Top 10 Lost Civilizations in History! What happened to them?

Top 10 Lost Civilizations in History! What happened to them?

throughout history there have been
numerous civilizations that have achieved greatness only to decline into
nothing some were defeated and destroyed by invaders while others were influenced
by climate changes stay tuned to number one to find out the mysterious
civilization the leaves archeologists questioning whether or not they even
existed number ten aboriginal Tasmanians not to
be confused with the Tasmanian devil this is perhaps the most tragic example
included on this entire list the aboriginal Tasmanians are an a digitus
group of people on the Australian state of Tasmania which is located south of
the mainland prior to the arrival of European explorers the Tasmanian people
had inhabited the island for 40,000 years so how did they get there well it
wasn’t always an island and there was once a land bridge connecting it to the
mainland over that time they developed numerous cultures in different tribal
groups and maintained a thriving civilization on the island that was
until the Europeans arrived in the late 18th and early 19th century since then
the population of the Aboriginal peoples has been completely decimated by disease
and Western intervention by 1833 there were approximately 200 surviving
Aboriginal Tasmanians and they were tricked to surrender themselves with the
promise that they would be protected and provided for but this just didn’t happen
instead they were moved around from island to island where diseases
continued to reduce the already small population today there are many people
who claim to be descendants of the Aboriginal Tasmanians because they are
children of Native women who made it with the Europeans unfortunately as is
common among native peoples invaded or colonized by Western powers the
indigenous Tasmanian language has been completely lost thankfully however there
have been some efforts to reconstruct the language from certain works that
have remained with a group of people known as the Palo Wat people number 9 a
kadhi and Empire the Akkadian Empire was one of the first Mesopotamia empires and
centered around the city of Akkad and its influence stretched across
Mesopotamia the Levant and antolia archaeologists debate the exact date of
its emergence and decline but it is generally dated to 23:34 BCE to 2154 BCE
however it depends on what book you read the consensus is that it reaches
political peak between the 24th and 22nd centuries BCE so what happened
to them well archaeologists believe Akkad fell
in the 22nd century BCE and this resulted in the Dark Age where there was
likely no prominent imperial authority for some time
one explanation first collapse is that the akane and dynasty simply couldn’t
keep political supremacy over other independent city-states in the region
another explanation is that it was a result of rapidly increasing droughts
and lack of rainfall in the region because let’s face it you can’t survive
without water to drink or to grow crops perhaps it’s not so surprising that many
of the earliest civilizations located in the cradle of civilization in the Near
East and northern Africa area were heavily influenced by climate change
number 8 Easter Island situated in modern-day Chile Easter Island is one of
the most remotely inhabited islands in the world archaeologists believe humans
first arrived on the island between 700 and 1100 AD and were likely Polynesian
people from either the Gambier Islands or the Marquesas Islands so how did they
get there well they used canoes yep that’s right they traveled across the
sea from between 1600 and 2000 miles away although it might not even sound
possible experimental archaeologists were able to reconstruct a canoe and
make it from Mangareva to Easter Island in just 19 days the inhabitants appear
to have created a thriving civilization on the island and archaeological
investigations having covered enormous statues stone platforms stone houses and
petroglyphs the island is most famous for its moai and a total of 887
monolithic stone statues have been found across the island so what happened to
the people of Easter Island well by the time the Europeans arrived in the 18th
century the population of the island had already dropped to between two and three
thousand people which was a significant decline in comparison to the estimated
15,000 just a century earlier the consensus is that the island was slowly
deforested and left due to a lack of natural resources without natural
resources the Isle could no longer support such a large
society so the population experienced a gradual attrition number seven Minoan
civilization the Minoan civilization was one of the great mediterranean
civilizations in the period before the Mycenaean period of ancient Greece the
civilization dates from roughly 2500 to 1200 BCE in different stages of
development the Minoans are famous for their architectural designs pottery
writing systems colorful artwork and perhaps most significantly their
navigational and seafaring skills so why did this great civilization collapse
well archaeologists believe several facts contributed to its decline most
notably the volcanic eruption of santorini also known as the Thera
eruption there is much debate around the exact date of the eruption with
scientists dating it to about the 17th century BCE while archaeologists suggest
the date of between 1525 and 1500 BCE regardless of the exact date the
Santorini eruption would have devastated Crete which laid to the south of the
island some archaeologists have found seashells and other marine based finds
high up in the islands of Crete suggesting a massive tsunami hit the
island not only that but the ash cloud from the eruption itself would have
impacted food production evidence suggests the volcanic eruption did not
cause the immediate collapse of the civilization but instead triggered a
crisis of the people that they just could not overcome number 6 the
Nabataeans the Nabataeans were a group of people that inhabited the desert
areas of northern Arabia and southern Levant they were originally one of
several nomadic tribes that roamed the Arabian deserts given the harsh climates
and challenges posed by living in a desert environment
the Nabataeans had to be inventive with their agricultural practices and
insourcing water unfortunately no Nabataean literature
has survived nor are there any inscriptions on temples or other
buildings associated with the civilization as a result archaeologists
have been left to piece together the puzzle what we do know is that petra ee
capital of the novelty in people was rapidly built in the first century BCE
and at its height would have had a population of around 20,000 people we’re
gonna ask again what happened to all of them well like many groups of people the
Nava teens were absorbed into the Roman Empire when Emperor Trajan annexed the
kingdom instead of destroying or replacing the novelty and culture they
were adopted into the larger greco-roman culture number five Maya civilization
the Mayan civilization was a Mesoamerican civilization that existed
in the Americas before the Europeans arrived on the continent over millennia
they developed complex societies with impressive art architecture astronomical
systems mathematics and calendar development oh and they also practiced
human sacrifices at its height the civilization encompassed much of modern
southeastern New Mexico all of modern-day Guatemala and Belize and the
western parts of modern-day Honduras and El Salvador a mighty empire considering
the terrain and distances that they would have had to have traveled the
development of the civilization dates to before 2,000 BCE when the first
development in agriculture and early settlements are recorded in the
following millennia they developed complex societies and built monumental
cities while they went through stages of urbanization although the ultimate
decline of the civilization was the result of the Spanish conquistadors the
model for the Mayan civilization which was based on the ritual authority of the
ruler was poorly structured and by the 9th and 10th century CE II many of the
large cities had been abandoned before the Spanish had even arrived
nevertheless when they did arrive they went about destroying what remained of
this once great civilization thankfully many smaller villages survived Spanish
colonial authority and today many people still speak the Mayan related languages
number 4 Indus Valley Civilisation during the time of the great old world
civilizations ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia the Indus Valley
civilizations were thriving in the northwestern regions of South Asia
stretching from modern day northeast Afghanistan to Pakistan
and Northwest India at its peak it is believed to have had a population of
over 5 million people a considerable number given the period little if
anything was known about this great civilization until the British started
systematically mapping the British India and subsequently started excavating the
sites they found since then a mountain of information has been unearthed and
today the civilization is famous for its urban planning elaborate drainage
systems water supply and large non-residential buildings so what
happened to them well archaeologists have identified signs that a gradual
decline began around 1700 BCE when several cities were abandoned human
skeletons from one of the site’s Harappa also indicate an increase in diseases
like leprosy and tuberculosis not something that helps a declining
civilization as of 2016 most archaeologists believe that drought and
reduced trade with other major civilizations caused the collapse of the
Indus Valley Civilisation which involved the urban networks breaking down and
people moving eastward to settle in more rural communities number three Aztec
civilization the Aztec empire was one of the great pre-columbian civilizations
also referred to as the Mexico culture it is prevalent in the Postclassic
period from about 1,300 to 15 21 seee during this time they developed complex
cultures with impressive architecture art astronomical knowledge calendars
complex religions and mythologies oh and like the Mayan civilization the
Aztecs also practiced in human sacrifice but they took it to a whole new level
with one account suggesting that they sacrificed 80 thousand four hundred
prisoners in just four days for a particular event however this numbers
also debated by academics nevertheless it was a gruesome practice and there are
some detailed bloody depictions of these rituals that have survived in the
archaeological record thankfully the practice itself died out with the
arrival of the Spanish associated with the Aztec civilization
is the Aztec empire which began as an alliance between three city-states
Tanakh dick blonde Texcoco and plucked upon together they rule the valley of
Mexico between 1428 until the Spanish conquistadors defeated them in 1521 like
all great Mesoamerican civilizations that Aztecs did not stand a chance when
the Spanish arrived with their cannons shiny armor and new world diseases
number 2 the Olmec civilization considered the earliest known major
civilization in Mexico the Olmec civilization dates from about 1500 BCE
to 400 BCE the heartland of their civilization was the area of the Gulf
lowlands archaeological evidence suggests that they had their roots in
early farming cultures which date back to around 5100 BCE they developed unique
artistic styles and were adept at making human and animal like portrayals there
is even evidence to suggest that they might have performed bloodletting and
they appear to have had a good understanding of astronomy with some
attributing the Long Count calendar and the concept of zero to the Olmecs so
here’s their story like many great ancient civilizations archaeologists
don’t know for sure but they identified a significant drop in the population
towards the end of the culture and theories explaining this range from
changing environments to natural disasters such as volcanic eruptions
like much of ancient history it’s doubtful that we’ll ever know the full
extent of what happened to the Olmec civilization which is just typical
number one Atlantis there is much debate about whether the myth of Atlantis is
fact fiction or a mixture of both first discussed by Plato Atlantis has inspired
academics writers and filmmakers alike the story goes that a once great
civilization far advanced from others at its time was destroyed by sinking into
the sea after angering the gods written as fiction some modern archaeologists
are convinced that the city existed while others believed it was complete
fiction then there are those who believe that it
might be based in some fact one leading theory is that Plato may have utilized
stories of the Thera eruption that survived through oral history
archeologists are aware of the thriving civilization that once inhabited the
island of santorini which lies just north of Crete and some believe its
destruction is what Plato was referring to we might never know for sure whether
some of the story is based on actual events but it is one mystery that will
continue to inspire many for generations to come
what do you think about the Atlantis myth did the civilization exist or it is
a complete fiction write what you think in the comments below don’t forget to
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  1. Akkadian empire fell to climate change? All those mules and donkeys and their dung piles? The left is so stupid and they expect us to be worse and let them have their way with us.

  2. Atlantis is actually Antarctica. It was near the Equator till the Earth surface shifted 2000 miles. New science proves this.
    Governments have been digging thru the snow to the frozen civilization underground. They pull lost technology from the ruins and use it for financial and military gain. Try to visit Antarctica, the military will not allow it.

  3. I am not sure were you received the information at min: 11:20, yet this number would mean that the peoples completed the rituals vast preparation per person, the incantations (again per person), and placing the sacrifice on a prepared alter to then remove the heart & head while also working nonstop & keeping a consistent sacrifices of 13.958333333333333333333333333333 a minuet.

  4. The Minoans appear to have been taken over by the Mycenaean Greeks sometime prior to 12 BC based on the fact that Cretan Linear B was actually a form of very Ancient Greek. The Santorini eruption may have helped in reducing the Minoan power, but as for the massive tsunami idea, there is not evidence of it in any of the northern coastal cities sites. With respect to the Aztecs, the Spanish had a lot of help eliminating the Aztecs from the neighboring tribes that the Aztecs had been raiding for captives to use as sacrifices. As for Atlantis, I suspect that Plato made the whole thing up, but drew on remaining tales and legends of the Santorini eruption for its downfall. The video does miss the Mycenaean Civilization, the Etruscan civilization, and the Inca civilization, along with the Phoenicians, who did give us the concept of the alphabet. The Sumerians, also missed, left us with the 24 hour day and the 60 minute hour, among other things.

  5. Bro… if you're going to list cultural sites verbally then at least learn to pronounce them properly. Other than that… good vid.

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  7. This is a mish-mash.

    What moron would tell people NOT to confuse Tasmanian Aborigines with the Tasmanian devil?
    Then, while talking about the Tasmanian Aborigines, the narrator shows images of mainland Aborigines and THEN for some reason, they throw in an image of communal housing from what looks like Europe long ago!!

    Easter Island is NOT found in Chile.
    It is 3680 kms off the coast of Chile in the Pacific Ocean.

  8. You DO realise what decimation means I suppose? Killing ONE in every TEN??

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    ….every number dividing by god nr (⑦) have the same cycles (except the events) this digits form a triangle (1-8 4-5 2-7) trinity
    putting in two crossing triangles it form the dave star ,but also a cube or a planar size for 8 cubes (x,y,z) trinity 3x3x3 (1+4+2+8+5+7) (a tetrahedron, trigonal antiprism ,etc ,but it get too complicated ….&if you nr the corners of the cube 1-8 2-7 3-6 4-5 then you have 4 diagonals in a midle that form nr 9
    this construction is iron element Fe…but it can take me thousand of 'years' in earth revolutions to unfold & explain the matrix…..b̶͍̆̔̐̾u̷̧̗̫̹͚̳̩͚̥̍͠ ţ̶̳͙̳͔̻̩͕͈̻͇͂̂͆̋̕͝ yaaa……knowing & believing are different things…… from many to one and from one to many (e pluribus unum ab uno in plures) an half of inscription you can found on every dollar bill……(abstract communications)

    🌏 📡🌏 👣🕘 💎👽☠☼☾☄ェヽ・ㇺㇾㇽ₪ɨʈɨЬɨʀа₪ヽ・ェㇺㇾㇽ✶☥✨🌛🌄⊀✶⋊🐺🐾☆🐜🐜▲▴◭

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  13. Stop saying "BCE", you stupid snowflakes. It's always been Before Christ and it will always be Before Christ whether you like it or not.

  14. I'm convinced that the capitol city of Atlantis was exactly located in what is now the Eye of the Sahara in Mauritania. Sea level rose to cover it, then fell to leave it land-locked in a desert. Or tectonic plate shifting lowered/raised the land to cause the same effect. Tons of clues point to it, and the geography of the Eye is exactly what Plato described as the dimensions of the capitol city.

  15. It is quite incorrect to say that the Atlantis story was written as a myth, meaning that Plato told it as such. He states that he got it through his family from his famous ancestor Solon, who lived around 600 BCE, and that Solon got it from an Egyptian priest at a temple in the Delta, who told him that the events happened 9,000 years previously, which makes it 11,600 years ago – way before the Thera eruption and at exactly the end of the 'Younger Dryas' period that ended the last 'Ice Age'. It has been scientifically established that there was huge flooding at that time as the ice sheets quickly melted. How did Plato come to specify that exact time if it was just a made up story?

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