Top 5 Infantry Civilizations

Top 5 Infantry Civilizations

Hey guys spirit of the law here now infantry gets a bit of a bad rap in Age of Empires They’re often seen more as counter units like the halberd ear against cavalry or the champion against trash units for some Civilizations though their infantry is strong enough to justify it being the bulk of your army And there are many civilizations with at least a bit of an infantry specialty in fact There are 12 civilizations with infantry unique units and several others with notable bonuses in this list I’ll be ranking the top five infantry CIVs based on a combination of their unique units bonuses and Technologies with a particular focus in the late game since that’s when you see infantry most often Starting off the list at number five is the Slavs the unique unit is cavalry But their big claim to being an infantry civilization is their unique tech It’s only available in the Imperial age and is very Expensive what it does though is let your infantry deal in automatic five damage to every unit Immediately around them whenever they attack a couple of weird things to know about that is it ignores Armor and doesn’t apply to the unit they’re directly targeting now in a 1vs1 situation that means it does nothing but properly Surrounded by units it can easily more than double their damage per second in fact under some circumstances with a lot of Units clumped together They actually end up beating any other civilizations infantry with equal numbers, so why are they only number 5 well remember This is a very late-game technology and before that point They don’t have anything that makes their infantry particularly special But never underestimate Slavic infantry in the late game the next Civilization on the list has infantry that benefits from a large speed boost and that’s the Celts their infantry moves 15% faster, thanks to a civilization bonus, though They are missing Squires Which means they’re just a little under 5% faster than other Civilizations in the end that slight edge for speed is quite important though because it’s one of the main Limitations of infantry having them move faster not only helps you get them where you want them to be on the map but it also helps them chase down enemy units in addition the Celts also have their unique unit the world Raider which is a faster variation of the champion with a bit more P The only drawback of celtic infantry is simply that they don’t overpower other infantry in the same way as top civilizations on this list a great example of an infantry civilization that wins with brute force Would be the next one and that’s the Aztecs their infantry is helped out by an extra for attack through an Imperial Age unique tech Leading to an impressive +8 after blacksmith upgrades like the Slavs that doesn’t help very much in the early game But in the late game. That’s a big increase to the attack of their pikemen especially which can even beat generic halberdiers one-on-one They’re also the first civilization on the list to have Eagle warriors Which flip the normal Archer counter to infantry with their high Pierce armor and fast movement if an opponent tried to counter Aztec Eagle? warriors with champions or any other infantry Aztecs have yet another secret weapon that they can unleash in the Jaguar warrior They have in addition to all the other attack upgrades an extra +10 against infantry Meeting even significantly outnumbered by most infantry units they’ll still trade quite well Between their barracks and castle that gives aztecs anti Archer anti-infantry and anti cavalry options Even with all that flexibility though, I still don’t think they’re ahead of the number 2 civilization, which is the Japanese? There’s two big reasons for that the first is the samurai at first glance it seems Just like a slightly stronger version of the champion But really its secret is its +10 damage against unique units in varying situations that can make it Anti-infantry anti cavalry or anti Navy ok maybe not so much the last one But it’s enough of a bonus that they can keep up in terms of cost efficiency with Teutonic Knights and Jaguar warriors all while simultaneously filling most of the roles of the typical champion the second big infantry advantage they have is a much more general advantage of faster attacking infantry in 1vs1 situations despite their average looking stats This is the strongest infantry bonus in the game increasing their damage per second by 33% With halberdiers in particular getting an extra 32 damage per attack against cavalry. It’s a big difference attacking faster Also means surviving with more HP and being able to move on to a new target sooner Increasing the snowball effect of the bonus now before getting to number one There are a few civilizations, which deserve a mention But didn’t make the top 5 first of all there’s the Incas with their Surprisingly effective kami ik warrior which can attack with multiple rows at once? In addition they also have Eagle warriors with extra armor at the end of the day though their infantry is just a bit too generic outside of those gold intensive units for a spot on the list There’s also the Malians with their extra pierce armor on their infantry line, which makes them extra resistant to arrows Unfortunately they also miss on the last attack upgrade meaning they can’t beat a lot of other infantry civilizations Head-to-head the gabato is also pretty cool But again just not quite enough for the top five another is the Vikings with their extra HP and the unique unit with Regenerating health the unique tech in the expansions also gives their infantry +4 attack against cavalry again They’re a really solid infantry civilization But I just consider all of the others on the list to be a bit better overall the fact of the matter is that? Slavic champions beat berserks with equal resources in a large fight and Slavic halberdiers easily beat Viking pikemen and finally There’s the students who don’t have a great barracks per se but have the impressive Teutonic Knight put simply I just think it’s too easily exploited to carry them as a top infantry civilization But up to this point I’ve talked a lot about who wins with equal numbers, but what if the numbers aren’t equal? They rarely are when it comes to the number one infantry civilization which is of course the Goths the sheer number of bonuses going on here is what puts them over the top first you have a 35% discount on all Infantry starting in feudal age with no strings attached You also have barracks that work 20% faster, and then double in work rate after researching profusion You also have to add the house carl to that with its pierce armor and attack bonus against archers Think back to the Aztecs ability to respond to anything with infantry and then realize the Goths have an equal or better response to all Of those unit types with a massive discount that lets you overrun any infantry unit with just more of them for longer It’s commonly referred to as a flood and it really does look like a wave crashing into your base by the way They also have a sip bonus for more attack against buildings and has girls take almost no damage from castles and town centers Conventional wisdom says the only way to survive a god flood is just to beat them before they can do it in the first place So that’s it for my top five infantry civilizations. Let me know what you think. Thanks for watching guys, and I’ll see you next time

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  1. I'm glad I'm home because I need to rethink my life. The Teutons were my bread and butter (I've only ever played single-player at lower difficulties as I've never felt confident enough to move on to higher difficulties), and I'd just spam Teutonic Knights late game and hope I didn't have to rebuild that. Really after learning more about RTS strategy and real life strategy and battle tactics, I might play the game differently than when I was seven.

  2. Ceteris Paribus, do you think Goths are a stronger civ than Mongols in the late game? It seems like their Hurskarls are immune to pretty much anything Mongols have

  3. I really don't understand why Incas only get honorable mentions. They have the full infantry tech-tree both in barracks and the blacksmith, two infantry special units and a unique infantry tech which provides a complete change on the battlefield considering archers. Their infantry blacksmith upgrades also apply on villagers, which additionaly increases the use of these upgrades. Should be at least rank 4.

    And instead, Slavs. Really? Because of exactly one lategame technology which also costs an incredible amount of resources?

  4. I don't know … I've beaten competent Goth players with Japanese time and again. I've lost to Goths as Japanese, but I think the 25% faster attack rate not only compensates for the Goth flood, but actually gives the Japanese the advantage, because a flood usually happens in a stream or an unorganized group of Goths rushing your town. Japanese infantry can easily take care of this. A Japanese sword archer combo can hold out against a Goth stream, allowing the Japanese player to make reinforcements.

  5. goths do have a large counter in mass gunpowder, but unfortunately, by the time they are spamming you, your eco is already gone.

  6. Many underestimate the vikings. Play vikings the right way and you can swarm with berserkers just like the goths do. I use to play them often in multiplayer and i get underestimated all the time(which is exactly what i want) and end up winning most of the time… And the berserkers can deal well with any type of infantry (even samurais) except the jaguars…

  7. So what about a Goth Flood vs Samurai? If Samurai get a bonus against special-type units, does that not trump the Goths?

  8. I'd argue that the ethopians deserve a spot, If you saw my game where I melted a guy's base like butter, Their troops are extremely cheap and extremely fast to produce, I'd say it'd have about more or less the same flood qualities as the goths but yk

  9. Well, in my opinion the teutonics are no infantry civ, cause you have to pair teutonic knights with cavalary to get sure they don t die against archers or scorpions, which is not the case with an infantry civ, instead i would say that they are a overall troop civ

  10. Disagree. Teutonic Knights fuck shit up like crazy and can take on any infantry unit in the game. Just combine them with light cavalry.

  11. Goths are weak against stronger infantry units such as Jaguar Warriors or Teutonic Knights. When that happens and you have no archers, you can easily die. But it's still my favorite civilization because it's so funny to flood others at post-imp.

  12. about some melee infantry unique unit, my favorites, in a purely esthetic way, are the Berserk, the Woad Raider and the Samurai. Statistically tho, they look to much like the champion, so they don't really stand out for me, unlike the Huskarl and Teutonic Knight with their high pierce and melee armors respectively, the Shotel Warrior with his high attack, the Kamayuk with his range and bonus against cavalry, the Karambit with his low price and half pop space and even the Jaguar Warrior with similar stats but a huge bonus against infantry… the samurai would be the exception since he does attack faster and have a bonus against unique unit but i don't find that bonus to be really helpful…

  13. goth main here, i love seeing an endless wave of units that when you kill one 3 more come behind it

    also makes me being rushed most of the games :,c

  14. Turks are one of the best nations. They are advantegous in gold collecting and they have great gunpowder units. A good amount of Janissaries can be undefeated in skillful hands. 20 Janissaries can beat easily 20 Teutons or Champions or Samurais or another units which are mentioned here, from a distance.

  15. How to make a tuetonic healing fortress near impervious to physical attacks – imperial age, fully upgraded: 29 tuetonic knights, 21 hand cannoneers, 10 monks. Square formation, stand ground. pair up this group with 20-30 teutonic knights, 60 pallies split into two groups of 30. Use alongside siege units to take down ranged units en'mass and save lots of gold

  16. The Japanese Samurai is really the only unit that can counter the Goth Flood, and that's only if the goth player is using their unique unit. Partially this is because of the bonus, but also they are fast to create. The Samurai happens to be anti-every-damn-thing when used properly (just for god's sake keep them away from castles, archer's defeat them when used in mass every time). A civ that has chemistry and hand cannoneers can hold the goths off for a while, but it's too gold intensive.

  17. I love just picturing a bunch of soldiers charging a field of carrots and hacking into the dirt with their swords whenever I see infantry attacking farms. XD

  18. For those of us who only play the original version, Teutons would probably make 2 or 3. I have to agree on 1, you don't just look at the abilities of the Teutonic Knight but look at cost, not to mention they are slow. They are formidable once they get into combat, but you might as well use Paladins, who are very good and are faster. That said, I use TK because they are virtually invincible in combat.

  19. My nightmareIS shotel warriors…their attack 22, pierce armor 5… they are small, they are quick, they are…everywhere…everywhere killing…..EVERYWHERE KILLING AAAH AGAG AHAHA… +.+

  20. You should do a video on counters and strategies. Like choosing what units to produce in different scenarios. Attack and defense.

  21. Teutons are number 2 in my heart… Goths still number 1, because you just don't beat them on infantry…

  22. My buddy and I in aoe 2 club would go teutons and celts. He would also use siege onigers with his knights costing him alot of gold even though I told him to use halderdiers the. Clean up with them but hey.

    We would always fight each other at the end (domination victory we called it) I would almost always win by attrition. Even if he had 2 more relics. One game he cut through the trees and caught me off guard almost causing me to lose but I countered with calvary archers and halberds to take them on while my elite woad raider got the onigers. Use your units wisely, even of u have an advantage you can fuck yourself over.

  23. Sorry but I can't take it seriously when you say "Slavs are 5th but not higher, sure they can beat even the other civs on this list, but only after their lategame technology" but then give as a reason the Vikings aren't there that they lose to Slavs.

    Like pick one or the other, Celts and Japanese also lose to Slavs once they have their technology in large fights. Of course Japanese also have better matchups against Cavalry with their Halberdiers and head to head vs unique units, but you are using a wrong way of reasoning nonetheless.

  24. I am i watching strategy vid about more than 15 years old game? Ok *instantly installing the game again to play it once more *

  25. Franks has the best infantry , its downside is that it gets effective only by late imperial age but when a frank is fully prepared its unstopable

  26. How did Ethiopians not get a special mention with their Instantly created and incredibly fast unique units? Also how come most mellee units like champions or cavalry do like no damage against Teutonic knights, but some mellee unique like the jaguar warrior can shred them?

  27. At @3:10 when you showing the Jaguar Warriors versus Generic Champions, both left and right say Generic Champions. Shouldn't the right side say Jaguar Warriors? (As in 30 Generic Champs vs 20 Jaguar Warriors ? Or did I miss something.) Great information, thanks!

  28. supremacy villager deserves being mention. Better stat than two hand swordman, cheap upgrade and training cost, and most importantly no unit does bonus damage to villager.

  29. Then the Huskarl gets the smoke from the Teutonic Knight. Also people forget the Elite Berserker has 18 atk, 5/5 armor, and +5 and +4 against Calvary and Camels respectively.

  30. To be honest whilst it's not top tier in terms of raw power; the Malay have a great edge in their ability to turn the Swordsman line into Trash units in the late game through their Forced Levy tech.

    It's a great way to get the edge on you opponent in a trash war and can even be a great way to get a mini Asian Goth Flood going on.

    Get a water map or a map where you can use the unlimited Fish Traps with Gillnets and turn water into swordsmen like magic.

  31. In my view, late game combat should be using infantry primarily not as the spearhead of an attack but as a front line, with most of the actual attrition being caused by onagers and trebuchets and such and breakthroughs to destroy enemy seige being made by cavalry. Thus, infantry should probably be able to take damage moreso than recieve it.

  32. Trash list, Goths with all those infantry bonus are only honorable mention but one Japanese bonus although a pretty good one give them top spot?

  33. Just my opinion, but the Druzhina tech for the Slavs should be purchasable, or even free, upon reaching the feudal age. In trade, I'd give up basically everything else. It would give them a far more unique feel as a civilization.

  34. I mostly use malay. Two handed swords cost only food in imp. You can the saved gold for trebs or other siege or other support units. Solid flood of units for a front line and actually kill them with the support

  35. the fact is that azteks can easyly beat goths. They use Eagles against everything they send and then change to jaguars when the wave start

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