9 thoughts on “Time Life Lost Civilizations ▲ Ancient Egypt Quest for Immortality 👽 Sphinx Eternity Documentary

  1. Thanks for the upload. Always fascinated with Egyptian artifacts. I disagree with the ending though, they did not plan an eternity in a glass box.

  2. The Arcturians Lie cheat steal manipulate impersonate deceive withhold poison murder distrust overreact injure experiment ignore misdirect discommunicate use and abuse. Afraid of their own extinction. In 1947 was the marker to start the alien hybridization program to complete by 2047. They are active in psychic and dream control of Humanity for the end result of controllable Human DNA in the hybridization program with the Grays. The learned and dynamic being of the Human influences the reproductive material at that time. Human history has been shaped to shape Human DNA. Theyre the ones that wrote the religions, calendars, the occultism of secret societies, and the philosophy of political cultures and states. The reports of extraterrestrials is of abducting up to 10 percent of the Human population, thats 800 million people, and they have thousands of ships already here. They watch not only the lineage of bloodlines, but also the reincarnations. They want to incarnate as Humans when the DNA is available. They have a blood-worshipping hierarchical and hive-mind power structure. The dosing of Beryllium in the Human brain facilitates their mind and body control through the Beryl stones. They utilize telepathy to influence Human thought toward negative synchronicity and mental screening dream replacement, to induce Stockholm Syndrome with migraines and sleep deprivation and by shutting out subconscious processing. They are mind rapists. They utilize device implantation on the brainstem area of the head in the back, bottom right. They can monitor device input, and communications in real-time, they can change web content that can be generated, such as suggested news feeds and advertisements. They can all disguise themselves as Humans with technology, and by fascimile how they would look as Humans. They can utilize Human-looking AI. Their aircraft can disguise in look and sound to Human aircraft, they hover above the city invisible, they can see through walls and roofs. They can control the weather to an extreme. Their hybrids currently walk among us. They have so far infiltrated online accounts and the entertainment industry. With the ability to disguise as Humans, theyre likely in every industry and working toward the hybridization program through blood colonization and replacement of Humanity. This is a farm for the star people.

  3. Don't say you have English subtitles when all that is written is a website. Misleading and a waste of time for those of us who need subtitles. It's bad enough that the auto subtitles are horrible and incredibly inaccurate.
    You have no idea how much time people like me have to spend clicking videos, watching ads, check captions, checking sound, seeing if the captions work and if they're English or if their auto, which gets everything wrong.
    A lot more bullshit then people realize.
    Don't say you have them if you don't have them. Thank you.

  4. The Qur'an speak of lost civilization it say " How many generation had We destroyed.
    for your information and action. Not for silly debate.

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