Three Veterans three stories of women’s health.

[MUSIC]>>NATASHA; Women do not self
identify as veterans first. But in the women’s clinic they
are veterans, most of the staff are female veterans and they
understand what the female veterans are going through when
they’re there.>>TEXT: Natasha, Army Veteran.>>NATASHA: Knowing that you’re
dealing with people who have been through the same things
that you’ve been through on every level. Not just as
veterans and having been somewhere, but as female
veterans, makes a big difference. I’m Natasha, I was
in the army. I chose the army because they said a girl
shouldn’t.>>KARLA: The fact that I can
have care from some of the best doctors in the city, some of the
exact same doctors at the VA that I used to go to see out in
the private sector, it is phenomenal, so my suggestion to
any veterans or anyone on active duty right now is to remember
that you have that in your back pocket, and tap into it, because
it’s a great resource.>>TEXT: Karla, Air Force
Veteran. I’m Karla and I was in the
United States Air Force 1982 to ’86. I never realized I was
eligible for VA services until some cousins of mine and a
friend encouraged me to look into it, and I told them no, I’m
not retired, I’m not severely disabled, I didn’t serve
war time, and I was so stunned because I printed off the form;
it took me two minutes to fill it out, I went to the VA and
they have taken excellent care of me. [MUSIC]>>KIMBERLY: It’s Kimberly. I was
in the Army National Guard.>>TEXT: Kimberly, Army Veteran.>>KIMBERLY: Women just don’t
really realize you can come to the VA for health care and get
your maternity care paid for and get a breast pump. I mean these
are all sorts of things that I was not aware of until I went
there.>>TEXT: Services vary by
location and eligibility.>>KIMBERLY: And so, you know,
knowing that that’s available, I think we are just trying to
get theword out and educate.>>NATASHA: The VA provides
almost everything that a female veteran needs. I have
had gyno visits there, all my mammograms there, when I was
pregnant with my daughter I went through pre-natal visits
at the VA.>>TEXT: Dr. Cheryl Sampson,
Women’s Health Medical Director.>>DOCTOR: Primarily the job of
the women veteran program manager is outreach, to find
those women and let them know that services are available to
them, help them understand that they are veterans and deserve
the care that the VA has to offer.>>NATASHA: For me the difference
is the comfort level. I know what to expect. I know that I
can go there, and I know whom I’m going to see, I know how to
navigate around where I’m trying to go. So, it’s a one stop
womens’ shop.>>TEXT: Sound helpful? Share the
news. Don’t miss out on benefits you
may have earned. Visit

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