Trump Uses September 11th Anniversary To Brag About Himself

Trump Uses September 11th Anniversary To Brag About Himself

>>I was down there, and I watched our police
and our firemen down on 7/11, down at the World Trade Center, right after it came down.>>There’s Donald Trump back in 2016 referring
to 9/11 as 7/11. And some might think, what’s the big deal,
I mean, it was just a little mistake, a little slip of the tongue. But Trump unfortunately has made 9/11 about
him over and over again. Today is the 18th anniversary of that tragic
day. And Trump, again, has decided that he is going
to make this about him and airing his grievances. So first, he started off the day with a tweet
that did commemorate 9/11. It features Melania Trump and himself in a
photo that says, we will never forget. But only ten minutes after that, he started
attacking Jerome Powell, the chairman of the Federal Reserve, demanding lower interest
rates. He also complained about an ABC/Washington
Post poll that shows that his approval ratings are dismal and continue to fall. He was whining about polling that shows Americans
are worried about a recession. And they should be worried because Mick Mulvaney,
Donald Trump’s own acting Chief of Staff, told GOP donors that It’s very likely a recession
is coming, and buckle up. And then finally, he also lashed out on fake
news, which is just a typical thing that Trump does on a daily basis. But I do wanna show you how Trump has responded
or talked about 9/11 in the past. Let’s start off with this next video, which
shows him talking to a reporter on the day of 9/11.>>Did you have any damage or what’s happened
down there?>>Well, it was an amazing phone call I made. 40 Wall Street actually was the second-tallest
building in downtown Manhattan. And it was actually before the World Trade
Center was the tallest. And then when they built the World Trade Center,
it became known as the second tallest, and now it’s the tallest.>>So on the day of that terrorist attack
that has changed this country forever, he has decided, you know what? It’s a good chance for me to promote how tall
my building is.>>Yeah, and he also, conservatives are the
ones who are supposed to care about this religious observance of 9/11. Now, 9/11 was an insanely awful tragedy, and
we should be commemorating all of the victims and their families. And everyone in New York who had to feel the
repercussions of all of this, and the Pentagon, and all of the planes that went down. But at the same time, leftists aren’t the
ones who are saying, you need to be this sad at this point. And you need to be exactly as repentant as
we would expect. That comes from the conservative side, but
because he’s a part of their tribe, they explain away all his behavior. When if Obama had called 9/11 7/11, that’s
all we would be talking about for two months on end.>>I mean, we don’t even have to go back to
years ago. I mean we can just talk about something that
happened, what, a few months ago with Representative Ilhan Omar. And she’s talking about the treatment of Muslims
after 9/11. And because she didn’t use the exact wording
that Republicans deem appropriate, they attacked her as some terrorist who’s a believer in
Sharia law. I mean, every attack you could imagine, Representative
Ilhan Omar has had to deal with. At the same time, you have our president,
on a regular basis, either using 9/11 for financial gain, and I’ll give you some details
on that in just a second. Or more importantly, saying things that are
so incredibly insulting to the victims of 9/11, making it all about him and his narcissism.>>Yeah, I mean, absolutely, there’s just
a clear pattern again and again and again. And I feel on a daily basis, we see it, which
is, Trump’s main comments are generally about himself. It’s about himself, it’s about, I’m right,
and therefore, you and everyone else are wrong. But outside of that kind of craziness and
that pathology, I think you made a great point there, Emma, that I wanna kind of pick up
on. Which is really about, who gets to dictate
or shape the conversation we have about 9/11, right? 9/11 has profoundly transformed this country. Not just historically, not just in terms of
memory, not just in terms of commemoration. But in terms of military policy, aggression
across the world, the increased growth of our military budget more than ever. And so for me here on 9/11, 18 years later,
I remember very vividly where i was on 9/11. And it’s an opportunity here for us to think
about, where have we gone since then? What did that mean for us, and what might
have been another response? And what are paths we can take right now moving
forward?>>But we’re the only people doing that reflection. The Republican Party, this is the same party
that tries to kill 9/11 first responders’ bills every time they come up, health care
for those first responders. And yet they’re the ones outraged at Ilhan
Omar for not using the exact right wording. When it’s really their outrage that she wears
a headdress and is a Muslim person representing a district in Congress. And that’s really what it comes down to, it’s
a political prop to them. 9/11 means what they want it to mean and when
they want it to mean something at all.>>That’s a great point, and I also wanna
add to your list of how 9/11 changed us. And in a lot of ways, changed us for the worst,
by adding the fact that our civil liberties were taken away. Unfortunately, many Americans bought into
the fearmongering that we heard from the Bush administration. And we allowed our privacy rights and certain
civil liberties to just slip away out of fear. And I don’t say that to insult Americans,
I say that because you’re absolutely right. It’s an opportunity to reflect and to learn
from our mistakes, and really question what the best path is to move forward. I mean, and Emma, to respond to you, I agree. Republicans are certainly worse when it comes
to this situation, but there are Democrats who have certainly signed on to and have never
questioned the Patriot Act. They have voted along with defense spending,
and they’ve been pretty complicit in some of the unnecessary wars we’ve gotten involved
in. Not all Democrats, but certainly, the ones
who are willing to accept that defense money spending as well. So this is an opportunity to hold lawmakers
accountable, and reflect on how we further victimized Americans after that tragic day,
because that is what’s happening. And we further victimized people in other
countries because of what happened on that day, civilians, innocent civilians who had
nothing to do with it whatsoever. And let me just note that there were Saudis,
of course, involved in that tragic day, and we are fighting their war on their behalf
in Yemen right now. That is what Trump has signed on to, and he
does not question it. And any time our lawmakers try to reverse
course, Trump vetoes it.>>Well, it’s a genocide, not just a war,
we feel like our viewers should know.>>And I just want to kind of emphasize the
point that, not only did we give up our privacy, our civil liberties. But it was also, there was an incredible amplification
of Islamophobia that emerged out of 9/11, that existed before, but it was taken to another
level. We see the continuation of the Afghan war
today. And so I just want to challenge us all to
think about, what does leadership look like in the context of 18 years after an attack,
right? What does that type of leadership look like? Is it about militarism, is it about reacting
in an angry, and intense, and inflammatory way? Or is it actually now about setting a new
path forward?>>Exactly, so I wanted to note a few other
things. Because it wasn’t just Trump bragging about
his building or getting 9/11 wrong and saying 7/11 instead. He actually took advantage of that tragic
event for some government funding. So back in 2002, George W Bush signed into
law a budget containing some $20 billion in dedicated funding for New York’s recovery. 2 billion was earmarked for distribution by
the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation and the Empire State Development Corporation. About a quarter of that, some 500 million,
was explicitly set aside for helping small businesses in the area recover. Now what did Trump do, did he take advantage
of that? Of course, among the 8,214 early recipients
was 40 Wall Street LLC, the most valuable building in Donald Trump’s portfolio of properties. Trump applied for and accepted the money despite
the fact that, as he acknowledged in an interview with a German news show immediately after
the attacks, the property, quote, wasn’t, fortunately, affected by what happened to
the World Trade Center. So this man who talks about the need for entitlement
reform, and talks about the so-called moochers who are living in poverty and need government
programs. He’ll turn and say those insulting things
about them, but when he isn’t an actual victim, his building hasn’t been damaged from a tragic
event, he has no problem applying for and taking federal money, it’s disgusting.>>And the complicity of someone like Rudy
Giuliani, who was a major part of his campaign and who was mayor during this time, and he
never lets us forget it, that he was mayor on 9/11. And that was his fearmongering way to gain
more political power. And stood by his side, knowing the corruption
that happened when he took those federal funds. Because as someone from New York, the entire
financial district down there was ravaged for years and years. And businesses are literally just starting
to recover right now. It’s still, in some ways, it goes down at
night. But it took so long for those actual small
businesses to gain traction once again. So to have this grifter come in and actually
take the federal funds that they’re supposed to be for small businesses, in a city that
I love and live in. It’s just another layer on top of the things
that he does that are so harmful. And he did it before he was even an elected
official, so the destruction of him knows no bounds.>>Yeah, he’s a scammer, and he has, like
many politicians, also used 9/11 for political gain, and has lied about his efforts in the
recovery, take a look.>>One who help clear the rubble, and I was
there, and I watched, and I helped a little bit. But I wanna tell you, those people were amazing. Clearing the rubble, trying to find additional
lives. You didn’t know what was gonna come down on
all of us, and they handled it.>>Trump also claimed, many of those affected
were firefighters, police officers, and other first responders. And I was down there also, but I’m not considering
myself a first responder. But I was down there, I spent a lot of time
down there with you. Well, Richard Alice, who was one of the firefighters,
actually, he was the chief of the fire department in New York. He fact-checked Donald Trump and said, quote,
I spent many months there myself, and I never witnessed him. He was a private citizen at the time. I don’t know what kind of role he could have
possibly played.>>Besides deeming himself a first responder. So maybe if he is called a first responder,
then the Republicans don’t need Jon Stewart to go publicly shame them into voting for
health care for those first responders. So how about that, Trump, we can make a deal
here. You can get to call yourself a first responder
if you continue to fund the health care for the actual first responders who pulled bodies
from the rubble. Who pulled women, children, men from all of
these dangerous situations, and who are now getting cancer and who can’t breathe after
doing that. You can vote through their health care, and
then maybe you get to call yourself a first responder.>>And I think there’s a common playbook here,
which is, it’s in moments of great shock, in moments of disasters, where you see various
sorts of policies enacted. And that actually can be incredibly debilitating,
and they really select who counts and who doesn’t, right? Look at us right now, 18 years after this
incredible event, this traumatic event. We can’t get first responders health care,
but our military budget has blown up. So it’s very clear in those moments, as per
like Naomi Klein’s shock doctrine, or what she calls disaster capitalism. In those disasters are opportunities to pivot
and take power, political, lasting power.>>And that is exactly what the Republican
Party has done over and over again. It’s just devastating, and we are supposed
to learn from history, we’re supposed to change course depending on the outcome of our policy
decisions. And Bush was a complete and utter disaster,
but when it comes to foreign policy, think about what happened when Obama came into the
executive branch. He not only continued Bush-era foreign policies,
he expanded upon them. And the numbers of civilians who died because
of drone strikes and civilian strikes. I mean, we have to take ownership of our own
foreign policy, and we need to learn lessons from them. Unfortunately, we don’t see that type of lesson
learned by our own politicians, our own representatives.>>And President Obama had an opportunity
to get into that office and restrict the powers of the executive. So that someone like Donald Trump couldn’t
come in and within, what, 14 months, 16 months, already kill more civilians in Iraq and Syria
than Obama did in his entire presidency. And he killed a lot, so even though he identifies
himself as someone on the left, he certainly was far to the right and authoritarian when
it comes to the powers of the executive.>>I mean, there’s an expression I really
appreciate in moments like this, which is, history is what’s happening. And so we can really see that right now on

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