100 thoughts on “Tucker: Russian collusion is not a real story

  1. " the eunuchs clearly remain"… OMG I just got off the floor, I laughed so hard. I had to come back to write a comment! Thank you Tucker!!!

  2. The only illegal collusion with Russia is Hillary Clinton and she will soon be in prison. Biden the new Clinton committed serious felonies with the Ukraine and again the democrats are trying to frame Trump in a coup attempt while covering up Bidens corruption in the Ukraine.

    Pretty simple, arrest the entire leadership of the democrat(globalist) party and fire everyone in the FBI. Start using the lie detector before hiring anyone for federal service.

  3. I dont know who it was that said this but did anyone catch the interviewee that said he couldnt see any rational reason to be aligned with Russia. That's the answer no one in the White House rationalizes it that way and have no reason to be Russian assets. I wish they thought about that.

  4. It's time to institute an IQ test and a critical thinking test as a precursor to suffrage. Anybody who still believes in "Russian collusion" has no business holding the keys to the car.

  5. Conservatives HAVE TO TAKE the aggressive propaganda of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA seriously — they are extremely dangerous to the stability of our nation. The high tech companies who own social media are engaged in stifling conservative voices. These are the same high tech companies that are helping China oppress and spy on their own people. In China, thanks to the technology supplied by liberal high tech companies in America, they are rounding dissenters up and putting them in concentration camps and they are tortured and executed. The DANGER that the Democrats/liberals in America pose is that they are headed toward a completely fascist rule. They are already accusing people and charging them without any evidence, but that doesn’t stop them from prosecuting them and actually getting a conviction on bogus evidence, that they call circumstantial evidence. There are elected liberal judges that are more than happy to convict those that pose a danger to the agenda of the Democrat Party. Conservatives must educate themselves on all aspects of the history of the propaganda being spewed and gain a thorough understanding of the arguments they use against us and how to refute those allegations…using FACTS ! But, do your homework NOW ! Because the high tech media companies, like Google, are fast deleting or censoring important voices to defend against the enemies of our Constitution and our Rights ! TAKE MY WORDS SERIOUSLY AND PREPARE NOW, NOW, NOW ! Also, join the NRA and buy a gun or two or three. Make sure, if Democrats cut the supply of ammunition for your gun, you can either make your own bullets, or find a supplier for more ammunition. Also join Judicial Watch and make a contribution to President Trump’s 2020 election ! WE MUST WIN IN 2020 !

  6. Trump literally said I believe Putin not are intelligence agencies. I don't understand when did conservatives start siding with Russia. Does anybody here not understand how ridiculous sounds. This bow tie bozo is seriously defending Putin I can't understand how insane that sounds and he is like Putin not that bad anymore these other guys are worse.

  7. Perhaps Dr. Phil would say, if Russia takes over your mind, you are its victim. You have to take your power back from Russia. These people over their in Russia might laugh their heads off…..

  8. they're trying to cover for the DNC's Ukraine crimes. it's a sign that we're getting closer to the golden nuggets. need to keep digging

  9. LOL…SOME OF THIS IS ACTUALLY HILARIOUS TO TELL YOU THE TRUTH. Need to find out how many of these people had secret desires to be actors. Check out their high school yearbooks for starters…..

  10. Obamas white house sold Russia 20% US Uranium . Legally or not they still sold Russia 20% so how is this not an outrage..Freeking Dem have no rule of law or morals.

  11. Don’t these people know how stupid they sound…they open their mouths and nothing comes out that makes any sense and they get paid to do this?
    They are like little children that have had their toy taken away…..Great Comedy show…should take it on the road 🤣

  12. LYING Demu-COMMUNIST will repeat nothing but lies – Russia like 1000 times a day and impeachment 24/7 it is not working……

  13. Since when do 4th graders learn about politics and meritocracy? Or is this a jab at your audience intellect on a word you recently defined yourself? Leave the presumptuous definition of an intellect relegated to 10 yr olds out of your intros. No 10 year olds are watching your channel after all.

  14. Demu-COMMUNIST reject JESUS and do the devils work of spewing out venon & lies about Russia and Ukraine like that is going to win voters

  15. The only communist I see are in the Democratic Party you're losing all over the world you leftist losing all over the world so keep up the bad work, huh!

  16. Projection…Sign of intellectual weakness..Emotional weakness…..
    Employed Alynsky tactic..They really think americans are incapable of seeing them for what they are???

  17. 5:03
    Well Mr. FORMER Federal Prosecutor,
    I CAN come to a logical conclusion that EXPLAINS WHY so many of our Bureaucrats AND Elected Officials are ready & willing to Overturn our ENTIRE COUNTRY in favor of everything this country was designed to put a stop to.
    What a Bilious BATCH of TREASONOUS Jagoff's.

  18. I'm sorry. These democrats are either lying or they are massively ignorant. They are probably both to cover up what the Obama administration was doing in Ukraine.

  19. really ….. you stupid moron ….tucker the american people will pay the price for being so stupid… like north Korea ….

  20. Did Tucker just say we don't have rational leaders? I mean, I'm no fan of Trump, but that's harsher than I would have expected of Tucker, lol.


  22. This is a golden opportunity to see the Illuminati at work in the mainstream media. This is the biggest political blessing God ever gave us. Thank you Jesus. Ponder this. The vast majority of billionaires are politically aligned with the Occupy movement. But nobody wants to discuss this.

  23. This is really sad to see grown men and women talking like this just to be able to shoulder up the Democratic party and the satanic Cults of around America God Is Watching You people you are going to the lake of fire burn in hell

  24. I've met Russians Ukrainians Polish ect ect very nice people but they where not politicians or part of MSM
    Politicians and MSM have killed millions of good people with this kind of rhetoric

  25. Bloomberg and NBC. Just wow. Macron and Trump need to find more common ground. NATO indeed has no enemy with the fall of the Soviet Union. China IS THE NUMBER ONE enemy of the United States. To debate this is a joke.

  26. Russia should be an ally. Putin is not as the media portrays him. We also need to have one conversation with Iran. After that, we need to take a good hard look at our relationship with Israel. 3.8 billion a year in loans so they don't have to have us over there monitoring where they are spending the money, only 1 out of 4 dollars from the fmf has to go to their national defense, war mongering with Iraq, Iran and Syria, one of the main reasons we invaded Iraq in 2003, the Israeli lobby buying off politicians, the Israeli lobby labeling any house member that criticizes Israel an "anti-Semite" then getting their Jewish friends to fund the opposition when election times come around, Israel spying on us, selling our weapons to China who is an enemy of ours and many more questionable practices of the Israeli government. Russia and Iran don't do that. The reason we don't even talk with Iran is because they create a problem for Israel. By the way, that 3.8 billion a year is just fmf, they then receive special clauses for more loans in the USA where they get a very small interest rate and 2 billion more dollars in private donations. In fact, if you add up the money they receive from us, it equals 500 dollars per person in all of Israel.

  27. Why is Putin so bad compared to Saudi Arabia. Tucker you only needed to say that because you nailed it. 😁 Enough said.

  28. "You think [Kennedy] is working for Russian "Intelligence" ?!? Ha Ha. (that's an oxymoron! Ha Ha)" — Tucker Carleson. I love it when Tucker gets subversive. "Kennedy'll say anything!" :). 2:24

  29. I'm an Australian so I have been unbiasedly sat on the fence looking at what evidence has been put forward to create a case for impeachment… I have absolutely no hidden agenda nor do I care who Americans choose to run America. BUT, that said, I believe anyone that can not see there has been impeachable offences is either totally blind and deaf or sticking their head so far in the sand they will suffocate.

  30. They don't want to get in trouble for what they really did so they blame it on Russia. It'll be funny if we ever hold these traitor responsible for this Russia hoax and coup to unseat a legitimate president.

  31. Why is Putin worse (to Democrats) you ask? Russia abandoned Communism under Reagan is why. Abandoning Communism to Democrats is the only "crime" they get as angry over as Republicans freeing their slaves.

  32. Liberalism is truly frightening, even schizophrenic's often know they have a problem. Liberals can't accept not everyone thinks like them!

  33. Bloomberg don't acknowledge that China is a Dictatorship, headed by the head of the proletariat-Xi. Because he will soon be one.

  34. supporters praise Thump because he looks, speaks, eats, thinks, votes, and sees the world like him, but if he were Black, Asian or Hispanic?

  35. We are in danger. What danger? This vile spewed puke you donkey's hick-up out of your mouths every night on bncnbcbsabcnnccnnmncbsnbcmmnnccbb. Oh my goodness did Bloomberg say that the leader of China is not a dictator. WOW!!!!!!!!!! Can I get a refill?

  36. Is there a difference between a thief that is caught while stealing someone's goods and a Republican stealing (using) taxpayers funds for his and his family's fun? In my opinion, there is only one difference. The Republican in office position will get away with it. Meanwhile the other, highly possible a Republican too, will go straight to jail and probably spend the rest of his or her life there. To put it as clearly as water, he (you) won't be pardoned. Are you getting the picture MAGA supporters? Be careful with your answers and what you wish for.

  37. When I was little kid my Mother told me that in America, anyone can aspire to the highest office in the country to become president.  2016 proved to me that my Mother was right.

  38. Tucker yes there is russia election scam but it involves the Dems they worked with the Dems they all need to be charged for treason

  39. Two years of "hyper-ventilation"… TV talking heads= hair hats have been breathlessly doing the Russia, Russia, Russia musical ensemble to keep the public on the wrong wavelength. It's a rhythmic bullhorn meant to deaden the 'real story' of corruption and collusion for which DC has become famous!

  40. As a Canadian, it took me many years to learn by reading, watching, and listening to American politics. My observations so far is that the left leaning, liberal, Democrats are a dangerous, deceiving, disgrace to America.

  41. V Putin must be the highest achiever in the known universe to do all this they are raving about. He has better things to do. (Like rebuilding his country)

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