Top 5 Most Mysterious Ancient Civilizations In History

Top 5 Most Mysterious Ancient Civilizations In History

Empires rise and fall – and through the ancient
sands of time, countless civilizations of this fair planet have risen out of nothing,
pulled up by the sheer grit and determination of progress and conquest – be it through military
might, the schemes of espionage, or the passion of ingenuity – paving the way toward some
of history’s most momentous occasions. But some of those civilizations have disappeared
in a puff of smoke, leaving behind meer fragments of their former empires – for us to only ponder
at who they were as a people. As the saying goes, those who ignore history
are doomed to repeat it – and thankfully for us, we have countless ages and instances to
peer at through the mystical lens of time. So, without further delay, let’s take a
look, shall we? Hello horror fans – what’s going on, and
once again welcome back to the scariest channel on YouTube – Top 5 Scary Videos. As per usual, I’ll be your horror host Jack
Finch – as today, we curiously take a look at the Top 5 Most Mysterious Ancient Civilizations
In History. Roll the clip. For the curious amongst you, that clip was
from Indiana Jones, Raiders of the Lost Ark – of course it is, because this is a Top 5
Scary List about mysterious ancient civilizations, and I definitely won’t be diving in deep
without – *at least* a hypothetical whip and a hat – but fear not, because we’re heading
down much further into the sands of time than just Ancient Egypt – because today we’re
talking Neolithic Skull Cults. My favourite subject, in fact. Kicking off at Number 5 – The Sea Peoples And these guys are such a historical enigma,
that for centuries historians have only been able to speculate on their mysterious origins,
given the fact that the only documented mention of them was way back when, during the Late
Bronze Age collapse that occured between 1200 and 900 BCE. In one of the most famous chapters of late
Egyptian history – in what became known as the Battle of the Delta – a conflict occurred
between the Ancient Egyptians and an unknown confederacy of people – referred to only as
being from *northern countries* – but were noted to have stark similarities in their
hairstyles, accessories and military uniform. What we *do* know, is that whoever these Sea
Peoples were, although few in number – they somehow managed to put up a pretty good fight
against the almighty Egyptians. Which isn’t exactly an easy task, given
the fact that even during the Late Bronze Age Collapse, the Ancient Egyptians were still
the predominant force in the Delta region. As one particular ancient inscription reads
– They came from the sea in their warships – and none could stand against them. Now, only theories offer an explanation to
the origins of the Sea Peoples – but it’s murky, given the fact that the only mention
of them denotes them being a maritime civilization. One leading theory states that they could
be a forgotten mediterranean military society, perhaps from Sardinia, Sicily or Ancient Anatolia. Others state that they could be a society
of freed slaves turned maritime mercenaries – living a nomadic life on the ocean. Either explanation is pretty damn intriguing
– and the fact that they gave the Ancient Egyptians a run for their money is even more
awesome. Swinging in at Number 4 – The Land of Punt Now – have you ever heard of the Ancient Kingdom
of Punt? No? Well, did you also know that ancient Egyptian
inscriptions regularly refer to the birthplace of the Pharaohs as Punt – or in cases of ceremony,
as Ta netjer – The Land of the God. And guess what? Turns out that there’s some pretty startling
evidence that it was most definitely a very real place – and there are even recorded instances
of the Late Dynasty Pharaohs sending expeditions to trade gold, ebony and ivory with the Mysterious
Ancient Kingdom. Now, although there is indeed a region of
Somalia that is called Puntland – it is only named in reference to the Land of Punt – and
the exact location of this ancient kingdom is still debated by historians to this day. Evidence suggests that the Kingdom of Punt
was most likely situated to the southeast of Egypt, with scholars pointing toward modern
Djibouti, Somalia, northeast Ethiopia, Eritrea and Sudan as possible locations. Insanely enough, it is also possible that
the Land of Punt spread from across both the Horn of Africa and Southern Arabia – indicating
an absolutely massive ancient civilization that has seemingly been lost to the sands
of time. The implications of the Land of Punt are absolutely
astonishing, as if it does indeed fit within Egyptian Mythology – then the entire culture
of the Ancient Egyptians could be owed to this mysterious civilization. That’s awesome, right? Next up at Number 3 – The Norte Chico Civilization Alright guys, hold on to your hats – because
what if I told you that there was an advanced, complex civilization flourishing in the Americas
– over 5000 years ago? And maybe even over 9000 years ago, in its
primitive form. And no – not the Olmecs, or the Inca – because
I’m talking, at the least, over two millennia before those guys even showed up. In the mountainous regions of Peru, it was
long considered that the oldest ancient society was the Chavin Culture – who existed around
900 BC – but then startling evidence of these guys showed up, the Norte Chico Civilization
– and everything got a little bit more interesting. The general consensus by historians is that
the Norte Chico Civilization constructed massive, large-scale human settlements starting around
3500 BC – that lasted until a rapid period of decline around 1800 BC. And these guys weren’t just surviving in
the area – they were flourishing, showing startling evidence of highly organised social
infrastructure, textile technology – the worship of primitive god-symbols – and even utilitarian
politics. The craziest speculation around the reason
for the Norte Chico Civilizations success even puts into question everything we think
we know about ancient society. For the most part, we contribute the rise
of any primitive civilization to agriculture, promoting a need to build settlements and
social structure. But – the Norte Chico Civilization shows evidence
of being a coastal, maritime urban center – harvesting the ocean and rivers of Peru
to fuel their civilization, instead of relying on crops. There’s one thing for certain – we need
to know more. Next up at Number 2 – The Nabta Playa Now, I know I told you to hold onto your hats
previously. But seriously, this time – really. Hold on to your hats. Because what if I told you that there is startling
evidence of an ancient society that existed in the Nubian desert — dating back to perhaps
the 10th millennium BCE – if not definitely the 8th millennium. Now although the Nubian desert is a dry, arid
landscape now – since the last glaciation period, we know that it was a region of savanna
that received heavy, consistent rainfall – and because of that, it supported numerous animals
and plantlife. And of course, then the humans came. By the 8th millennium BCE, evidence of massive,
organized settlements have been found in the Nabta Playa region, depicting a highly advanced
society. It seems that the people of the Nabta Playa
designed their villages in pre-planned arrangements, built in a circular fashion around deep communal
wells that held water throughout the year. The most insane implication of the Nabta Playa
civilization though, is that archaeologists have discovered the remnants of the worlds
earliest known archaeoastronomical devices. They weren’t just hunting and gathering
at the time – they were building monuments to the stars, figuring out in great detail
the alignments of the planets and our solar system. Now, this is where it gets a little bit patchy
– because we can trace the alignment of these devices to the rotational position of our
given galaxy now. And in relation to the Orion constellation,
some researchers believe that these devices were designed in the year 17’500 BCE. I’ll say no more, because my head’s about
to explode. And finally – at our Number 1 spot – Gobekli
Tepe Now listen, I could talk to you guys about
Gobekli Tepe all day, and although we’ve already covered it briefly in our Ancient
Mysteries series – we really need to get into the meat and bones of the one archaeological
enigma that could perhaps change every single thing we think we know about ancient human
history, and even our origin as a species. Gobekli Tepe, which is Turkish for Potbelly
Hill – is an ancient site in Southeastern Anatolia, of modern day Turkey – and the earliest
radiocarbon evidence of it’s stonework dates back to 11’000 BCE – if not earlier. It is believed to be a temple, to what – no
one is entirely sure, and I’ll leave the speculation behind – because the facts are
incredible enough in themselves. Seriously guys, head down the rabbit hole
– because we have much more to learn about our ancient ancestors. As it seems, Gobekli Tepe is evidence of a
highly advanced ancient civilization that flourished in Ancient Anatolia – in a time
when history believes humanity to simply be primitive hunter gatherers. Well, as it turns out – there’s another
site that flips that assumption on its head – 600 KM away, at the ancient city of Catal
Huyuk (cha-tal hay OOK) – an ancient city that flourished around 7000 BC, which ties
itself to the mysterious Anatolian civilization. The city itself is evidence of a highly organised
society, that constructed advanced communal homesteads – with cooking hearths and ovens. There is even evidence of proto-irrigation
and sewage systems, millenia before historians consider this technology to be available to
ancient societies. Honestly guys, I could go on for days about
the implications of these two ancient sites – but it seems that there is a huge gap somewhere
in our ancient origins. I guess we’ll just have to keep digging,
right? Well – there we have it horror fans – our
list for the Top 5 Most Mysterious Ancient Civilizations In History – what did you guys
think? Any ancient insights into the origin of our
species? Let us know your thoughts down in the comment
section below. First up – CamRon Morgan says — This channel is like Halloween everyday. It’s the best!! — Wheyy. Damn straight it is CamRon Morgan! But if this is Halloween Town, does that make
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