56 thoughts on “Trudeau unveils new cabinet

  1. Trudeau is a mental disorder. Trudeau has ruined this once great country. CBC is bought by Trudeau and instead of being neutral for all Canadians, CBC is a left organization, obsessed with this useless Prime Minster. Who cares who is in the cabinet.

  2. bill blair et ahmed hussein 2 vrais ti coune ,non ti coune lui fait des efforts dans la vie .très dure de faire votre assermentation dans les 2 langues .hey si tu tu peut pas faire la première étape ,de cris que tu fait la !une belle preuves de rejet enver moi un francophone du québec canada .

  3. To bad none of them will improve anything for Canadians ..Just more bread and circuses …
    Any of them speaking on releasing the strangle hold on the land causing insane land prices .. Really almost 90% crown land 9 million sq km … 6% agricultural .. 3% corporate .. 1% for Canadians … This one thing is causing such poverty it's crazy .. let us have some of our country at affordable prices.. No none speaking on this ..CBC care to report on this…thought not …

  4. Used to be the media was a means to keep the Government in check. What is sad is that in today's world they anything but that..in fact many are just more party supporters..

  5. Why can't you save the world with job creation, you have tons of jobs that destroy the planet; how about some jobs that save the planet?

  6. Can't wait to see what this minority government has in store for us. I give them 18-20 months before we head back to the polls. And while were at it Scheer should step down. Liberals handed this election to the conservatives for the taking but they couldn't capitalize. I'd vote Kenney if he were leader of the conservatives.

  7. This country is doomed. Might as well quit your jobs and live on government handouts until the inevitable collapse.

  8. Going over their jurisdiction…… that's because of the jurisdiction are corrupt Christy – just like you were when you where the Premier of BC! Remember BC Rail…??!!

  9. Thanks to Justin we are soon going to be a poor and in dept country I really don't understand how he got re-elected we are letting a clown run our country into poverty

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