Transforming Police Culture | Lt. Richard Goerling | TEDxWashingtonSquare

Transforming Police Culture | Lt. Richard Goerling | TEDxWashingtonSquare

Translator: Lowell Killen
Reviewer: Denise RQ Let’s get serious
and let’s get uncomfortable. Rhetorical question: how many of you or someone you love
have had an encounter with the police? And if you can answer that yes, just acknowledge your privilege; but for a moment, let’s sit in this room
and let’s feel the energy around us. Because there are people here who’ve have had encounters with the police
that have not gone so well. So, just notice the discomfort. And a few questions with more discomfort. Why is it in the world’s
greatest democracy that so many people of color are oppressed
by our criminal justice system? And why is it that so many marginalized
people have to fear the police? And why are the articulate
and intelligent voices of police reform so frequently muted by the rhetoric
of police system and culture? And maybe I could also ask
why these questions are so uncomfortable? There are no simple answers. What we do know is
that we all must come together with open hearts and open minds and find our way forward in this thing
that we call police reform. As Professor Phil Goff likes to say, “The police are the people,
and the people are the police.” We’re existing in an institutional failure
in American policing right now. And this leadership failure
can be seen sometimes graphically within the police that are sending
encounters across America. And perhaps less visibly, it can be seen within the sordid health matrix
of police officers themselves. It’s this suffering that I like to frame as the suffering
on both sides of the badge. I stand between two worlds
that we need to unite: police officers
and the people that we serve. And what stands in our way Is police culture,
traditional police leadership models, and the ever growing hostility
toward police officers themselves. Imagine if we could train police officers
with evident space skills that would allow us to cultivate our humanity
over the course of our career, to bolster our capacity for sense making
and decision making under stress, ti open our hearts and our mind to our own bias
and judgment against others, and to ground our culture in compassion. This capability exists now. It’s at the confluence
of contemplative wisdom and science, and we call this mindfulness. As a police officer for two decades, I am keenly aware that most of the men
and women who serve as police officers have a deeply rooted humanity. And over the course of our careers, the occupational stress
and acute traumas that we face have a negative impact. Compassion fatigue and burnout
visit us with predictability, and this is just the beginning
of the story of our suffering. The good news is that science
can show us a path forward. We can train in emotional intelligence and cultivate humanity and resiliency
among police officers. We can transform
police leadership and police culture, and perhaps, even most importantly, we can heal this broken relationship between police and our communities
in so many places in America. In 2013, my training and research team
at Pacific University, in Oregon, trained 40 police officers in an eight-week mindful
and space resilience intervention. And we found some very promising results. We found reductions in stress, we found improvements
in sleep management. Improvements in pain management, but most notably, we found
a reduction in self reported anger. Not only were we able to get cops
to the dojo to train in meditation – which is a whole other story
that requires profanity – (Laughter) but we were able to find
evidence that suggests that mindfulness intervention needs to be at the table in the conversations
around police reform. And so far, getting to that table
is a real challenge. Police officers are asked
to serve in a landscape that is a chaos of failed social systems,
economic and justice policies, institutionalized racism, and the all
too frequent dark side of human behavior. We encounter suffering and violence
up close, and in high definition, and in places and ways
that none of us want to experience. We work with communities that are often
squeezed by social pressures, that their hope has been stolen
by forces of addiction, child abuse, family violence, poverty, and other forces
that marginalize and oppress. And so here we have it. We have suffering police officers who bump
up against the suffering community and we expect positive outcomes. In order for us to evolve
policing in the 21st century, we need transformation, and mindfulness can lead a police culture
that, as Richard Strozzi-Heckler writes, “is grounded in compassion,
pragmatic wisdom, and skillful action.” This is the warrior ethos
of equanimity and social justice that we need in our profession. We can train and sustain emotional intelligence
and cognitive performance. Awareness and compassion are the gateway for peak physical performance,
peak cognitive performance and the foundation for equanimity
and social justice in police culture. We can integrate mindfulness
into other contemporary efforts to reform policing,
like procedural justice, fair and impartial policing.
And perhaps, even more significantly, we can bring training
to impact bias in policing that changes us from the inside out. Instead of creating policies to direct
police officers not to be biased, we can teach them about it,
and we can eradicate it. So our first step is mindfulness
based resilience training, which we’re doing in Oregon. Our second step is
mindful leadership training, and the Drucker School of Management
at Claremont in California is driving that effort. Earlier this year, my research team
recruited 60 police officers in the Portland metro area to train
in an eight-week mindfulness intervention. We’re just finishing up that training,
and looking at our preliminary data, and we’re seeing some interesting things. We’re seeing a reduction
in cortisol levels – That’s pretty important – and we’re seeing
a reduction in alcohol use; but perhaps, most interesting, we’re seeing a reduction
in self reported aggression. Remember, in our first study we found
a reduction in self reported anger. So what we know is that mindfulness
teaches skills in emotion regulation, and imagine the impact
on policing for just this reason. A mindful police culture changes how we, police officers,
show up on a radio call. It allows us to meet our community
in their suffering and in their crisis, without bringing
our own unregulated emotion which is often a source
of cognitive failure. It will change how we lead ourselves
and change how we lead others in our organizations. I have hope in our collective humanity. I have hope that we can all come together
with an open heart and an open mind, without vilifying each other, come together with love,
and come together mindfully, and work to lead police culture forward. Police reform will not happen
from the inside exclusively. It’ll happen from the inside
of this machine, but it won’t happen inside the institution
without your engagement. So I would encourage you to engage your police leaders
and your community leaders in conversations
around contemplative practice, around the mindfulness research
that we’re doing out in Oregon, and it’s begun elsewhere, Madison Wisconsin,
and soon in other places. So, the work that we need to do,
the effort we need to make, we have to do this together. So, I encourage you to join us
in this effort of police reform and thank you so much for being here. (Applause)

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  1. The big question is :Who cultivated out the natural "humanity and resilience among police officers" that it needs to be cultivated back into their lives?

  2. Yes, and it lead me to a cipher of words, laws chatachters, and finding we are All, "buying", into, a crime..and when you comprehend the tower of babel, you will sea, all have "bought in", instead of being "forthright", in God, rights, not man made serving. Come-pass-i-on…, did you see, the language ? From a Family Herald (ry)? From a capitalizing upon your Good "family", name? Did we forget the family, for manufacturing? Away from home, and a morally, naturally caring of family, for, a cash cow, chattel? Well, all have apparently put a deceived mind-set, into, no fair play, 6,000 years ago. Howso? A commercial, mindset. The tree of debit and credit, instead of the family tree. It's all in the cipher of words. It's in the gematria. It's in the Arch's. .sake, And it's in a theft, mindset, which is in every, job. Whether it's "known", or not. Preachers are finding truth, all conveniently hidden. The entirety, of this was "supposedly", for good. Really? How about all that have no life? Why could the language Not be exposed? Why would a trading with the enemy Not be exposed, and completely explained along with the termonology, as with all etymology, and trigger words, word association, and mirroring, "sound", alike , constructed to mirror the very, fingerprint of life, fibronacci, patterns? Who decided to hide said? God?…The math, patterns, man found? Or the heraldry, through the blood-line=lamb/lion? Circle of, grand-fathering..crysalis (crystal clear), dna/blood=flesh & blood…archs of coverings of all scriptural, in a language of symbology, few even comprehend. Thereby, ejecting many. No Fair play, of the masses, in the "job" "market" human, chattled, paperwork, as a,"product of your environment". Placing all at quilt, in si (g)n-ing. Mirroring phonecean language. Reflective. Is it ok, to copyright a name? What Does that law, say? Are all playing exactly that, when billing, ticketing etc. So , once a lie/half-truth, is it always same? This has invaded All. So, now, what? X? Reverse engineering? Obviously, the vine..devine proportion retrieved, through the trust name sake. The 00/ publ-pvt…liquidate, as the bible financial symbology shows. The message = correct. As ciphered. Are the preachers to have known? Did they know what they were supposed to be explaining in "plain English? We have a Constitution that says "people", "persons" and effects. Persons=what? A dead entity? So how do few, "Not" know just One, term? A name? Of God? A name =a person, place, or thing…Now, in just this alone, many, are being caught up mis-construing, representation of a whole lot. Bargaining Chip…Bs. Law, No contract can create a bargaining chip…Interestingly, all are being subjugated to exactly that. It matters Not, what, job, any are in. It's "No Fair Play". It's ill-wiil being imposed on many, who simply had good-will towards, men. So, all of killing, hate, and sorrow, came from one greedy thought= I'm worth more than you. Ergo, the cipher, the tower of babel, imposed. We are working together here. Specialized in different things. The people cleaning up poop, should be truly loved the "most". And this is the root of our Real problem. They are laughed at, while all the laughers, go on clean. Really? We now, yes, are coming to a lesson well learned. I'm glad many are coming to caring. Arrogance, ego, brings hurt. It, gives, no help, it delivers depression. The picking of the money tree. We are all favorites, in what we are. Great speech. Yes, together. Due to poverty too many are needlessly grasping for "straws" 14th, amend. Is a problem, lawyers being presidents along with war machine monopolies, conglomerates…All Giant, corpse-orations, taking the men. Maiden, men to war at 18. Communication,= the word inter-course, then getting the buying and selling through the curs-ive, SI (g)Nature…This stuff goes on and the realm, of the dead and living. Product of invironment. Product?

  3. Also, if going by Juris prudence, for constitution, we see, it reverts back to Art 10, giving No police powers. They have all, everyone, in the "mud". So, best for all, to undo it. It feel bad seeing cops in the middle of the brunt, they haven't a clue, but like the rest of us what they are taught, till, they start their own, search. Then , Not too happy, of what they see. All that thought they were for the constitution, with the words see, they aren't, seeing the bait and switch. We are all doing the word studies, that was never shown.

  4. That was a shameful display. If that guy is a cop, I need to buy a gun. If cops work for virtue signaling, career ambitious needledick cephalopods like this one, I will never dial 911 again. If I call the cops it is because I need competent, armed tactical operators, I don't need yes man dweebs telling me that my home invaders are a misunderstood marginalized community.

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