100 thoughts on “Town Hall with Mike Bloomberg | Part 1

  1. And believe me or not former mayor Bloomberg cannot beat president trump and that's for sure! and I don't know for the others because former mayor Bloomberg did not do anything at all for the poor, and so far he has to get lost.

  2. Brett & Martha bought and paid for like all the rest. Gun rights guys shut down, fade to commercial. Commie puppet.

  3. Why would someone who does not like Bloomberg come to here to waste time to see him Speak? Arent these just organized attacks from other campaigns?

  4. Bloomberg has a very high-functional brain, but he should not be so apologetic. He should behave like Trump with regards to his "mistakes" and people will respect him more.

  5. The whole world is reporting on climate change, except Fox, what's wrong with you people. But wildfires threaten more than land and homes. The smoke they produce contains particles that can contaminate the air hundreds of miles away. As wildfires increase in frequency and intensity, more and more communities are at risk of prolonged exposure to harmful levels of smoke, including heavily populated areas such as California’s San Francisco, Alameda, and Contra Costa counties, and King County in Washington.

  6. He actually sounds reasonable (albeit boring)… I guess everyone sounds reasonable when compared to Donald Trump.

  7. I want to hear what he has to say, the debates were a joke. I wouldn't even call them a platform for most candidates. I'll be voting Trump but don't think this guy got a fair treatment by his own party.

  8. And didn't appreciate fellow trump supporting Puerto Rican guy. Show the guy respect for showing up to the town hall.

  9. jesus Mike really is small i didnt realize hes shorter than most kids haha also i wonder how much he offered Fox to allow him on their show…

  10. 13:50
    "There are good people on both sides" Cant believe this statement that is out of context, is still being used without correction from at least the 2 host reporters.

    The audience member had a fair question though that was never answered.

  11. If these Dangerous Anti-America/Americans Racist Criminal Loving Communist Loving Left Wing Maniacs get Power in 2020 or Beyond…These Lunatics Will Enact California, Detroit, Chicago, and New York Policies on All Of America…poverty, crime, lawlessness, homelessness, rats, diseases, garbage, & human feces…electing democrats proves einstein’s theory that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. what excuses do the democrats offer for these consistent failures? The Left Wing Maniacs Blame "TRUMP"

  12. He's got guts to go on this show. He's pretty much against everything true conservates are for, and for everything conservatives are against.

  13. Mike will buy it done

    Mike will pay a way to get it done

    These are the thing people need to understand. Im just soo confused as to why he is so hard up about gun control. Unless he being controlled by another. We are on the brink of socialism folks if we dont get out and vote for local as we as everything else we are at fault for being too lazy or thinking our votes wont count.

  14. Mike will make it happen. save us from Trump/ Bernie nuts and win. Thanks, Liz, for taking out Sanders.

  15. Fox shows the Baught and paid for Bloomberg crowd but wont show Trump crowd. Fox is Liberal Garbage Fake news now

  16. You can buy almost anything..BUT…You can't buy how tall you want to be!! Look how he is standing instead of sitting..He wants to look taller..He has little dog syndrome..Bark, bark, bark, bark!!!! Trump Derangement Syndrome.🤮🥶

  17. 12:49 the "younger" bald guy is the former primeminister of Sweden Fredrik Reinfeldt and his son Eric. Visible just to the right of mr bloombergs shoulder

  18. He was popular in neighborhoods where his policies negatively affected millions of citizens? Stop and frisk was only used at crime scenes? What crock is that? After it was ruled unconstitutional he defended and continued to enforce that law.

  19. Why the dumb fox propagate Mike Bloomberg, did he pay you big money for giving him booster against Trump,shame on you Fox News.

  20. The country is divided because the liberal media lies constantly and their viewers believe what they say. I think (R) voters dont trust their news sources much as (D) voters do.

  21. Mini Mike is a smug little punk who struts around with an armed guard and wants to tell all us "commoners" what we can eat, drink, drive and how he thinks we should live our lives…amazing that he's viewed as a credible candidate for Pres of US

  22. I'm not even American and I'm ready to fall asleep while this guy talks he's too much of the corporate America that most Canadians and Americans don't like I'm not against Corporate America in the sense that we need them they're the ones that built all the corporation so people could have jobs but on the other hand this guy you put me to sleep

  23. Bloomberg could have bought off all competitors for the nomination for a tiny fraction of what he spent on advertising. They've proven they can be bought and would have taken it in a second. Maybe he already has and this is just bread and circus but why embarrass himself like this.

  24. Your trying to buy our elections shame on you let the people donate if you don’t get money that should tell you something

  25. Bloomberg has zero sincerity. Does not arouse confidence and trust. Talks down. Thinks people are stupider than him due to his wealth and former accomplishments.

  26. What pal. What a virtuous friend of the democrats. He's conservative in his management policy, but props his ego in the dems lack of values.

  27. Bloomberg would make the most sense for the Democrats but they have different ideas. I think he is right about moderate Republicans.

  28. Oh look little Mike Bloomberg bought time on Fox and they accepted..I guess Fox thinks that's going to boost their ratings maybe.. Trump will still win 20/20

  29. First off bloomberg you work for us! We are not your employees..I was hopeful you would actually say something but your clueless about issues

  30. He looks like he's not crazy about his generally intellectual inferior audience,like he doesn't want to be there

  31. He doesn’t think we need big change? So many people are suffering. Between millions having no or unaffordable insurance, wages too low for millions of jobs, working people homeless because of insanely high rents in many cities, wealth inequality the worst since the Gilded Age, Climate Change needing serious interventions, etc. we need big systemic change.

  32. What a liar, stop and frisk was done everywhere, not at crime scenes. And Bloomberg only backed away from it when a judge ordered it! What a liar he is.

  33. Bloomberg is still a fascist… anyone who wants to alter in any way the 2nd Amendment is wrong And will be chastised…Shall not be infringed are extremely important words.

  34. Mike Bloomberg is Jeb Bush 2.0. All talk, no action, very weak.

    The only difference is, Jebs supporters where donors while Bloomberg himself is a donor buying himself into office.
    Also Jeb is actually taller than Mike.

  35. Blames stores closing because of Amazon on women who buy thrift store clothing or subscribe to clothing services. Come on Mike. Bloomberg should F off. He should have put his $500mil towards something that actually helps society.

  36. The Democrats need to be declared an "illegitimate" dangerous, subverted arm of government and removed. They are not Americans as demonstrated by their actions.

  37. Bloomberg should be the ex- "Mayor of NYC". Otherwise he looks like Gary Oldman in Bram Stoker's Dracula.

  38. crazy Michael Bloomberg the 2nd amendment says people have the right to bare arms people should be able to carry a firearm to defend themselves saying that people shouldn't have a firearm for self defense is just ridiculous and the main thing is all these gun laws that Democrats are trying to get are unconstitutional and will not do anything to prevent criminals from getting guns because criminals don't fallow the laws and all these laws will do is hurt law abiding citizens because they won't be able to defend themselves and have an effective equal ability of self defense. crazy Michael Bloomberg there is a federal background check that everyone has to go through when buying a firearm and that goes for gun shows as well

  39. If this town hall had anything to do with Bloomberg's campaign ending, then you should have another one with Bernie Sanders. 😏

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