Top 10 Scary Monsters That Were Pretending To Be Human

Top 10 Scary Monsters That Were Pretending To Be Human

In folklore all over the world, monsters are
talked about that can take on the form of a human. Some people who study these stories think
they originated out of a metaphor for a lack of humanity. Others who study them believe the stories
to be true Either way, today I will be talking about
theses shapeshifters that pretend to be human. Hi most amazing fam! My name is Abbey and this video is Top 10
Scary Monsters That Pretend To Be Human! Throughout time, people all over the world
have written about encounters they have had with beings that disguise themselves as humans
to trick them. Sometimes it’s just the beings being tricksters,
but the shapeshifters can also be up to no good. Are these stories meant to have morals to
condition the listeners to do as the storyteller says, or portrayals of real evils that live
among us? Let’s get into the list At number ten we have Kitsune
This one has also been associated with Kumiho from korean legends or Huli Jing from Chinese
legends. It is a creature that appears as a fox with
shapeshifting abilities. And, it’s commonly a trickster. In the Korean legends a Gumiho can freely
transform into many things, but most commonly into beautiful women. These Gumiho in female form then set out to
seduce boys and eat either their liver or their heart depending on the legend. Kitsune and Gumiho have also been recorded
as far creepier as well. Some have been recorded as bloodthirsty half
human half fox hybrid that lurks in cemeteries. They would wait until night and then dig human
hearts from graves. Number nine La Segua
This legend comes from Costa Rica. And, it originated as a device to scare men
into being loyal and stay close to home at night. Men would be charmed by Le Segua’s beauty
as they wander home. She would appear out of a fog with porcelain
skin, long black hair, and big dark eyes. Men would forget their wives and ask if she
needed to be escorted home. They would turn to look at her again in all
her beauty, but she had changed. Once they finished their offer La Segua would
be completely transformed. She would turn from beauty to nightmare, appearing
as a monster with a horses head, flaming red eyes, and big yellow teeth. She made men go insane, and sometimes didn’t
let them leave with their life. Number eight Lycanthrope AKA Werewolf
Now, I’m not talking about the big bad wolf. But, really for a moment he had a pretty convincing
take as the grandmother, I’m not going to lie. No I am talking about werewolves. While they are not fully pretending to be
human, they come up so often it would be wrong to not have them on this list. Werewolves are frequently depicted in folklore
and often as creatures that wreak havoc upon the natural world. They are seen as creatures unable to stop
themselves from transforming into a bloodthirsty wolvish beast. They got this curse in some lore as a punishment
from god. A kind of divine smite against those who provoked
their wrath. Other ways of becoming a werewolf or shapeshifting
was by wearing an animal skin or drinking water out of the footprint of an animal. Seven Selkie
When you think of a water human hybrid, a mermaid might be what comes to your mind. But, they are permanently caught in between. They have a human top half and a fishy lower
half. Selkies, on the other hand, can truly roam
the land and sea. Selkies are commonly found in Northern European
mythology. Their main form is the seal form. In order to shapeshift into human form, they
need to shed their seal skin. This is risky for selkies because it is rumoured
that they need their own seal skin to return to their seal form. But, once they are in human form, they have
been known to lure humans into the sea. They seduce people, and create illusions to
form a false sense of reality, leading humans to their death. Six Encantado
This legend comes from the Amazon. They are said to be a water cryptid that lives
in the Amazon river. Most of the time, they are a pink river dolphin,
but once a year they come out of the river. They shapeshift into a young man in white
clothes for a Brazilian celebration in June. The one thing that doesn’t change is the
blow hole from the dolphin form, so the Encantado has to wear a hat to keep their disguise intact. Allegedly, it is dangerous to see or be near
the Encantado at these festivals. This is because they attend the parties in
order to seduce, kidnap, or impregnate young women. Stories like these are thought to be a way
to convince young women to not trust handsome strangers, because they may just be a pink
dolphin in disguise. Five Rakshasa
The Rakshasa is a humanoid being in Hindu mythology. It was also later incorporated into Buddhism. They were created by the breath of Brahma,
the creator god in Hinduism, when he was asleep. They were so bloodthirsty they started eating
Brahma. So, Vishnu came to his aid and banished the
Rakshasa to earth. They were most often depicted as ugly, fierce-looking
and enormous creatures. They were shown with two fangs protruding
upwards and having sharp, claw-like fingernails. They are mean, growl like beasts, and have
an insatiable desire to eat man. All the way to the point that they can smell
the scent of human flesh. Some of the more ferocious Rakshasa were shown
with flaming red eyes and hair, drinking blood with their palms or from a human skull. Most Rakshasa had magical powers of illusion,
called Maya, which enabled them to change size at will and assume the form of any creature. Using this, they could disguise themselves
as a human. Four Noppera-bō
The Noppera bee is a faceless ghost that looks human, but has no face. They can often feign having human facial features,
but can wipe them off like wiping off a chalkboard. An old tale about ti called The Noppera bee
and the Koi Pond goes like this: A lazy fisherman decided to fish in the imperial
koi ponds near the Heian-kyō palace. Despite being warned by his wife about the
pond being sacred and near a graveyard, the fisherman went anyway. On his way to the pond, he is warned by another
fisherman not to go there, but he again ignores the warning. Once at the spot, he is met by a beautiful
young woman who pleads with him not to fish in the pond. He ignores her and, to his horror, she wipes
off her face. Rushing home to hide, he is confronted by
what seems to be his wife, who chastises him for his wickedness before wiping off her facial
features as well. Just imaging you are chatting someone up and
they give you one of these *move arm in front of face and change expressions* Three Ghoul
The ghul from Arabic folklore is said to lurk around uninhabited places like cemeteries. It lures people to deserted locations or abandoned
places to kill and devour them. It is said to prey on young children, drink
blood, steal coins, and eat the dead as well. This may be why the lore says they lurk around
cemeteries. After eating their prey they are said to take
on the form of person they most recently ate. Other tales of the ghoul say it dwells in
the desert and can assume the guise of a hyena. Using this form it is said to lure people
into desert wastes. In the Vampire Book: The Encyclopedia of the
Undead, a ghoul is said to roam throughout the wilderness of Afghanistan and Iran. Two Doppelganger
There are also superstitions that claim the doppelganger is a non-human entity which can
alter its physical appearance to literally become someone else and take their place. Obviously, they are not human, but they look
just like the person they are trying to mimic. In old lore it was said that the doppelgänger
consumed the original person once they looked the exact same and met. The stories of doppelgangers were used to
explain early misunderstood cases of Alzheimers. Also, they were used as an answer to severe
depression, or violent thoughts of mothers. The letter being used as a justification since
it was believed that no mother could ever hurt her own child unless she wasn’t truly
the mother. All in all, the thought of someone in your
life being replaced by an entity which only pretends to know you and care about you is
pretty creepy. One The devil
The devil and demons have believed the best way to get humans to sin is to be among their
ranks. Essentially, peer pressure. To do this, devils and demons will assume
human form. They can either possess a human or disguise
themselves as one. Old folklore says they could easily be spotted,
as they often forgot to hide some of their more prominent features. Features like horns on their head or forked
tongues. The devil himself apparently forgot to hide
his hooved feet quite a bit. Once devils and demons are found out, they
usually disappear, but not always. If the human target doesn’t renounce them,
but instead chooses to make a deal with them, there could be consequences. And that’s the end! If I was a shapeshifter of any kind I would
be a La Segua because all I would have to Is dye my hair black and then have a horse
face in my other form. Let me know down below what you think your
form would be and while you are down there make sure to give us a like and subscribe
and hit that bell to be notified when we post! I’ve been your host Abbey, and until next
time, have a good one.

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  1. I can see a version of "Little Red Riding Hood" in which the grandmother isn't a wolf pretending to be the grandmother, but actually is Granny. Maybe there was a reason Little Red Riding Hood was told to be there & back before dark, & what's an old woman doing living by herself in the middle of the forest?

  2. Only noticed your sweatshirt toward the end….Ya Halifax!! Im in my Halifax apartment watching the vid….keep up the great work☺️

  3. Hey guys how are you?
    The picture you showed on 4:45 is actually a god not a rakshasa.
    Can you please clarify it.
    Because I found it very offensive.
    The demon is lying on his thighs.
    Which he killed via using his sharp claws.

  4. I actually have my own shapeshifter in my head and there are 6 right now which have been seen turning into humans but they're always in a form that many people think is their true form

  5. No the devil does't forget to show his devilsness. He is actually a handsome man in Los Angeles and owns a night club

  6. Another folklore about selkies is that if you find their seal skin and hide it, they do everything you want them to. Including marriage and servitude. There's so many stories of men marrying Selkie women b'cuz they hold the skin hostage.

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  8. 4:45
    The deity shown standing under the snake having face of a lion and body of a human being is not a RAKSHASA. He is one of the most worshipped God's in Hindi Religion GOD NARASIMHA who eliminated the evil and the Rakshasas. Please modify the contents of the video to avoid any further grievances of the Hindu Bhaktas and Hindu Religion.

  9. The picture you showed in 4:46 is not a rakshasa.
    That is a god called 'Narsimha' I believe who is another avatar of Lord Vishnu. 'Nar' means 'man' and 'simha' means 'lion' forming the name.

  10. Most of these things are devils but they're others that just are triyn to survive AND look human….

  11. The biggest problem is there are different types of Lycanthrope. Especially the Wolf variety. Reality was Norse Berserkers who wore wolf furs during war. Then you go into mythology, which the Werewolf was the most similar in description to the Norse Berserkers, so the theory is that when seen at night during an attack the berserkers were seen as wolf man crosses. Then you have the Lupine where the wolf becomes human for a few months to understand humans that hunt wolves. Many times they find a person and fall in love, but because they must return to wolf form after a while, they break the heart of the human that fell in love with them in return.
    There are also others based in different cultures these are the most commonly discussed though. You can find lycanthropic myths and legends. The Minotaur was a Grecian one, skinwalkers of Native American legends, Bunyip for Australia, and Kitsune have some features of being Lycanthropes in Japanese histories and mythology. Many more are still out there, after all, Vampires are described as a bat lycanthrope in some stories. Enjoy your mythology and legend hunting for Lycanthrope stories.

  12. when it comes to doppelgangers, it's also said that if you see someone else's doppelganger that means that person in question is going to die soon. they also say if you spot your own doppelganger that means you will die. basically if you spot a doppelganger, someone is gonna die!

  13. This is the only narrator that doesn't have an annoying pitch voice or annoying accents..
    The ghoul isn't that from Japan??

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  15. There is a difference between a demon and the devil this is what the demon emoji looks like: 😈 this is what the devil emoji looks like:👹

  16. Actually if I'm not mistaken a lycanthrope is an anthropomorphic wolfthe reason being is because it could not shape into human like a werewolf could and a greater lycanthrope could change at will

  17. I'm a Hindu. And please don't be confused between Rakshas and God. At 4:50 it was the picture of Narasimha God. Who IS NOT rakshas. He is one of the 10 incarnations or 10 avatars or Lord Vishnu. Narasimha is avatar of God, HE IS NOT a Rakshas. He turned into himself in that vicious avatar because of an "Asura" who was a sinner. In the picture of Lord Narasimha you can see a person is laying on his lap, and narasimha is killing him ruthlessly. That laying person was this Asura. And also there is a difference between Rakshas and Asura. There are lot of details related to this. You can see Narasimha on Wikipedia. Thanks.

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