This Sure is a Long Emergency – Civilization 6 Gathering Storm Deity Part 11

This Sure is a Long Emergency – Civilization 6 Gathering Storm Deity Part 11

Hey everyone, and welcome back to some more Civilization 6 So, we still got 15 more turns of this emergency and I was looking at Japan, and he would actually join the war against Norway but he’s asking for quite a bit of gold 12 gold per turn it would be beneficial because it would give me a diplomatic boost with him for having a common enemy because right now we are neutral and I am getting minus 26 because of the grievances. I might be able to get declaration of friendship again if I get a common enemy, and this is the best way to do so I could just pay him in a niter let’s see if that’s going to work I’m getting 4 niter per turn so this is not a big deal how much gold would he want then? Wait, what? He still wants 12 gold per turn I could also pay him in diplomatic favor. I mean, that’s kind of what it’s for Let’s see, how much would this cost us? Let’s go for a combination of gold and diplomatic favor I can give him, let’s say… I don’t know, 19 diplomatic favor… or is that too much? let’s say 14 and some gold… and 6 gold per turn. That seems reasonable Ok, fine Let’s do that then. That’s reasonable. I don’t want to bankrupt myself. I’m not exactly making bank at the moment So, other than… that we do have 867 faith and I could still use more builders Do we have serfdom active? No, we do not, let’s wait for serfdom. We’ll get guilds in 5 turns, and then I can switch to serfdom and possibly… to craftsmen We’ll see about that Anyway, we can still attack a few times. Let’s maybe do that. I still want to see what city this is. It might even be their capital. That’s what I’m thinking We’ll find out, just need to get rid of the catapults It would explain why he’s throwing so many units at me from this general direction. That’s probably his highest production city At least the capital usually is Okay, so that will do I wonder if I could just peace out with Norway at this point, and let Japan fight him. That’s not a bad idea actually Because Norway will keep plundering my best trade routes. I don’t really want that Also, the patch is live now, I’m playing with the patch – and one of the biggest changes is to coastal cities so for example the shipyard now gives you +1 production on all unimproved coast tiles for the city and also, Mausoleum at Halicarnassus is a much better wonder it was already one of my favorite early game wonders before, but now it’s just crazy you get +1 science, +1 faith and +1 culture on all coastal tiles for this city and great engineers still get an additional charge so that’s amazing and another change is that the lighthouse gives you +2 housing if the harbor is adjacent to the city center something like that. Let’s double check, pretty sure that was exactly it. I got a lighthouse right here yes, +2 housing if this city is adjacent to a coast and… oh, yeah, there’s nothing about the harbor needing to be adjacent It’s just the city that has to be adjacent to the coast. Okay, that’s even better So let’s continue then shall we? Hopefully we will get the Mausoleum, it’s only 5 turns away and once I also get a shipyard, these tiles will be amazing I didn’t actually unlock the shipyard yet, but we are working on mass production now It will be there soon enough. And I’ll need it in Mediolanum as soon as possible because that city will benefit from it the most immediately – and it’s my only one… oh wait, no this one doesn’t actually have a harbor yet. So we’ll have to build a harbor probably once the university is finished Heal these He’s not dead yet well… close enough and harbor in Durocortorum I suppose so I guess it makes sense What else can we actually get in here? Oh yeah, I wouldn’t mind an encampment Just in case we’ll end up fighting Japan or something like that. Let’s actually get an encampment It will take a while, but that’s okay I could probably buy the jungle and then remove it, but right now it would cost me basically half of my gold I’m not quite willing to do that as for the other cities I could build the armory which, makes sense. I could also get more units. I do have a bombard queued up That would be our third or even fourth bombard That’s probably enough I could get some regular units a crossbowman wouldn’t hurt. I do need garrisons, because my amenities are in the negatives and I do have retinues I can actually move the pikeman into the city Just for that plus one happiness, or the knight, because he’s healing up anyway so the knight We got another envoy I could actually get allied with a Vilnius right now if I want to For the highest active alliance level, all your theater square districts receive +50% adjacency bonus Yeah, okay. That bonus is utterly useless for me right now However, Buenos Aires would certainly not be useless I could go for that Now, I could save one envoy, by switching my policies in a few turns Which might be a good idea Can we get a quick civic after guilds? Not really 13 turns that’s not exactly quick Yeah, probably not worth it Let’s just get allied with Buenos Aires right away, and I will be able to send a trade route later Once we end the war with Norway, but for now, let’s become the suzerain and I think that’s that. We got a promotion on the bombard. Let’s just use it, especially since that’s useful and in theory, I could still go for another city a Russian city perhaps Again, I want to see what exact city this is. We’ll find out How much to upgrade? Oh, right, I do not actually have professional army active at the moment as for the Builder, well, I could speed up the walls How about we do that then. Here, two more turns, and then I can use this tile for a district, like an industrial zone that wouldn’t hurt and we can still kill the catapult so let’s do that Maybe even the other one Here’s a promotion – that’s going to be suppression Yeah, he denounced me already, that’s probably because of the grievances It’s not exactly unexpected, but I need to watch my back His units are still quite far behind in tech level but if he attacked me right now, I would have a hard time because I only really have two crossbowmen in the area Yeah, we need to watch our back Might be a better idea to wrap up our business here He is busy right now, because he is fighting Norway but that might not last very long, because as you remember, one of the first wars I started between the AI’s, was early in this game between Norway and Russia, and Norway ended that war very quickly. I don’t think it even lasted 10 turns They were at peace very quickly Anyway, urban warfare or… yeah +7 combat strength versus anti-cavalry units, that’s fine So, what the heck is this city well We’ll find out Yeah, no need for a farm I’ll be using this tile for a district. Let’s get a quarry right here And that’s that. I can send the legion to investigate that city or the musketman… and yeah, I do need a builder to repair these, but again I’m specifically waiting for serfdom. It’s not like we’re entering the next era just yet We got at least ten turns, probably more than that if I had to guess There’s no rush Alright then He wants gold. I’m not giving you gold. I literally just gave you gold to start the war with Norway but I should definitely get more defenses, a few more ranged units World Congress… yeah, city state emergency. I will vote against that Hopefully this will be enough. Let’s find out It was enough. Okay, good Carry on then I could move the other crossbowman across because this guy has two attacks per turn, that might be useful. Just need to be careful how exactly I move him Would be a little bit awkward to lose him Yeah, definitely not just yet and in Arpinum we can grab a water mill There’s a crossbowman almost finished Okay, sounds good to me. I can actually attack… no I can’t Nevermind then. Let’s get that quarry, and kill the swordsman Okay, done I got so much experience from this emergency. It’s actually crazy Alright, how do we do this? Let’s send the musketman. That’s the toughest unit I got, so that just makes sense Depending on how strong the city is going to be, I might be able to take it pretty quickly with my bombards You saw how quickly I took Kabul and I’m about to get another bombard in three turns We’ll see, I don’t have too many grievances with Russia right now 50 With Norway, I got… yeah he has 364 towards me, that’s a little bit much Can we actually peace out with Norway? And the just leave Japan fighting him No Okay, fine, whatever Because I would like to have full control of Stavanger, or rather – without penalties Because right now we are getting a penalty Might want to back up And we got guilds. First, let’s back up with the legion – wouldn’t want to lose him and let’s change our policies first. We definitely want serfdom I can remove Medina Quarter temporarily. I am keeping caravansaries But yes, let’s get serfdom Do we need a professional army? Kind of… I think I still got units that could use promotions Yes, I do. I mean, the legions for example, we definitely want professional army I am not making a lot of gold, but I can afford an upgrade or two. And I’m keeping retainers and we can switch from charismatic leader, but like, there’s no need anymore There are still city states where I have zero envoys, but I’ll be focusing on the 3 city states that I’m already a suzerain of Russia is still sending catapults. How many friggin catapults did they send by now? A lot apparently Well, alright Whatever floats his boat There’s the city… so that’s his actual capital Only 48 combat strength. I might be able to take that city I’m actually thinking I might be able to take it We can give it a shot. It would be nice to take his capital With the third bombard, I can do a lot of damage in a short time period. It’s worth a try It’s definitely worth a try So what’s happening? Now we need a harbor. Especially since the patch is live, so right here – that’s +3 as for the next civic I could get divine right to change policies faster, but let’s actually research something useful like diplomatic service. It’s unlikely I’ll be getting an alliance with another civilization So let’s get that, and this is useful I suppose Kind of Oh yeah, we will get the ability to construct a spy – that is definitely useful and now I probably need an industrial zone So, right here, In theory, I could replace the wheat, or even the rice and get +5 I’m actually thinking it might be worth removing the rice +5 is a really nice industrial zone Yeah, we should do that Especially since I’m about to faith buy some builders Let’s do it Okay, so one builder is 175 faith I’ll want at least two of them I would say Maybe one more near Rome. Rome can still benefit from a builder, certainly And I still have enough for more – and in this general area near Stavanger, and also in Mediolanum, to repair the tiles Okay, and I still got more faith… don’t need one here all that much This guy only has one build left, so I could get a fishery In theory, and also a pasture Okay, let’s grab one in here because I need that for fisheries and such. And that’s that. That’s all the builders I can currently buy And I’m going to build the industrial zone here – we can harvest the rice I just need to build something else, at least for like a turn or two How’s the great person situation because we could actually research grants Are we anywhere close told like, a great artist or so? Well, no We are pretty close to another great scientist The next great engineer is really nice, I would definitely like to get him, but obviously I can’t do that in a city that doesn’t even have an industrial zone yet I can start a unit Might be best… or just start a builder. I mean, I’ll need builders in the future, so that makes sense Yeah, let’s just start a builder. I don’t have to finish him At least not yet Anyway Let’s see. How do we do this? Let’s stay fortified for now, because the units in the back cannot actually move Not on this turn anyway I can upgrade the battering ram, but, I mean I don’t really need a siege tower all that much – I can destroy this garrison pretty quickly, and it’s too far away So that’s just completely unnecessary What about the governor title? What can we do here? Well, there are a few options I don’t quite need waterworks I could promote Pingala… no, that’s not needed. I could get a new governor, like Amani Having Amani in, let’s say Geneva would be useful and it would be useful to have her in general actually I think I’ll grab Amani then. Let’s do that, and we can send her to Geneva Sure It’s worth it, it’s just one governor title anyway And now we are done with that’s turn. That was a pretty damn long turn Alright, Russia. Yep, I’m glad I kept the pikemen slightly in the back. I will still try to peace out with Norway But we’ll see about that How’s the Mausoleum? It will be done on the next turn, and then we can build the shipyard, because I literally just unlocked that I have to back up here obviously Don’t want that guy to get killed Let’s stay outside of the city’s bombardment range until we actually kill the units I don’t know if I will be able to take it, that will depend on how many units Russia is going to throw at me If I want to disembark with the bombard, I do actually need the legion over here Which might be a little bit dangerous Oh, I can’t move him anymore, fair enough. Let’s just disembark then He should survive, even if they focus on him. I can still attack. I I don’t think he can kill anything else, just do some damage That will do and fortify with the musketman. And let’s send the crossbowman south, he’s not needed here anymore Nope, not really Back up. The knight is back at full health Can we negotiate with Norway? Nope. Okay, fine, whatever. We got 10 more turns of the military emergency and let’s put the builders to good use There’s another bombard almost finished That will certainly come in handy That will give us a total of 4 bombards on the next turn I just need to kill all these units defending his capital – which might be a little bit tricky I assume he’s focused on military production. I know I would be So, this guy was supposed to harvest the rice. First, I have to remove the improvement – and then I can harvest the rice So, that’s fine More experience for us, and there’s a promotion I still want to move that crossbowman. Let’s start moving him towards the city Sounds good, I will feel safer once we actually finish that encampment Now I could upgrade the legion right now, which might not be a terrible idea He will heal faster because he’s inside my territory. Let’s upgrade him I can’t upgrade this dude because that’s not my territory, obviously Yep, he got killed. Okay, that’s fine. I can live with that And there’s the Mausoleum So now, once we get to the shipyard, these tiles are going to be amazing. They are already so good But now we need the shipyard Preferably as soon as possible Alright, harvest, and then we can switch to industrial zone. That’s going to be a +5 industrial zone and I can finish the builder once that’s done, why not Alright, there’s the bombard Let’s see Yeah, I definitely have to kill all the units defending the area. There’s no way I’m taking the city otherwise definitely not Well then, let’s work on that That forested hill will be quite useful I didn’t kill the catapult sadly Finish it off and that’s basically it Nope, not quite There, 2 more attacks He’s dead. Nice one. That was a lot of damage Shame about the legion, but that’s fine. I can live with that Kabul Don’t quite a need an encampment I could actually use an entertainment complex, but this is a decent spot for an industrial zone Let’s get an industrial zone. You can’t go wrong with more production Also, I can actually build the Great Zimbabwe in Rome and we should definitely do that. That is such a nice wonder Let’s build it then, up here Sure, let’s do that. It won’t even take that long, and I can speed it up by removing the jungle So I will do that. I could speed it up even more if I move Magnus which might not be a terrible idea. It seems I need a governor in Stavanger I would have to move Pingala out of Rome which I’m not a huge fan of I could move Pingala to a city that also has 9 population That’s Mediolanum basically… or wait, this one. This is my highest population city right now Let’s move Pingala there, because researcher is based on population Yup, sounds good. And we’ll wait 5 turns for Magnus Okay, so you will go to Rome and I also need to move Victor to Stavanger Okay, sure, I don’t think he’s needed in Kabul Here Sounds good. More experience for us… kill the knight and heal the crossbowman. And attack the catapult I suppose So what else? Or are we done? What can we do with the builders? I still don’t have the wheat It would cost me a little bit too much. Oh, hold on. We will get one literally on the next turn Let’s set up to improve it then And the pikemen actually has a promotion, let’s use it Okay, and now we are done, I think… for the most part Here Are we there yet? These turns are getting pretty damn long, but I do have a lot of units… and they are still attacking me We are making -0.1 gold per turn, that’s pretty funny I do have all of my trade routes… -5 gold now, I’m probably paying quite a lot in unit maintenance – 41 from units, -40 from cities and I’m paying Japan 6 gold per turn for that war Is he still at war? Yes, he is. Good. He is also friendly with Russia, which I don’t like too much Alright… back to Russia We might be able to take his capital, I would like to do it, but we’ll see I would also like to not lose any more units Yeah, he has a lot around here it’s not exactly surprising I don’t think I can kill the swordsman but if I back up, he will probably enter the hill If I stay here with a crossbowman, I might take a little bit too much damage I got two catapults in my range, and the swordsman will attack me. Let’s play it safe and back up one tile The bombard should be okay, even if the swordsman attacks it directly I’d rather attack him myself. The problem is that it won’t do that much damage I could back up a bit Alright, let’s just back up slightly I’m playing it safe and I think we had enough of military production. I need something else at this point. I could actually go for industrial zone logistics… wait no, that’s not what I thought it is No, it will provide great engineer points once finished So that’s a possibility Are we close to a great general? Because I could go for encampment training Let’s take a look. We are not Well, sort of… like, halfway there. I would need a ton of faith to actually buy the rest with faith Not worth it Let’s just grab a temple It’s not super useful, but it might come in handy at some point Also, that’s going to be the end of this episode. So thanks for watching, I hope you enjoyed it! Leave a like if you did, or a dislike if you didn’t – and subscribe for more videos just like this one I’ll see you next time. Bye bye

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  1. Marbs you should consider switching your green policy card to gold per envoy for a while.  Doesn't seem like any civ is challenging you for the city states.

  2. I observed in part 10 that a crossbowman on the encampment had disappeared.  It never reappeared and you later moved another crossbowman into the encampment.  As I recall, that missing crossbowman was quite experienced.  Haven't seen this glitch before.

  3. That Great Zimbabwe is going to be insane, get some more commercial hubs to maximize the very, very high gold it will yield

  4. You know what – I actually like these shorter videos, especially when you reliably post one every day.
    – You are almost always sure that you can see entire video no mater how busy your schedule is.
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    – When you are late with a serial (like I am with Mali) it is much easier to fit amounts of episodes in amount of time you have.
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    – I really hate when I have to pause a video in half, especially because sometimes I can return to it only few days later.

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