100 thoughts on “Trump photos posted on private Instagram raise eyebrows

  1. Only one question remains: is your Republican senator fulfilling his or her oath to uphold the Constitution and protect the Republic, or only protecting the Party? The road diverges and history will hold the silent accountable. Let them know.

  2. Mr. Donald Trump has been encouraged by his Republicans & his supporters to tell lies after lies without any consequences.

  3. How can any thinking, feeling human being continue to support this boob? He is obviously so unfit for the position.

  4. I’m not even willing to have my taxes pay for these chuckleheads to go to prison.
    Can we strap them to SpaceX and give them a free ride to Mars?

  5. And you'll still see Trump turds crying fake news even when faced with reality they can't handle the fact the Trump and his criminal organization are corrupt. well they don't actually care as long as they're white

  6. White people when are you going to wake up … What happened to KKK, I mean the tea party what happened to the Christian conservatives. I thought that meant something. But still they support a thief an addultor a liar. Has anyone heard anything about the national debt?

  7. The true is that Trump supporters are damn stupid Or still they don’t get it or they are totally under the Cult influence like under hypnotic idiotic trance

  8. The current occupier in the oval office is a bottom dweller he simply put…. is a liar James Comey called the president a liar on national TV changed politics forever

  9. Somehow I think CNN are going to publish video footage and “ insta stories “ of Pelosi and Schiff mingling with Syria’s royal family last weekend because that little “ SAGA” has been pitch black so far

  10. But in the end everyone votes to keep the orange balloon in. Furthermore, people in your family and among your friends still going to vote for Trump in 2020. When are you going to convince them they should vote someone else? Because of, well, the truth?

  11. The one dude looks like a low-rent Gene Hackman. The one with a face like a frying pan needs to talK to trump’s hair “stylist”—the combover ain’t happening.
    Mensa, indeed.

  12. They are just on your private jet with your private lawyer, buddying up with your sons, and have signed photos with you, Donny. I'm sure everyone knows you never really met them and maybe got coffee from them once.

  13. Trump: “ I don’t know those two guys, you have to ask Rudy”

    Photos of them with Don Jr, Eric, Trump Sr, Giuliani. A signed Thank You letter from Trump.

    But….. he doesn’t know them.

  14. Trump posts a photo of Biden with American execs…that's incriminating of something.

    Trump and company with indicted "associates"…no big deal, doesn't mean anything.

  15. Trump: I've a good brain. The very best brain. I'm a genius.
    He always forgets about his criminal friends when they're exposed.


  17. Hey geniuses, do yall even know why Turkey invaded Syria? The GLOBALISTS, CIA, LIBERALS AND THE DEEP STATE orchestrated it to trick Trump AND to free the ISIS fighters! A couple of months ago ISIS said that they are regrouping bigger than ever and that America hasn't seen anything yet! Now, Turkey invaded Syria and let thousands of ISIS fighters go free as a bird! Sounds like the Globalists, the Deep State, LIBERALS and the CIA have new plans for America with their buddies ISIS! Remember when OBAMA spent almost 12 trillion dollars on NOTHING but the MIDDLE EAST?? That's how ISIS was getting their money!! Also, OBAMA FUNDED IRAN'S NUCLEAR PROGRAM! When Trump was elected President, ISIS started falling apart, that's because they couldn't get anymore FUNDING from OBAMA, CIA, GLOBALISTS, LIBERALS AND THE DEEP STATE. So, here we are now with thousands of ISIS fighters running back to regroup with their terror cells, ISIS will be big but the AMERICAN military will take them out! Not so fast because they're trying VIGOROUSLY to oust TRUMP so that their buddies ISIS can do their thing! Get ready DEMOCRATIC VOTERS, those ISIS fighters will get you and your family too!! Obama, Hillary, Bush, the CIA, the deep state and globalists CREATED ISIS!!! Why didn't Turkey invade long before recently? WAKE UP PEOPLE! THE ENEMY OF AMERICA IS RIGHT HERE AT HOME AND CNN IS OWNED BY THEM!!

  18. Where else but in white America can a privileged white man flagrantly disregard the law (and get away with it). How thrilling and exhilarating it must feel to show the rest of America (and the world) that "the man" hasn't changed; that the white man (and his lynching supporters) can still "get away with murder." "America has evolved out of the Dark Ages" is a bunch but privildged baloney!

  19. Biden family exposed! Gabbard is awsome.! The Dems and their fake whistle blower(Schiff), the Dems fake Russian collusion investigation (45million of tax payers money), the Dems denial of the crisis at the border and refusing funds to ease the border crisis, ABCs footage of Kentucky attacking Syria lol, ……..it's all too much. You people are whacked! Anyone who watches CNN, abc, CBS, NBC, etc y'all need help. F u Fredo and stinky fingers Lemon, deniro too

  20. Jake with the subtle burn…"these MENSA members." I also liked "2 figures from the mob collection of PEZ dispensers." 😂

  21. It sorta feels like I’m watching steph curry but not really ! You just know something new is goin to happen every damn day !!! F!!!

  22. This is our freedom !!! Impeach so we can restructure and rebuild and give the world America’s heart and grace !!! Come on people !!!

  23. Just waiting for Chump to say, "That's not me, my kids or my BF Giulani in those pictures"…they are clones planted by the Dem's!

  24. SDNY are conducting the biggest RICO investigation in history into the Trump Mafia Syndicate. The Trump's will go to prison for MANY, MANY, MANY Decades !

  25. Why people are talking about the Clinton's? Last time a Clinton was president it was TWENTY FUCKING YEARS AGO…… Hilary Clinton isn't even running this time (thank God) so I mean…

  26. I see what Romney is doing. Speaking out against Trump, he risks angering Trump supporters, so he is trying to counter that by increasing his overall likeability with this public acknowledgement of his secret online persona.

  27. And this is what you useless fuckers are gossiping about. For 4 years, Democrats and their supporters have done nothing but abuse and obstruct the President.


  29. What exactly is the Fake, Comet Pizza visiting, moron trying to say exactly? A whole broadcast based on whispers. 😳

  30. It'll be hard for him to keep lying and denying that he doesn't know those thugs ! SO HIGHLY ILLEGAL ! Trump looks pretty cozy in those pictures ! HE'S SUCH A LIAR !

  31. Mitt Romney you don't need to hide your disdain of trump, I feel the same as do many Americans. Utah is proud of you standing up to trump, everyone wants a hero to prevail over the evil bad guy, you are our hero Mitt if you vote to remove trump to save our country and the world. lee, stewart, and bishop are the bad guys and cowards in this narrative, I for one am glad bishop is retiring. Everything and everyone trump touches dies…..Impeach Indict Jail trump! SAVE OUR COUNTRY AND THE REST OF THE WORLD FROM trump!

  32. Romney had more class than his opponents in the republican arena. He still is a republican (just not as repugnant as most) but Mitt Romney earned my respect as a patriot today. Just for speaking up and saying the truth we know. I was wondering does anyone in that party speak the truth or have the balls to challenge the delusions of grandeur perpetuated by this self enamored imbecile. It is time to say "ENOUGH!". In my honest and sincere red white and blue Patriot heart I fear Donald Trump has become a liability to the people.
    The reputation of America is at stake worldwide. Think of it like this, as American citizens, this is your house. You have a duty. It is not a shame to get roaches the only shame would be not to get rid of them. The world is watching and counting on the American people to end the calamity this anarchist narcissist has wrought. Donald Trump calls success being divisive and adding chaos. Think of his TV show. That is exactly how he ran it… Got him ratings and now the Presidency and Whitehouse as institutions are corrupted and bastardized, This has become like some sick perverted political version of Jerry Springer. One disgusting guest after another. But I digress … Thanks for being honest Mitt Romney, way to man up!

  33. He’s (Parnas…his big wide head and smiling face) like the Forrest Gump of political corrupt and criminal activity, lol. He’s with everyone…but it’s everyone that he supposedly doesn’t know or shouldn’t be with. 😂😂

  34. My adversity towards this current administration and GOP is not partisan favoring the Democrats or the previous administration.
    My gripe with this current imbicile is because of his lies

  35. I think that secretly the entire Republicans and Democratic party are now secretly working together along with any and every federal Prosecutor to remove Trump thats why he gets caught for everything. Trump, brings the criminal all the way out of everyone that comes into contact with him

  36. What more do they need to get rid of the guy at this point? There’s shit coming out daily that would’ve single handedly killed any other presidency.

  37. Putting trump criticism socialism has been the democrats plan,Looking back, letting communist China in, s shipping off American jobs, letting million of illegals in, ,stronger drugs in .killing youths, destroyed families, 9/11 didn’t Clinton know?
    Why are old politicians still in Washington? Pelosi Waters Schumer Nadler Schiff .feinstein with her Chinese sly/ informant driver ‘
    All planned to weaken the country’
    Donald J Trump threw a wrench in their socialism plan

    The abnormal attacks . Impeachment on day of inauguration. Still fishing for a crime’’ to take him down or remove from office to undo 2016 election’
    He campaigned against their socialism system they planned for over 25 years ‘

    Ted o rats are not having Trump UNDO that plan’ ‘hence all the lying about Russia. Plot to frame him as a traitor ‘ unheard in a democratic country unless they followed chines system, and/ or Russia constitution’’
    Trump will need to really explain what de,d plans have been for the country’ ‘

    Dems had 3 options. Communist system. Dictatorship system . And socialization’ l
    Fo if trump loses. USA is finished’ ‘where could Americans find refuge :
    Trup has to win with a landslide to get the message across to all who considers themselves American, to hang on to values. Beliefs. Way of life. And unite the country
    New comers must try to learn English assinilqte to the possible dream if they so chose’
    Just an opinion and perspective

    One has to look back a bit to know where they want to go. Forward’ socialism is NOY a way forward it is a negative chance

  38. The whole Trump family are complicit in these criminal activities. Trump knew exactly who these guys were and so did Trumps sons. Criminals all together.

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