47 thoughts on “Town Hall with Pete Buttigieg | Part 3

  1. liberal tactics are to answer some parts of a question, then bash Trump! Liberals lie to the American people, play on your compassion with absolute lies, promise you a utopian like country don't fall for it or you and your children will suffer! Trump2020

  2. Pete would you return power to the states? Well um, the funding should still come from the federal government. What a freaking tyrant

  3. Can I just say I am so glad this baby murderer rejected 21 million pro-life Dem votes!! 2020 is gonna be so much fun!

  4. Homelessness isn’t from housing costs.
    Democrats don’t seem to get it .
    It is career criminals let loose from prison,
    drug addiction, and mental illness. Period .
    Liberalism is the problem.

  5. I appreciate Chris Wallace's courtesy, humor, and professionalism, all too rare in today's media. He asks tough and fair questions to all. Thank you, Chris!

  6. The trolls are out tonight.
    It's hilarious.
    They're not even trying to hide their ignorance.
    Good that one thing we learned fro. 2016 is that American voters in NO WAY reflect a YouTube comments section, nor a Twitter feed.

  7. Abortion: date/age limits, have a opinion.
    Income: Abolished HUD because it does not create new owners just rent-slaves.

  8. Dems are the ANTI-LIFE party, PERIOD. It should not be a surprise that Sweet Pete has no trouble killing babies and uses the idea of "rights" to make people think it's no different than ordering a hamburger, and WE should pay for it.

  9. Hey Fox, go back 8 months and read the comments from Mayor Pete's last Town Hall…you guys never fail to fail do you? What a joke you are.

  10. Substantive, well reasoned answers – Buttigieg is just a cut above other Dem candidates. No comparison with Trump, as Trump does not really do reasoning, just insults.

  11. Chris Wallace likes this candidate …. unlike his passive aggression towards american voters for POTUS… chris is obviously bias journalist

  12. Hey Buttgeek, if you ever go to the middle East and they want to show you the view from the roof, Run like hell! Just saying.

  13. I appreciate the pro life Democrat's question. I think what she's missing in her reaction to Pete's response is that Pete didn't just give her the pat, absolute response of most Democratic candidates: that it's a women's choice. He conveys that it's a complex issue about which everyone feels conflicted. I think most people, on both ends of the spectrum on abortion, have caveats and exceptions to their position. I myself am more pro life than not, but the best way to actually exercise pro life beliefs is by supporting a candidate who will help make the women in this country less likely to have an unwanted pregnancy (education and healthcare reform) and more able to support a child even when it's unplanned (close gender wage gap, affordable childcare, healthcare reform, nurturing belonging, etc.). Will we ever eliminate all abortions this way? No, but neither did making them illegal; it only made abortions elitist and/or dangerous. The best way to be pro life is to help reduce the need for abortions at all.

  14. I think he and Stacey Abrams would be able to win she could help him pull the South the black and the women's vote then she would be next in line to run for president it's an excellent idea. He should just announced this now ask her and do something different tell people who you're vice president will be before the caucus even.

  15. Pete: im not in favor of government dictating to women about their choice
    also Pete: my opinion is based on government ruling.

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