Top 10 Scary Artifacts That Prove Past Advanced Civilizations Existed

Top 10 Scary Artifacts That Prove Past Advanced Civilizations Existed

Hey everyone welcome back to most amazing top
ten, I’m your host Che Durena. Now everything in one way or another is lost
to time, well accept my rugged good looks. But there are pieces of history left behind
so we can try and piece together what happened in the past. So today we’re gonna do some digging and try
and find what used to be with our list of 10 ten scary artifacts that prove past advanced
civilizations existed! Like always make sure you like comment subscribe
and hit the little notification bell. And without any further ado lets get started. 10 Dendera Light When was the first light blub invented, well
it was way after the common era calendar started. But maybe it wasn’t, maybe the ancient Egyptians
had hookups to some lightbulbs and they used to throw dope raves. The Hathor temple in Dendera Egypt has carvings
in the walls which look to be gigantic lightbulbs. The Egyptians may have found a way to harness
some sort of energy and make lightbulbs. If we’re going to go super conspiracy theory,
which we are, some people believe that the pyramids were actually power plants with copper
wire inside of them. They would tap into the natural electrical
energy floating in the earth atmosphere and then it would be pulled down into the earth
and into the surrounding cities. If this is true then my Egyptian rave theory
isn’t that crazy 9 Robots!! We barely have robots now and your telling
is before they even had toilet paper some people were making robots. Well, they’re not that high tech but still
so cool in ancient Greece Fillion of Byzantium made a working maid. The way this contraption worked was it was
a statue with moving parts. It was perfectly weighted with a pitcher in
one hand and the other hand open. When you place a cup in the open hand it would
shift the weight of the statue causing the open hand to move down and pitcher to pour
into the cup. Basically, the best bartender that will never
cut you off. This is one of the only artifacts like this,
it’s most likely that robots like this were not commonplace in ancient Greece but only
the super rich could afford it. This robot was the 8K tv of its day. 8 Turkish Gilding Over 8000 years ago the Turks were ballin,
they were the masters of gold gilding. They were putting gold on everything, they
would gold your house, gold your chairs, gold your baby. I don’t know if that last one is true but
it was 8000 years ago I’m sure someone would try and hold a baby and it would have been
dope. The Turks would use mercury to perfect this
gilding process and they were so good at it that we still can’t gild as well as they
did. Its 8000 years later, and with all of the
technological advancements we still can’t find out exactly how they did it. Maybe it was aliens. The alien version of Bobby Shmuda came down
and taught them how to put gold on everything. 7 Lunar tack disk When you think Vikings you think pillagers,
murders, pointy hats. But they were also some of the best sailors
alive. They were kings of navigating the sea, pulling
up on some foreign shore and cutting everyone’s head off. So it shouldn’t be a huge surprise that they
might have been the first civilization to discover a compass. The Lunar Tack disk was discovered in Greenland
in 1948. It’s believed that Vikings would use these
devices at night when they couldn’t use the sun to navigate. It’s not certain how these devices worked
but it seems they give the user a rough idea of where the sun would be in the sky after
it was set. The Lunar tack disk would work in part with
other things like wooden slabs and crystals. I never thought bloodthirsty Vikings would
be into crystals. You come home after a long day of mass murder
and your wives like, Wow you chakras are all over the place. 6 The bell I dont know if you know this but coal takes
at least 30 million years to form, That is why this next one is pretty interesting. This one is a brass bell which was discovered
encased inside a chunk of coal. The coal that the bell was encased in was
over 300 million years old and the mine where the bell was found, was over one hundred feet
deep. The bell also has carvings that are similar
to the Hindu god Garuda but it was discovered in West Virginia. How did a brass bell, with Hindu god carvings,
get encased in 300 million-year-old coal in west Virginia. So many questions but it might be signs of
advanced civilizations existing in North America way before we think. 5 The Puri Reis Map Cartography is easy now that we have satellites,
we can see the whole world from space take a picture and then print out a picture. But then the printers like I can’t print
it in out of color and your like well just print it in black and white and it’s like
no I need more magenta and you’re like I said black and white. Believe or not making maps was even harder
back then. The Puri Rice Map was discovered in 1929 by
Gustav Adov Diceman and it was an absolute marvel. The map depicts a very detail charting of
Antarctica before it was covered in ice. It was made by Cartographer Haji Ahmed Mu
Hidden Puri in 1513. The map is so incredibly detailed that it
puzzles archeologist as to how they were able to make it without some sort of advanced technology. Also, we can’t compare how accurate the
map is now because Antarctica is currently covered in ice. 4 The London Hammer This isn’t some bad 80 hair metal band, this
is the discovery of one of the oldest dated tools ever. They London hammer was discovered by a couple
just going out for a walk and they saw a chunk a wood coming out of a rock. They thought it looks interesting enough to
take home. Later their son decided to take a hammer and
chisel to break into it. I side they found looks to be a crude design
of a hammer. They took to the hammer to some archeologist
and this is where things get crazy. The rock encasing the hammer dates back four
hundred million years and the iron used to make the hammers head is over five hundred
million years old. The hammers head is 90 percent pure iron so
there is no way that it could have been made naturally in nature. Also, parts of the hammers handle had been
turned to coal which takes at least 30 million years to form. My guess, someone jumped in a time machine
and got stuck waaaaay back. Never be the first guy to go into a time machine,
wait until they work the kinks out 3 Coso artifact In 1961 a group of hikers was going rock collecting
in some California mountains. These guys were super cool dudes. They came across some geods, which are crystals
encased in rock, and they took them home to cut them open and have a look. What they found was more than just crystals
but a porcelain casing, a spring and metal parts all encased inside the rock. The pieces all resembled a sparkplug but the
rock was dated five thousand years old. The craziest part about this one is the coso
artifact and the three hikers who made the discovery have all gone missing. Super creepy! 2 Nuclear Reactor How old would you think the first ever nuclear
reactor was made, if I told you that it was 10,000 years old then you probably wouldn’t
believe me. Well, this Nuclear reactor discovered in Gaboon
Africa is actually way older than that. In 1972 a team of archeologist dug up a 1.8
million-year-old nuclear reactor. They were able to determine the age through
carbon dating and from the design it seems to be man-made. This is one of the craziest discoveries ever
recorded. Some people think that it was just meteor
that left behind some nuclear energy but other people obviously think it’s aliens who came
here to bioengineer humans to create a new life and then study use from a distant planet. 1 The Spheres If you find one naturally anatomy you can
chalk it up to chance, but if you find over 200 in the same place for over 30 years then
I guess there might be something going on. Metallic spheres started popping up in a mine
in south Africa in the 1970s. They are all metal on the outside. Some with lined markings going down the center
and they range from two and half centimeters to ten a centimeters. If you break them open they seem to have some
sort of soft material in them that breaks down when it comes in contact with air. So far not so crazy, but theses Spheres are
dated 2.8 billion years old. Before dinos, before almost anything. How could something that is clearly crafted
by someone be dated so old? Obviously, I don’t have the answers but
we can speculate, time travel, aliens, Maybe this is human beings second run at life, maybe
there were civilizations that lived on this planet before and were just another group
taking a shot at life on earth. Well everyone that’s our list, thank you
so much for tuning in. As always make sure you like comment subscribe
and hit the little notification bell. Until next time I’ve been Che Durena and
I can’t wait to forget all the reality questioning things I just told you and go and play PlayStation. Thanks and good bye.

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