[Music] in a recent conversation with the Congressional Black Caucus about welfare reform mister Trump gave us a prime example when he seemed legitimately surprised to learn that not all welfare beneficiaries are black doctoring the discussion after one member noted that welfare reformed would harm her constituents not all of whom are black an astonished Trump reportedly replied really then what are they dut it was also at this meeting where Trump asked the elected officials if they personally knew ben Carson the only black member of his cabinet and found it surprising when he learned that they did not even though Carson had never served in Congress and spent his career as a surgeon President Trump has spent a significant portion of his life in the public eye which means we’ve had plenty of opportunities to hear his thoughts on well nearly everything topic of race and racism has come up on more than several occasions and mr. Trump even has a standard go to response when asked about his questionable views I am the least racist person you’ve ever encountered the unfortunate meeting with the Congressional Black Caucus there are many more times that this sentiment fails to seem sincere from the 1970s and his refusal to rent properties in Nik based on race and ethnicity to the 1980s and 90s with his frequent off-the-wall and very public disparaging comments about blacks and Latinos Trump set the tone for his current behavior since he has been in the political arena there are no shortage of abhorrent racial slurs here either he openly called Haiti and other African countries as shithole countries he has often referred to Mexicans as rapists and bad hombres he has frequently denigrated Native Americans he has publicly befriended white nationalists and unfortunately this list could go on and on

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