Trees on Mars Alien Secrets & Mysteries Ancient Civilization

Trees on Mars Alien Secrets & Mysteries Ancient Civilization

hi guys ok we’re going to be looking at
google Mars here today and i’m looking at what i think is trees and i’m going
to show you some comparisons with what I see on google Mars here and with Google
Earth and i’m going to zoom in here I’ve marked this little area right here I also think there’s trees over here and
okay so we’re just going to zoom in right here and it’s up this is at the
South Pole of Mars do you see that that looks just like trees like a forest now
i’m going to go over here into google maps and we’re going to zoom in this is
in california and the big basin redwoods state forest and so I’m just going to
keep zooming in let’s see this is a little different
than Earth but i’m just gonna kill okay you see that ok we can zoom in here and
clearly see that this is trees and so because this is like real images here
but let’s zoom out a little bit to see what that looks like and so let’s go to
ok is there area maybe that it doesn’t have as many well here’s some openings
right here so this little gray area here would kind of resemble maybe the dead
spots on Mars that doesn’t have any green now i’m still in California and
I’ve gone over towards pinnacles National Park Oh over here we’re in the area where
there’s not as much tree is kind of more like a desert type area let’s zoom in
here and see how the trees are scattered right here okay you see this the trees are scattered in here there’s
a tree here and let’s go back here you see that you see this comparison
here kind of especially right through here look at this ok an individual right here this is
trees it appears to be trees to me on Mars
this is Earth Google Earth whoopsie and this is Mars so to me i’m concluding
a look at this too but oh my goodness look at this this is amazing there’s trees on Mars I mean what else
could it be and trees and so i’m going to zoom out
i’m going to zoom out here like this and so we can see right exactly where this
is that ok so this is the sum of the Google Earth stuff shows up on here so
what we’re in Mars so maybe you can use some of that as pinpoint but this is the
south I guess the South Pole of Mars i’m going
to zoom back in and so these dark spots here they’re really easy to find so all
you gotta do is find and you can see some on the north and as well the North
Pole and so i’m going to zoom back in here I think it would be fun to take some a
screenshot and do some colorations and and look up here as well they’re the
same thing it’s just like oh my goodness i just saw
this and actually this little green hue look at this that that just kind of
gives it a different perspective here you know all these little individual
areas but there was one I think it was over
here down here a bit that’s what i wanted to look at this down here and
it’s going to be similar oh my goodness it does it looks exactly
like trees now here we are this is this is in california again Google Mars
California google Mars and see right here there’s an individual tree there let’s zoom in what we’re going to be
able to zoom in a little further see see what this looks like this and
this kind of reminds me of what I was talking about you know that images are
real real clear but how is this is 50 feet now i don’t know how many feet Mars is it it says 24,000 feet so which
that doesn’t really make any sense unless trees are really really big on
Mars or is this related to I don’t know but yes this this looks like trees to me trees trees on earth trees on Mars
especially with the colorations here so i conclude that there’s trees on Mars
and so yeah in which I mean I suppose this might explain the hiding the sepia
tones and colors look at this look at this and a lot of folks have said that
Mars is a beautiful colorful planet just like Earth but for some reason they’re
hiding nASA has been hiding what’s really on
Mars who knows why I mean because the idea of life on
another planet is it’s kind of exciting you know so you know exciting yeah exciting for people you know just
for us just to think that there’s life elsewhere other than on earth and so I
think that’s great and so yeah that makes sense so if we so a lot of this
right here say i zoomed in ok let me see zoom in right here trees
very easily could be trees it looks like it didn’t see their pix
elated and blurred out that’s when they do that obfuscation and so let’s go over and see
what this is this is a NASA image and so yeah it looks like trees to me and so
and then we go over here and more trees possibly oh it does look like it does
look like trees yeah this is really interesting so you
guys will have to take a look yourself go into Google Earth I google earth and
then go to Mars i’ll show you how let me show you here how to get to know
I grabbed the wrong thing still grab their own thing I don’t want to tilt ok so when you go up here there’s a
little icon here and so you can see I’m in Mars and so you’ll go from it always
defaults to earth and so you can you click on Mars to fly into Mars and then
i’ll show you around on this other side too I actually think that there’s trees up
here as well it does look like there’s trees and some
spots i’ll show you one up here zoom in right this looks like a a big well maybe
this could be sand dunes I don’t know it could be sand dunes or trees are
sporadic trees but I to me it looks like trees a right oh my gosh this one looks big that looks
like a big forest right there look how thick it is and see that would be equal
to the one like in Northern California ok so this one has less trees because
it’s closer to the desert area but if we go back up into Northern California up
here where the thick thick thick thick ok let’s go into Jackson State Forest
okay so look how thick the trees are here and it’s all green it’s just solid trees solid trees and so
it’s a different color ok let’s let me back let me go out see
how see how it’s just a dark dark color and this is ok this is 20 miles from the
sky and see how it just looks dark but we have this green on it and so then the
same with Mars we have this dark coloration but see with Mars I don’t
think we’re getting true colorations see it looks similar the dark color their
dark color here and so yeah that’s my comparison i conclude that there is
trees on Mars that’s my conclusion for the day and see and I also kind of think that
the the measurements ok so when i zoom in this is a hundred
and twenty-six miles from the sky but see Mars is smaller than the google
earth so I don’t think the calculations are right that’s what I’m thinking this
looks like trees here to this we’re at the north side so this looks like trees
so yep that’s my conclusion for the day is that if I took this image and put it
into Photoshop and laid over late some green on it it’s going to look similar
to that of Earth and so my conclusion for the day is that there’s trees on
Mars so want to thank you guys for watching and let’s get lots of
subscribers share this video with your friends let’s get lots of views thank you guys
so much for watching I’ll see you

9 thoughts on “Trees on Mars Alien Secrets & Mysteries Ancient Civilization

  1. So why does nasa what to hide the fact that their is life on Mars…………………………..
    Space laws will prevent them from doing whatever they want in Mars.
    No life freedom to do anything on mars

  2. I can't believe we're still discussing if they are trees are not the only reason we are is because some people are too scared to admit there's life on other planets of course their tree if you look at some of them through the magnifier UC branches and even leaves there's no doubt they're trees I harass NASA everyday with emails if everybody done that the same as I did we would soon get every answer to our frustration

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