98 thoughts on “Top 5 Siege Civilizations in AoE2

  1. I feel like you were Ramming puns down our throats…

    Khmer Scorpions in late game vs infantry really can STING an infantry Civ player…

    Knock Knock.
    Who's there?
    Onager who?
    Onager you glad I didn't say banana!?

    What did the fully garrisoned siege tower say to the horse? :
    "Why the long face, slow poke?"

    When the Trebuchet was fired from his desk job… it was told to PACK UP and move on.

    Why would you ever carry two 80kg barrels? Dangerous. That's pretty Pedarted…

    "In the Game of Thrones, you siege or you trash. Nothing in between." -Cersei

    Bar Joke:
    A Blind lame priest walks into a bar…

    3 Pikemen were sitting in a Capped Ram, then a long swordsman joins them. They are impressed and star struck. They ask him: "How did you get so far in life?" Long swordsman replied "I was just the Man-at-Arms!!"


  2. NOT ENOUGH MATH!!! Jokes aside, looking forward to more, and I find your reasoning to be very appropriate and accurate. 🙂

  3. It would be nice to have a video with some details regarding garrisoning. From bonus damage relative to the type of unit, tower upgrades, unit upgrades, healing and some highlights regarding garrison bonuses

  4. I would say Mongols deserve the #2 slot. Mongol rams can basically flatten your home base in no time at all due to how fast they can chew through buildings. Add in some cav archers or mangudai and there's VERY little you can do to stop a Mongol death ball. At least with most of the other civs mentioned, cav or pikes can counter.

  5. I think the Portuguese deserve more credit here because of their unique unit which is technically siege too

  6. According to the automated captions the Koreans have "siege auditors with 11 ranch" and are also the "furthest riding udders". This is both hilarious and terrifying 😂😂

  7. Thanks (as usual)!
    What about a video about the Top Trash Civs next time? Or have you already done one? It will be very useful.

  8. 1. Tá na Ceiltigh uamhnach.
    *. Славяне удивительны.
    *. Die Teutonen sind fantastisch.
    *. Os portugueses são impressionantes.
    *. Le maaya'obo' le increíbles.
    2. ኢትዮጵያውያን ድንቅ ናቸው.
    3. Монголчууд гайхалтай.
    4. 한국인은 굉장합니다.
    5. ខ្មែរមានភាពអស្ចារ្យ។

  9. Yo Spirit, can you make a video describing why siege Onagers are so special, or how much better they are than mangonels and onagers?

  10. sotl can i ask for a: which is better? trade cog or trade cart? if you dont do it i dare that you arent very mathy :3

  11. I feel like turks should be #5 or in the honorable mentions. Turks has the best bombard cannon making it really easy to counter all other siege civ's

  12. You should do a comparison of infantry archers and cavalry VS BUILDINGS for a given amount of resources. 40 longbowmen may be difficult to take down but they dont clear a town like 40 samurai do.

    A discussion of building armor would be useful

  13. I don't agree with the Ethiopians statement, with their archer, they have the safest way to build an economy for siege in contrary with Celts. With my experience, going to siege in a early game with Celts is a dead-end, you lack of mobility and answer to skirmish unit who's hitting your eco (I mean cavalry not skirmisher). Ethiopians is the only civ, you can start in any map, and going siege since the beginning and winning with that. I mean Ethiopians' bonus allow you to boom while doing siege and getting Torsion Engines but you cannot do that with Celts. But fair enough it is only my own experience. in the game.

  14. I really wish you could build your own civilization in AOE2. But sadly that would be too difficult to balance and devs can't balance every user made civ themselves. It would be way too easy to exploit game or just have overpowered faction.
    But i would love to get rid of onagers and some other stuff which i either don't like or don't use, and then have bonuses somewhere where i want them. Would be sooo much more fun for me. Its not like they need to get rid of pre made civs either, and you could even have option of allowing custom civs or not.

  15. You should do a top 5 jack of all trades civilization. Would be hard to choose but curious to see what you'd pick

  16. If you count Cannon Galleons, you could attack by land or by siege! 😀 * crickets * …I'll siege myself out…

  17. Sorry but slavs are probably in early game better siege because there the double crossbow(like the torsion engines) arrives so late and the discount is right there
    But in lategame mass scorpions are hardly do attack when there are even ballistas and elephants mixed in
    Or just some kind of trash with nesrly all upgrades

  18. Why are the only official subtitles on this in Turkish?

    I don’t mind… but it seems like a random language.

    Unless turkey is much more prominent in the aoe 2 community than I ever imagined.

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