Top 10 Animals Born With Human Faces

Top 10 Animals Born With Human Faces

Top 10 Animals Born With Human Faces Hello, welcome back to the Most Amazing corner
of the internet, I am Rebecca Felgate, your most amazing host and today we are talking
about the Top 10 Animals born with human faces. Yes. Before we launch into this list, I just want
to remind you guys that we have most amazing merch on sale so if you want to join the most
amazing gang then consider rocking one of our sweet sweet shirts or hats…of hoodies…..
in fact, the animals in this list look so human, that maybe they should be wearing some
merch, too! 10 – Devil Lamb
in South Africa, inhabitants of a village were shocked and disturbed by the birth of
a human looking lamb….Villagers were convinced that either Beastiality or witchcraft were
at play when the human looking lamb was birthed, although sadly the creature was stillborn. While DNA samples confirmed the creature was
indeed a lamb, many locals were convince the dead sheep was the work of the devil and a
bad omen of things to come. 9 – Goat
In April 2016, a kid was born that looked like an actual human kid. A farmer from Felda in Malaysia posted the
image of the animal on social media. Unfortunately that baby didn’t live very
long, but it did indeed look a bit like a hairy bipedal mamal. Some were saying the goat looked human but
honestly I think it looks more a baby Chewbacca. It definitely has human like lips and a nose. I am just sad the little guy didn’t make
it. 8 – Cow
A cow born in India with human features caused a stir in 2017. Cows are seen as sacred in India anyway, so
when a calf was born with human like features, people thought it was an avatar of Hindu God
Lord Vishnu. Locals flocked to see the calf, which died
shortly after birth. Despite being dead, Hindus placed the animal
in a glass box and laid floral garlands on it. One worshipper said God has taken birth from
the body of a local cow. We came here to seek his blessings.” Another goat at number 7 this one was born
in Argentina. A genetic disorder meant that the kid was
born with a facial deformity. The farmer who owned the animal presented
it to cameras and video footage was uploaded to youtube. LOOK at this dog at number 6
Really look at it…. Look at the dog in the eye….are you creeped
out….because I am. Tonik the Poodle Shih Tzu mix has a very human
looking demeanour about him. Pictures of the pooch went viral in 2013 as
his shelter photos were listed on Pet Finder. What a cutie….although it definitely looks
like he knows more than he should. Who WAS this dog in a former life. All of these animals are born with human faces
– we have the Proma-cho-teuthis Sulcus at number 5
This squid looks like an angry killer ready to bite!! Who knew these critters were living down there,
screaming silently into the ocean! While it totally looks like this squid has
a human set of teeth, these are actually folded lip flaps. This squid might be confused if it saw us
too, but it is unlikely we would ever come face to face one day. 4 – Cat with a human face
Bizzare images of a cat with a human like face were circulated on the internet in in
October 2014, with people claiming it was taken in Western Malaysia. Footage of the creature was also recorded
on a phone camera. The creature looks like a cross between a
cat and Gollum from Lord of the Rings. It was on all fours and had fangs, but a very
human like face. The image caused so much fuss that local police
in Malaysia were forced to make a statement saying the creature was fake….although was
it actually. 3 – Pig
This story actually comes from our sister News Channel, Inform Overload. Back in 2014, Dave Walpole reported that a
pig had been born with a human looking face in Vietnam. First reported on Tomo news, the animal appears
to be a pig with a decidedly humanoid appearance, but people in Laos, where it was born, suspected
in was the work of bestiality…which…well I mean that just isn’t how things work. To be fair…I don’t know how anything works…and
I am ready to question everything I ever knew or thought I knew here at number 2 we have
this Pig with a human face and human looking penis on its head
This piglet was videoed gasping for and was widely shared on Chinese social media. The piglet was the only one of the litter
of 19 to have a deformity. It seemed like it had a human face, with the
addition of having what looked like a flaccid penis on its head. An eye witness, Wu Kung said: was one of a
dozen people who went there to see the piglet, and it really did have human face and exactly
like he said, a penis growing out of its forehead.” Finally, at number one, a weird but very cute
and happy story, we have this Lamb that looks like an old man
In 2015, a female lamb went viral when she was born in a Russian village. Sheep are born in Russia all the time, so
what was the big deal? Well….this lamb looked a lot like a grumpy
old human man. A The Russian farmer the lamb belongs to said
that she had normal looking parents. Residents of the town flocked to see the sheep,
although it is said the lamb scared the children. The famer said he thought she was a beauty
and refused to sell her to the local circus….which is a pretty sweet story. WELL there were 10 animals born with human
faces…how do you guys feel about those…which of these do you think looks the most human? Let me know in the comments section below. For now, I am your Most amazing host Rebecca
Felgate, and I would love it if you hit that thumbs up button at the end of this video. Also do make sure you are subscribed to Most
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  1. Holy crap I don't know what you guys are up to but THIS is too strange. Beastie-allity of some weird retched kind… this is just disgusting, I mean really do we really want to see this? Okay I guess we do..

  2. hey but can we talk about all the humans that straight up resemble animals. Ive met a kid that straight up had the face of a pug dog before

  3. I think it looks like an evil spawn of satan. Not the pig that has a penis growing out of its head that looks like something that had a wierd floppy banana coming out of its head

  4. Re: comment about #2, so you're saying human faces have penis on their head? I mean, I've heard of 'penis-head', but ok.

  5. Video: Back in 2014, Dave Walpole reported that a pig had been born with a human looking face.

    Me: It's Peppa!!!

  6. 良い動画みせていただきましたありがとうございました。感謝しますね。いろいろとありますね。

  7. That's what beastiality is, we are all hybrids. It fan happen but it's wrong and the offspring will have nothing like it (no family) and that's why we dont do these things.

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