15 thoughts on “Tribes: Early Civilization Gameplay Runthrough

  1. great runthrough Rhado. another game for the long list of "want to have games". you need more 3 player runthroughs with Daisy 😊

  2. At the 17:16 mark…this is one of the dumbest things I've seen in any game. You would think that the game designer would have had separate tiles for each period that would make more sense when linking one technology to another. Smelting leading to advanced weapons, farming tools or advanced construction would make sense…but smelting leading to "cheese making"?!?!

    The worst part is that you try to justify this design "feature" (or flaw) by saying it makes sense (comically). No…no it doesn't. LOL I was with you right up until you became a used car salesman trying to convince us that this was a good thing. Wow!

  3. Would Jen be able to retroactively score Nomads and Raiders if she eventually passed you? Or are they only evaluated at time of taking?

  4. Why were there tourists outside your house?! Do people come to visit you, or do you just live in a fancy historic district? Poor Daisy 🙁

  5. Hey Rahdo, I just watched your play through for "The Golden Ages" as well. It seems to me Tribes is very similar to that game, what are your thoughts on this?
    Do you have a preference for which is the more enjoyable game? Thanks—still debating whether to kickstart this one!

  6. Hi Rahdo, sorry for being off-topic but I cant find that game you reviewed where you had a dungeon with AI monsters; skeletons that had a strength varying and displayed on a double sided square. TIA!

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