Top 10 Scary LOST Civilization Theories

Top 10 Scary LOST Civilization Theories

Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing
Channel on the internet. I am your host Rebecca Felgate and today I
am talking about the Top 10 Scary Lost Civilization Theories. Spooky! So we are going to talk about some wild theories
circulating about confirmed extinct civilizations and also some theories about civilizations
that some people are convince existed, but we have yet to find any evidence! Are you with me! Before I get into this video, I want to ask
you guys what your favourite ancient civilization is? Mine is definitely the Romans. They knew how to enjoy themselves! Love a banquet! Although I do have some love for the sneaky
Egyptians. Loved a good curse didn’t they. Let me know in the comments section down below. Also while you are down there why don’t
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out the links to our most amazing Instagram’s in the description box. 10 – Atlantis
Whether or not Atlantis is real, we just don’t know. It is a legendary city that is mentioned in
a number of pieces of Greek literature, including by the late great philosopher Plato. It is said that Atlantis was a thriving city
filled with affluence and positivity…. That was until it sank. Atlantis was said to have sunk into the sea
in a single day and night. There has been a lot of speculation as to
where the city may be – many think that it may be in the Straights of Gibraltar between
Africa and Spain. If Atlantis was real it would be over 11,000
years old. Did the people sink and drown? 9 – Mayans
The Mayan’s were an ancient civilization developed by the Maya people. The population lived in South east Mexico,
Guatemala, Belize, parts of Honduras and El Salvador. Mayan structures still remaining include Mexico’s
famous Chichen Itza. The Mayan era began somewhere around 2000
BCE and lasted until around the 8th or 9th century AD. There were 19 million people in the civilization,
which was a significant proportion of the world population at the time. All of a sudden, they died out. We don’t know the real reason – the most
sensible theories include drought caused by over logging but there are wilder theories
out there. Some think that over farming meant eventually
people starved, others say the Mayan rulers killed each other in wars, and others think
disease was the main culprit. However there are some pretty juicy articles
out there that’s suggest the Mayan’s had contact with aliens and somehow extra terrestrials
were their undoing. A lot of people think that the answers lie
in the Blue Hole of Belize – an underwater cave. 8 – The Lost People of Easter Island
The Rapa Nui of Easter Island – the ancient islanders who built the stone figures you
have likely seen in pictures. How the people managed to built these busts
using their limited resources in ** we don’t know…. But how they died out is even more mysterious
and makes up talking points in Jared Diamond’s best-selling book – Collapse. Easter Island is a small patch of land -roughly
63 square miles in size – and once had a thriving population. When Captain James Cook found them in the
1700’s though, they were on the cusp of extinction. The main theory is that they destroyed the
islands eco system by cutting down too many trees. Another theory is rats – rats infested the
island and destroyed crops. Others say disease wiped them out. 7 – The Aztecs
In 1545 the Aztec Empire of Central America began to fall when 90 percent of its population
died of a mysterious disease. It seems that up to 17 million people died
in the Aztec Empire, which was a massively significant proportion of the earths population
back then. In Aztec records they simply referred to the
downturn I fortune as Cocoliztli – or pestilence. From accounts at the time, people got a fever,
blotchy skin, started vomiting and bleeding out of the eyes and nose. Horrendous. What this mystery illness was has had a lot
of historians scratching their heads but in 2018 a new study concluded it may have been
wide spread salmonella – aka severe food poisoning. It is possible that Spanish invaders introduced
Salmonella to modern day Mexico when they brought in livestock from Europe. 6 – Indus Valley Civilization
The Indus Valley Civilsation was a bronze age civilisation in the north west regions
of south West Asia. It seems they lived between 3300 BCE to 1300
BCE and they were one of four civilizations of the Old World. Sadly it seemed that the civilisation died
out abruptly…. Very abruptly which has raised a few historic
eyebrows. There are a number of theories in circulation
and they include land drying and desert encroaching on farm land. Others think flooding destroyed land and brought
about disease in its wake…but then on the flip side some people think that changing
river patterns led to drought. Others think they died in wars – they were
thought to be a peaceful civilization not equipped for war. Others say that some survived and dissipated…
we just don’t know! 5 – The Lost Souls of the North Sea
In 2018 evidence of a lost human civilization was discovered under the North and Baltic
seas. It seems that the settlement discovered by
archaeologists is being dubbed the Swedish Atlantis and could define a whole era of human
development that we just don’t know about. Right now a team of geologists, archaeologists,
and anthropologists on board a ship are excavating a sand back on the North Sea floor measuring
about 30 kilometers. What may have happened to the people who lived
there – we don’t know 4 – The Lost Colony of Roanoke
What happened to the Roanoke is a complete mystery. In 1585, a small group of settlers made Ronake
Island off the coast of North Carolina their home although many left when they found the
conditions unsatisfactory. In 1587, 115 English Settlers came to join
those who were left but weirdly they found no one… they didn’t seem too disturbed
though. At the time, the colony decided to send their
governor, John White, back to England to gather fresh supplies and fresh settlers to expand
the colony. When he returned back to the Colony, where
his wife and daughter were, I may add, three years later, he found no trace of the inhabitants. The only clue he found was the word Croatoan
carved into a wooden post? How strange. Where did the settlers of Roanoke go ? They
were never seen again. Some theories say that they were killed by
a Native American tribe, although the fact that there was no trace of their bodies is
suspicious. Others say they decided to sail back to England
for some reason or another and they got lost at sea. Although why they would not leave a message
letting their returned governor know, I don’t know. It is deeply unsettling that this happened
twice. 3 – Under the Ice
Some therorists believe that there is an ancient civilization trapped under the thick ice of
the Antarctic and it may well be the case – Antarctica didn’t always used to be
frozen… the deep freeze started happening around 23 million years ago. 160 years ago it separated from Africa…
and back then it was by and large a pretty hospitable place to live. We know that the first humans as we know them
came from Africa, but what if before that they were living in the area of land that
used to be connected to Africa and became Antarctic and we will never know because they’re
buried under ice. It is a theory… for sure. Some think they have spotted man made structures
under melting ice in Antarctica which may be the evidence theorists have been looking
for . 2 – The Martians
It has long been suspected that there was once life on Mars. While all of the scientific evidence we currently
has seems to refute that, some people are convinced that the now very very cold planet
was once able to house life and they think that the Viking space crafts and the former
Mars Rovers Spirit and Opportunity captured them on film. In 1976, Viking one took the infamous face
on Mars photograph. In 2007 Spirit photographed a so called martian
rock statue, adding to the list of so called other statue sightings on the Red Planet. One of the last images pinged back from the
now sadly shut down Opportunity Rover appeared to show a bottle buried in the rocks. A lot of people think that Mars was once just
like earth but suffered some kind of cosmic catastrophe. Many people believe that when the Mars 2030
astronaut mission takes place we will find clues that will help us understand our own
place in the universe. 1 The Lizard People and The Silurian Hypothesis
A mind bender here! The Silurian hypothesis asks the question
: What if humans aren’t the first civilization on earth. Researchers from the University of Rochester
and NASA have produced a paper that details how we might be able to tell if humans are
the first civilization to arise on Earth….basically some people think that humans might not have
been the first rulers of earth. If you’re thinking the name Silurian sounds
familiar – it is taken from the Doctor Who mythical reptilian race who were on earth
before humans but went into hybernation…only to pop up again millions of years later. NASA strongly doubts that there was an industrial
civilisation before ours because we would be able to note it in geological record, the
earth’s crust is pretty thick so perhaps all of the rocks and glaciers we have studied
are only telling part of a story – perhaps even deeper down there are scary mysteries
waiting to be unravelled. Comments from the Top Scary Things Found in
The Snow Our channel member Dark Samurai said:
Snow is all great, after it’s melted. The weirdest or laziest thing I found was
my neighbours small car, he never used it or cleared it in the winter, the year we had
a huge record fall multiple times that year, yeah…? So, what was it like buried in the snow? Is that what you are saying? Christa said their favourite season is spring
but that their allergies hate it . I feel you there! Thoughts and feedback from Alice Willoughby
next – she said: #10 – Ye Gods, global warming is even morre dangerous than I thought! This idea of ancient diseases coming back
after having been frozen for thousands of years and still being viable feels like somethng
from the X-Files! #5 – Poor kitty! I’m glad it survived!? – ME TOO!

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  3. Aztecs? Mysterious diseases? It was small pox and syphilis brought from European colonizers. This is disgusting how genocide Europeans has been erased by history.

  4. The glaciers that covered North America ground down almost 8 miles of rock under their weight. Not much evidence of past civilizations could survive that. The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence.

  5. My favourite civilization the Romans. It was very hectic in the empire. Also I like the idea that the people of Atlantis adapted to there environment as it was showing signs before it sank. So they became some sort of merpeople.

  6. Atlantis is in the eye of Africa. look into the wording that describes Atlantis from Plato and others and it matches way too well. also the area has massive signs of a huge wave that destroyed the area

  7. I think absolutely no life was created on Earth, it was all created on Mars, which explains why Earth has the perfect conditions for creating and sustaining life and Mars doesn't. I also like to pick the bugs out of my hair and eat them, because I bathe once a year because I'm too stupid to know any better.

  8. The Roanoke Colony mystery gets a lot less mysterious when you consider that once the colony ran out of food, they might have just integrated with a nearby Native American colony. This is backed up by historical documents claiming to see natives in that area with blonde hair and blue eyes. The word "Croatoan" was probably just a clue to let people know where they went.

  9. Atlantis I think is the minoan Civilization. They existed in a area Plato would have known well. They were advanced for their time. And they regarded bulls as sacred animals. And most importantly they were wiped out by the thera volcano eruption.

  10. I like how she kind of danced around the fact that Europeans brought disease to the Aztecs and countless other native people for that matter by calling it a “ mystery”. Ya, kind of known that for a while now.

  11. I’m curious to know how our civilization will die out, what’s going to get us first? That and what’s the next civilization going to name us? I feel self conscious, I hope it’s nothing stupid…

  12. Proper pronunciation is important no matter your origin. Scientists have to translate in order to share findings, so if you're going to do the same, due diligence is in order.

  13. I am rather fond of the story of Atlantis. Ancient Alien theorist are always pointing to the extraterrestrials influencing the ancient world. It would be so awesome if it was, in fact, humans from the lost civilization of Atlantis with lost technology was behind it. The most successful traders till the modern era and with technology we are only started to recover.

  14. I'm a direct descendant of king alaric of the visigoths who captured and sacked rome you should do a video on gothic history and legends

  15. I absolutely love that you update the info on lost/mysteries as new data comes out. I don't know if you read comments from me or someone else and factchecked it. Nut I love it.

  16. croatoan is a word for the work of the devil if someone belive in it. it said that when croatoan is writen on something it takes 2 days before every people diseper from the villiage.

  17. And actually we know what happen to the aztec the contracted diseases (most likely small pox) from immune spanish invaders and the Spaniards interbred with the natives creating what we call Meztisos

  18. The Aztec most likely died from many different diseases the Spanish introduced. You have to understand as humans we develop resistance to certain diseases, introduce a disease to a population that has never seen it before and therefore that has never developed resistance and obviously a lot of people will die.

  19. aRe ThOsE dOcToR wHo SiLuRiAnS i SeE? *beware of extreme Whovian! *
    Also I have to say the that the Native American’s civilizations are my favorites! They did things so differently from European or Asian civilizations, and it really facinates me!

  20. Ahhhh you’re pronouncing Mayan wrong also I’m Mayan, I was born in Guatemala but adopted by my American parents and now I’m living in America

  21. Okay take lizard out of the theory and simply ask is this really humans first era of industrialism. What if humans were more advanced in past then we thought but destroyed their modernized society with war. Then had to rebuild from scratch and the old modern society evidence buried in places we can't reach.

  22. I have a Roanoke theory! (Actually two)
    I think that they didn't go anywhere. The reason I thought about that was because, what if the man that got back on the boat traveled back in time, but to a different universe where it was before Roanoke Island existed, and he didn't exist.
    Theory two: They moved to a different island, after something destroyed their homes. The word "Croatoan" was actually the name of an island nearby to Roanoke Island, maybe the settlers had joined the Croatan tribe there at the island and the governor just didn't know.

  23. And aztecs lived in southern Mexico and the Mayans lived in Central America and all the Aztecs were killed off by Spanish quonquistadores

  24. Farfetched theory here. What if all the ancient technology and artifacts we've found thus far are indicative of an other worldly civilization colonizing this planet. Maybe our ancestors came from Mars or another neighboring planet after depleting their resources in hopes to make a life elsewhere. (kind of like what we're doing now with Mars). And the evolutionary chain could be due to interplanetary relationships that led to the breeding of modern humans. Perhaps they brought enough tech to sustain and had to build ancient structures out of local materials because they ran out of what they brought along.

  25. my favourite civilization would be the egyptians and greeks and mayans and aztecs and the indus valley one and many more…..

  26. Mars was once just like Earth, inhabitated by our ancestors. But the human race destroyed their home, wiping out life over thousands of years, species by species and lastly their own. All the while they were searching for another planet to habitat. A spaceship was sent after they found a planet looking much like Mars had been looking before its destruction. The ship had a crew consisting of only two people. Their names were Adam and Eve. They reached Earth, landed on a plate of land which is known as Africa today and found that the atmospheric circumstances were ideal for humans to thrive. A report was sent back to their home planet and the biggest rescue mission in human history was started to bring all survivors of the apocalypse towards their new home but for some unknown reason the massive space craft started lost all course and descended as a blazing fireball towards the Earth but on the opposite side of where they were supposed to land. The tremendous impact caused unbelievable consequences for the reptilian life on the planet, nearly wiping it out completely. Adam and Eve where the only human survivors of that tragedy.

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