all that crap i want that graph what are you doing where are you norway norway i don’t like that Norway you stay out of their Norway you stay away from my nanners norway norway and going to take my nanners money and my neighbors are your manners damn he’s got me cornered here but he’s gonna die nonetheless what does he take serious Norwegian pillaged what now when did the Norwegian bastards do that fuck fuck you and all you do fuck you i can’t even get my galley out of there but fuck you can I hit that guy million him hit him hard ah damn it offensive tactic ok anyway I’m all I have time for this one things are getting heated here but maybe someday we could make peace you bitch you fucking asshole with your stupid face in your ugly-ass beard and your weird clothes and funny accent you with your dumb helmet with his too small for your stupid head let’s make peace buddy..let’s make peace, come on man come on live a little…live a little. Come on man that night about about 50 gold hundred fit hot you are fat nevermind I’m gonna fuck you up nonetheless yes stupid poop I so anyway I’m all out of time I’m i’m really loving this game like I remember why I really like this game because it’s super two bridges it’s just enjoyable it’s just something that’s like a worthwhile endeavor what is that over there ok cool but either way that is all the time that I have available for now I’m nowhere near getting any great people so anyway that’s all good for them they’ve they’ve already got a bunch of great people i didn’t get any great people why not wait what was I supposed to try to do this oh I see I’ve been being dumb oh I’m an idiot i’m not doing anything of here well alright then whoopsie-doopsie wasn’t focusing on nothing i’m doing terribly world rankings i’m in fifth place I’m in sixth place on the fourth place on this is what ok so anyway I’m doing terribly but as i said i was supposed to be doing terribly so I don’t want to do any more videos of this was a lot of fun it take a long long time for me to even finish this game and I’d probably just lose anyway so thank you everybody so much for watching I really hope you enjoy this I had a lot of fun with it, hope you did too thanks again and as always I will see you in the next video Buh-bye! *outro music*

100 thoughts on “THIS IS FINE!! | Civilization 6 – Part 3

  1. wheel
    a circular object that revolves on an axle and is fixed below a vehicle or other object to enable it to move over the ground

  2. Mark!!! Can you please continue Civ VI, its a fanominal game, one of my personal favorites, would love to see more

  3. They attacked you because they mock your military might. No leader is foolish enough to attack a superpower, instead allying themselves because that's what parasites do.

  4. Good job Mark. Making an enemy of England, who still has one of the largest naval bases in the world, and Norway, the basic founder of the naval scene. You should have made a stronger naval base before dicking over England and Norway. You're an island, you can be attacked by all sides by boats. Either way, love this game. Played Civ. 5 demo and fell in love with it.

  5. Mark,There's something that called G.A.R.R.I.S.O.N.
    GARRISON is a city defence that no matter when you have defence at the city

    Please… cause I have this game too and watching you play is really funny cause I did so much worse… and seeing how you run a civilization is so funny xD

  7. Markiplier, you need a stronger army. Otherwise, the other city/states will see your city/state as weak. If that happens, they will attack and declare war, knowing that you cant fight back. theyll want to be friends with you if your borders are protected. They want strong friends.

  8. it civ 6,you expand to slow even for civ is time to make tons of settlers and get your self at least 8 cities by turn 100

  9. Teddy Roosevelt was actually a more progressive figure in the American political scene of his time. He'd mediate disputes between factory unions and the laborers, and breakup large configurations of businesses, or "trusts." In fact he won a Nobel peace prize for brokering the end of the Russo-Japanese war. He won his way into office through a progressive agenda of regulation of railroads, business trusts, and food and drink.

    However, he is infamous for his "gunboat diplomacy" and the way he treated Latin America at the time, doing rather shady dealings when it came to building the Panama canal. He was an ardent Imperialist, which doesn't earn him positive reflection in the modern day.

  10. If your aim was to play the game casually, especially for the first time, you really should have tried a difficulty setting lower than king…

    Anyway; good luck surviving the carnage!

  11. "When has science ever helped us anyways?" Hmm… well, without science, you wouldn't be talking to us right now. The wonder of YouTube? Yeah, it wouldn't exist.

  12. I'm not sure if i'm amused or horrified that mark keeps buying units to defend cities even though cities defend themselves.

  13. Tips about making allies in Civ 6
    They have different kind of stages before you can declare friendship
    Red=Hates you/Denounced you
    Yellow=Doesn鈥檛 agree on something you鈥檝e done
    Neutral=They鈥檙e neutral
    Dark green= they like you but you haven鈥檛 or they don鈥檛 want enter friendship
    Green= you鈥檝e befriended them
    Light blue=You鈥檝e made an ally

  14. I downloaded a dude on the steam workshop and now all of the civs don't do their animations anymore, I removed all workshop people and re-installed the game but they are still stuck frozen

  15. I dunno if Mark realized it but Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and since no one really considers Portugal to be a grate civilization it's probably why there a city state

  16. I like The greensleeves playing in the background to bad it's on the violin and not on the black saxophone AKA the bass clarinet

  17. When you collect your friend on horses and attack marks place and all of a sudden he break out on a chariot calling out 鈥渨e鈥檙e gonna kick you in the DiCk!鈥

  18. Doesn't look like there's anymore, but I'm sure you had your reasons ^_^
    It was still a great introductory peek into the game~
    Thanks 2016 Mark! 17:20

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